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Latest News In Business Marketing

Business Marketing News Update David Hawke

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Latest News In Business Marketing

    Episode #4 – Technology Tools To Increase Your Productivity

    Episode #4 – Technology Tools To Increase Your Productivity

    In this episode David strays off of marketing and ventures into some time management issues as he talks about three online programs that he uses personally to increase productivity. (And, because they're just fun too) Each of them has a free version an...

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    Episode #3 – What’s This Google Thing And How Can It Help Me?

    Episode #3 – What’s This Google Thing And How Can It Help Me?

    In this podcast, David talks about how to leverage Google's 2.4 billion person + search network to generate leads and sales for your business.

    Referenced Links:

    Google+ For Business
    Google Ads
    More on SEO campaigns
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    Podcast Transcription:

    Hello, I’m really glad your here on the Business Marketing News Update Podcast, today we’re covering a very important subject that it seem’s almost every business is talking about and, if their not talking about it they should be because it covers a few of the very best ways to generate business leads, no matter if you are running a business to consumer operation or a business to business company, this episode will give you some incredible insights on what is possible for your business.

    The title of todays episode is: What’s this Google thing and how can it help me?

    Google has access to over 4.2 billion people and is the largest search engine on the planet.

    Google also reports that 1 in 3 searches has local intent, so that means people are searching for local businesses online and that 54% of people are using the internet to search for businesses to buy from rather than using the yellow pages. and that number is rising. S, it’s becoming increasingly important to know what Google offers and exactly the best way to leverage them to work for your business.

    First off we have Google + which used to be called google local and google maps.

    You can add, your address, pictures videos, specific info about your business including hours.

    Google+ is really important when doing business with the local community because Google will show your business on the map section of search results which very often is at the top of the search page.

    Google made Google+ pages for most businesses and if you haven’t already claimed your’s it’s there for the asking and it’s a free service from Google.

    Google search ads

    These ads are located at the top and on the right hand side of the Google page when you enter a search for whatever it is you’re looking for like Pizza or cars for sale or most any other subject you search for.

    You can pay for these ads in two different ways, PPC or CPM (cost per thousand) M is the roman numeral for 1000

    Google Display network

    Over 2 million websites where you can show ads to site visitors.

    From Oprah.com, Bloomberg.com, Ebay.com to newspapers, blog sites forums all the way to small niche sites, many of which you’ve probably never even heard of but are highly relevant to their audience.

    What kind of ads can you show?

    Text ads just like the ones in the Google search results.

    Image ads Like the ads you see in magazines and video ads

    The secret to the Google Display network and getting it to convert sales for your business is correctly targeting the websites your ad shows on.

    You can target your ad by the content of a particular webpage
    By placement on a specific website or even a specific section of a particular website.
    And third by behavioral targeting - Targeting them because of their interests or even by the fact that they’ve visited your website.

    SEO Search engine optimization

    SEO is the method of advertising that will take the longest to setup but it is also the one that will last the longest, many times the effects of SEO will last for years after you are done paying for the campaign to be run.

    Finding a qualified company to  run your campaigns - most of the companies that cold call you or send you unsolicited emails are really not interested in truly optimizing your business website online but are more interested in taking your money.

    So finding a good optimization company can be a little bit difficult.

    Things to look for in  a search engine optimization company are:


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    Episode #2 – Email Marketing Tips For Increasing Sales

    Episode #2 – Email Marketing Tips For Increasing Sales

    In this podcast, David talks about email marketing and gives some of his best tips for using email marketing as a profitable lead and sales generation method.

    In This podcast email marketing tips include:

    How "NOT" to use email marketing.
    How to build an email marketing list.
    Why an email marketing list is better than having social media followers.
    What is the CAN Spam Act and why is it important.
    Managing your email list with software.

    Referenced links:

    Can Spam Act
    AWeber email marketing management software
    Webinar Software

    Length 14:21

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    Episode #1 – Business Marketing News Podcast Is Born

    Episode #1 – Business Marketing News Podcast Is Born

    In this episode David introduces the podcast, tells his vision of where the podcast is headed and askes for your input to make the show better.

    Listener Feedback & Questions:

    Leave any comments you have about the podcast or questions in the comments section below, or email them to david@businessmarketingnewsupdate.com we may share your questions and comments on the podcast so, if you'd rather keep it private let me know that too.

    Great Marketing Makes Profit And Profit Makes Business Fun. Have Fun!

    Episode length: 12:54

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