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Creating space and creating community for black women who want to become full time entrepreneurs so they can leave a toxic work environment. Exploring the barriers to making the shift and providing success stories of those who have done it themselves.

Choosing Her Hustle Leticia Francis

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Creating space and creating community for black women who want to become full time entrepreneurs so they can leave a toxic work environment. Exploring the barriers to making the shift and providing success stories of those who have done it themselves.

    Self Mastery with Dr. N. Cindy Trimm

    Self Mastery with Dr. N. Cindy Trimm

    Episode Topics
    Meet our guest this week, Dr. N. Cindy Trimm
    How did your journey start?
    The steps of Self-Mastery
    How do we take the first step toward Self-Mastery?
    3 things that determine where you are today.
    Dr. Cindy's advice; learn the art of thinking. You are God's gift to humanity and the greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of change.

    Episode Summary
    Dr. Cindy is Leticia's aunt, who now runs a worldwide business after starting her first business at the age of 8 out of necessity. Apart from owning restaurants, she is also an author and the owner of a coaching company. Everything needed to succeed is present in the potential form at conception, hence, problems exist to create self-awareness which leads to self-development and ends in self-actualization. In fact, the whole process of self-care starts with awareness; knowing who you are, helps you get different results. The DISC analysis (Dominance, Influence, Conscientiousness, and Steadiness) describes how we have different but equal strengths, each of which comes with limitations, not weaknesses.
    Self-awareness, Self-knowledge, Self-approval, and Self-commitment are the 4 steps before Self-care. In self-approval, you learn to affirm yourself. You don't attract who you want, you attract who you are, so when you change, those people change. The next steps are then Self-commitment, Self-care, Self-discipline, Self-fulfillment, and Self-actualization; all of these are aimed at Self-Mastery. It is important to start this process by seeing yourself as a brand where you are the CEO with a defined vision and mission. Dr. Cindy discusses this in Chapter 8 of her book, "https://www.amazon.com/Hello-Tomorrow-Transformational-Power-Vision/dp/1629995495 (Hello Tomorrow".) Every woman should have "Me Moments" of half an hour to an hour daily to take care of herself. Picture yourself celebrating your life many years from now; what you would expect people to say about you, is your vision.
    In school, we are taught what to think, not how to think but our thoughts have brought us to where we are, so we need to train our minds to think at the level of our vision. Where we place our energy, our focus and our thoughts determine our current state; these are 3 things we can change. Ask yourself "What one skill will I spend one hour developing daily to get to where I want to be in 20 years?" Dr. Cindy highlights Leticia's bravery and commitment to self-growth, as she encourages listeners to reach out to https://www.blaquerosecoaching.com/courses/vibesession (sign up for Leticia's coaching on the website) offering £25 towards the coaching of every student who signs up now. Rejection is a gift; it either means redirection, or that your current realm does not have the capacity for your greatness so you need to find the place that does, or it exposes you to the areas you need to work on.
    Notable Quotes
    "I've always had this idea that I don't have to choose A or B, I can have A and B and C and D"
    "Problems actually point you towards potential; the potential that's hidden to you"
    "We do more because we want to be more, so start with who you are, not what you want because if you become everything that you are, you'll attract what you want"
    "Most people live as a stranger to themselves"
    "You cannot outperform your current concept of self"
    "Know the true value of time; snatch it, seize it, enjoy every moment of it"
    "Time is a currency; spend it wisely, invest it so that you can have an ROI"
    "If a door is not opened to you, build a door, and open it for yourself"
    "Ask questions but ask the right questions"
    Resources Mentioned
    Connect with | Dr. N. Cindy Trimm
    Website – http://www.cindytrimmministries.org (www.cindytrimmministries.org)
    Dr. Cindy’s Book - https://www.amazon.com/Hello-Tomorrow-Transformational-Power-Vision/dp/1629995495 (Hello Tomorrow)

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    Take Up Space with Khalida Dubose

    Take Up Space with Khalida Dubose

    Episode Topics
    [01:57] Introducing our guest, https://instagram.com/khalida.dubose?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= (Khalida Dubose. )
    [03:18] How Khalida got into business coaching by accident.
    [08:28] The role of our mindset in driving successful Entrepreneurship
    [13:56] What was your experience opening up to a community?
    [32:12] How to connect with Khalida.

    Episode Summary
    Khalida is a business coach for entrepreneurs who are women of color. She loves helping them realize their strength by getting in touch with themselves, without having an exterior shell that isolates them. After working for a Crowdfunding platform for years, Khalida got laid off, which affected her mental health. She later started her crowdfunding business but discovered a stronger interest in business coaching. More often than not, many entrepreneurs do not get it right the first time, they transition in a way that was layered by the people in front of them, in a stepwise manner.
    Entrepreneurship challenges us to be great by first unearthing aspects of us that are not great. This grueling process requires a deep sense of commitment to our goals; hence, successful entrepreneurship is largely a factor of our mindset, much more than strategy.
    Due to the preconceived notions that she would be unsafe in any community she joined, Khalida tried unsuccessfully to be a part of one. Questioning her fears, she understood they were mostly unfounded and she started integrating into a community. Very often black women find themselves isolated; without community, they are likely to be taken for granted with no clue how to stand up for themselves.

