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Anxiety is one of the leading reasons why people aren't accomplishing their goals and getting $hit done. Anxiety can keep you trapped in the cycle of overthinking, confusion, indecision, and procrastination. Learning how to friend your anxiety is the key to creating a calm confident life. A life where you create more than you ever imagined in your wildest dreams. Rachel is going to provide you with tools to help you get out of overwhelm and chaos and create calm certainty.

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Anxiety is one of the leading reasons why people aren't accomplishing their goals and getting $hit done. Anxiety can keep you trapped in the cycle of overthinking, confusion, indecision, and procrastination. Learning how to friend your anxiety is the key to creating a calm confident life. A life where you create more than you ever imagined in your wildest dreams. Rachel is going to provide you with tools to help you get out of overwhelm and chaos and create calm certainty.

    Indulgent Emotions

    Indulgent Emotions

    [Warning]: How The Constant Quest for Comfort Is Causing MAJOR overwhelm and confusion Issues for business and life.


    The smallest thing happens in your business or life and you start to doubt yourself, question your decisions, and begin to spin into overthinking.


    These indulgent emotions leave you constantly feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.


    You feel like everything is out of your control.  


    Finding yourself losing your shit at stupid things and procratinaing at getting your work done.


    Deep down all you want is to feel confident, grounded, and calm.


    You have tried doing breathing exercises and meditating, but it’s just not working.


    I totally get it.  I used to be very reactive too.


    The problem is you haven’t learned how to sit with discomfort.

    You are indulging in your emotions.


    It starts by learning what is underneath these indulgent emotions and what you are making them mean about you.


    Today's podcast episode identifies some of the most popular indulgent emotions and will give you beginning steps to stop indulging and start taking your power back.


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    Building Your Self-Confidence Muscle

    Building Your Self-Confidence Muscle

    Stop telling yourself that confidence is something that you either have or you don’t.

    You put together an offer for social media and every time you go to post it you freeze.  

    You either don't post it at all, take off the call to action, or post something super passive like DM if you think this sounds interesting.

    Then no one responds so it takes you weeks or months to post another offer.

    You so badly want to be helping people. You’ve got all these amazing tools to teach them.

    No judgment if I just called you out. 

    I was doing the same thing.  

    I would write these posts and feel so excited that someone was going to read it and reach out, and then crickets.

    I thought it was that my copy sucked.

    But here’s the thing: I hadn’t built up my self-confidence muscle.  I was constantly doubting myself, my skills, and my abilities.

    Of course my calls to action were passive or just non existent.  

    I wasn’t sold on myself or my offer.

    In order to grow your biz you have to develop unshakable self-confidence.

    It’s essential.

    It’s like a plant without water, it’s going to wither away.

    In today’s episode, I’m going to teach you how to grow your self-confidence muscle.

    This episode is by far one of my favorites to date.

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    Lesson From Your Future Self

    Lesson From Your Future Self

    You're working with all the dream clients at the prices you only dreamed of charging.

    Can you imagine?

    Most of us spend the majority of our life looking to our past for how to create results for our future.

    The past only teaches what we have already done.

    Which is great if you got the result you wanted.

    But, if you didn't, the past is only going to create a similar result if we repeat what we did.  Which is what most of us tend to do.

    Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result.  So basically we are all a little insane. (lol)

    What do we do if we want a different result?

    We know what we tried before didn’t work out?

    It’s time to try on something new.

    Ask your future self for the answers.

    Seems a little to woo?

    Give it a try. I promise it’s amazing what wisdom your future self has in store for you.

    Not sure how or where to to start?

    Listen to today's podcast episode Lessons from Your Future Self.

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    Letting Your Past Go

    Letting Your Past Go

    I used to be one of those people who lived in her past beating herself up about choices she made or didn’t make.  Constantly feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

    I never really thought I could be one of those people who was actually present with what was going on in her current life, and look to the future for the answers.

