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Welcome to a platform for learning from other leaders.

Ceo of Destiny Andre J. Benjamin

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Welcome to a platform for learning from other leaders.

    Independence of In-Dependence

    Independence of In-Dependence


    Below is a story of my BC days or before conversion, commissioning or Christ yielding.


    Me: Regal! Puff this stogey real quick! Be the first to break it in.

    Regal: No guy! I’m not puffing nothing.

    Me: Young Slim? You In?

    Slim: No bro... I'm good.

    Me: Come on I’m 18 let’s celebrate!

    Regal: You’re 18! That’s your thing. I’m not!

    Me: Why you guys gotta be all Sour patch kids! I’m about to… *Takes cigar lights it up, and then inhales in into my lungs first time. Holds it and starts coughing uncontrollably.

    Me: Wh… *

    Regal and other friends: “You idiot! You’re not supposed to inhale and hold it in! Haven’t you seen how they do it in movies?”


    I remember as if it was yesterday.

    I couldn’t wait until I turned 18 so I could smoke a cigar and choke as i held it in my lungs like an imbecile.

    Well it wasn't my exact plan.

    I did however want independence. From all I had heard watched and read in my nation, hitting 18 was a milestone that marked being "legal" and ready for the world.


    What did 18 bring for me?

    • I could cast my first vote: No I was not politically aware, savvy or even interested.
    • Rent an apartment: No money for that.
    • Gamble Buy a Scratch ticket: NO. Did that as a kid for an uncle and it seemed lame to lose money for a pipe dream.
    • Marry Someone: Wasn't even in my UNIVERSE.

    You get the point. I had some new opportunities as I entered the promised land of 18 (sarcasm).



    I could finally go legally to a nightclub to find it was the same as when I snuck in underage with fake ID.

    This brings up a good question:

    What does it mean to be independent?

    Does it mean do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want and with whomever you want? Is it a world with no rules or boundaries just unbridled freedom?

    Well I think it’s quite the opposite, I think it’s knowing what to do that is right and having the humility to know that without the Source of life as your foundation, you cannot skillfully execute what lies ahead in your life.

    IN THIS EPISODE we explore “Independence or In-Dependants” which category do you find yourself in?

    Take a listen and give us some feedback.


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    You Tell Me The Weather

    You Tell Me The Weather

    My older Sister: Did they call it yet?

    ME: "NO! I don't know what is taking so long. It seems like their doing every other school district but ours! "

    "And today Seattle Schools are...Open and running on time!"

    Me: *Pulling my hair "AHHH! Why do the far schools always get more snow? It's not fair!"


    As far back as I can remember I was fascinated by the weather report. I'd be glued to the TV screen watching a young guy with impeccable hair named Steve Pool. Steve never seemed to age.

    They say "black don't crack" and I think he embodied that notion.

    Steve was my go to voice of reason and I trusted his insight on weather and atmospheres to navigate the fickle and changing Pacific Northwest Weather. Though Steve failed many times, his smile and assurance that he seemed to know what he was doing, brought me back like a sucker week after week.

    What if you could always know the weather?

    I mean seriously, what if you could know with 100% accuracy what the conditions were going to be and how to dress and conduct your life based upon that knowledge?

    Would that information be useful to you?

    This week we discuss what it means to be an ATMOSPHERIC EXPERT! How to know the weather conditions with 100% accuracy and shift your relationships, business and life.


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    I Want You to Prosper

    I Want You to Prosper

    Y'all ready to win?

    Our basketball coach asked us as we were entering into our first real game.

    "I guess!" my team exclaimed with a lack luster enthusiasm. Who we were as a team (if you could call us that) was a group of unlikely candidates that didn't know who we were.


    So much internal jealousy and turmoil was present in our makeup. Why? I know personally I didn't grow up with the rest of the guys and was seen as an outsider. In particular there was one kid that had it out for me.

    Alas, our coach said he wanted us to win. He was always patient with us in practice, encouraging us to have the fundamentals down so that when it was game time we could execute.

    Many guys were selfish during practice and making fun of team members (ahem: me) that weren't all that skilled. So when it came to game time, I honestly didn't trust my team.

    Yet our coach was standing there and saying he believed in us and that we could win the game.

    And guess what because of his belief and encouragement, we pulled it out and won our first game. Our coach wanted us to prosper.

    He looked past our insecurities, frailties and shortcomings and saw winners.

    And though that was a very trying and challenging time of my life, I am thankful for a coach that wanted me to prosper.

    In this EPISODE I want you to know that I WANT YOU TO PROSPER.
    We uncover 5 PRINCIPLES that bring CLARITY on how you can PROSPER in life, business and relationships.

    The Heavenly Fathers wants for you to know who you are and whose you are so that your life can bring him glory.


    Please submit any PRAYER REQUESTS you have so that we can see the Father breakthrough on your behalf.


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    Who is in Hot Pursuit?

    Who is in Hot Pursuit?


    When the first Nintendo Entertainment Center was released, millions of children began immediately bargaining, begging, and negotiating with their moms and dads in hopes of convincing them to buy them the game system.

