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Welcome to the Bridging the Gap podcast. This is the show where we empower you to transform industries by championing innovation. I’m your host Todd Weyandt, Director of Marketing at Applied Software. This podcast formed as an online video series a couple years ago. We looked around the industry and realized that there was a major gap between the real-world practicalities and ever-changing technology applications.

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Welcome to the Bridging the Gap podcast. This is the show where we empower you to transform industries by championing innovation. I’m your host Todd Weyandt, Director of Marketing at Applied Software. This podcast formed as an online video series a couple years ago. We looked around the industry and realized that there was a major gap between the real-world practicalities and ever-changing technology applications.

    Misconceptions Around Modular Construction

    Misconceptions Around Modular Construction

    When you picture modular construction, what comes to mind? Do you have some preconceived notions that should be challenged? Join host Todd and guest Chip Parsley as they discuss the ins and outs of modular construction, everything that goes into modular manufacturing, and how prefab saves time, money, and effort in the long run.
    1. We all need to be aware of our presumptions about things and regularly take time to make sure they are still accurate. With that in mind, be patience with others and take time to educate them on the realties of the industry.
    2. Help spread the word on the innovative trends happening like modular to show these trends are practical and actively happening.
    3. Take time to reimagine what it means to be productive and learn from those outside the industry, like manufacturing. We can pull valuable, hard learned insights into construction.

    Chip Parsley is the Director of Prefabrication Solutions at Poynter Sheet Metal. He has additional experience as a National Sales Director, Business Development Manager, Sales Project Manager, and an Owner/President.

    • 45 min
    The Marketing Problem in Construction: An MEP Force Roundtable

    The Marketing Problem in Construction: An MEP Force Roundtable

    In your experience, does construction have a PR problem? What can be done to fix that problem? Join roundtable speakers Todd Weyandt, Travis Voss, Brandon Patterson, and Adam Davis as they take a closer look at each major facet of the industry and discuss target audiences, the need to share success and growth stories, whether we need to have a “massive PR campaign,” and embracing both success and failures.
    Travis Voss is a Leader of Innovative Technology at Helm Mechanical. He uses his background in the tech field to explore, adapt, and perhaps develop technologies and workflows for the construction industry as it is thrust into its digital transformation. Helping Mechanical, Inc. stay on the cutting edge.
    Adam Davis is a Virtual Design Construction Manager at Lighthouse Electric Company, Inc. His specialties include developing and mentoring talented individuals in creating innovation in construction; modeling, virtual design and construction using AutoCAD/Revit, Navisworks; Compressor Station construction, oil and gas, fabrication, pre-fabrication, and Trimble; and Enterprise, Project, and Model-Coordinated scheduling.
    Brandon Patterson was Iowa born and raised with a history in the Building Industry. He enjoys working with the Iowa Skilled Trades Team and collaborating with the industry leaders to build the next generation of tradesmen and women.

    • 1 hr 2 min
    The Communication Gaps in Construction

    The Communication Gaps in Construction

    As the year wraps up, what have we learned about the industry? What needs to be fixed, and in what ways have we made great strides? Join host Todd and guest Cameron Page as they talk about the jobs that set us up for success in the long run, how to pull together different industry groups for the better, the best ways to convince the industry to adopt new tech and tools, and how a workflow would look in a perfect world.

    Cameron Page is CEO of Extracker, the industry’s only change order communication platform. Leaning on his experience as a project manager, Cameron understands the risks involved in processing change orders and how detrimental mistakes can be to a project. Cameron is available to offer listeners the keys to processing change orders faster and how to mitigate risks when speeding up the process.


    Technology and collaboration have made the need for visibility all the more important. Leverage technology to help firm up your processes to give greater confidence that you aren’t missing important pieces of information.
    Cameron used the example that at a previous company they ran decisions through a simple question of “does this make us a better builder?” I love that. Having a north star that you can measure new initiatives, workflows, software and more against is a handy tool. It will go a long way to set you up for success in the long term by understanding the value and business case behind the action.
    Finally, document your processes to minimize disruption as things change and people leave the company. You want to make sure you don’t lose the intuitional data and information that has been learned.

