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Nathan Nan Su, Senior Reporter at The Epoch Times and Amy Hao, former prison camp internee discuss the myriad of ways the Communist Party of China threatens freedoms around the world.

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Nathan Nan Su, Senior Reporter at The Epoch Times and Amy Hao, former prison camp internee discuss the myriad of ways the Communist Party of China threatens freedoms around the world.

    How Hong Kong Lost Freedom of Speech, Is It Contagious?

    How Hong Kong Lost Freedom of Speech, Is It Contagious?


    Amy asks “Did you ever have a concussion?” Amy explains that she had a concussion in 2004 after a car accident. Last week she felt a similar sensation, wondering, with the assault on free speech, if she is still in America.

    Amy begins the story of the most cruel and unusual punishment for freedom of speech 1975 in China. She describes a beautiful and talented violin player who ended up in the Communist Army before entering the CCP in a propaganda role. She wrote to Mao during the Cultural Revolution, criticizing the movement and urging him to stop the movement. Amy is not sure whether the letter ever reached Mao. The lady was arrested in 1969, though she refused to recant her position.

    She was forced to divorce her husband, so she could never again see her kids. She was beaten, tortured and raped, but she would not break. Before she was executed in 1975, her vocal chords were surgically removed so she could no longer speak.

    Many years later, it was found out that before her execution, that her children were forced to denounce their mother, support her execution and refuse to receive her body for burial.

    Nan mentions that the family of victims of CCP executions would be charged for the cost of the bullets.

    Amy mentions that last year a similar incident happened to another young woman.

    Nan describes efforts by the CCP to purchase Taiwanese media. “They send tons of money”, he explains. Nan relates this to the early stages of the take over of Hong Kong. First all the commercials for Hong Kong media started coming from CCP friendly sources. Gradually, all the media started self censoring.

    Billy mentions a WHO meeting where protestors were given a “free speech zone”. Billy thinks the entire US is a free speech zone.

    Nan mentions that in October of 2019, in Campbell, CA he tried to interview new American Citizens and he encountered something similar.

    Amy visited a book store in China town, that once had books from Taiwan and other diverse places. She returned recently and all the books had a pro CCP or Xi perspective.

    Nan suggests that The China Daily is delivered to every US representative.

    Billy asks how The Epoch Times has avoided CCP censorship. Nan explains that they are considered an enemy of the state by the CCP. Nan mentions that there used to be a dating service in The Epoch Times that matched US and Chinese singles, but folks in China started being threatened for appearing in The Epoch Times.

    Amy mentions that Chinese WeChat will not allow sharing Epoch Times articles. Nan recommends sending the text of the article without anything identifying the message as from The Epoch Times.

    Amy describes how scanning articles to make images is necessary to get through the censors. Nan explains that many “sensitive words” need to be changed or removed. He mentions that Chairman Xi has 200,000 nicknames.

    Amy suggests increased surveillance and control will happen very soon in the US. She mentions Cancel Culture. She describes an insurance policy which requires you to answer whether you have attended a rally in the past 30 days.

    Wendy mentions the Chinese radical We We, who has an exhibit on Alcatraz right now.She mentions issues of slave labor.https://www.for-site.org/project/ai-weiwei-alcatraz/

    Nan mentions a friend who is a poet. She attended an international book exhibition in Germany. Because she is a Chinese political dissident, the exhibition refused to show her poems. After some discourse with the exhibition, she negotiated to have an exhibition in which she spent three days inside a cage to protest her treatment.

    Cornell Terry is very sympathetic to China Uber Alles’ cause. He thinks the advocacy would be improved if the title was The Chinese Communist Threat instead of China Uber Alles. He thinks there should al

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    If We Can't Trust The Media, Who Can We Trust?

    If We Can't Trust The Media, Who Can We Trust?

