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Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and people passionate about what they do bring us their stories...And their favorite beer.

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Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and people passionate about what they do bring us their stories...And their favorite beer.

    #64. | Reland Logan, Part 2 | Founder of Gray Digital Marketing | Genuine Competitive Advantage | #ByeByeSasquatch

    #64. | Reland Logan, Part 2 | Founder of Gray Digital Marketing | Genuine Competitive Advantage | #ByeByeSasquatch

    Welcome back to the second biggest podcast in the Pacific Northwest behind only The Sasquatch Hunters. In part 2 of our interview with Reland Logan, Founder of Gray Digital Marketing, we discuss the importance of being genuine and the role authenticity plays in marketing. Specifically, we get into the real ways business owners can be more genuine about serving BIPOC Communities. 
    We also discuss her soon to be released podcast called Our Diverse Pineapple Tribe, that tackles the question of how to properly market to marginalized communities. It will feature everyday people sharing stories of when they have been marketed to well, when they haven't, and why it hurts, why there's pain there, ultimately trying to help marketers improve moving forward. Go follow her on Social Media right now, you will not want to miss it.
    In this episode:
    With the rise of social media, we can see whether brands are curated or if they are being their authentic self. 
    As a business owner, your values and who you are have to be your foundation. If you don't infuse your authentic self, you'll just end up being something you're not, greatly hindering your potential for success.
    If you want to be genuinely authentic in progressing marginalized communities, you have to actually get to know them; you need to become friends with the people in those communities.
    When you don't have friends of color, you won't understand, nor will you be corrected, when you do something wrong.
    Reading a book or putting a black square on your social media profile does not make you an ally; You MUST invite people who are different than you into your spaces.
    Business Leaders must focus not only on hiring BIPOC employees, but also need to donate their time and money, giving back to communities that are underrepresented.
    Do what it takes to get to know the people in these communities, not only for them, but just as importantly, for you. You can't promote something you don't understand.
    Marketing personas are archaic, you can't market to one person, instead, market to a mindset in order to reach a more diverse audience.  
    In her course, she helps with strategy, writing for social, optimizing your bio so that it is searchable and attracts your key audience, and how to pull people off social and sell to them long term.  
    Angie's Mystery Beer:
    Dogfish Head Craft Brewery - Milton, DE
    Punkin Ale, Pumpkin Brown Ale, 7% ABV, 28 IBU
    "A full-bodied brown ale with smooth hints of pumpkin and brown sugar. We brew our Punkin Ale with pumpkin meat, brown sugar and spices. As the season cools, this is the perfect beer to warm up with."
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    #63. | Reland Logan, Part 1 | Founder of Gray Digital Marketing | Taking the Time Suck Out of Social Media | #RoséAllDay

    #63. | Reland Logan, Part 1 | Founder of Gray Digital Marketing | Taking the Time Suck Out of Social Media | #RoséAllDay

    On this episode of Business Over Beer, we welcome Reland Logan, Owner of Gray Digital Marketing, to the program. The self proclaimed "most competitive human on planet Earth", Rae launched her own agency after being laid off due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Rae is using her experience in sales, digital marketing and retail merchandising, to help business owners take the time suck out of social media and turn it into money maker.
    In addition, Rae launched a course for businesses who want to take on digital marketing themselves and is also developing a new podcast tackling why marketing fails to be inclusive of BIPOC communities.
    And, she really like coffee mugs.
    In this episode:
    Rae breaks down some difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing.
    Traditional marketing includes things like print, newspapers, magazines, billboards, and tv ads.
    There is a challenge with traditional marketing of tracking who was reached, who bought the product, or even if they bought.
    Digital marketing can provide more detailed analytics, creating an opportunity for remarketing to specific audiences.
    Data from digital marketing can only tell you so much; it won't have the passion or give you the "why" behind consumer behavior, it has to be interpreted using assumptions 
    New business owners need to prioritize sales and tap into their inner door to door sales person
    Your first customers will be your toughest ones, but they will be the ones most worth it because you'll learn, and once you learn then you have the ability to fine tune your messaging to put into advertising. 
    When your starting out business need to focus on a sphere of visibility; you have go out and share your brand, build community and let people know they have a problem.
    When your business gets some traction, you can move into a sphere of engagement, where you get feedback, positive and constructive, and the ability to have back and forth dialogue with your community to help you grow.  
    What is your community saying about you when you're not in the room?
    You can only buy things if you have money, and money comes from selling, and proper selling getting to know people and building long lasting relationships.
    Guest Beer:
    Portland Cider Company - Clackamas, OR
    Pineapple Rosé Cider, 5.2% ABV
    "Bursting with juicy, fresh pineapples, with a naturally pink hue from a splash of Northwest grown blueberries. Treat yourself with this fruity, tropical delight that will take your taste buds to an island oasis."
    Episode Links:
    Gray Digital Marketing

