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Business with Purpose takes you “behind the scenes” with some of the world’s most generous entrepreneurs with host Molly Stillman of "still being molly blog - stillbeingmolly.com." From the CEOs of mission-driven brands, to directors of small, community non-profits, and everything in between, Molly is sitting down with men and women who believe in changing the world through not only their personal lives, but also their professional careers. We believe that every person was created with a purpose, for a purpose and this podcast gives inspiration for how we can all make an impact by supporting businesses with purpose.

Business with Purpose Molly Stillman - Blogger, Speaker, Believer, and Social Change Agent

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Business with Purpose takes you “behind the scenes” with some of the world’s most generous entrepreneurs with host Molly Stillman of "still being molly blog - stillbeingmolly.com." From the CEOs of mission-driven brands, to directors of small, community non-profits, and everything in between, Molly is sitting down with men and women who believe in changing the world through not only their personal lives, but also their professional careers. We believe that every person was created with a purpose, for a purpose and this podcast gives inspiration for how we can all make an impact by supporting businesses with purpose.

    Producing "The Chosen" & Impacting Media | Neal Harmon, CEO of VidAngel

    Producing "The Chosen" & Impacting Media | Neal Harmon, CEO of VidAngel

    A few months ago, I heard about this show called The Chosen. It depicts the life of Jesus and the disciples in a unique way, taking a look at Jesus’ life, and how the disciples became disciples. When I first heard about it, I was skeptical, but I gave it a try. After the second episode, I was hooked! Not only have I watched the entire season once, I’ve actually watched it though three times now. When I fell in love with the show, I started to do more research on it. Not only is it a unique show in and of itself, it’s also the first series that is the #1 crowd-funded media project in history. It even has its own app! As I began to dive deeper, I learned more about the company producing the show, VidAngel. The show is directed by Dallas Jenkins, the son of Jerry Jenkins, who wrote the Left Behind series. I wanted to know more about VidAngel and why this platform wanted to produce a show about Jesus in such a unique way. My guest this week is Neal Harmon. Neal is the CEO and cofounder of VidAngel, a streaming service that allows parents to skip objectionable content in entertainment using groundbreaking technology. VidAngel has been highly profiled for The Chosen, and its other incredible family-based content like Dry Bar Comedy. VidAngel recently made headlines by offer all of its streaming content for free during the Covid-19 pandemic, provided that people agree to social distancing of course. My conversation with Neal was incredible and refreshing He was very transparent about the story of VidAngel as it experiences growing pains and lessons many young companies experience. You’re going to love this conversation with Neal, so let’s dive in!
    4:30 - The Neal 101 Neal grew up in Idaho working on dairy farms and even tried to start his own cattle business at one point, but as he got older and learned more about the world, he started working with web businesses. After experiencing a spectacular failure right out of college, he started a company called OraBrush, a tongue cleaner that got rid of bad breath. OraBrush went from zero sales to global distribution in just a few years, thanks to YouTube marketing. Later a company reached out to Neal and his brother, cofounders of OraBrush, to help them market Poo~Pourri! The Poo~Pourri ad campaign was so successful that it turned Neal and his brother into an ad agency. Shortly after that, they started VidAngel, which is something Neal and his three brothers wanted to create for their own families. Neal’s favorite movie is Cinderella Man. The movie portrays people having character, even in their darkest moments, but the movie has a coach who has a foul mouth. Neal wanted his young kids to be able to see the story, but didn’t want them hearing or repeating those words in their home. VidAngel allows you to take popular movies and TV shows, and skip over content you don’t find appropriate for your own home. It’s like a pre-programmed remote. Neal and his brothers had a bigger vision for VidAngel, too. They wanted to have a bigger impact on media and on the world. They knew that if they found the people who valued protecting their families by using technology to skip over specific content, that they would also have a group of people they could also distribute content in a manner that would be a better fit than what Hollywood provides. 10:53 - A Broken Feedback Loop The creators in Hollywood love to see who wins the awards each year, but it seems they are essentially making movies for each other. About three fourths of the revenue in the box office comes from the family friendly movie, but half the titles coming out of Hollywood are rated R. VidAngel is bridging the gap to give creators a feedback loop. If audiences are skipping over certain scenes, creators can learn how to adjust the content that is affecting their market. It allows them to listen to their market, rather

