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Podcast by Chapo Trap House

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4.8 out of 5
4.5K Ratings

4.5K Ratings

omalyya ,


It’s good but it’s weird that as funny and smart as the members of this podcast are, for all they talk about being extremely online, they’re pretty bad at criticism from people who are just as left as they are? Weird.

Triskaidekapod ,

Onslaught of Wit

Proof that the Left is better at owning the Libs than the Right. Trollhunter commandos and honored veterans of the Great Flame Wars.

esidarap ,

The magic is fading

Chapo has always been hit or miss. Now, unfortunately, it’s more often miss with their new tour. The recent episode in Berlin illustrates this. The crew sounded like a bunch of dorks who had never set foot out of the US before, or bothered to read about anything either. Okay, fine, make a joke or two about German stereotypes, but then get on with it. They just sounded like clueless high school exchange students on a band trip to Europe . If they can’t invest the energy to learn the tiniest amount about the places they are visiting, they might as well stay in the US. Plenty of places to visit there.

As-is, I’m giving Chapo a big miss until they end this pointless tour.

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