    I was raised in a family that seems to hold on pretty tightly to the past.  It’s all I really knew..

    Then I was introduced to future thinking.

    At first I thought it was a crock of shit.  How could you get answers from your future self? It seemed pretty absurd.

    I couldn’t see the opportunity because I was so attached to my past.

    The hard truth is, I was terrified to give up these stories, they had shaped me into the person I was, it felt like I was going to lose a piece of myself.

    But after my divorce, I so desperately didn’t want to keep repeating some of my bad habits.  So I decided to give it a real chance.

    Accepting your past, honoring it, and leaving it there is so powerful.

    On today’s episode I am going to share with you the tool I used to put my past in the past so I could begin to receive the knowledge and wisdom that my great future self possesses.

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    Get More Done

    Get More Done

    How to get more done in less time.

    You think your schedule is what's making you feel exhausted, virtual school, your business, keeping up with the house, and don't forget at the same time trying to lose a few pounds.

    You feel so tired. Desperately wanting a break. A break from everything. You want someone to tell you it's okay, to give you permission to just pause. 
    Pause so you can feel less tired and less overwhelmed by everything.

    You want to wake up feeling calm and relaxed about what the day is going to bring.
    That you have it all together, that managing it all is no problem.
    That you respond to everything in your day from a calm centered place, not from a pressured exhausted state.

    You secretly want to be a woman who follows her schedule without any struggle. Who makes it look so easy so where others are even jealous of her and how much she is able to accomplish every day.

    You buy the planners and have it all organized and ready to go. Writing it all down, putting it on the calendar, telling yourself today I can stick to it. Instead,  you find yourself constantly changing things or just not doing things that you wrote down. 

    Look, you are human and you have a human brain that responds to desire.
    We all do.
    You just need to learn how to follow through for yourself.
    Plan out your week in a strategic way.

    In today's episode I’m going to give you all the details and tools on how I do it, and how I’ve taught hundreds of other people to do it to.  

    Listen here for the all the good juice.
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    Time is Neutral

    Time is Neutral

    Let’s be brutally honest, how many times have you caught yourself saying I wish there were more hours in the day?

    I know I have more time than I would like to admit.

    You might even be thinking about it right now.
    You think about everything you want to accomplish in your day.

    I get it. You are juggling work, kids, a house, and like many of my clients, a business. A business they are working to grow..  So they can leave their day job.

    You want to feel like there is enough time in the day to get everything done.

    Deep down you want to be that person everyone is envious of.  Has it all together and makes it look so easy.

    You have likely tried getting up earlier and it works for a short amount of time, but then you lose the momentum.  Your desire for sleep takes over.

    The real problem starts with how you are thinking about your time.
    When you change your relationship with time, you stop wasting so much time. You actually slow down and get more done.

    I know it sounds a bit crazy. But it’s true.  I know because it has worked like magic for me, and so many of my clients.

    Today’s podcast is all about seeing time as Neutral and why it’s the key to creating more time.

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5.0 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

amandamworthington ,

The Best Way to Start My Week

Listening to Rachel reminds me how I want to start my day and week — with intention and calm (as the title implies haha). As a recovering perfectionist, I love the reminder and permission to get messy and take action in spite of the discomfort and fear. And that Rachel is a living example of this and shares examples of how she takes action on the lessons she shares.

Pumpkin784 ,

What a way with words!

I just started listening to this podcast and
love the way she gives insights into food addiction and processing emotions. She reminds us we want to keep promises to ourselves. This helps me keep focus on why I’m doing the hard work, rather than buffering with yet another distracting habit. It’s not another podcast of what not to eat but how to honor our deepest commitment to ourselves, our partners and our society.

LTP0420 ,

Keeping it Real

Love this podcast. Rachel doesn’t tell you what, when or how to eat... she helps you understand why you eat and how to rewire your brain. This makes sense to me and I love how she keeps it real!

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