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I'm Steve Barker, an insurance agent working for Affiliated Agency Inc. on Long Island, NY. I have combined my 25 years of commercial insurance experience with my hobby of podcasting. The result is "Builder-Associate Spotlight", a networking podcast focusing on Long Island contractors and the businesses they associate with. Builder or Associate... which are you? Thanks for listening!

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Steve Barker -
sbarker@aaiinsurance.com -
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Builder Associate Spotlight Steve Barker

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I'm Steve Barker, an insurance agent working for Affiliated Agency Inc. on Long Island, NY. I have combined my 25 years of commercial insurance experience with my hobby of podcasting. The result is "Builder-Associate Spotlight", a networking podcast focusing on Long Island contractors and the businesses they associate with. Builder or Associate... which are you? Thanks for listening!

Feel free to contact me:
Steve Barker -
sbarker@aaiinsurance.com -
My cell: 516-610-1155 -

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    IN-SITE Interior Design

    IN-SITE Interior Design

    Builder Associate Spotlight, S2:E3
    Episode producer & host: Steven Barker of Affiliated Insurance Agency
    "IN-SITE Interior Design" - interview with the company's founder, and creative principal, Elizabeth Sanchez Vaughan.
    Email Elizabeth at: esvaughan@in-siteID.com
    Or call her office: 631-673-2277
    From IN-SITE's website:
    In-Site Interior Design specializes in identifying the potential within any space and then translating a client’s goals into a distinct vision and tangible experience.
    Since its inception in 2004, In-Site Interior Design has made its mark throughout the New York metropolitan area by creating exceptional, original designs for commercial and high-end residential projects ranging from 10 to over 200 units.
    In-Site Interior Design’s seasoned team of interior designers has been at the forefront of reclaiming and redefining once-edgy, now-chic New York City neighborhoods, including Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bushwick and Long Island City. The firm brought a distinct design edge to these transitional neighborhoods by transforming luxury residences into spaces that reflect the cutting-edge spirit of these artistic and diverse neighborhoods while simultaneously celebrating the glamorous New Yorkers who now call them home.
    Not only has the firm has created a new sensibility for these neighborhoods but, as a pioneer in creating inspiring shared spaces for multi-family residential buildings that never sit empty, In-Site Interior Design has also revolutionized NYC-friendly community gathering areas into a sought-after amenities.
    Over the last 15 years, the firm has designed new single-family residences, condominium buildings, office suites, restaurants, and retail showrooms from Upper Manhattan and Long Island City to Brooklyn. Among the awards In-Site Interior Design has won for the firm’s exceptional design work is the LIBI Diamond Award for Outstanding Design.
    Thank you Elizabeth!
    Producer's note:
    Can I help you lower your company's annual insurance cost?  You know; liability insurance, property, workers compensation.  Maybe you need some help with reviewing your subcontractor's insurance policies and certificates. Call me and I will help: (516) 610-1155; or email: sbarker@aaiinsurance.com

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    Maxons Restorations

    Maxons Restorations

    Builder Associate Spotlight S2:E2
    "Maxons Restorations" - Interview with Richard Bailin, Senior Director of Client Services
    Rich's cell phone: 917-578-2031
    email: rbailin@maxons.com
    office phone: 516-938-6767
    From Maxons Restorations website:
    Maxons is widely recognized as an innovative leader of the property damage restoration industry with the specialized expertise and resources to help our clients successfully recover from all types of disasters.
    Over 60 Years Of Experience On Every Project
    As pioneers of the full-service restoration industry, Maxons has been restoring all types of damage to commercial and residential properties throughout the Northeast for more than half a century. Maxons' long history of customer service and practical knowledge has made our service an essential to property owners and insurance professionals alike. In recognition of its prominent role in disaster recovery, Maxons has been featured by the media and named "The Masters of Disaster" and "The Restorers to the Rich and Famous."
    Did you know Rich Bailin has a 223 bowling average? Should there be a LIBI bowling charity event?  Let's get it started!
    Thanks Rich for coming to our office in Plainview to record.  It was a lot of fun learning about your company and your many perfect bowling games. (That's a 300 game - 12 strikes in a row, for all you bowling novices!)
    Producer's note:
    I'm Steve Barker, the host of this show and an insurance agent.  Can I help lower your insurance costs? Yes, yes I can. Give me a call or text at: 516-610-1155.  Or email: sbarker@aaiinsurance.com

