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A children's meditation course with a discussion topic and a variety of guided meditations for youths and the entire family. The Meditation Society of Australia (http://meditation.org.au) has no religious, political or financial affiliations, it is a community organisation designed to help people meditate.

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A children's meditation course with a discussion topic and a variety of guided meditations for youths and the entire family. The Meditation Society of Australia (http://meditation.org.au) has no religious, political or financial affiliations, it is a community organisation designed to help people meditate.

    Choices - Children's Meditation

    Choices - Children's Meditation

    Do you know one of the most powerful lessons you can learn in life? (Most people don't know this lesson)

    Would you like to know what it is? (It is very simple. But sometimes it is difficult to live)

    Are you ready?

    The choices you make are responsible for every one of your life’s experiences. You are the creator of you.

    Now I know that might sound kind of strange but it is very true. It means that you are responsible for your life. Whether you are sad or happy, loving or not loving, peaceful or not peaceful, in heaven or hell. It is not the world or your mum or your teacher that makes you happy, it is not anyone else, it is only you. You and your choices. The way you think.

    For example, if you choose to think of yourself as being ugly, then guess what? That will be your experience. You will always see the ways that you are ugly and not the ways that you are beautiful. It is strange but if you do some research you will find that often the most beautiful people think of themselves as being ugly. If you think of yourself as being stupid, then your subconscious mind will look for all the ways that you are stupid and not notice the times when you are smart. It is your choice.

    If you want to have a joyful life, you first need to choose joy. Choose to see yourself as a joyful, loving person and focus on all the times that you are in joy. If you remember only the times that you are sad than you will continually reinforce that version of you. You will think of yourself as being a depressed or sad person. Try remembering the best version of you – and with your remembering you will reinforce and strengthen that version of you. You are the creator of you, and your thoughts and choices and intentions are the chisels that sculpt you. Does that make sense?

    For example, if you want to be a successful dancer, then you need to think of yourself as a success. Imagine how it feels, imagine yourself moving effortlessly as a great dancer and then celebrate each one of your experiences that reinforces that vision of yourself. When you practise your dancing, don’t focus on the times that you don’t feel like you are dancing well, put all of your attention on those moments when you are dancing like a great dancer.

    Perhaps you want to be the best fireman in the world, well, the same thing is true. Imagine how it feels to be the best fireman in the world. How he or she would act at a fire or around friends. Then reinforce over and over that version of you. It is simple isn’t it? Your choices, your thoughts and intentions shape every experience of yours in life.

    Aim high. Look at the best. Don’t choose the lowest, choose the highest version of yourself.

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    Who is? - Children's Meditation

    Who is? - Children's Meditation

    Sometimes things aren't what we expect.

    Sometimes it is hard to understand exactly what people mean, and sometimes for the biggest questions in life everyone has a different answer.

    When people talk about God and what we are doing here on earth, for example, you'll find that most people don’t agree on very much at all.

    If you have heard of the word religion, you might know that there are many different beliefs about who God is or whether he or she exists at all.

    Atheists don’t believe in God. They say that there is no scientific proof for God's existence. Other people believe in a God that is like a really nice person who loves us all, or that God is just another name for the universe and existence - it just IS.

    But do you know what? We think every one is right. How can that be?

    Have you ever thought about all the names that water has? We know the liquid is called ‘water’, it is wet and it is easy for us to see. Then there is ‘ice’ – it is frozen water and it is so hard it can be like a rock. Then if you heat water up it becomes a ‘vapour’ or ‘steam’ and is practically invisible.

    Lets think about God like water for a minute. Sometimes he (or she, or it) is invisible like a vapour but if you were to stop and look really closely you would be able to see tiny water droplets in the vapour. Other times, God is like a liquid, that you can swim in and other times God is so real, it is like a block of ice right in front of you.

    Sometimes you can’t actually see the water, but it still exists. Everything on earth needs water for life. Plants need it, animals need it.

    We are all like that too, we all need love for our lives too. To be simple, love is another name for God. So some people say that they don’t believe in God, but they still believe in love. So they experience God that is very hard to see, like vapour.

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    Peace - Children's Meditation

    Peace - Children's Meditation

    Have you ever wondered why people fight? Have you been in a fight yourself? How did you feel? Were you angry? Did you want to hurt the person you were fighting?

    What about if you lost the fight, do you remember how angry you felt? And if you won the fight, do you remember the bad feeling that you had about hurting someone else?

    Can you imagine war? Thousands of people fighting, people being injured by guns and knives. So many angry people. Thousands of people being hurt. Imagine how they feel. In wars many people are killed, many of them do not even know what the war is for. The people that hurt someone else, imagine how bad they might feel, imagine their nightmares when they sleep. Then think about how unhappy they would feel.

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    Happiness - Learning to Love Yourself

    Happiness - Learning to Love Yourself

    Have you ever heard people say you should love your self? Do you remember how important love is?

    It is the source of all happiness in your life and the happiness in our world. So to love your self sounds like a good place to start doesn't it?

    Well yes, but that doesn't mean you immediately start going on about how great you are, or to think about how you beat someone else at sport or some video game. It certainly doesn't mean you should spend all day in front of the mirror looking at how beautiful you are.

    The highest love brings the highest and most lasting happiness, whereas lower love brings a temporary pleasure. You know how sometimes you feel that you love eating pizza or lots of ice cream. Then you eat it but you eat too much and you feel sick, well that is a bit like a lower love. With a lower love you feel happy for a short time, then it goes away. The highest love is much more powerful, in a second, it might completely change your life and make you happier for ever.

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    Love - Children's Meditation

    Love - Children's Meditation

    Love is a very big word. It is not just for grown ups.

    Love is the best and biggest thing we can do in our lives. It is the only thing that will always make us happy, and make others happy too.

    Isn’t it funny that the only thing that is absolutely free to everyone in the world is the one and only thing that will make us really, really happy?

    When we love our family, we make them a little happier. If we love our dog or our cat, we can make them happy. We can even love the sky, or love the wind. Have you ever loved the flowers, or loved the ocean or the waves? Did you feel happy? Did you feel like you were a part of those things?

    Everything needs to be loved, if you want to help make them happy. And do you know what else? They are all loving you too, even though sometimes it is hard to feel it.

    But when you meditate, you will realise it to be true, that every flower, every tree, the birds are all loving us, all the time.

    So you should thank them for their love and take time to feel their love so you can be happy too. A beautiful and magical thing about love is that you will never run out of love, no matter how much you give. Because every time you give out love, more love fills you up.

    Do you know where love comes from? It comes from your own heart or soul and the hearts of everyone else too.

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4.0 out of 5
41 Ratings

41 Ratings

snake bubbles ,


I love this app

Lyndsey Loo ,

Great for Bedtime!

My 4yo and 2yo love to listen to these meditations at bedtime. They are great for relaxing them and learning about meditation too. I also like to listen to them cause they're a good, easy way to meditate when I don't feel like I have the time to do so. I always feel better after listening to this podcast. Thanks for creating it!

NyanzaLynnRiley ,

This very relaxing

I use it to relax my son before and during homework.

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