    The team expresses some sadness and frustration with the events yesterday at the capitol.Nan mentions that Trumps administration facilitated a historic shift in US China relations.  He also mentions that Facebook blocked the presidents account yesterday and asks, if the president doesn’t have free speech, who does?Amy says she received a message from China suggesting there would be a “Hollywood” show in your country prior to the events at the capitol.  After some sole searching, Amy wondered “what is freedom of speech?” and “what is propaganda?”.She recalls that in 1968 she went to the re-education camp.  Everyone who attended was invited to contribute to the 60th anniversary book called “Never Regret”, not asking whether they had done anything wrong.  In 2010, Amy visited Israel and met a lady over 100 years old who said something very inspiring. Her friend had been a concert pianist who survived the holocaust.  Her friend describes how the Jewish concentration camps in Germany in the early days, were not called “concentration camps”.  The Nazi propaganda suggested they were happy places. Amy’s friend was asked to perform and participate in Hitlers propaganda.  After the war, she found out that most of the people in her family had died.  Her friend was suicidal for her guilt in having participated in the propaganda, but she instead dedicated her life to fighting propaganda.Amy decided not to participate in the CCP propaganda regarding the re-education camps and encouraged her friends not to participate either, unless she would be allowed to tell the truth.Amy suggests that the real reason for the Pro-Trump demonstrations in D.C. is lack of trust in the media.She asks again, “What is freedom of speech?”  She mentions that right now she feels fear of retaliation if she expresses her thoughts. So right now she does not feel that she has freedom of speech.Nan introduces Ken Chan, founding member of the Northern California Hong Kong Club.Nan mentions that more than 50 pro-democracy protestors have been arrested in the past week.  Ken explains that their arrests were under the pretext that they had committed acts of subversion. The actual offense was for organizing a democratic primary to achieve representation.Billy asks why it was assumed the Hong Kong would want to be reunified with Mainland China.  Ken explains some of the history of Hong Kong and the 99 year lease which expired in 1997.  He explains that Hong Kong was in a strong negotiating position then because of their comparably large economy. So they were able to agree the one country two system deal.  Now we see, it is in fact a one country one system deal. Ken also explains various details about the way Hong Kong’s government has functioned.  He describes that Hong Kong’s public opinion has been pro-democracy, but the legislature has been fixed against them ever exercising their majority.Ken describes various details of the legal implications of the arrests and the intention to intimidate.Amy asks if the democratic movement is still active.  Ken explains that demonstrations are already banned. So, these arrests are to discourage other forms of advocacy.  Ken provides some detail on the arrest and imprisonment of pro-democracy advocate Jimmy Lai on August 10th, after the enactment of the Hong Kong National Security Law.  Jimmy Lai was charged with conspiracy with a foreign power, essentially for posting a speech on Twitter. Ken explains that Hong Kong is heading in the wrong direction in terms of Human Rights.  He describes the scope of the protests clearly demonstrating that the people of Hong Kong to not want CCP rule.  He says the situation in Hong Kong is worse than what most people expected even after the 2024 reunification.Amy asks if social media is allowed in Hong Kong. Ken says it is still not like China yet.

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    2020 The CCP’s Year In Review + Is The CCP Directing The U.S. Environmental Movement?

    2020 The CCP’s Year In Review + Is The CCP Directing The U.S. Environmental Movement?

    Nan asks “Was 2020 a good year or a bad year?” He suggests that for most people it was a bad year. However, the American people had a “great awakening” regarding the treat from Communist China.

    Amy suggests that things are going to start getting better. Next year is the year of the Ox and the Ox will change the bad luck of the universe. Amy did some soul searching regarding her experiences in the “re-education” camp. She describes how land owners or wealthy farmers were considered the enemy and poor farmers were the examples to learn from. She was assigned to visit a poor farmer to learn from them regularly. Her partner or “red couple”, was still alive 50 years later. Amy knew the family she met meant something to her, but didn’t realize she meant something to them.

    Nan explains that the Cultural Revolution was in part a power struggle between Chairman Mao and Chairman Leo. Mao was in political trouble because of his failures in the Great Leap Forward. So, his wife started the Cultural Revolution to secure his power. Nan explains that the Cultural Revolution was a process to destroy traditional culture. Michael Olsen mentions that more affluent family’s like Amy’s needed to be “re-educated”.

