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Welcome to Chick Chat: The Baby Chick Podcast where we dole out no-nonsense pregnancy and parenting tips and advice. Host, Nina Spears, is coming from a place where experience meets expertise. She has worked with hundreds of families and has condensed all that she has learned to bring you simple, practical, and immediate advice for preventing pregnancy and parenting conundrums.

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Welcome to Chick Chat: The Baby Chick Podcast where we dole out no-nonsense pregnancy and parenting tips and advice. Host, Nina Spears, is coming from a place where experience meets expertise. She has worked with hundreds of families and has condensed all that she has learned to bring you simple, practical, and immediate advice for preventing pregnancy and parenting conundrums.

    Good Habits to Implement Now to Prevent Toddler Tantrums During the Holidays

    Good Habits to Implement Now to Prevent Toddler Tantrums During the Holidays

    The holiday season can spark a lot of emotions in the family—excitement, joy, anxiety, dread . . . And that's not including all of the emotions from our toddlers! We know that big events can bring up big emotions. Now that the holidays are upon us, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with Leanne about how to prevent toddler tantrums during the holiday season.

    Leanne Sherred is a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist as well as the President of Expressable, an online speech therapy company that envisions a modern, affordable, and convenient way for anyone who needs speech therapy to access these vital services. Leanne spent her career working in a variety of speech therapy settings before starting Expressable. She worked in pediatric outpatient clinics, schools, early intervention, and home health. She studied Speech and Hearing Sciences at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and gained her Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Today Leanne calls Austin, Texas home.

    We know that the holidays can be stressful enough without meltdowns. Luckily, our friend Leanne has some useful tools to help us as parents stay ahead of a toddler tantrum by using communication strategies. We’re excited to explore them together with you in this episode. Cheers to preventing toddler tantrums during the holidays!

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    Helpful Tips to Help Boost Your Postpartum Recovery

    Helpful Tips to Help Boost Your Postpartum Recovery

    We know how important it is to take care of ourselves, especially after giving birth—whether that’s C-section or vaginal. However, it can be tough for us new moms to take the time for our health and recovery. We tend to prioritize our baby and family before ourselves. But taking care of ourselves is not saying, "me first," it's saying, "me too." Because we are also important and we matter. On today's podcast, I'm talking with Katherine Baquie, the founder of FitNest Mama. Kath is sharing with us all of her tips on how to help boost your postpartum recovery.

    Kath is a proud mama of three, a perinatal physiotherapist, and host of her own podcast, The FitNest Mama Podcast. On her podcast, Kath dives into all things pregnancy care, childbirth, and postnatal recovery, helping mothers to have a better pregnancy and postpartum experience. Kath has over 16 years of professional experience guiding mamas through their pregnancy fitness journeys and postnatal rehab, and she specializes in pelvic floor rehabilitation. With these credentials, it’s not hard to see why mamas are flocking to Kath for pre and postnatal fitness help!

    As I mentioned, Kath is sharing her advice with us on how to best recover from childbirth as well as our pelvic floor. She's explaining what exercises moms can do and can’t do after giving birth, and her tips to new moms just beginning their postpartum journeys. We're so grateful to have her as our guest and to listen to her words of wisdom. Cheers to boosting our postpartum recovery!

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    How to Design Your Perfect Nursery

    How to Design Your Perfect Nursery

    An exciting part of planning for a baby’s arrival is preparing their room! It can be so much fun pinning beautiful pictures that inspire you on Pinterest for your little one's nursery. However, designing your perfect nursery can also be overwhelming. Where should you start? What do you need? And what can you skip? Parents can feel rattled (no pun intended) when trying to make the room perfect for themselves and their little one. That's why we have a special guest and interior designer, Naomi Coe, breaking it all down for us on today's podcast episode.

    Naomi Coe is the award-winning founder of Little Crown Interiors, which is an interior design studio specializing in nursery and child design. She is also the author of the nursery design book, Your Perfect Nursery. Naomi founded Little Crown Interiors in 2008, focusing her design studio on nurseries and child spaces after seeing this specialized skill missing from other firms. Bringing together beauty, functionality, and safety, Naomi believes in creating spaces for her clients that are unique, intentional, and curated.

    Naomi has designed nurseries, kids rooms, and playrooms for clients all across the country with a keen eye for style, function, and safety. As one of the first designers in the country with a specialty in these spaces, Naomi is known as the go-to expert in her field. Her work has been featured in countless magazines, periodicals, and on television including People, The Wall Street Journal, Access Hollywood, Project Nursery, and Entertainment Tonight. It's obvious that she's incredibly talented and she has the portfolio to prove it!

    We are thrilled to have Naomi with us today to share her expert knowledge and tips on how to create a stylish, functional, and safe nursery for our babies.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Babywearing Answered

    Frequently Asked Questions About Babywearing Answered

    Babywearing has been a practice that mothers have used for many, many generations. It's something that I love and recommend to every new parent because it makes things easier on you and better for your baby. Babies want to be close to their parents, and with babywearing, parents can do that while still getting everything they need done.

