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Each week we host insightful interviews with global changemakers who share their journey and wisdom and inspire you on your own personal journey.

BriteVibe Podcast: Live Brite, Live Bold, and Share BriteVibes Matt Lillie

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Each week we host insightful interviews with global changemakers who share their journey and wisdom and inspire you on your own personal journey.

    Travis Robbins | The World’s Longest Walkable Road

    Travis Robbins | The World’s Longest Walkable Road

    Travis Robbins is about to embark on a monumental feat that no other human being, dead or alive, has ever done. He is planning to walk the longest road in the world, spanning over 14,000 miles from South Africa to Russia. Travis has a background that doesn't necessarily connect with this endeavor, as he currently helps coaches with systemizing their operations. However, he believes that what he offers is an extension of who he is. Travis grew up in a small town in Maine and served in the Marine Corps for four years before transitioning to civilian life. After facing personal challenges and making positive changes in his life, Travis felt called to embark on this extraordinary journey. He sees it as a way to walk through different aspects of his life, learn from his past, and move forward with purpose.
    In this episode of The BriteVibe Podcast, we have a truly extraordinary guest, Travis Robbins. Travis is embarking on a monumental feat that has never been attempted before in the history of mankind. He is planning to walk over 14,000 miles from South Africa to Russia, traversing 15 countries along the way. But this journey is about more than just the physical challenge. Travis's walk is a personal odyssey of self-discovery and growth, as he seeks to leave behind a troubled past and find his purpose in life. Join us as we delve into Travis's inspiring story and learn about his motivations, preparations, and the incredible adventure that lies ahead.
    Learn more from Travis Robbins by visiting theconnectionodyssey.com
    00:01:09 Pushing boundaries, inspiring others. 
    00:07:56 Unprecedented 14,000-mile walking journey. 
    00:10:45 Personal growth through adversity. 
    00:15:57 Walking through life, finding purpose. 
    00:25:54 Documenting epic walking journey. 
    00:28:07 Adventure travel and serving others. 
    00:32:23 Cultural immersion through walking. 
    00:40:59 Walking journey as extraordinary adventure. 
    00:45:40 Inspiration to step outside comfort zone.

    • 37 min
    Dana Corey | Empowering Business Owners to Reach Their Potential

    Dana Corey | Empowering Business Owners to Reach Their Potential

    Dana Corey is a business strategist and coach. She works with established entrepreneurs whose businesses serve local-to-them clients, helping them grow from being 'self-employed' to owning their role as CEO. Her clients stop micro-managing and become the creative visionary growth leader their business needs. Dana combines nuts-and-bolts strategy, internal operating system neuro-rewiring, and walk-beside-you partnership. Over 87% of Dana’s clients double their bottom line within a year of working with her. Even better, they do that while working a third less hours, taking regular weekends and enjoying REAL vacations. Some people think the time off is a side benefit – Dana believes that freedom is the whole point! Over the last decade, Dana has helped hundreds of business owners enjoy more freedom, make more money, and be great leaders – on their own terms.
    Dana Corey shares valuable insights on time management, delegation, and the importance of shifting our mindset to achieve success in this episode. Drawing from her experience working with CEOs and business executives, Corey highlights the significance of creating space, both mentally and physically, to foster growth and productivity. Join us as we explore practical strategies for mastering time and delegation in our own lives.

    Learn more from Dana Corey by visiting https://danacorey.com/CEOCreationToolbox
    [00:02:09] Manipulating time and productivity. 
    [00:05:23] Scalability and business growth.
    [00:12:49] Shifting physiology and self-improvement. 
    [00:21:32] Expansion through immersive travel. 
    [00:26:59] Manipulating time. 
    [00:32:23] Morning routine and productivity. 
    [00:35:37] Email management and efficiency. 
    [00:39:27] Outsourcing and cost efficiency. 
    [00:44:58] Global citizenship and contractor diversity. 
    [00:47:09] Resources for CEOs and leaders.

    • 36 min
    Sibtain Raza | Taking Risks for a Fulfilling Life

    Sibtain Raza | Taking Risks for a Fulfilling Life

    Known for constantly pushing boundaries, Sibtain Raza has found a happy medium through his comedy to express his upbringing by his traditional politically incorrect Pakistani parents in today's politically charged climate. Sib's unique comedy brings lots of unexpected twists and turns as he learns how difficult it is to raise immigrant parents as an American. Sib is professional, discreet & stupendous at what he does. He has performed at prestigious venues across the US such as Improv, Broadway, Comic Strip to name a few. In addition, Sib has also excelled and found easier ways to invest in real estate and hack life, relationships and deep desire to help people propel in life.
    In this episode of the BriteVibe podcast, Matt sits down with comedian and real estate investor Sibtain Raza. Sibtain shares his unique journey from growing up in Pakistan to immigrating to the United States and pursuing his passion for comedy. He discusses the challenges he faced along the way, his diverse background, and the fulfillment he finds in making people laugh. Join us for a spirited and entertaining conversation about following your dreams and finding success in unexpected places.
    Learn more from Sibtain Raza by visiting https://LegendofSib.com
    00:06:39 Immigration stories are inspiring.
    00:11:53 Unconventional path to success. 
    00:21:33 Pursue passion despite uncertain outcomes. 
    00:27:49 Comedy can bring joy and save lives. 
    00:33:14 Corporate events can be lucrative.

