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Join me as I talk with web developers and software engineers about building their careers, overcoming challenges, and succeeding in the tech industry.

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Join me as I talk with web developers and software engineers about building their careers, overcoming challenges, and succeeding in the tech industry.

    E12: Building a strong local dev community with Domitrius Clark

    E12: Building a strong local dev community with Domitrius Clark

    In this episode, I speak with Domitrius Clark about his experience supporting online communities in gaming to building a successful local community of web developers in his home town of Philadelphia. We discuss the benefits of having a strong local community, how to deal with the challenges and logistics of running meetups, and much more.
    Domitrius’ career The importance of boot camps.Why Domitrius started his own business.The successes of dev communities.Being cooperative and a good listener.Responding to hateOne thing Domitrius has learned this weekQuotes:
    “I took one of the three month immersive bootcamps. I came out of that and started moving onto actually creating a startup.”
    "Not everyone has the luxury to feel safe or confident that [interactions at our meetup] might go well. Facilitating a place where they do feel safe at all moments, when people tell me how comfortable our environment is, how they feel like it's a safe space for them ... those are the interactions that stick with me."
    “When you are a meetup organizer or any type of community organizer and you find yourself dealing with some type of hate, you have to just address it immediately…”
    Learn more about Domitrius’ MeetupFollow Domitrius on Twitter“Intent does not erase impact.” -@TatianaTMacLook into Tatiana Mac’s Systems of Systems Presentation

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    E11: Publishing, community, and life as a digital nomad with Jessica Bell

    E11: Publishing, community, and life as a digital nomad with Jessica Bell

    Jessica Bell is a frontend engineer at the New York Times where she works on Wirecutter. She is located in...well, it depends on when you ask her!

    Jessica has been traveling full time, living and working out of a suitcase since 2018, but that doesn't stop her from building and supporting tech communities along the way. She has taken her experience working with groups in the US—including Women Who Code and Black Code Collective—and gone international, serving a chair on the Association for Computing Machinery Distinguished Speakers Committee where she works to ensure more equitable representation at tech conferences around the world.

    We talk about her life on the road, lessons learned working for a large publisher, and her experiences as an advocate for underrepresented folks in tech communities.

    Learn more about Jessica and her work 👉 http://sirjessthebrave.com/

    Follow Jessica on Twitter 👉 https://twitter.com/SirJesstheBrave

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    E10: Speaking at conferences with Michelle Schulp

    E10: Speaking at conferences with Michelle Schulp

    Michelle Schulp is an independent UX designer and web developer based in Minneapolis. She is also a household name in the WordPress community, and she's given dozens of great talks on a wide range of topics at tech conferences over the years.

    Traveling for conferences is not cheap, and preparing for talks takes a lot of time and energy that takes you off of paid work. In this episode, Michelle talks about why she makes speaking a priority and how she manages the demands of both public speaking and client work as an independent contractor.

    Follow Michelle on Twitter 👉 https://twitter.com/marktimemedia
    Read more about Michelle 👉 https://marktimemedia.com
    See Michelle's workshop at WordCamp US in St. Louis 👉 https://2019.us.wordcamp.org/session/templates-plugins-blocks

    Hey, we're finally into double digit episodes! -- thank you all for your support and feedback!

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    E09: From Math to Markdown: How Laurie Got on Tech

    E09: From Math to Markdown: How Laurie Got on Tech

    In this episode, I chat with Laurie Barth and dig in to her journey from working with abstract mathematical concepts to a career in software development. We discuss common misconceptions about math in code, embracing community, and a lot more.

    Follow Laurie on Twitter 👉 https://twitter.com/laurieontech
    Read more about Laurie 👉 https://laurieontech.com

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    E08: That start-up life

    E08: That start-up life

    In this episode I sit down with my friend Paul Hickey, CEO of Data Driven Design, to talk about what it's like working in a start-up -- the challenges developers face vs. working for a large company, and the opportunities that present themselves when you help build something from the ground up.
    Mentioned in this episode:
    Vue.jsReact Context API

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    E07: Contract work and what you need to know to do it

    E07: Contract work and what you need to know to do it

    Matthew and Eamon, co-founders of Readybase, sit down to talk about what they've learned about working as contractors and what you can do to make working for yourself a success.
    00:46: WHAT I’M WORKING ON THIS WEEK 🔨 Well, recording this podcast (twice) for starters — still finishing my kitchen reno and finishing my new website built using React and Next.js
    02:50: #100DaysOfBlogging challenge -- you can follow along and read my daily blog at chancestrickland.com
    05:30: My guests today are Matthew Wallace and Eamon Baghernejad, co-founders of ReadyBase, a contract web development service provider
    06:00: Matthew and Eamon’s early experiences with self-employment
    14:15: Eamon talks about leaving his own business for a traditional agency job, and then going back again
    17:30: Matthew’s first clients as a freelance developer and a path to growth
    22:45: Reasons why you maybe SHOULDN’T be a contractor (myth vs. reality)
    Remote work — it requires a lot of discipline and can cause lonelinessLess work — you have to be ready to work more than 40 hours consistentlyYou don’t want a boss — when you work for yourself, your get more bosses, not less. Your clients are your boss and you need to be ready to deal with them as such.27:30: Why is it worth all of the trouble? For Eamon, it’s getting to build something from scratch, help serve other people, and make your own financial decisions
    30:30: Why Readybase? What do you provide for contractors? (Spoiler 🙈 they let developers build things and not worry about the rat race)
    33:20: Why Matthew wants to help developers find their real value through other important skills
    37:00: The most important skill for a contractor — building trust
    45:00: Matthew admits what we all knew all along…
    45:30: Why being a good programmer is far less important than being transparent knowing how to solve the client’s core problem
    51:30: So you want to go out on your own? Start by asking yourself “why”, building a network and creating a plan
    55:25: Eamon suggests starting by joining an agency — especially a smaller one — where you’ll gain a lot of the same experiences and skills you’ll need on your own
    56:40: Stop worrying and just build stuff. You don’t need to get a job or a contract to help people build tools. Worry less about the contract at first and invest time in building the relationship and building things that make you better
    60:00: Take the time to enjoy success when it comes (and a beer). It might be harder than you think
    62:30: WHAT I’VE LEARNED THIS WEEK 💡 A lot about building a simple React application using the Next.js framework, and the (high-level dummy version) difference between imperative and declarative programming (in the context of routing). Good metaphor and overview can be found here.
    Follow me on all the things @chancethedev. twitter.com/chancethedev instagram.com/chancethedev and chancethedev.com KTHX.

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7 Ratings

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