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A leftist podcast that breaks down local issues for folks NOT in the know, hosted by former RI Representative, Moira Walsh.

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A leftist podcast that breaks down local issues for folks NOT in the know, hosted by former RI Representative, Moira Walsh.

    F*ck Your Thoughts and Prayers

    F*ck Your Thoughts and Prayers

    This week's episode hits a little different. There are no jokes, no co-host, no witty banter. The episode is shorter than most, and sadder. This week, Moira talks candidly about how hard it is to live in a country that cares more about the rights of gun owners than it does the rights of children to go to school without fear. This week is about reminding ourselves and our listeners that it doesn't HAVE to be this way, but rather, living in a country with a mass shooting event every week is a distinct choice that is being made. This week, we don't ask for subscribers or patrons or for you to testify at the Statehouse…but rather this week our question is "How?" How do we carry on waking up, packing our lunches, and heading off to work knowing that we as a society have decided that 19 dead kids is just "business as usual?" Unfortunately, we have no answers for you, but you should tune in anyway.

    • 15 min
    Nothing But Dessert

    Nothing But Dessert

    This week we have a bunch of delicious political dessert stories so we hope you saved room. We talk about the gubernatorial race, the Democratic party trying to fundraise off of Roe V. Wade and of course, the WPRI investigation into Rep. Carlos Tobon. Tune in to catch up on all the delicious details in this week's Can We Fix It.

    • 43 min
    Back to the Races, District 62

    Back to the Races, District 62

    This week Jen and Moira sat down with General Assembly candidate, Kinverly Dicupe. They play dictator of Rhode Island, they learn about what lead her to local politics and the hour honestly just flies by. Tune in to hear why she should be the next representative of Pawtucket and/or dictator of our small state.

    • 56 min
    Safe Sites

    Safe Sites

    This week Jen and Moira are joined by Lisa Peterson COO of Victa, an organization paving the way for mental health and drug rehabilitation services. They discuss budget values, the data around harm reduction locations, and why this is EVERYONE'S problem. Tune in for a powerful, yet still funny episode about why we should ALL care about harm reduction.

    • 24 min
    Are You Big Mad?

    Are You Big Mad?

    This episode Moira and Jen circle back to the people they made BIG mad last week. A few apologies are doled out and they both admit to being wrong about a few things (don't get used to it). They also break out the tin foil hats to talk about whether our Governor and the head of ILO group are the same person and whether one or both of them is going to jail. Tune in for a wild ride this week.

    • 50 min
    Can We Fix It: Reverse Psychology Republican

    Can We Fix It: Reverse Psychology Republican

    Whenever it gets too quiet, you have to assume that the State House Republicans are up to some wild stuff. Jen and Moira cover the list from weird tweets to measuring everything in BGUs, tune in to find out what the State House Republicans are doing lately.

    • 46 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

mgdupont ,


Hands down this is my *favorite* Rhode Island podcast.

DLinRI ,


It is mainly funny. It is a different take on the political podcast, but also contains insider information how our political system REALLY works. No self grandiosity, just an appropriate explanation of the circus that is RI politics.

SP Stu ,

Love it

It’s funny and informative. Moira and the Volpinator bring more personality to politics than we deserve.

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