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A business owner's podcast. I'm honored to be interviewing business leaders, business owners, and sales professionals. Finding out what makes them entrepreneurs, how they got their start, what did they struggle with, and who helped them along the way. I'm learning by talking to these entrepreneurs, and hoping YOU will learn something also.

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A business owner's podcast. I'm honored to be interviewing business leaders, business owners, and sales professionals. Finding out what makes them entrepreneurs, how they got their start, what did they struggle with, and who helped them along the way. I'm learning by talking to these entrepreneurs, and hoping YOU will learn something also.

    #33: Pain is the Path, with Taylor Milliken

    #33: Pain is the Path, with Taylor Milliken

    In this episode of the Business On Purpose podcast, host Barry Barrett with guest Taylor Milliken engage in a candid conversation about the delicate balance between ambition and burnout. Taylor opens up about the challenges he faces in striving for excellence and how it occasionally feels like he's caught in a relentless "rat race." He expresses concern about pushing himself to the brink of burnout in pursuit of his goals, using his current workload managing multiple roles as an example.

    Taylor and Barry delve into the critical topic of sustaining motivation and overcoming inevitable setbacks. They emphasize the importance of finding ways to reset and rekindle enthusiasm, especially during times of doubt. Taylor shares a personal revelation about the "curse of knowledge" and how it might have hindered his progress by preventing him from seeking help or delegating tasks.

    Pain and burnout take center stage in the third segment as Taylor reflects on how these experiences have shaped his personal journey. He candidly discusses how burnout became a catalyst for reevaluating his life and business choices, leading to profound realizations. Barry adds valuable insights about identifying bottlenecks in business and strategic planning to proactively avoid future pain and challenges.

    The podcast wraps up with a discussion on leadership and managing seasonal challenges, with Taylor and Barry acknowledging that some degree of short-term pain is inevitable, especially in seasonal businesses like a landscape company.

    In conclusion, Taylor and Barry emphasize the power of mindset in navigating challenges and maintaining motivation.

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    #32: Learn to Love Learning, with Aldo Gomez

    #32: Learn to Love Learning, with Aldo Gomez

    In this episode of The Business On Purpose podcast, host Barry Barrett welcomes Aldo Gomez, the lead sales trainer at Business With Purpose. Aldo shares his remarkable journey in the world of sales, offering valuable insights and experiences. Here's a summary of their conversation:

    * Learning Through Experience: Aldo's early sales training was primarily a result of on-the-job learning and guidance from experienced individuals. The company's owner, an exceptional salesperson, played a crucial role in his development, emphasizing the importance of formal procedures and people skills.

    * Instilling Confidence: Aldo highlights the importance of instilling confidence in others, a lesson he learned from his mentor. This trust allowed him to take on sales responsibilities even when he doubted his own abilities.

    * Advice for Sales Success: Aldo recommends cultivating a love for reading and committing to continuous learning. Sales is a field that constantly evolves, and there's always more to discover.

    * Overcoming Challenges: Aldo shares his experiences as an immigrant growing up in an affluent area. Despite initial fears, his ability to create safe and open conversations with people allowed him to connect on a human level, building strong relationships.

    * Transition to Service Advisor: Aldo's determination and commitment led him to transition into the role of a service advisor. He began by following the sales script provided, adding pricing details, and eventually expressing his aspirations to the company's owner.

    * Pursuing the Role of Trainer: Throughout his sales career journey, Aldo maintained a vision of becoming a sales trainer. He and Barry worked together for over two years, during which Aldo consistently honed his skills, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and dedication.

    * Maintaining Relationships: Aldo’s ability to maintain relationships was crucial in his journey. His genuine connections with individuals have played a significant role in their success.

    This episode offers valuable insights into Aldo Gomez's unique path in sales, emphasizing the importance of learning, building confidence, and maintaining meaningful relationships in the world of sales.

    Books Mentioned: Never Split the Difference, Outwitting the Devil, Good to Great

    Website:  www.bwpcoach.com

    Email: aldo@bwpcoach.com

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    #31: Play the Game, with Ben Lampron

    #31: Play the Game, with Ben Lampron

    Ben Lampron is Chief Operating Officer and Integrator at Gassen Company, a property management and construction business, headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN.  Ben joined Gassen in 2022 and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company.   Ben also leads the executive team in developing and executing the long-term growth strategy for the Gassen businesses.  He is driven by his commitment to the company’s mission and his focus on delighting its clients.

    Prior to joining Gassen, Ben was President of Metro Mold & Design, a plastics injection molding company, in Rogers, MN for five years. Previously, Ben was with Honeywell International for 23 years and served in a variety of sales, service, and general management roles in several states and throughout the Americas.

    Outside of the office, Ben is an author and enjoys mentoring others with his book “Jumpstart Your Future.”