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    Nicolock Paving Stones & Retaining Walls

    Nicolock Paving Stones & Retaining Walls

    Builder Associate Spotlight S2:E1
    Networking Podcast 
    Interview with Kurt Smith, the Nassau territory manager.
    Paver blocks and retaining walls. That's what it's all about these days.  Colorful ones at that. Nicolock has new ideas for homeowners on this ever growing Long Island.  They are a family business, and Kurt Smith is on today's episode to tell us how, despite their impressive growth in the northeast, Nicolock is still your local paving stone expert. Come walk barefoot at their Lindenhurst location, learn which pavers feel cool on your feet, while still easy on the eyes. (Wow, I am inspired today!)
    Visit www.nicolock.com to peruse their many styles and colors.  From their website: 
    "Pave your way to the perfect project and turn your landscape befores into stunning ever-afters. With Nicolock paving stones, paving slabs, retaining walls and accents, the outdoor space of your dreams is closer than ever. Whether it’s a custom patio, a predesigned outdoor brick fire pit or anything else that can be fabricated from pavers, Nicolock stones will deliver the rich, vibrant, long-lasting color any landscape design project should have."
    Email Kurt Smith at: ksmith@nicolock.com or call him (631) 620-2728. Tell him Steve from Builder Associate Spotlight podcast sent you.
    Find Nicolock on twitter, instagram, and LinkedIn.
    Here's the link to the first of the Nicolock Tech Team youtube videos:
    Subscribe and watch all of them! Like now! 
    Thanks Kurt for the hospitality and helping me start season 2 off on the right foot.
    I'm Steve Barker, the host of this show, and an insurance agent. I specialize in all types of important commercial insurance. I can help you lower your insurance costs this year.  You know your policies expire at some future date this year, why not email me and ask me to lower your costs, improve your coverage, and improve your service.  I go the extra mile, it's the only way I know how to work.  Thanks for reading all this stuff!  Have a great day, Steve. (516) 610-1155, sbarker@aaiinsurance.com
    Also, this podcast (Builder Associate Spotlight) is currently on the Twitter!  Yes I call it The Twitter.  @BuildAssocPod.  Follow me, and I'll follow you back.  Thanks!  (There's no way anyone reads this far down into show notes for a podcast.)
    Our thanks to Boaty McBoatface.

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    Health E Habitats

    Health E Habitats

    Builder Associate Spotlight S1:E15
    "Health E Habitats" 
    Interview with Michael and Marie Spinelle
    Environmental Wellness - it's a pretty big deal, and if you are a contractor on Long Island who needs a work location (new or reno) cleaned & detailed post-construction, you should contact Michael and Marie. They are a lot more than "just a cleaning company".
    FROM THEIR www.healthehabitats.com WEBSITE:
    "Living a healthy lifestyle is a mindset, first and foremost. It’s the dedication to living your life in a way that respects your body, your health, and your happiness. Indoor Wellness Environment™ is part of that commitment. We spend 90% of our lives indoors, which is a staggering amount of time! Our families get exposed to all kinds of human-made and natural materials and their byproducts inside the home.
    People want assurances that the conditions inside their homes are not adversely affecting the health and wellbeing of their families, yet they lack a single comprehensive resource that can assess conditions, identify the sources of problems, implement corrective measures and then provide on-going quality improvements. These factors hold true for generally healthy people who are seeking improvements to their indoor environment, as well as for people dealing with health issues like immune deficiencies, respiratory ailments, and allergies. Indoor environmental conditions are also a concern to people who may be undergoing lifestyle changes such as mothers to be and households with newborn additions.  healthEhabitats™ has the IQ, resources, programs, and certified and trained personnel to assist you in this pursuit. There’s no grade, metric, rating system, or app that can give an Indoor Environmental Wellness™ score; it’s a lifestyle, much like any pursuit of healthy living."
    Contact information:
    Phone number: 877-861-3662
    Thanks Marie and Michael for being excellent guests!
    Thanks for listening to Builder Associate Spotlight. I'm Steve Barker, I specialize in commercial insurance (podcasting is my side-gig). If I can help lower your insurance costs... that'd be great for you and me. Give me a call: 516-610-1155; or email SBarker@aaiinsurance.com.
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    Take care, brush your hair.
    I know I can write anything down here, because who really takes time to read podcast show notes all the way to the bottom?  You! That's who! Peace.

