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Bill Bartee and Don Yager talk local events, facts and life in the great outdoors!

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Bill Bartee and Don Yager talk local events, facts and life in the great outdoors!

    Hardly Easy – Chat with Kimberly Jochl

    Hardly Easy – Chat with Kimberly Jochl

    (from 02.27.2021 program -  3rd segment):

    If there is a woman that is considered a "Renaissance Women" it is Kimberly Jochl.  She grew up in Massachusetts with her twin sister, became a pilot, was on the U.S. Ski Team & helps manage North Carolina's largest ski resort, Sugar Mountain. She's also a Storyteller Night alumnus from Jesse Brown's.

    Wes Lawson & Bill Bartee speak to her on the Carolina Outdoors because 2021 brings us her third published book, Hardly Easy.  This fictional account of a NC teenager named Charlie.  Relationships between Charlie and her parents, sister, supervisor & friends.  Overcoming fears along the way, while pursuing her true passion, flying.

    Listen in to Wes Lawson and Bill Bartee talking Hardly Easy.

    • 20 min
    Taking Care of that Gear

    Taking Care of that Gear

    (from the 02.28.2021 Program, Wrap Up):

    Wes Lawson & Bill Bartee from Jesse Brown's talk about the upcoming spring agenda:  turkey season, striper run, hiking trip & spring cleaning.

    Make your outdoor gear last longer by preparing for spring with washing, repairing, cleaning & getting your equipment ready for the next adventure.

    • 4 min
    Mountain Khakis Creative Director–Adam Webb

    Mountain Khakis Creative Director–Adam Webb

    (From the Air Date, 2/20/2021):

    Adam Webb the Creative Director of Mountain Khakis joins Bill Bartee of the Carolina Outdoors to share this prominent brand's story.  Born on the rugged frontier of Jackson Hole, Wyoming & groomed on southern charm, the brand hasgrown into a full collection from its first presentation in 2003 in Jesse Brown's & the outdoor world.

    Brand personality grows and morphs by the people attracted to it. Now that personality is on-hand in #TheOutpost by Mountain Khakis at Jesse Brown's.

    The Mountain Khakis personality has evolved from just a pant brand to a brand that speaks to the aspirational make-up of its clients.  Namely people that have an affinity of adventure & appreciate the aspirational appeal of the mountain lifestyle.

    Webb speaks to the foundational values of Mountain Khakis:  Premium, Durable, Bold & Timeles

    He also details the company's commitment to the local community (Jesse Brown's-The Outpost, Recover Brands, Unknown Brewery) & nationally with Yellowstone Wildlife Santuary & the adoption of Speedy the Bison.


    • 21 min
    Skiing & Carolina Weather

    Skiing & Carolina Weather

    (From the Air Date 2.20.2021):

    Bill Bartee & Wes Lawson discuss the recent Carolina weather & local skiing this time of year on the Carolina Outdoors.

    Clue:  It's fantastic.

    • 5 min
    Lisa Reinhart-Director of Design at MK

    Lisa Reinhart-Director of Design at MK

    (Air Date, February 13, 2021)

    Mountain Khakis took the outdoor apparel world by storm in 2003.  Here our host, Bill Bartee, helps us learn how the Charlotte-based brand started & then delve into 2021 and the future with Mountain Khakis, Director of Merchandising, Design & Development, Lisa Reinhart.

    First off!  What does that job mean & how Lisa was introduced to textile apparel, the business & what's a Mountain Momma?

    Sourcing, shipping, price & quality all start in the details of design. Now Mountain Khakis pursues a fit for everyone:  Relaxed, Classic, Modern & Slim are all a part of the line.  This is all on hand at the Outpost with Mountain Khakis at Jesse Brown's.

    Now the national brand, Mountain Khakis has joined forces with their hometown store, Jesse Brown's, to allow people to try on the clothing, see the line & celebrate two Charlotte-based businesses.

    • 18 min
    Mountain Khakis-Not Just Pants, Not Just Men’s

    Mountain Khakis-Not Just Pants, Not Just Men’s

    (Air Date--February 13, 2021)

    The conversation continues beyond the beginning of  a pant company with Lisa Reinhart, Director of Merchandising, Design & Development, at Mountain Khakis.  During this segment she shares the expansion of the complete company collection.  Shirts, Outerwear & Underwear are all important parts of Mountain Khakis that are soft, comfortable & long lasting.Shirt Jacks are shirts-worn as jackets-& they are more popular than ever due to people not dressing up.

    Plus, Women's Pants, Shirts & Outerwear are better than ever!  Part of the reason:  Women Designers Solely put this line together & the results have been spectacular.

    No matter the gender:  Fit Matters

    Mountain Khakis is pursuing inclusion, consistency & sustainability in all facets of the line.

    We're learning about the brand & you're invited to the OUTPOST at Jesse Brown's to learn more!


    • 16 min

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