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    #62. | Daniel Jahn, Part 2 | Owner of Maximum Sports Conditioning | Sustainable Living Through Activism, Optimism, and Preparation | #HiSheila

    #62. | Daniel Jahn, Part 2 | Owner of Maximum Sports Conditioning | Sustainable Living Through Activism, Optimism, and Preparation | #HiSheila

    Welcome to the second biggest podcast in the Pacific Northwest behind only The Sasquatch Hunters. On this episode, we are back with Part 2 of our interview with Daniel Jahn, Owner of Maximum Sports Conditioning. Right off the bat, we finally get to meet Sheila the Ball Python. Also, we talk with Daniel about the impact that the COVID-19 Pandemic is having on his business, on the athletes he coaches, and in the community.  At the heart of everything he does is sustainability. In life and in business, he doesn't let his highs get too high or his lows too low, which helps him stay prepared for whatever life throws his way.
    In this episode:
    Co-morbidities like heart disease and diabetes are causing so many of the complications with COVID-19.
    The quarantine has created the opportunity to provide virtual workouts to clients who want to work out that way.
    Stability and routine are what athletes need and when all that gets shaken up, it takes a mental toll, especially on young athletes. 
    Social interaction is such a huge part of learning for these young kids so it's critical to get them together with teammates and coaches when they can in a safe manner.
    They will get back to playing eventually, so the coaching has been similar to off season interactions with the athletes.
    This time off is an opportunity for athletes to get better before the season starts.
    You need to be prepared regardless of what happens; always be thinking ahead so when it's time to play, you're ready.  
    Live a healthy life and your body can be resistant to things that come up.
    The grocery stores put all the candy and soda up front, promoting things that are destroying the community during the crisis; meanwhile the candy and soda companies are making money hand over fist.
    The pandemic has brought to light the racial disparities through lack of access to quality healthcare and quality food. 
    Live your life and run your business in a sustainable way so you can be prepared for whatever lands on your doorstep.
    Brought on employees too soon, made some mistakes, scaled back, then probably waited too long to started bringing people on again. 
    The people you bring into the business become an extension of the business and your reputation is dependent on the people who are in it.  
    It takes years to understand the peaks and valleys of your business, and having that understanding helps to know when and who to bring on. 
    Making strategic mistakes is good, as long as you can avoid those mistakes that put you into debt and run you out of business. 
    Angie's Mystery Beer:
    Founders Brewing Co. - Grand Rapids, MI
    Mas Agave Grapefruit, Barrel-Aged Imperial Gose, 9.7% ABV, 15 IBU
    "Our imperial gose is brewed with agave and sea salt before being aged in tequila barrels. But it doesn’t end there. Once it’s pulled from the barrels, it gets a dose of fresh grapefruit juice to ramp up the tanginess and to pay homage to our other favorite tequila-based cocktail, the Paloma. Sweet, salty, and mouth-puckeringly delicious."
    Episode Links:
    Maximum Sports Conditioning
    Instagram: @mxsc_gym