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    Using Music to Inspire the Next Generation | GIRL POW-R

    Using Music to Inspire the Next Generation | GIRL POW-R

    As a mom, I can’t help but look at my kids and think about the kind of world that they are growing up in. I feel an immense sense of responsibility to teach them to be good humans and citizens who are kind, generous, and thoughtful justice-seekers. There are times when we the world feels crazy and when I see amazing young people working to improve it, it gives me hope. My guests today are going to inspire you to feel like the next generation is changing the world. This week on the podcast I’m talking to the incredible all girl, pop rock band, Girl Pow-R. The group consists of incredibly talented girls ages 11-17 years-old who create and sing original music, play cover songs, and dance. They have six original songs and debuted their first album last summer. The group is based in Toronto, but its members are all across Ontario from Windsor to Niagara Falls to Collingwood to Oshhawa. Girl Pow-R’s sound is rooted in pop rock with the goal of inspiring others to be their best through their music and lyrics. All too often, young people are influenced by the thoughts and life experiences of singers and musicians who are in their late teens and twenties. Girl Pow-R believes it’s time to give young people alternatives to these messages. In addition to their passion for music, each girl also has a social cause that they represent like advocating for better education for girls around the world, ending youth homelessness, Give Peace a Chance, mental health support and awareness, and all of us taking better care of ourselves through the food that we eat. Girl Pow-R is Juno nominated (like the Canadian Grammy’s) for album of the year in the children’s category, making them the first ever group of young people to be nominated in the children’s category gor album of the year. I loved having these amazing girls on the show! Be sure to stay until the end of the show because I will be including their hit songs, This Is Us, and Never Let Go.
    Girl Pow-R 101 Girl Pow-R is based in the Greater Toronto area (like Drake😉). They play their own instruments, sing, and perform at local events. The group started over three years ago when their now manager, Dawn Van Dam, set out to start a girl band that would inspire the world. Dawn found the first band members through an online audition where each girl sang a song they liked. From there, Dawn selected members based on who would best represent the name Girl Pow-R. Today on the podcast we have members Aashika, Prajeet, Chloe Rae, Kalista, and Chloe. Each has a unique contribution to the group. Aashika is 12 and comes up with a lot of group ideas and sings lower harmonies. Rajesh is 13, and her unique contribution is her sense of humor and electric guitar playing. Chloe Rae is 12 and she also sings with a lower voice. She’s one of the newer members, having joined in the last few months! Emma is 14 and has been singing from a very young age. Her unique contribution is playing piano chords and her knowledge of technology. (She helps Dawn with that too)! Kalista is 16 and has been in the group since it started. She has learned how to play three instruments since joining the band. She loves helping new members learn songs and choreography. Chloe is 12 and has been in the group for two years and has learned a lot of new dances and vocal skills. She can also hit very low notes like Ashika and Kalista! 14:05 – Empowering Songs That Are Fun to Listen to Girl Pow-R songs have positive messages about empowerment for all types of people. Their hope to inspire others. Their song This is Us highlights each of their social causes. The group uses their music videos and social media to further amplify awareness and support around the causes they care about. Each girl has her own cause that she focuses on. 16:20 – Tune in to hear more about each girl’s social cause. 21:00 – Original Songwrit

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    Sustainable Impact | Deanna Cook, LIYA Collective

