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A warrior's mom bringing some rants, laughs, and ugly cries to fellow cancer parents as we support our kids during the fight of their lives.

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A warrior's mom bringing some rants, laughs, and ugly cries to fellow cancer parents as we support our kids during the fight of their lives.

    EP 9: Back to School

    EP 9: Back to School

    September is Back to School for most parents, but for Cancer Moms and Dads, September can be emotional, heartbreaking, and inspiring all at once.

    For more information on Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and organizations mentioned on the podcast please check out these websites:

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    EP 8: Trauma

    EP 8: Trauma

    Oh well hello there! It's been a whole minute and a half since I last recorded and I'm back on the saddle! Is that the saying? Wagon? Horse? IDK! I'm trying! On today's episode I give you an update on where the hell I've been and why and living a new normal after traumatic experiences.

    In honor of 2 incredible cancer mom's I know, please donate to:
    Edie Jean Neumann - Leukemia Lymphoma Society - littlewordsproject.com/products/hope-benefiting-the-leukemia-lymphoma-society
    Bruce Winston Incorporated - DIPG - Kentucky Pediatric Cancer Foundation - www.whynotkids.com

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    Mini Update!

    Mini Update!

    Where in the world is Cancer Mom Sandeigo!? (Humor me!) Just a quick update about why there have been no new episodes in 2+ weeks.

    To donate during the month of Ramadan towards childhood cancer research go here:


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    EP 7: On Children

    EP 7: On Children

    On this episode I tackle the annoying but important question "how do you do this??" Remember that May is Brain Tumor/Cancer awareness month. If you would like to donate to brain tumor research please donate as you'd like to these wonderful and important organizations that are learning that there is so much more to learn about our gray matter!


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    EP 6: The Absolute Worst

    EP 6: The Absolute Worst

    Ever feel like "ugh this is the worst"? Well on this episode we look at all of that from another perspective.

    For more information on the good stuff mentioned on this episode:

    SNL - Pro Chiller Ad - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sU55auqDD28

    You're So Lucky Book by Grace Wethor

    instagram - @gracewethor / @youresoluckybook

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    EP 5: Good Grief!

    EP 5: Good Grief!

    NEW EP! Hey, whaddya say we bring down this whole party by talking about grief! On this episode we can all have a joint ugly cry session about not ugly crying all the damn time. I also discuss the return of Trading Spaces and Real Housewives of New York. So listen in and after we'll roast some chicken and watch Ghost Hunters together.

    For more information about the organization mentioned on today's episode:

    Good Grief - http://www.good-grief.org

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5.0 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

felixthebrave ,

Thank you

Thank you for making me laugh I love on the tiny island of nantucket in mass no one here understands. I feel alone. It’s nice hear hear someone else gets it besides momcology. Which I love but. Anyways thanks. Btw I have a fighter named Felix he was dx with T cell leukemia dec 20 2017

Amel A. ,

Open and honest

Thanks for sharing. Giant bear hugs from the other side of the coast. Endless prayers and dua for little Aydin. He undoubtedly has inherited your strength. <3

alexagura ,


So amazing, so well spoken. Healthy, sick, adult, or child, your podcast is something everyone can relate to and enjoy ❤️❤️❤️