    As a new parent or caregiver, babywearing can be intimidating to start, and there are often a lot of questions. That's why I'm talking to two mamas, Skye and Mallory, who are both extremely well-versed and so passionate about babywearing that they even started their very own ring sling company. They're answering frequently asked questions about babywearing and are sharing their advice.

    Skye and Mallory are the Co-Founders of hope&plum, a ring sling company that offers modern, stylish, and size-inclusive designs. Most importantly, they're a welcoming environment where caregivers of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds can come together while exploring the incredible benefits of babywearing. 

    Mallory is a mother of two, Selah Plum and Shepherd Keane. She lives in Minnesota with her parents, husband, and children. At hope&plum's, Mallory manages the entire production from start to finish. Not only does she handle production, but she is a babywearing educator! She helps their customers get the perfect fit with their ring slings!

    Skye is a mother of three, Eleanor Hope, Madelynn Mae, and Kieran Rhys. She works as an attorney in the Washington, DC area and manages the logistical side of hope&plum. Their company has allowed her to pursue her entrepreneurial spirit while also feeding her passion for babywearing. Babywearing is close to her heart. Her first daughter, Eleanor Hope, was in the NICU for several weeks and Skye was unable to hold her until days after she was born. Babywearing allowed Skye and Eleanor to develop the bond that they initially missed out on. It has been an integral part of Skye's journey through motherhood ever since. 

    We're so happy to have them here answering the most frequently asked questions about babywearing and more. We hope you enjoy this episode too!

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    Potty Training, Bedwetting, and Childhood Constipation: What This Doctor Wants Parents to Know

    Potty Training, Bedwetting, and Childhood Constipation: What This Doctor Wants Parents to Know

    Topics that don't get as much attention as they should are when our kids have issues with potty training, experiencing bedwetting, and childhood constipation. I can understand because they're not the most glamorous topics, but some children experience these issues. And when it happens to your child, it can be worrying and frustrating. That's why we wanted to bring an expert on to our podcast to have this discussion.

    In this episode, our guest is Dr. Steve Hodges, an associate professor of pediatric urology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He is the country's leading authority on bedwetting, potty training, and childhood constipation. Dr. Hodges has authored numerous journal articles, and several books for children and parents, including Bedwetting and Accidents Aren't Your Fault and The M.O.P. Book: A Guide to the Only Proven Way to STOP Bedwetting and Accidents. He is a father of three and on a mission to inform families that bedwetting is totally misunderstood and highly treatable. And it might just be because your kid is experiencing childhood constipation!

    We're grateful to have Dr. Hodges on our podcast to answer our questions about potty training, bedwetting, and childhood constipation. He's giving us the real scoop on poop and sharing his expert advice and recommendations to parents out there. Let's welcome, Dr. Hodges!

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    What To Do With Your Placenta After Birth

    What To Do With Your Placenta After Birth

    Today we are chatting with Cliodhna Griffin, the founder of Born Free Birthing and Houston Placenta Services. Cliodhna is a certified and experienced HypnoBirthing Educator, Master Trainer, and Faculty Member of the HypnoBirthing Institute, and she is proudly Houston, TX’s first APPA triple-certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist providing professional placenta encapsulation services from Houston’s only freestanding commercial-grade placenta preparation kitchen.

    Cliodhna hails from Ireland but currently lives in Kingwood, TX with her husband of 13 years and their three beautiful daughters. She is a dedicated educator and placenta encapsulation specialist and loves to help families have joyful and empowering births and healthy postpartum experiences.

    When it comes to placentas, I knew I had to chat with Cliodhna. A placenta can be a really intimidating organ to a person who has never seen one and who doesn’t know much about them. But, in my opinion, they really don’t get enough credit for what they do. I also feel that women aren’t told what they can do with it—other than discarding it—and their options after their baby is born. So, today we are talking about what a placenta does, and what options women have after it has detached from their uterus. Cliodhna is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to placentas so we knew she would be the perfect person to answer our questions and shed some light on this important and undervalued organ.

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4.9 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

CliodhnaG ,

Completely addictive listening!

I must have binged on this podcast for a week straight. Couldn’t get enough. Such great content, lovely chats and overall helpful info for any mother, new or veteran. Love love love!

Momma Christina ,

Moms, You Will Love This

This is a great podcast and the length is perfect for my morning commute. It provides a digestible amount of information that helps moms deal with daily struggles. Love the voices and personalities of the girls too. Would highly recommend!

EvacadosMama ,

The Perfect Parenting Podcast

This. Is. Awesome. You know you’re busy when you can’t listen to a full-length podcast, but this one delivers both education and entertainment in a concise and well-plotted out episode. I can’t wait to hear and learn more!!

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