    Sustainable Impact | Deanna Cook, LIYA Collective

    There’s something to be said for getting out and experiencing the world - going and visiting different countries and learning more about other cultures and communities. The more that we can expand our horizons, the more we can learn to appreciate the beauty of this world we live in and see other people through God’s eyes. Today’s guest shares how her experience of living in six different countries has shaped who she is today and why she started her business. Deanna Cook is a global change maker and development professional with extensive international experience in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. Her latest project, LIYA Collective, is a sustainable accessory brand of minimalist pieces ethically made around the world. She loves yoga, travel, spending time outdoors with her puppies, and all things conscious living. My conversation with Deanna was such a breath of fresh air. She encouraged and inspired me in so many ways, and I know you’re going to love learning more about how her life and business.
    2:11 - The Deanna 101 Deanna has always been interested in the world around her and learning about other countries and languages. When she was a kid, she told people she wanted to be a lawyer for the United Nations because she wanted to help people all around the world. When she went to university, she studied international business in an interdisciplinary program where she also learned French and Spanish as well as studying aboard in Spain. After she graduated, she interned with a small nonprofit in Canada that helped woman artisan groups around the world learn about entrepreneurship. When the internship was over, Deanna moved to Taiwan and taught English for a few years. She even learned Mandarin, but knew she wanted to get back into the nonprofit space. She moved to Tanzania and worked as a marketing and fundraising coordinator for a small grassroots nonprofit that worked in the local community to support children and families affected by HIV/AIDs and poverty. Deanna also worked with small, sustainable businesses in the community including a school program with the nonprofit and some larger-scale environmental initiatives. At the same time, she also experienced transformation in her personal life that caused her to examine her purchasing habits and consumption and how that all ties into a bigger global picture. Her experiences in Tanzania shaped the way Deanna wanted to live and the brands she wanted to support. After working for so long with nonprofits and schools, she started exploring how business could be used to affect change in the world. Around that time, Deanna was offered an amazing opportunity to work on an international development project in Thailand. At the end of 2018, she left Tanzania and moved to Bangkok to work with USAID on a project on education and employability in STEM fields. In her free time, she also learned about traditional Thai handicrafts and textiles. This was the beginning of connecting the pieces that had shaped her life so far: sustainable business, ethical products, and global supply chains. She started to meet with production partners to co-create products she wanted to see in her own life. When her USAID contract finished in mid-2019, Deanna moved to Costa Rica with her partner who’d started a teaching job there. Deanna continued working on the business that would later become LIYA Collective. In April 2020, preorders for LIYA Collective were launched for their first collection, sustainably made, minimalist Thai silk scarves. 8:54 – Shaped by Your Surroundings Living aboard in many different places has helped Deanna recognize the effects of the second-hand supply chain industry. Our rapid consumption in America greatly impacts small businesses owners in other places. Deanna tries to look at things in more of a global context now. There are many conversations around wast

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    Living and Leading with Impact | Miracle Olatunji, Founder of OpportuniMe

    Living and Leading with Impact | Miracle Olatunji, Founder of OpportuniMe

    There is nothing more encouraging to me than seeing young people making a difference and pursing entrepreneurship; being the change-makers. They push me to do more and be better. My guest today is an incredibly inspiring young leader named Miracle Olatunji. Miracle is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and the author of the book, “Purpose: How to Live and Lead with Impact.” In high school (yes, high school), she founded OpportuniMe, an education startup that connects high school youth to summer experiential-learning opportunities for passion, career, and self-discovery. Miracle is absolutely that. She is an incredibly inspiring young leader and you’re going to love my conversation with her today!
    2:27 - The Miracle 101
    Miracle’s story starts before she was born. The fact that Miracle is alive today is exactly why she got her name. When Miracle’s mother was pregnant, she started having premature contractions and doctors told her that the changes of her baby surviving prematurely were pretty much non-existent. Despite that grim statement, Miracle was born full-term and healthy. Her path to entrepreneurship started in a program called The Diamond Challenge, a entrepreneurship contest for high school students. Miracle decided to try it out and pitched an idea with her friends. That experience gave her the confidence to never limit herself based on her age, gender, or anything else. Through the Diamond Challenge, Miracle started her first organization, OpportuniMe. OpportuniMe helps people realize and reach their full potential through connection to opportunities and resources to explore different career paths and connect with other young people. Miracle’s first book “Purpose” was published in the summer of 2019. 4:25 – The Diamond Challenge
    The Diamond Challenge that Miracle participated in is a competition run through the University of Delaware but is specifically for high school students. The program gives students access to video courses about entrepreneurship and the process of turning an idea into reality. There are two tracks to the competition, the business side and the social enterprise side. Various colleges, high schools, and churches all over the world host “pitch sites.” Students can also pitch their ideas virtually. Miracle participated in the follow up event after the Diamond Challenge. While in her first year at the follow-up event, she was inspired by the closing keynote speaker who said that one of the key parts of entrepreneurship is solving problems. When she returned to school in the fall and talked about her experience with the Diamond Challenge, she realized how many of her peers didn’t know about the opportunities out there for them or that these programs existed. Miracle learned that your passion must be cultivated. It doesn’t fall from the sky and into your lap. She knew her peers simply didn’t have the same access to opportunities that open the doors to interests and passions. 9:05 – OpportuniMe
    Miracle started OpportuniMe when she was just 17 years old. Since then the biggest lesson she’s learned is the power of her mindset. She didn’t know a lot in the beginning. She had to work on herself push through the fear of rejection when starting things she’d never done before. She realized that if you don’t ask for anything, you don’t even have the opportunity for a “yes”, “no”, or “not right now.” Miracle is realizing now in college, that many college students are experiencing the same feelings of trying to discover what they are passionate about and that they are also trying to find purpose. She has extended the mission beyond high school students to also include people who are going to be entering the workforce soon, are entering it now, or have been in it for a few years. 15:37 – Purpose: How to Live and Lead with Impact
    At the start o

