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Follow us on Instagram. @ChickenAndWhiskeyPodcast w/ @IamRobHollywood & @JDeauxThaGroove

    Ep. 34 | Does body count matter

    Ep. 34 | Does body count matter

    Back for the 2020! The guys @IamRobHollywood & @Jdeauxthegroove are back at it again!


    -Ancertry.com (J'Deaux loves it RobHollywood hates it!)

    -Gift giving in a relationship. (Are there rules? Let's discuss them)

    -Does body count matter? (Do you really wanna know? How many is too many for your significant other? Whats the average body count on a average 35 year old woman?)

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    Ep. 33 | It be ya own people

    Ep. 33 | It be ya own people

    The men are back in the lion's den! Episode 33 discussing how "It be ya own people"... RobHollywood went to see the new hit movie 'Queen & Slim' and wants to know J'DeauxThaGroove opinion on snitching and when is it okay to "snitch"? Before they get into that, they talk about Blacks winning all the recent pageants and debate if you could choose one woman to represent Ms. USA who would it be?

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    EP. 31 | Less Sex After Marriage?

    EP. 31 | Less Sex After Marriage?

    It's that time again, Episode 31!! Properly titled "Less Sex After Marriage" but there was plenty to talk about.

    -Rest in peace and paying respect to John "Pops" Witherspoon
    -Halloween and Bad Parenting: Small boy dresses as a princess to school. is that okay? he is only 3-4.
    -Reports show, the happiest group of people are "Single Black Women"
    -When is a man ready for marriage?

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    • 56 min
    Ep. 29 | I'm washed and enjoying it!

    Ep. 29 | I'm washed and enjoying it!

    Back to talk some sh*ts! Episode 29 of the 'Chicken And Whiskey Podcast' featuring RobHollywood & J'Deaux Tha Groove!

    -Of course we had to discuss the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich!
    -What other good fast food specials were the sh*t!?
    -How do we beat Trump?
    -Hot Girl Summer is over, but RobHollywood said his some was WASHED but he enjoyed it!
    -Abortion, should the man have a say?

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    • 48 min
    Ep. 28 | This or That

    Ep. 28 | This or That

    Back to the sh*ts with RobHollywood and J'DeauxThaGroove on the Chicken And Whiskey Podcast!! EPISODE 28 !!!

    The fellas open the show (4:00) with a good ole debate of 'This or That'. They debate the results of a recent survey on hosted with the #ChickenAndWhiskeyGang about a range of 'This or That's. Everything from Natural Hair or Weave, 2Pac or Biggie, Drums or Flats, Whiskey or Vodka and much more. Following a good debate, the fellas get into the serious bag and discuss one of the biggest topics in mainstream news, Gun Control (44:00). And Lastly the fells want you to know who Andrew Yang is, and you should consider him as the next President of the USA (56:00)

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    • 1 hr 22 min
    Ep. 27 | Don't play with Maxine

    Ep. 27 | Don't play with Maxine

    Same podcast, a little more serious talk, but yet the same ole sh*t talking! Episode 27 the fellas have some serious conversations but yet mix in some of the sh*ts that we discuss from our community!

    Check the show out! Topics are listed below:
    -Feeding the homeless last week (5:00)
    -Taboo's in our community, let's talk mental illness, therapy, abuse, church, black republicans and more (8:45(
    -Women in Congress (31:00)
    -Trump vs Maxine Waters, she is not to be played with
    -Women and their complex's, when it comes to relationships

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Customer Reviews

OnMySingleSh*t ,

Awesome Show

Great into and topics, you guys sound awesome!! How can your listeners get in contact with you all?

Joe Claiborne ,

Whiskey and Wings

Yo man. Real talk, I would love to be on the show. I love whiskey. Me and my boys do Whiskey Wings Friday. Dawg we can talk about it all day

bruh bruh Cuzzo ,

Only thing missing

Great show these fellaz keep it real and don’t hold back. Great topics and discussion. #salute to y’all keep doin ya thang from the Chroniclez Podcast! Only thing i was missing was my blunt. Lol

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