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    CANSTRUCTION LI (Oct/Nov 2019 Food Drive)

    CANSTRUCTION LI (Oct/Nov 2019 Food Drive)

    Builder Associate Spotlight; S1:E14
    Learning about Canstruction 2019
    Hello! This episode I talk with Tracy Lobdell and Anne Bershatsky, both enthusiastic members (and officers) for the annual nonprofit event: Canstruction.
    Please read below, from their website, www.canstructionli.org:
    Welcome to Canstruction Long Island The Design/Build Competition Fighting Hunger on Long Island

    Structure Buildout: October 29, 2019    4PM - 4PM

    Awards Reception:  October 30, 2019    6PM - 8PM

    Exhibit Open to the Public:  October 31-November 18, 2019, 8AM - 6PM everyday
    Location: RXR Plaza, Uniondale, NY. Across the street from Nassau Colliseum.
    “Canstruction is the most unique food charity in the world!

    For thousands on Long Island, the day begins and ends with the anguish of hunger. Canstruction Long Island is determined to end this suffering. At our event, teams are given 12 hours to defy expectations, logic and gravity as they build fantastic sculptures from thousands of cans of food. Driven by the knowledge that their structures will change lives by lifting the spirits of those in need, by raising public awareness, and most importantly, by filling the shelves of local food banks dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to bring their creations to life. The following day, the super-sized masterpieces are judged in a variety of categories as these unconventional art exhibits are opened to the public. The cost of admission: just one can of food. At the end of the exhibition, all cans are donated to help feed the hungry on Long Island.

    Canstruction is using ‘one can’ as a catalyst for change, ‘one can’ to represent the building blocks of these massive sculptures, ‘one can’ to prove that every act of kindness makes a difference. Through the generosity of volunteers, celebrity judges, and members of the community, Canstruction has contributed millions of pounds of food to community food banks demonstrating that we can win the fight against hunger.

    Since 2007, the participants of Canstruction Long Island have donated over 480,000 cans, yielding approximately 320,000 meals, along with approximately $40,000 to help fight hunger on Long Island​."
    Builder Associate Spotlight Podcast
    I'm Steve Barker, I do commercial insurance during the day and podcast editing at night! I'm a LIBI member looking to join other building organizations. Would your org appreciate a podcast? Call me. If you would like a quote on your insurance contact me directly at 516-610-1155, or sbarker@aaiinsurance.com. I work for Affiliated Agency in Plainview. Take care, brush your hair!

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    Pine Aire Truck Service

    Pine Aire Truck Service

    Builder Associate Spotlight: Season 1, episode 13
    A day at the beach with Dave Bloom of Pine Aire Truck Service! What else do you need to know? 
    When you bring Dave your trucks for repair, tell him Steve from that Spotlight podcast sent you.
    My thanks to Scordio Productions for the video version found on Dave's company's webpage: www.pineairetruck.com
    And I'm Steve Barker, your friendly neighborhood insurance man who podcasts as a hobby. If I can lower your insurance costs, please contact me at sbarker@aaiinsurance.com, or call me at 516-610-1155.
    Thanks for listening!  I really appreciate it. Please subscribe on itunes or Stitcher.  Leave a 5-star rating and written review.
    Take care,
    Steve Barker
    Affiliated Agency Inc.

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