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    EPISODE 200 CELEBRATION with Special Guest: my husband, John!

    EPISODE 200 CELEBRATION with Special Guest: my husband, John!

    It’s Episode 200, and today’s guest is the one and only John Stillman, my husband! I knew for this episode I’d have to invite my special guest back to the show. His first appearance was Episode 100, and since my listeners loved it, I thought it was about time I brought him back for another interview! It’s hard to believe we are here at 200 episodes. It was a different time when I launched this show in the summer of 2016. I certainly didn’t think then about being at episode 200. We have some fun things planned including listener-submitted questions, a review of the top 10 episodes, and more!
    4:31 – Kicking things off with the first user-submitted question which is actually a question that many of you asked: “What have things been like for us over the past few months?” We’re both self-employed. John has a financial advising business and media company and went from working in an office to working from home with me! During quarantine 2020, we’ve developed some habits and routines that John enjoys very much, especially getting Chipotle for lunch every Monday. We don’t know what we were doing on Saturdays before Covid-19, but we’ve finished a number of house projects that have been waiting for us to complete them and enjoyed leisurely prepared breakfasts and slow mornings. Since I’m working at home and home-schooling, implementing true rest on the weekends became important too, which led us to examine our Sabbath and really for the first time, intentionally carve out a time for rest on the weekends. John’s weeknight habits have changed too. He’s much less inclined to do any work on his laptop in the evenings, compared to when he was working all day in the office. He’s been more disciplined in keeping his workday confined to regular business hours because he’s already home all day. We both feel much more efficient, too. It’s been really nice to be home together. When John started returning to the office for half days, it was actually much harder than either of us thought it was going to be! The biggest adjustment for me has been recording podcasts at home. I usually go to the recording studio, but moving all of that into well, basically my closet, has been a big transition. 10:19 – User Submitted Questions, Let’s Dive into the Q&A! 10:40 – Question One: “What is your favorite quality about the other person?”
    12:57 – Question Two: “John, you have edited nearly all of Molly’s podcasts episodes. Which one, or which ones have stood out to you. Do you have any particularly favorite interviews?”
    14:12 – Question Three: “How do you build your business as a woman without losing your marriage?”
    21:03 – We’re going to take a quick break from questions to recap the top 10 episodes of the first 200 of the Business With Purpose podcast! These are the most popular episodes based on the highest number of downloads + a few honorable mentions of my personal favorites:
    21: 30, #10 –Episode 129: Chris Solt, Executive Director at Fair Trade Federation
    21:47, #9 – Episode 149: Llenay Ferretti, Ten Thousand Villages & Bhava World Project
    22:04, #8 – Episode 100: The 100th Episode Spectacular with Guest – My Husband!
    22:22, #7 – Episode 110: How To Know If A Brand Is Ethical
    22:41, #6 – Episode 139: Mark Choyt, Reflective Jewelry
    24:04, #5 – Episode 136: Fair Trade Federation Conference Recap
    24:26, #4 Episode 130: Solo Episode, So You Just Marie-Kondo’D Your Life? What to Do with All Those Things That Don’t Spark Joy
    25:37, #3 Episode 137: Rebecca Smith, Better Life Bags
    26:20, #2 Episode 135: Kat Eckles, Founder of Clean Juice
    26:38, #1 Episode 71: Devan Kline & Morgan Kline, Founders of Burn Boot Camp
    27:25, Honorable Mentions: These are some of my all-time favorites in no particular order:
    27:36 Episode 165, Santiago, “Jimmy” Mellado, Comp

