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    Episode 11 Institutional trust...where did it go?

    Episode 11 Institutional trust...where did it go?

    Take 2. Institutional Trust. In light of recent events, I have thought long and hard about continuing the podcast series - sales and marketing isn't top of most peoples personal or professional agendas, and quite rightly.

    This episode focuses on institutional trust - or lack of - specifically within Media and Government, typified through the day to day activities of both, projected through social media and broadcast channels.

    The Edelman Trust barometer gets a bit of kicking deservedly so, in my opinion and I reference some brilliant works by Alan De Botton and Randy Olson amongst others.

    Any questions or if you would like to get in touch - email paul@shift-control.co.uk

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    Episode 10 - Trusting in yourself before you trust others

    Episode 10 - Trusting in yourself before you trust others

    Driving down the road last week, I was listening to a Spotify playlist - Lynyrd Skynyrd - which had 2 versions of their 1970s classic, Freebird.

    It got me thinking about sales and about building trust - not in others but in yourself.

    Admittedly it's a cheap way for me to link two subjects that i love and am curious about...

    I hope you understand where I'm coming from and I'll not be apologising for the music!!

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    Episode 9: Why the telephone might be more relevant now than ever

    Episode 9: Why the telephone might be more relevant now than ever

    There are almost as many mobile phones on the plant as there are people - surely telephone sales has a role to play based on that statistic alone?

    The legacy of double glazing, recruitment and advertising sales people has ensured that the reputation of the phone has never been moe tarnished.

    It's certainly not a panacea but does it still have a place in sales strategies?

    I think the answer is yes - in this podcast I try and dispel some myths and hearsay and also try and give some suggestions as to how to make it work better for your business.

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    Episode 8 Sales advice from experience

    Episode 8 Sales advice from experience

    Over the last number of weeks I have made some casual references to GlenGarry GlenRoss. Great movie, great acting, poor sales advice.

    In his book To Sell Is Human, Daniel Pink talks about the new ABCs of sales - Attunement, Buoyancy, Clarity.

    The thing is that whilst the book is brilliant - the new ABCs are not all that new...in fact the same lessons have been around since GlenGarry GlenRoss and maybe before.

    Not to take anything away from Pink, this podcast reframes the new ABCs in a more down to earth way.

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    Episode 7: Using Moneyball to measure your sales performance

    Episode 7: Using Moneyball to measure your sales performance

    I was prompted to record this podcast following the 2020 Oscars with warranted wins for both Joaquin Phoenix and Brad Pitt (amongst others) and their respective outstanding performances - including acceptance speeches.

    This podcast is based around the 2002 movie, Moneyball, featuring Pitt as the GM of the Oakland Athletics Baseball team and how the introduction of data analytics as a player evaluation system helped the team almost win the World Series (of American only teams) in 2002.

    It highlights the importance of measurement - specifically measurement of whats important to the end result and how that focus can be further honed in on what really matters.

    Often in sales, the individual and team work hard at tasks that are ultimately unrelated to the success of the sale and the business.

    If you know what's important and if it can be measured then the old saying "what gets measured gets done' comes in to play.

    As an aside, it is a great movie - well worth a few hours of your time if you've not seen it already.

    I hope you enjoy the podcast - all feedback welcome through www.shift-control.co.uk

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    Episode 6: Have I got your attention now?

    Episode 6: Have I got your attention now?

    One of the best known and most referenced #sales clips from the movies must be GlenGarry Glenross...if you're in sales you will have seen the clip by Alec Baldwin, if not the entire show.

    The Anti-Salesman 7 minute piece by Baldwin is superb as is the entire movie, based on the David Mamet play and nominated for a bunch of oscars in 1992.

    What I talk about in this podcast is the link between the acting and sales, rather than the language or the script itself.

    How can sales people perform better if they are unable to hear or see how they currently perform or behave...it goes beyond mystery shopping and call listening. It's about understanding why you need thoroughly analyse recordings....just like football managers do on 'any given Sunday' or like actors do every day to ensure they're working to their best.

    If you want to improve will you do what it takes?

    I hope you enjoy - please get in touch by email on paul@shift-control.co.uk

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