    • 35 min
    Don‘t Limit the Way You Think About Construction Careers

    Don‘t Limit the Way You Think About Construction Careers

    Would you fit in if you were working in a construction industry job? A lot of people looking for work don’t think so. There is a long-standing perception in our society that construction industry jobs are dirty, difficult, back-breaking labor. And yes, there are certainly jobs like that. However, the added reality is that there are literally hundreds of jobs in or linked to the construction industry that do not require carrying bundles of fiberglass insulation on your shoulder, roofing a building, digging ditches, or muscling around sheets of drywall.

    Coralee Beatty joins us this week on the podcast to talk about women in construction and the perceptions surrounding the industry. She urged everyone to look past only what they see or hear passing by a construction site, and research further into the vast sea of opportunity in this industry.

    We need to spotlight different faces and voices around the industry to show leadership positions are attainable for all. There is tremendous value in embracing and leveraging a diversity of thought and backgrounds.
    Teamwork, active listening and creating understanding are crucial to a healthy and productive work environment and jobsite. Give people permission to have these conversations and make those personal connections at work.
    Finally, it is ok to ask for help. A lot of people can feel it is a weakness to not be able to do everything. In fact, it is a strength to admit that you in fact need someone else. Only once we tap into our collective strength can we truly accomplish great things.

    • 29 min
    The Complexity of Modern Construction

    The Complexity of Modern Construction

    As the year comes to a close, what has changed? What have we learned about collaboration, data, and teamwork? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Eric Whobrey as they discuss the newest opportunities in the world of technology, the boldness of taking a good calculated risk, the education component of the AEC industry, “data for the sake of data,” and much more.
    Eric Whobrey is fascinated by technology and how it continues to make businesses more successful, and he finds himself delving deeper the applications of smart design, data analysis, and application development with each new endeavor. He has managed web and data development teams, build technology, established a technology strategy for a billion-dollar business, and actively invests in technology startups. Previously, Eric managed the Operational Effectiveness program at Centro and now runs the technology department for ARCO/Murray, a Design-Build Construction company, and he co-leads a small investment fund.
    1. There is tremendous value in bringing in an outsider perspective to gain fresh eyes. By providing a blend between technology and industry experience you are expanding your scope of knowledge while increasing your chance of success.
    2. Once you have a diverse array of perspectives, it is important to listen and learn from others when trying to implement new technology. Pull in and give ownership to the stakeholders that are experiencing the problem instead of just forcing new technology.
    3. Finally, Eric said “we don’t necessarily have a technology problem. We have a communication, education and empathy problem.” I think that is a great framework to operate in when implementing technology. Develop a plan for all three areas – communication, education and empathy.

    • 38 min
    How Technology Informs Teamwork

    How Technology Informs Teamwork

    Join host Todd and guest Mark Lamberson as they discuss construction trends that are here to stay, doing your “due diligence” in the industry, how to evolve alongside the constant changes in tech, how to represent your own interests as well as those of your team with technology, and remembering to apply empathy to every aspect of the industry.
    Mark Lamberson began his construction career as a plumbing apprentice for his stepfather’s plumbing company in Detroit in 1992. He completed an apprenticeship program through the Plumber‘s Local 98 training center in 2000. He has worked in the roles of journeyman, welder, foreman, project manager and estimator. He began his role as a plumbing detailer in 2006 and advanced to leader, manager, and finally National VDC Manager for the Limbach Company. Mark’s accreditations include a Certificate in Plumbing Design, Certified Autodesk Professional, and a Certificate in Construction Supervision. In 2018, Michigan’s chapter of American Society of Sanitary Engineers awarded Mark the John E. Matthews Engineer of the Year Award. Mark is involved in technology implementation, fabrication, and standardization committees throughout Limbach.

    • 42 min

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5.0 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

Skippinator ,

Great cross section of perspectives

Really like the mix of both industry advocacy and innovation as the underlying theme. Def one to keep up with! Keep it up Todd!

Mo&Linds ,


This is a great listen for anyone in the industry! I’m blown away!

RyanL-PresElect ,

Great Host

Key to a successful podcast is a great host. Todd was able to steer the interview in a way that got the best out of me. Mentioned things about Commissioning that i hadn't said in years. Had a lot of fun on this podcast, would highly recommend!

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