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A podcast where I chat with my creative friends to get inspired by everyday art.

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A podcast where I chat with my creative friends to get inspired by everyday art.

    Mixed-media Dreamer: Yasmin Youssef

    Mixed-media Dreamer: Yasmin Youssef

    That's Yasmin Youssef. Full-time multi-layered visual artist. Previously a User Experience Designer and professional dancer. Ethereal observer and watcher of the moon. Her gilded artwork can shimmer in your very own home, or would make a thoughtful gift for someone special since -hint, hint, some gift-giving holidays are coming up. Yasmin’s art studio is located in east Austin and you will hopefully be able to catch her at some upcoming art shows, depending on the pandemic. Sidenote: the podcast took a 6 month pause so I could grieve a snowball of losses in the family, but I’m trying to channel that into my art, which perfectly aligns with this month’s guest.
    I’m Angelica Norton. Stay tuned for my monthly chat.


    • 48 min
    Rhythmic Idler: Josh Block

    Rhythmic Idler: Josh Block

    That's Josh Block. Phenomenal drummer. Music producer slash arranger slash audio engineer. Owner of recording studio––and now label––Niles City Sound in Fort Worth, Texas. He played and toured with rock and roll band White Denim for many years, and later helped launch the career of R&B singer-songwriter Leon Bridges, which he casually mentions but is a pretty big deal; so is the grammy. Josh’s ear for capturing timeless vocalists, proclivity for warm sounds from vintage equipment, and innate understanding of rhythm make for a lovely recording, if you're in the market for a hit. But the only thing better than hearing my friend on the radio is catching up with him in real life.

    • 1 hr 34 min
    Long-winded Storyteller: Natascha Boland

    Long-winded Storyteller: Natascha Boland

    That’s Natascha Boland. Self-proclaimed over-sharer. Sometimes writer. Private vlogger. Dance-party-maker. She shares her vulnerable tale of facing her mortality through living with cancer. She reached out to her Facebook friends to help her fill her days with happy distractions, so I challenged her to think about her creative legacy for posterity in an interview with me. I wanted to say that I don’t have practice talking about the heartbreak of a shortened life; my personal experience is actually that of losing a friend suddenly. So my tone of voice is one of huge appreciation and not of missing the weight of the conversation – I hope it reads that way to you as well.

    • 1 hr 1 min
    The Craft Of Sleep

    The Craft Of Sleep

    It's been a minute since I release an episode. I actually recorded this with Amber Moreno, Diana Stahl, and Genevieve Saenz back in August, but because of 2020, I needed to rest. You may be experiencing something similar. If you'd like to snuggle in and think about sleep hygiene and bediquette, please get in your favorite position under a soft blanket and join us for this week's episode.

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Chatty Kid Takeover

    Chatty Kid Takeover

    That's me, Angelica Norton. For this episode, my chatty daughters, Eloise and Ansley, took over my hosting duties to ask me some of the questions I normally pose to my guests and to give crafting advice. Now, more than ever, it's important to be creative so we don't feel stir-crazy in the midst of a pandemic, and in order to find ways to express our tumultuous feelings during social unrest. Let's all shift perspective and ask questions to see what we can learn from each other - and like Eloise says, "actually listen."

    • 43 min
    Inner City Dreamer: Kendall Angelle

    Inner City Dreamer: Kendall Angelle

    That's Kendall Angelle.  As a Black creative with his finger on the pulse of art, music, fashion, and culture, he curates and shares incredible artists and ideas on his website, Fresh Aesthetic.  We were good friends in high school back in Houston and the early years of when we both moved to Austin after graduation.  In support of Black Lives Matter and protests against police violence, I wanted to use my platform to elevate voices of color, so I reached out to my old pal.  And it seems especially appropriate to support someone who is going out of his way to support other creatives. 


    • 52 min

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4.9 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

bermandswale ,


I love that this podcast highlights the catharsis of having creative outlets and tries to dissolve the preciousness of artistic endeavors.

Nick and Vince ,


Sometimes process is more interesting then the result! Listen to this great podcast from Austin, Texas the leading city of creativity as these ladies give tips and ideas of how to create or design, dresses, crochet, knitting, handbags, etc.
with great production and chemistry every episode is a cant miss. We just subscribed!

Troy199512 ,


Great show! Can't wait to listen to more!

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