    • 27 min
    Nate Webb | Bullying in the Digital Age

    Nate Webb | Bullying in the Digital Age

    Nate Webb is a bully expert, partnering with the Save the Kids Foundation. Nate is a resiliency trainer, a professional school counselor, and a certified digital safety educator. Nate endured relentless bullying as a kid. Bullies and social media almost ruined his life. Drawing from his experiences and from his studies as a professional school counselor, Nate passionately educates others about the dangers of social media, and how to raise resilient kids in a tech-heavy world. He helps kids to get over bullies, get off social media, and love their lives.
    Matt and Nate Webb delve into the topic of bullying and its impact on both children and adults in this episode of the BriteVibe podcast. You will hear Nate’s personal experience with bullying, which began in third grade when he first started wearing glasses. Nate also discusses the impact of technology on bullying. Since smartphones and social media are ever-present in children’s hands, they are simply carrying their bullies in their back pockets. To learn more about the Save the Kids Foundation and how to keep your child safe from bullies, tune into this highly insightful episode. 
    Learn more from Nate Webb by visiting www.natewebbspeaker.com and savethekids.org.
    00:07:34 Passionate advocate against bullying. 
    00:12:44 Choose self-acceptance over others' opinions. 
    00:19:00 Social media bullying is prevalent. 
    00:29:08 Importance of online safety education. 
    00:38:32 Parenting advice: Put down your phone, give more hugs, and tell your kids you love them every day.

    • 32 min
    Michelle Vandepas | Living Life of Purpose

    Michelle Vandepas | Living Life of Purpose

    Michelle Vandepas is an entrepreneur and co-founder of GracePoint Publishing, a dynamic multimedia company that covers all aspects of publishing, from traditional to digital media and audio production. Michelle is a firm believer in the power of passion, purpose, and making a positive impact on the world. For her, it’s all about blending creativity with smart business strategies to help her clients unlock their true potential and live lives that deeply connect to their purpose. Michelle coaches and leads world experts, specializing in anyone who has a message – thought leaders and change-makers. Michelle’s expertise has gained recognition through features in various media outlets, where she passionately advocates for the perfect balance between purpose and profit.
    The transformative power of writing takes center stage in this episode, as Matt and Michelle Vandepas discuss its cathartic nature. They highlight writing as a means of self-expression, whether for personal development, spiritual growth, or general self-improvement. Writing is likened to journaling or singing a song that needs to be released, providing a way to organize thoughts and gain clarity on past events or traumas. Michelle also emphasizes that writing can unlock new insights and treasures that may have been hidden within. She stresses that even if someone is not writing an entire book, simply engaging in writing and journaling can be highly beneficial. 
    Learn more from Michelle Vandepas by visiting https://michellecoaches.com
    00:06:12 Live with purpose and inspiration. 
    00:21:44 Unlock your purpose through writing. 
    00:23:29 Empathy and purpose in life. 

    • 26 min
    Steve DeVane | Your Midlife Transformation

    Steve DeVane | Your Midlife Transformation

    Steve DeVane is an author and former journalist. His passion for helping people and his love of writing come together in his recently published book, “Your Midlife – The Playbook for Your Second Half.” Steve spent a great deal of his career writing about wellness issues and personal transformations. His personal mission is to help people in midlife recapture the energy of their youth and transform their lives. His purpose in life revolves around three goals: to make a lasting impact, to be a driving force for good, and to live authentically while helping others find meaning in life.
    In this episode, Matt is pleased to welcome Steve DaVane. Steve shares his transformative journey in midlife, highlighting the improvements he made in various areas of his life. He began by prioritizing an exercise routine, recognizing its significance for his overall well-being. In addition to physical changes, Steve also emphasizes the importance of improving mindset and practicing mindfulness. He embraced a more aware and present approach to daily life, incorporating meditation into his routine. This shift in mindset and increased mindfulness helped them navigate the challenges and stressors of midlife with greater ease and resilience.
    Learn more from Steve DeVane and his book, “Your Midlife” by visiting stevedevane.com
    00:04:24 Journalist turned author shares midlife insights. 
    00:07:33 Transformed life through exercise. 
    00:16:47 Start small and be consistent. 
    00:21:00 Improve gradually, give yourself grace. 
    00:25:39 Try new things, reassess life. 
    00:30:08 Embrace change and pursue fulfillment.

    • 26 min

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4.7 out of 5
381 Ratings

381 Ratings

megburtontudman ,


I just discovered BriteVibe and love how you’ve shifted to all aspects of holistic well-being through the lens of leadership. Such a brilliant combination! Thanks, Matt, grateful for your work!

mvelasco07 ,

A must-listen!

BriteVibe has quickly become a favorite in my feed! Each episode is packed with engaging conversations, insightful content, and actionable ideas. I truly learn something every time I listen - can’t recommend this podcast enough!

Terryfrom ,

Love Dose of Leadership!

Love Dose of Leadership with Richard. They have a variety of topics that I am interested in. Focusing on Leadership and have learned something on every one. I loved that I can download them and listen to them while on the road.

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