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Podcast by Chewing the Scenery

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4.6 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

bigfatqueen ,

Not like other podcasts (and that’s a good thing)

In all honesty, the hosts speak a bit too softly for my taste, but that isn’t a drawback on this amazing podcast.
Unlike other horror movie podcasts, where the hosts will summarize a film’s plot and call it a day, these hosts spend a good portion of the show discussing films they’ve seen recently; old and new, good or bad; before diving into the episode’s subject. Although an element of “summary” is here, the hosts don’t entirely rely on this, making this a fresh experience when compared to similar podcasts. That, combined with the soft spoken and calm voices of the hosts, make this a great show to listen to if you’re in the mood for easy listening and, of course, horror.

casa trompeta ,

Mostly grand!

There’s a lot to like about this podcast. There is a fine assortment of films featured, the overall vibe is casual and friendly, and it seems that the hosts genuinely enjoy one another. Their presentation matches this and it’s awesome that they aren’t reading any scripted stuff. Most of their thoughts are sound and they give good descriptions of the films reviewed.
Why not five stars then? I want to. Main host Richard is dandy and co-host Jolyon presents a wealth of info without being pompous. Unfortunately, the third member of the group, Will, is simply not up to the other two hosts’ level. He regularly struggles to articulate his own thoughts, tries way too hard to be amusing, and says (a drawn out) “yeaaahh...” about 300 times per episode. It’s quite irritating. Also, the opening theme music is wretched. Thank goodness it only lasts about 45 hellish seconds.
All that said, it’s still a good show and I really am glad it’s here. Keep it up, please!

No nicknames left2 ,

You need this in your life

These guys have an encyclopedic knowledge of films, but they're not critics. They are fans. I keep trying to rewrite this review so that you'll listen to a few episodes and get hooked, but seriously, listen to this podcast. Fair warning, they spoil films. But they do warn you very clearly and they don't spoil things that are new or current releases. It's three friends sitting around talking about the films they've recently seen, sharing little bits of trivia or insights. Or dropping amazing amounts of knowledge just off the cuff. The really cool part? They're not saying this stuff to show how much they know, they're sharing it with us, the listeners, because they want us to know it too. You can almost picture the childlike glee in their faces when they mention an overlooked tidbit or mention a connection that you probably wouldn't know. Also, they're genuinely funny. I do have to admit, I was a bit disappointed though when they were discussing the new Birth of a Nation film. They mentioned how remakes are meddled with by studio execs giving insane advice like "put a dog in it!". With that setup, I can't believe they missed the chance to call it "Nat Turner and Hooch".

Seriously though, give it a listen. If you like horror movies, movie trivia, or even just love hearing people share their interests, I think you'll enjoy it.

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