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    #61. | Daniel Jahn, Part 1 | Owner of Maximum Sports Conditioning | Bigger, Faster, Stronger | #AutomobileUniversity

    #61. | Daniel Jahn, Part 1 | Owner of Maximum Sports Conditioning | Bigger, Faster, Stronger | #AutomobileUniversity

    On this episode of the second biggest podcast in the Pacific Northwest behind only The Sasquatch Hunters, we welcome Daniel Jahn, Owner of Maximum Sports Conditioning. As a branch of the overall health and fitness market, Daniel and his team work with athletes,  specifically in the areas of performance and strength training, helping to make them bigger, faster, stronger and more durable. 
    His multiple certifications and commitment to education have been the foundation for his success over the past 13 years he's been in business.  
    In this episode:
    Being allergic to furry animals, Daniel grew up with reptiles as pets, and shared with us he now has a 4 foot long pet python named Sheila.
    Around 2010, the market became watered down with a lot of unqualified strength and fitness coaches.
    Anytime you're working with a person's mind, body and well being, having the right education and training to provide safe instruction is a critical element in order to call yourself a coach. 
    In college, Daniel was medically disqualified from playing ball and was asked to stay on as a strength coach.
    With degrees in History and Sociology, he had to to change his focus and study anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and kinesiology basically on his own in order to pursue strength training professionally.
    Before jumping into entrepreneurship, Daniel working on a business degree from "Automobile University", which was listening to business training CDs in the car (back when there were CDs) and fell in love with the idea of running his own business.
    As a Performance Trainer for athletes, Daniel has to separate himself from traditional health and fitness training, i.e. getting in shape, to focus on his specific niche.
    Guest Beer:
    Elysian Brewing Company - Seattle, WA
    Space Dust IPA, 8.2% ABV, 73 IBU
    "A totally nebular IPA. The hopping is pure starglow energy, with Chinook to bitter and late and dry additions of Citra and Amarillo."
    Episode Links: 
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    Elysian Pumpkin Ale
    National Strength and Conditioning Association
    National Academy of Sports Medicine
    USA Weight Lifting

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    #60. | Don Lovell, Part 2 | Owner of The Barbers | Systemizing Legendary Customer Service | #WeLovellThisGuy

    #60. | Don Lovell, Part 2 | Owner of The Barbers | Systemizing Legendary Customer Service | #WeLovellThisGuy

    Welcome back to the Business Over Beer Podcast for part 2 of our interview with Don Lovell, Owner of The Barbers. In this episode, Don talks candidly about the challenges his business is facing due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and we learn about his Customer Service DNA and how hard they work every day at providing a legendary customer experience.
    In this episode:
    When the pandemic hit, it felt like after 21 years, it was just boom, you're out of business.
    It was a shattering and crushing feeling to have no revenue, to be unable to pay rent and feel like you have nothing. 
    To open back up was in some ways more difficult than being shut down due to the extra protocols and safety requirements, combined with all the added expense, such as increased laundry, sanitizer, and signage, for a fraction of the normal business volume.  
    During the pandemic it feels like now all they do is shorten hair because they can't do so many of the things that make The Barbers unique.
    Tough decisions had to made because the reality is you have to get payroll in line with volume of business.
    In order to succeed in this business, you don't technically have to be the best barber in the world, but your customer service has to be a 10 everyday.
    You have to create a relationship that is worthwhile for the customer to return. In 4 weeks when those guys need another hair cut, do you come to their mind? If you do, you win. If not, you didn't win.
    How do you define great customer service: Exceeding customer expectations on a daily basis. It's not meeting, it's exceeding. It's not every once in awhile, it's daily. If you can do that you win, at whatever business you're in. 
    But it also has to be worth it for the Barbers to do it. Everything has to marry up. 
    You systemize and track customer service and then show the team what it means to their paycheck.  
    Angie's Mystery Beer:
    Lost Coast Brewery - Eureka, CA
    Fog Cutter Double IPA, 8.7% ABV, 70 IBU
    "Fogcutter is our first true double IPA, and it’s quite the work of art. Yeah, it’s bitter, but it’s supposed to be. And the variety of malt flavors and aroma help balance it all out, as any good DIPA deserves. The bright, citrusy nose is born from the extra dry-hop from Cascade, Centennial, Crystal, Chinook, and Citra hops."
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    #59. | Don Lovell, Part 1 | Owner of The Barbers | Retain Like Crazy | #MakingOrders

