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A discussion about all things brown, aka desi or South Asian.

Brown Pundits Razib Khan

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A discussion about all things brown, aka desi or South Asian.

    Subcontinent and Movies

    Subcontinent and Movies

    Omar Ali and Maneesh Taneja have a free-flowing conversation with Gaurav about movies in the Indian subcontinent in the 20th century

    • 1 hr 28 min
    Episode 10: North India before and after Harsha

    Episode 10: North India before and after Harsha

    The history podcast returns to North India. Gaurav and Jay are in conversation with Maneesh about the changes in the North Indian landscape before and after the times of Harsha - generally considered as the last Emperor of "Ancient India". We touch upon political splintering that followed the fall of the imperial Guptas, the political Game of thrones that followed, the Kumbha Mela and the decline of trade. 玄奘  (Xuanzang) and Banabhatta make appearances as prolific storytellers along with the stories of contested Urban decay and decline of Buddhism in the Indian heartland. 

    • 1 hr 27 min
    Episode 9: South India from 500-1100 AD

    Episode 9: South India from 500-1100 AD

    Shrikanth and Mukunda talk to Maneesh about South India from 500-1100 AD.

    • 2 hr 42 min
    Episode 8: Guptas and the Classical Age of India

    Episode 8: Guptas and the Classical Age of India

    In this episode of the History series, we return to North India and talk about the Age of the Guptas. We touch upon the military genius of Samudragupta and various Gupta emperors, the emergence of Classical Hinduism and various forms of Art, Music, Science which consolidated during this era. The speakers of the episode are Gaurav Lele and Jay Vardhan and the discussion is moderated by Maneesh

    • 1 hr 53 min
    Pakistani politics today

    Pakistani politics today

    Omar talks with Mohammad Taqi and Kamran Shafi about Pakistani politics.

    • 59 min
    Episode7: South of India from 200 BC to 500 AD

    Episode7: South of India from 200 BC to 500 AD

    Maneesh talks to Jay and Shrikanth on the history of Southern India for the period 200 BC to 500 AD

    • 1 hr 38 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
79 Ratings

79 Ratings

an Archy ,

The Razib Khan Show

First off, this review is mostly for the episodes that Razib hosts/leads. I often don’t have enough background to understand the South Asia-centric episodes unless they are pitched at Americans so I don’t want to judge those.

Razib is brilliant and I could basically listen to him expound on anything (I also love his genetics podcast The Insight). He gets some of the most interesting guests from the heterodox-Twittersphere, with a variety of interests and political perspectives. However, the actual discussions are not always the most engaging — the questions are sometimes pretty generic or it doesn’t feel like Razib is actually interacting with the guest all that much. The ones with a focus on world history or cultural dynamics are generally more interesting than the ones about contemporary politics.

Also the audio quality often fluctuates, fading in or out seemingly at random. Not a big annoyance, just pointing it out.

arunsinhmar ,

Unique set of guest

This podcast explores dimensions not found on other channels by inviting unique set of guests

Borte Khatun ,

Correction: Tibetan Buddhism and Empire

I just listened to an episode from May, 2020 on Tibetan empire and Buddhism. Emperor Songsten Gampo (who had a Chinese consort, Princess WengCheng) was the 33rd emperor, not the first!

It was Atisha/Atisa not “Himsha” who was the Bengali teacher/master that influenced current day Tibetan Buddhism. I wonder if you are confusing the word “Ahimsa” which is derived from Buddhism that principally means to not cause harm to living beings, basically non violent ethics.

I understand that this is something you are reviewing from the book but still, I would as a new listener appreciate it if you went in depth to do proper research to give out facts to your listeners.

Spouting out things that you aren’t even sure of yourself makes your hard work go to waste.

Thank you!

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