    Nan describes factories and schools being closed in 1966 with all the young folks being sent to rewrite history. Michael Olsen points out the similarity to ANTIFA and the Riots of 2020.Nan explains that the youth participating in the CR ended up with no real education and no job opportunities. As a solution they instituted the Up to the Mountain and Down to the Valley program” Amy was a part of.

    Amy describes reading her old diary to recall what had happened when she was coupled with the poor farmer. Amy describes a conversation in which she explained that she was told that she had to be “Mao’s child”. She explains that the visiting children were thought to be orphans by the farmers. The farmers did not understand why someone with a family would want to live with a different family. MO mentions that part of the communist ideology was to destroy the connection with the family. Amy recalls explaining to the family that “Mao was their savior”. They didn’t understand who Mao was or why he would want to save them.

    MO recommends watching Amy’s Christmas miracle Video. Watch it here now!

    MO thinks the biggest thing about 2020 was the presidential election, because it contains everything else. Amy suggests that the election was a test to see if we still have the system we had before. Nan suggests that the one thing all these things have in common is the CCP. MO describes how many Americans think of the CCP as a political party similar to Democrats or Republicans, not realizing that when there is only one party with total control, there is no give and take. Nan point out that the CCP is not beholden to pay respect to humanity. He describes how the communism of Karl Marx differs from the Christian based morality of the US. Where the US tries to heal the bad part of humanity with love, the CCP intends to deny both the good and bad part of humanity.

    MO talks about the Hong Kong professor who attempted to calculate how many people were killed in the Great Leap Forward, he found that it was 40-60 million. He asks, if they are willing to do this to their own people “What would they not do?”

    Cornell Terry describes the avaricious people who control China, as having not ethics to restrain them from stealing intellectual property or natural resources.

    MO asks if the CCP has ethics. Amy says, “absolutely not”. They want people to become “like a robot”. When the whole world thought they would become like us, we in fact are becoming more like them.

    Cornell Terry suggests that the CCP has been bribing Bill and Hillary Clinton from long before the time they entered p

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    Two Million CCP Members Embedded In World's Biggest Companies & Trevor Loudon On The Chinese Progressive Association

    Two Million CCP Members Embedded In World's Biggest Companies & Trevor Loudon On The Chinese Progressive Association

    Nan Su announces the “bombshell news” that close to 2 million names of CCP members has been leaked, including 133 employee’s of Qualcomm, 252 employee’s of Boeing, 69 employee’s Pfizer, 71 employee’s of NYU, 3 employee’s of the US consulate in Shanghai.

    Also, Hunter Biden has been exposed by the Daily Mail for having sent an email in 2017 to Chinese oil mogul Ye Jianming, with ‘best wishes from the entire Biden family’ requesting 10 million dollars “quickly”.

    Amy Hao returns to the story just after her and the doctor are picked up by a truck. The doctor later invited Amy to join him for dinner, which happened to be Christmas day 1972. Of course, religion was strongly discouraged and persecuted. When Amy met the doctor, there was a closed church high up on a hill. Because of the remoteness of the region, Communism did not reach the area until 1955. The Red Guard burned the church in 1957, but the church was rebuilt by the villagers. The village father and his family was locked in a cage for over a month, before the villagers helped him escape.

    Amy recalls the Christmas dinner being the most delicious thing she had tasted in her life. She describes the doctor whistling and wild roosters flying in. She describes the unique ingredients of the amazing meal. Every Christmas Amy remembers this one Christmas in 1972. Nan comments on how extraordinarily fortunate it was that Amy would find fellow Christians at that time, in that particular place. Miracles do happen, Amy contends.

    Bill Graff directs people to the internet to look up the current contention between Australia and China, because of the communist party “infiltration”. 79,000 CCP branches have been set up within western organizations, representing close to 2 million CCP members. Amy asks Nan how much coverage this story has in main stream US media.

    Billy points out how frighting it is that Boeing, the big aircraft and defense contractor, would have this sort of infiltration. He wants to know if Boeing is firing these people?