    Parents and children alike endured massive lines in malls and Toy's R Us Stores (RIP) looking for that box so they may hopefully emerge victorious. Parents were cutting off other parents in line, pushing, shoving, and snatching, some even offering to pay way over price to obtain the system.

    What was so special? Why was this system causing such frenzy? I'll tell you why: SCARCITY. They made it seem like the system was scarce.

    Even the first commercials of 1985(version) teased kids with the questions:

    "Will you be the one...?

    Will you be the first to..."

    I remember gazing at the commercial, my heart palpitating as I began to salivate in imagining myself being the kid in the commercial. Those emotions of excitement and false euphoria were wiped away with worry that maybe I wouldn't be the one. Our family wasn't really rich but I knew this was a worthy investment (smile).


    I remember my parents presenting us with this new game system. It was the world to my older sister and I. We had a system to be able to play video games! We were tremendously overjoyed and thankful that we had scored the new system! The pursuit had paid off.

    Do you remember when you were in hot pursuit of an item or a person? What did you do? What kind of lengths did you go through to obtain and acquire that which you pursued?

    The proof of passion is in pursuit.

    In this episode, I dig into the hot pursuit principle and how we have an opportunity of a lifetime. There is rareness in this opportunity that is unparalleled to any other that stands before us.

    Will you be one of the first to take that opportunity?

    Take a listen, subscribe and review us on Apple Podcasts, ITunes or wherever you listen and give us some feedback.

    When were you in hot pursuit? Let us know.

    Also if you have any prayer requests; email or message so that we can cover those prayer requests and see the Father work on your behalf.

    Enjoy the show.

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    True Influence

    True Influence


    Middle school is one of the most silliest concepts I have ever experienced. You take a group of young people that are beginning to go through puberty and put them in a place where they are herded by age. Then you don't have the grades they receive go on their transcripts and academic records so they are essentially in academic limbo? Not a good move.

    What does the combination of all these factors make? Well I'd say chaos! At least that was my biased experience. You might think Middle School was wonderful but this is my blog (smile).


    The hottest brands on the planet of apparel in our world were emblazoned their logos on starter sports jackets parka style. University of Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV), Los Angeles Raiders and Georgetown Hoya's were very popular because they must have had brilliant marketing teams.

    Why am I telling you this? Well...I didn't like red as a color. No particular reason I just thought it was too loud. My dad and I were avid Philadelphia Eagles fans. We were locked into their football games rain snow or shine, when a game was on we found a way to get it even if we walked into a Tavern (seemed things were much laxed as far as kids being able to watch games where alcohol was served). We were diehards as fans. So what did my dad decide to gift me with? An original Eagles parka jacket!

    Holy Grail or Holy Fail?

    When that thing arrived... Wow! Talk about role reversal. The insignificant invisible kid became super visible.

    Kids stopping me in the hall asking me about where I got it from (he ordered it from out of state and it took weeks to secure it (came from far) no internet.

    All of a sudden I had influence. Kids were walking with me in the hallway and surrounding me. The little crush I had that had previously ignored me was begging to wear the jacket.

    This my friends is a sample of what I call false influence. In school and translating to the adult world the currency is popularity. Yet with all the clamoring and noise that happened in my life, what remained was shallow material obsession that would fade as soon as the newer shiny object would appear.

    Have you ever felt influential? When was a time you felt and realized your influence?

    Today's podcast covers "True Influence" and our responsibility to steward our influence.

    Go ahead!

    Take a listen, share it and give us feedback.

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    What's in your House?

    What's in your House?


    What's your purpose?

    She asked me with a furrowed brow and intense eyes that could pierce any type of metal. Forget Superman's heat seeking vision! This vision was HOT!

    It was as if flames of blue magma were spewing out of her eyes, glasses hanging down on her nose.

    I sheepishly replied: To serve God and love him?


    *Looking at me with intensity and speaking with an urgency I had only heard sports coaches and elderly people speak with!**

    Now What's your PURPOSE? What are you here to do?

    I didn't have an answer! She relented and shook her head with disgust like this is something you have to know.

    How did I not know the answer?

    What Mother Mullen (an elderly woman of God that was a tremendous prayer warrior and had such clarity and insight from the LORD on how to live a righteous life) had asked me forever revolutionized my life.

    This simple probing question (What's your PURPOSE?) was directly linked to me and I had to answer this particular question because my life is designed to assist others in gaining clarity and confidence so that they can answer the question regarding their own lives.

    Without clarity of purpose, abuse is inevitable -Myles Munroe (paraphrase)

    In this Episode:

    I invoke the question of "What's in your House?"

    I want to know how you can take what you have and bring more confidence and clarity to walking out your God given assignments and destinies.

    Listen to today's EPISODE and give us feedback!

    What's your assignment? Drop us a line on Twitter, IG giving us feedback and answering the question!
    Don't wait TOO LONG or you may get a Mother Mullen type SCOLDING! (Smile)

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4 Ratings

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