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4.5 out of 5
80 Ratings

80 Ratings

FlygirlVagabond ,

AE - from A to Z (Everything you need to know - and THEN SOME)

Just realized today that after listening to this podcast nearly since its inception/debut, I have somehow neglected to review it. Guess I have simply been too busy enjoying the episodes - many for a second - or even third time. Indeed, this is how good - and yes ADDICTIVE I find it. The episodes are so densely-packed with rich detail and riveting revelations that they definitely - by my estimation anyway - rate multiple listens/reviews. That is, if you so happen to relish the subject matter as much as I do, though - well - I would tend to surmise this might ALSO hold true even for those relatively new and thus less familiar to - and with it/her. For we longtime “diehard” fans and followers, many of the theories/hypotheses are - with few exceptions - not exactly new, however the host and team nevertheless manage to succeed in presenting and outlining all of them in a most refreshing, concise and compelling manner that feels/resonates as completely unbiased, a true rarity in my experience (as a lifelong follower of Earhart - along with the mystery surrounding her disappearance). Furthermore, they also highlight/weave in a fair amount of more recent relevant detail(s) and happenings - to include a few items (books, comics, etc.) that I personally (even as a self-described expert on the topic) was not even aware of, along with interviews with those of more recent generations, who have been inspired to reach for - and thus succeed in achieving great heights and accomplishments - thanks to her pioneering example - and most epical lingering legacy. These, in addition to colorful chats with family members, authors of the many biographical and fictionalized offerings on her life and disappearance, as well as longtime proponents of all of the varying theories surrounding her decades-old disappearance - and presumed death. In short, there is something for everyone here, regardless of your take on what may or may not have occurred on - or after July 2nd, 1937. Take it up for a “test spin” - I promise you won’t regret it.

Mdl25 ,

Love it!

Found this podcast through Astonishing Legends and have been a fan ever since my first listen! Highly recommend to anyone and everyone who finds Amelia Earhart interesting and wants to know more!

AppleCorre ,


Love the show, plain and simple. Look forwards to each to episode. My only crisicism is the audio quality. I understand this typically honed and developed over time.

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