    Amy recalls that when she applied for citizenship, she had to answer if she was a member of the CCP. Did these folks simply lie? Billy wonders why background checks were apparently not run on these employee’s.

    Nan points out that Qualcomm is one of the leading 5G development companies.

    Amy thinks it has a lot to do with money. Billy calls that, “the understatement of the program today”.

    Brian calls in to suggest that China dominates 5G “because they bought up all the cesium”. He mentions a Canadian mine, the only source of cesium being controlled by Chinese interests.

    Nan explains that we tend to trust the free market, while the CCP acts strategically.

    Nan brings up the fact that Pfizer has 69 CCP employee’s. Billy questions what sort of role those employee’s might have. Though they may not be involved with the vaccines, they are trying to influence the company. Billy assumes these companies will investigate the people identified.

    Nan says he hasn’t heard about any reaction from these companies, possibly because all those companies have business interests in China.

    Amy points out that China is not so much cheap labor anymore, but the Chinese market is very attractive.

    Billy recalls a friend wanting to buy a Harley, ship it to China and sell it. He said they sell in China for $90,000.

    Amy mentions that the Canadian government has been training the Chinese military in Arctic warfare.

    Nan mentions the Trump administrations recent shut down of 5 major US/China exchange programs.

    Nan mentions that many of the CCP members are part of HSBC.

    Flinks calls to ask “Would the planet be better off if there were less powers? Isn’t it important for humanity to have more than one power?” Flinks wonders if there is any chance of a “silver lining”, perhaps if China

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    Jennifer Zeng Talks About Falun Gong Persecution

    Jennifer Zeng Talks About Falun Gong Persecution

    Nan Introduces Jennifer Zeng, translator of the video clip in which Professor Di Dongsheng describes several concerning aspects of the relationship betweenNan mentions the Youtube announcement regarding censorship of possible election fraud.Amy Hao asks Bill Graff and Nan Su if they believe in Miracles.  She goes on to describe a miracle she witnessed in her forced labor camp.  She mentions a doctor she knew, who got Amy admitted to a three month training program.  She offered to help in the labor camp as a “barefoot doctor”.  The communist officials would not let her, because she was not to be trusted, since her father was an “enemy of the state”.  After three years, there was a malaria breakout and she was accepted as a “barefoot doctor”. She worked in the clinic with several people from different ethnic groups.  A woman doctor and an associate from her village left for supplies, leaving her with a unique man who had unusual traits.  Amy and the man left to find herbs for traditional treatments in the mountains.  He also carried a homemade rifle for protection against mountain lions.  The mountain was very steep.  The man slipped and hit his hip. He was bleeding quite badly.  He was too heavy to carry.  Amy went down the hill to find help, but did not find anyone. Having nothing else to do, Amy started to Pray. Just them the man appears having come down the hill himself.  When he saw Amy praying, he asked if she was Christian. He explained that he was too.  After they both prayed together, a truck arrived. Nan tells a bit of Jennifer Zeng’s background, being prosecuted as a Falun Gong practitioner and escaping to the US.  Jennifer describes the speech given by Profession Di Dongsheng.  She describes his speech as pertaining to the opening up of Chinese financial sector.  He also explained that the CCP was able to fix political issues with the US for many years, because of their control of “people at the top” of the US power structure.  She explains that the video has now been removed by YouTube. (Look for Jennifer Zeng’s Inconvenient Truth on Ramble)Nan asks about the speech mentioning Chinese help setting up Hunter Biden’s global foundations, Jennifer confirmed that the audience fully understood that message. Jennifer says the CCP is “at a loss” as to what to do with Professor Di, unsure whether to punish him or not.  Jennifer explains that Professor Di is a very important top level international policy expert for the CCP.Jennifer explains that she has had many repercussions from her work as an investigative journalist.Jennifer describes some of the books she has written and her website, which has the text of Professor Di’s speech: https://www.jenniferzengblog.comAmy asks about Falun Gong. Jennifer explains that Falun Gong is very ancient, but introduced to the public in 1992 with three principles, Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. “Because of the very obvious benefits” the practice spread very quickly and began to outnumber the CCP. At that stage, the CCP considered it a problem and began a massive crack down, even spreading vicious rumors internationally. Jennifer was arrested four times, forced to do hard labor, tortured and put at risk of becoming an unwilling organ donor. She describes a personal friend whose father has been missing for 20 years.Nan describes two personal friends why died under Falun Gong persecution.Michal Olsen asks if Chairman Jiang Zemin is now in charge of the Chinese Biotech industry including the virology institute in Wuhan.  Nan explains that he is retired, but still controls things from behind the scene.Dick says that the Government of Israel has refused to take organs from China.  Nan explains that Israeli patients will not receive insurance money to receive organ donations in China.  Dick is deeply concerned about continuing f