    Books Mentioned in this Episode:

    Jumpstart Your Future, by Ben Lampron
    Process, by Mike Paton and Lisa Gonzalez
    Secrets of Closing the Sale, by Zig Ziglar
    Traction, by Gino Wickman
    Business Secrets from the Bible, by Daniel Lapin

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    #30: Sales Strategies, with Doug C. Brown

    #30: Sales Strategies, with Doug C. Brown

    Doug C. Brown is the CEO of CEO Sales Strategies and a Sales Revenue and Profit Growth Expert. He is the creator of the Top 1% Academy, where he trains on how to sell to buyers, whether they be CEOs, business owners, or entrepreneurs, and how to be in the top 1% of sales earners doing so. Doug has coached, consulted, and advised companies and thousands of people in business including Enterprise-Rent Car, Nationwide, Intuit, Proctor and Gamble, and CBS Television. Doug also served as an independent President of Sales and Training for Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, and Russ Whitney, where he raised the close rate of the sales presenter teams by 157%, as well as increased sales for one product line by 4150% in his first six months of taking over, which resulted in tens of millions of dollars in extra sales over time. His sales acquisition and sales revenue growth skills have helped him to:

     Sell music equipment to bands such as Aerosmith, Boston, and The Eagles.
     Become a top-selling sales representative for a 2-billion dollar company.
     Increase a company’s close rate by 862% and their revenue growth by 116% – all within four months.
     Generate over $700 million in sales for himself and his clients.
     Generate revenue of over $1 million yearly in his sales acquisition coaching/advising business.

    Today, Doug helps people become better at influencing, persuading, and selling to others (regardless of what their product or service is) and at a level that they never thought was possible. He demonstrates what the tools, behaviors, and traits of the top 1% earners are and how to implement them into daily activities. He believes that most people have the personal power and potential to be at the top 1% of earners, but lack the tools and knowledge of how to achieve this.



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    #29: The Multiplier, with Carm Capriotto

    #29: The Multiplier, with Carm Capriotto

    - Strategy is the what and the planning is the how -

    Introduction: In this episode of the Business On Purpose podcast, host Barry Barrett interviews guest Carm Capriotto, an expert in the automotive aftermarket industry and hosts his own podcast Remarkable Results Radio. They discuss their mission to advance the aftermarket and help people excel in their businesses and lives. Carm also shares his plans to expand his podcast's production.

    Key Points Discussed:

    1. Advancing the Aftermarket: * Barry and Carm express their excitement about people approaching them for collaborations, indicating the podcast's growing reputation.

    2. Exploring Untapped Opportunities: * Despite their extensive accomplishments, Barry and Carm believe there are still areas they haven't explored. * They express a particular fondness for conducting live interviews, as they provide a unique energy and connection with guests.

    3. The Power of Personal Connection:

    4. Future Plans: * He acknowledges the growing trend of video content in the podcasting world and expresses the need to adapt by incorporating video elements.

    Conclusion: In this engaging episode, Barry Barrett and Carm Capriotto discuss their passion for the aftermarket industry and their mission to empower professionals.

    Books mentioned: Developing the Leader Within You; Developing the Leaders Around You; both by John Maxwell

    To Listen to Carm’s Podcast: https://remarkableresults.biz/

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    #28: Your Job is To Help People Grow, with Dan Gilley

    #28: Your Job is To Help People Grow, with Dan Gilley

    In this episode, we dive into the unique mentor-mentee relationship between Barry and his mentor, Dan Gilley. Over the course of four to five years, Dan imparted invaluable knowledge and life lessons that surpassed expectations. Barry reflects on their time together, the importance of tough love, and the enduring bond that goes beyond professional connections.


    Unexpected Discoveries:

     Dan's parental approach to mentoring helped Barry both personally and professionally.

    Learning from Mistakes:

     Barry appreciates Dan's willingness to say "no."

    Treating Employees like Family:

     Dan embraced a parental role when it came to his employees.

    Maintaining Relationships through Change:

     Barry and Dan exemplify a healthy partnership even after parting ways professionally.
     Sharing their story serves as an example of how relationships can endure despite business challenges.

    Outgrowing a Mentor:

     Dan gracefully accepted Barry’s growth and recognized it as a positive outcome.
     The importance of prioritizing relationships above all else became evident to both parties.



    This episode highlights the profound impact of mentorship.  Their long lasting connection serves as a testament to the power of mutual respect, understanding, and growth in both personal and professional realms.


    Books mentioned: E-myth by Michael Gerber

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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

BRasche32 ,

#11 is my favorite so far!

One of your best podcasts to date. This discussion will resonate with many leaders. Managing priorities, less is more, is key to going faster and a key role for every leader. The message can be counter intuitive when you first get started but most of us learned the hard way over time. Do less better!

ukynancy ,


Great stories to listen to from people who have already experienced the ups and downs of business!

Olivia's papa ,

Love the podcast

Barry, thank you for sharing the journeys of these amazing leaders! Job well done, keep them coming!

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