    #59. | Don Lovell, Part 1 | Owner of The Barbers | Retain Like Crazy | #MakingOrders

    This week on The Business Over Beer Podcast, we welcome Don Lovell, Owner of The Barbers. The Pac 10 North Player of the Year with Portland State in 1985, Don had a successful baseball career in the minor leagues before suffering a shoulder injury which eventually forced him to retire from the game. 
    After baseball, Don got into the hair business, selling hair care products to salons in Michigan, before moving back to his hometown of Portland, where he met his wife, a hair stylist at one of the salons he called on. Together they opened The Barbers in 1999, doing 12 hair cuts the first day. After 21 years in business, they have 35 locations, 450 hair cutters, 3 franchise partners and did over 1 million haircuts as an organization in 1999.  
    In this episode:
    There were no Barber Shops in the suburbs, and Don believed that there had to be others like him who would like to get a hair cut at a place like The Barbers.
    The Barbers business model was to bring back the old fashioned barber shop experience AND pay the barbers what they're worth.
    They created a revenue sharing business model, splitting everything 50/50 with their barbers in an effort to make The Barbers a career job for the hair cutters. 
    Retaining the barbers directly relates to retaining customers; if the barbers the leave, their customers leave with them.
    Flipped the hierarchy triangle, it's not about ownership or management; Don puts the barbers first, and everyone's job is to keep the barbers happy, who in turn keep the customers happy. 
    Retain like crazy! If they all stick with it, they win together; but if they fracture, they all lose; retention at every level is how you make it in this business.  
    Baseball taught him to always be on; he was used to a fast pace and had high tolerance for the grind and the sheer numbers of calls help him outperform his sales peers.  
    Guest Beer:
    pFriem Family Brewers - Hood River, OR
    Belgian Strong Dark, 10% ABV, 38 IBU
    "Belgians say, “Op uw gezondheid’” when toasting, but you don’t have to speak Flemish to appreciate the bold, complex flavors of fig dipped in dark chocolate, ripe fruit and toffee in this immense Ale. Dense off-white foam on top of a dark russet body with hues of crimson red. Aromas of fig, stewed cherries, and a touch of clove. Full, rich, creamy flavors of ripe bananas, chocolate covered figs, and ripe plums fill the mouth. The mouth is left smooth with a touch of warmth, and a lifting bitterness."
    Episode Links:
    The Barbers
    Regus Salons
    Portland State Athletic Hall of Fame
    Steve Olin Killed in Boating Accident
    Eric Gunderson

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5.0 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

DJ from Max Sports ,

Biz over Beer is fun and informative!

Love these guys!! They have found an amazingly creatively way to help Foster business relationships and teach entrepreneurs about success. Highly recommend the show!


The perfect podcast does exist

This podcast is great for beer lovers and entrepreneurs alike.

wastro82 ,

Always a surprise

Business Over Beer has plenty of business talk (and, yes, beer)—but each episode surprises when the conversations get deep. I’ve learned so much from entrepreneurs, laughed at some of the stories (and the interactions between the hosts), and been inspired by the hard workers who’ve been featured on the podcast. Really enjoyed the curiosity of the hosts, the good nature of the interviews, and passion of the guests. Always a great listen!

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