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    Shall We Allow Chairman Xi To Select The US President? New Evidence Connects Dominion & The CCP

    Shall We Allow Chairman Xi To Select The US President? New Evidence Connects Dominion & The CCP

    Nan Su begins the show talking about the Dominion Voting System’s parent company Staple Street Capital’s reception of $400 million dollars from Swiss Bank UBS, while the majority ownership of UBS happens to be the CCP.Amy reminds everyone that she had met the young lady whose diary she had read and who she was asked to denounce.  The girl had let her inside her house after sharing a quote from a book they both knew.The Shanghai Caring Committee had found out that Ling had had a baby with her boyfriend Ling, but left the baby on a beach hoping someone would rescue the child, only to find out the child had been washed away and died.  Ling was being accused with murder.Old Chen had asked Ling in an interrogation to sign a paper accusing her boyfriend of rape. Old Chen also required Ling to have sex with him.  In exchange she was told her and her boyfriend would eventually be released and transferred to a different location.Amy struggled to convince Ling not to take her own life.  Amy mentions how many suicides meant to protest their conditions had no effect.  Amy talks to her about believing in some kind of creator who gives life a purpose.  Amy warns her about the imminent denunciation and offers to talk to Old Chen.  When she talks to Old Chen, he cancels the meeting and moves Ling to another village.40 years later, Amy went back for a reunion.  She finds out Ling had eventually died in a mental hospital. Lee had been released 20 years later, but had lost everything.  Another girl had escaped to Hong Kong and became a human rights attorney. She had collected the many stories of what really happened.  Amy thought they should consult the victims.Nan introduces the sound bite of General Flynn discussing how fast Communist China has moved to become the sole global superpower.  He believes their disappointment with the 2016 US election caused them to seek influence in the 2020 elections.  He asks how we can accept a voting system that is not domestic.  He explains that “The Kracken” referred to by Sydney Powell is the Military Intelligence Battalion who has identified China, Iran and Russia as being involved with US vote manipulation.  He describes how special forces seized servers in Frankfurt Germany.Bill Graff finds it disturbing that US mainstream media has not reported on any of this.  Amy mentions that her friends in other countries are asking about these things, but no one knows about it in the US.Nan mentions how strange it is that US media does not cover this topic.  He wants to know why no one would care if Chairman Xi possibly chooses the US president.  Nan introduces General Vallely.General Vallely explains that from the reports he has been able to receive and what he has heard in D.C., when you connect the dots, these voting machines have been manipulated to change the votes. Nan asks how it is possible to change what are supposed to be secure votes.  General Vallely says, “It’s called hacking.”  He describes a web of deceit, fraud and treason to steal the election.Amy asks about William Bar’s conclusion that there is no widespread fraud. General Vallely explains that the Department of Justice and FBI are corrupt, citing the Russian collusion hoax as an example.  The General mentions that Bars actual statement was that they did not have evidence “so far”.  General Vallely describes the Department of Justice, the FBI and the CIA as politically corrupt.  He suggests the divisions are so great in the US we are headed toward a civil war. Bill Graff asks how the General “as a military guy” sees this whole situation.  The General describes how many people in the giant bureaucracy of the pentagon are not loyal to the constitution.  However, many generals, admirals and special forces in particular are supportive of the president.Billy asks if we are in danger of being taken over

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