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The official home for audio programming from Broad Street Hockey, SB Nation's community for fans of the Philadelphia Flyers.

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The official home for audio programming from Broad Street Hockey, SB Nation's community for fans of the Philadelphia Flyers.

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4.7 out of 5
387 Ratings

387 Ratings

Valerae ,

Rating Each BSH'er

Flyperbole is my absolute favorite of these podcasts because it combines quality, tangy Flyers/NHL hockey content, along with the absurdity of other questionable pop culture icons like: Guy Fieri, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, John Tapper, you get the idea. If dry humor is your jam, I highly suggest this podcast.

The middle-of-the-week BSH Radio podcast is enjoyable for the most part. Bill is a great conductor and definitely has a trained voice for radio. He keeps the crew on-task for the allotted hour and throws in some good hot takes along with the constant reminder of where the greatest goal-scorer of all-time would always set up his teammates. I always laugh at this.

Kelly has an extreme wealth of knowledge when it comes to hockey. And I think she connects more with the casual fans who don't totally grasp what they are watching. Also, she and the Flyperbole crew love to dunk on each other out of total love.

Charlie is the grounded one who writes for The Athletic. So he's always got the measured takes and telling us all to hold off on dousing ourselves with gasoline and lighting a match. His tick though tends to be "What it boils down to..."

Steph runs the whole SB Nation syndicate. So, she's got a huge amount of responsibilities. That said, her opinions on the Flyers are about the opposite of Charlie. She tries to turn everything into a laugh via kneejerk reactions instead of actual supporting evidence. She has a bias for big, slow players because they are "beefy." Also, loves to say "Listen..." whenever one of the other members shows they have more knowledge than her. I usually have to advance the podcast 15 seconds or so in order not to hear her empty takes.

Lincoln33 ,

Stop yelling over each other

Bill is a good host. Great voice for radio. Charlie is extremely knowledgeable and provides fantastic insight WITH data to back it up. Kelly is fine

Steph is unbearable imo. Stop yelling for the love of god, and back up some of your subjective speculation with some facts

azzzntiddys ,

Could be great

Steph driver continues to spit out unintelligent rambles that make no since and also can’t go two minutes without her nonsense SJW unfounded facts, if she wasn’t on the show it would be the number 1 flyers podcast. Flyerbole is just a garbage show where Craig actually puts out great hockey talk and the other guy tries to be a comedian and fails.

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