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    The Sustainable Alternative for Single-Use Items | Isabel Aagaard, co-founder of LastObject

    The Sustainable Alternative for Single-Use Items | Isabel Aagaard, co-founder of LastObject

    Over the last couple years, I’ve been on a slow but steady journey of becoming somebody who is less wasteful. I may not get to the point of being able to fit all my trash from the month into a mason jar, but I have been making slow, intentional choices to reduce and use less waste. Along this journey, there have been certain items that have made me wonder, “Could there be a zero waste option for this?” Especially for bathroom products like Q tips and tissues. There have not been many options on the market…until today! My guest this week is Isabel Aagaard, founder of Last Object, a Danish design trio who have chosen to tackle some of the least sexy objects out there like cotton swabs and disposable tissues. They are addressing the problem of single-use items and looking past the highly visible culprits like plastic bottles and straws. Last Swab is the reusable alternative to cotton swabs, which replace the need for the 1.5 billion single-use Q tips produced daily, only to be thrown out after one use. Last Tissue saves 2 liters of water per tissue and has become wildly popular on Kickstarter. Prior to founding Last Object, Isabel designed the first reusable chemotherapy bag to reduce waste in the medical industry, and it is now being used all over Denmark. I was fascinated with this conversation with Isabel and know you’re going to love learning about these unique designs that’s changing the world!
    4:22 - The Isabel 101
    Isabel was born and raised in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. She has an IT background and obtained a master’s degree in collaborative design. That background brought her to where she is today, along with her passion for the environment and startups. All of Isabel’s focus combines sustainability with collaborative design efforts. She loves exploring how to create and make things that are usable in collaboration with the people who will be using them. Isabel’s worlds meet at the intersection of anthropology and collaboration and is referred to as Co-design. It’s a field that’s grown in the last few years and has started to spread through other countries. As an example, when working for hospitals, instead of looking at patients and creating a design solution for them, Isabel creates tools to help patients design their own solutions. It takes people, interactions, and their abilities into account, instead of being a designer who decides what they think is best for the design. 8:29 – Last Object
    Last Object’s mission is to create an alternative to single-use items. They started with Last Swab and Last Tissue as the first two products. There are three designers (one of whom is Isabel’s brother). When Isabel was working in design for hospitals, the idea for starting a sustainable design business started over lunch one day with her brother and a designer named Cole. In doing various research on the contributing facts to pollution with single-use items, they found that Q tips were one of the 10 biggest contributors to waste on the planet. They also knew they wanted to tackle issues that have not been tackled already (like alternatives to plastic straws). They also wanted to look at single-use items that are frequently used, so that cutting down of those products would make a huge impact. Last Object starts the design process by thinking of the simplest way to recreate a reusable product. It has to be something you would know how to use just by looking at the design. There are many iterations that happen before a final product comes to fruition. The team continues prototyping, using different forms, scaling up, scaling down, and testing with 3D printing, and experimenting with paint palettes. Last Object debuted in April 2019. The initial reactions in the marketplace started about 50/50 on social media. Some loved it, others thought it was gross, but the most important thing t

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104 Ratings

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Amazing Podcast!

So many great ideas and topics covered on this show. Molly and her guests are truly inspirational!

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Take Your Business to The Next Level!

I love this podcast! It is jammed full of actionable content and ideas delivered on an uplifting and inspiring platform! You will love this podcast and the host, Molly, really brings this show to life! I highly recommend listening to this podcast if you want to take your business (and life) to the next level.

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Amazing !!!

Amazing and impactful podcast! Molly provides incredible insights and wisdom in each episode.

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