    Notable Quotes
    "You actually have to want to be great, to own your own business"
    "I really love helping people have discoveries that help them move forward"
    "When you don't have community, you are really missing out on so much"
    "I think that community has been robbed from us as black women"

    Resources Mentioned
    Connect with | Khalida Dubose
    Website - http://www.khalidadubose.com (www.khalidadubose.com)
    Instagram – https://instagram.com/khalida.dubose?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= (@khalida.dubose)
    Podcast - https://www.khalidadubose.com/podcast (The Black Girl Business Bar)

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    Its Not About Me with Janet Kafadar

    Its Not About Me with Janet Kafadar

    Episode Topics
    [02:10] Meet today's guest, http://www.janetkafadar.com (Janet Kadafar. )
    [03:22] How Janet got started as a business coach.
    [10:56] Janet shares her Entrepreneurship journey.
    [18:47] How black women are held back because they don't ask for help.
    [29:41] Putting your energy into entrepreneurship.
    [35:33] Janet's biggest lesson; Stick with it.
    [40:01] How to connect with Janet.
    [40:33] Janet's advice to listeners; Just keep going!

    Episode Summary
    Janet is a business coach for Black life coaches looking to leave their '9-5' jobs. Realizing she wanted more from life, Janet left her day job to help people create courses but pivoted to Business Coaching afterward to help black women who needed help starting their life coaching businesses. Janet has learned in her journey that running a business is not about the entrepreneur but about showing up for someone else.
    A challenge among black women is the fear to ask for help sometimes due to traumas from our upbringing. We need to rewrite the narrative that we have to figure it out all on our own; there is power in sisterhood and community, knowing that you're not on your own.
    Many women are in jobs where their opinions and energy are undervalued but they stay, often due to the idea of job security, which is often an illusion. Black women must start to use their energy to fuel their entrepreneurial goals.

    Notable Quotes
    "It's not about me... and I think that's what so many coaches and listeners need to remember"
    "Stop thinking about yourself; you're completely irrelevant in this equation right now, just show up for that person... just think about that one person that needs"
    "When we step into entrepreneurship, we are guiding people to the solutions to their problem"
    "We carry so much trauma embedded in the way that we show up and we don't even know where it comes from"
    “The point is to keep going; what you're supposed to be doing will manifest and it will show up in some way"
    "If you can build somebody else's dreams, you can build your own"

    Resources Mentioned
    Connect with | Janet Kadafar
    Website - http://www.janetkafadar.com (www.janetkafadar.com) https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-truth-about-coaching/id1506383006 ( )
    Facebook - https://web.facebook.com/groups/462855167457777/?ref=shareand_rdc=1and_rdr (The Online Coaching Club: For Black Life Coaches)
    Podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-truth-about-coaching/id1506383006 (The Truth About Coaching)

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    Plant a Seed of Prosperity With Angelica Prather

    Plant a Seed of Prosperity With Angelica Prather

    Episode Topics
    [01:38] Meet our guest on this episode, https://www.angelicaprather.com/ (Angelica Prather).
    [02:34] Angelica's road to becoming an income strategist.
    [06:15] What is the most important thing to learn to understand Financial Literacy?
    [12:35] Letting go, to level up.
    [20:13] How to start leveling up; Saying 'Yes'.
    [29:03] How to connect with Angelica.
    [32:09] Final comments from Angelica; your natural gifts are right in front of you; don't let your story hold you hostage, go for everything that you want.

    Season One Episode 9
    Angelica is an income strategist for beauty professionals, a business coach, a wife, and a mother. She supports black beauty professionals through her program, https://www.chargeyourworthacademy.com/about ('Charge your Worth' Academy) which teaches people how to build financial literacy and be more lucrative using their natural gifts. As a hairstylist in high school, Angelica had started to generate 6 figures yearly after which she started her salon but she observed that business owners are not open-minded enough to possibilities. With the pandemic, Angelica saw a need to employ her personal income strategy blueprint to help out.
    Financial literacy is crucial among black women, however, there must be a drive to actively seek out information, to leave our comfort zones and apply this information actively. Moving to the next level takes sacrifice to accumulate resources that will create the change we want. This change comes with tapping into a new version of ourselves and letting go of the person we used to be.
    We have to be willing to say 'Yes' to what we need to do, research what it would cost in terms of resources, as well as start simply, one step at a time. Fear of failure often makes people unwilling to take any step but failure is a part of the process; we learn from it.

    Notable Quotes
    ""I'm a firm believer that it's going to come to you; what I think, what I seek, what I sow, I am going to reap"
    "A lot of the information is right in front of our faces but we have a lot going on in our lives that we tend to block it out"
    "If you carry a poverty mindset, it shows up everywhere, it's not just in your pockets, it's everything that you do"
    "The Next Level requires getting uncomfortable"
    "If your purpose is truly aligned to what you are doing... you've got to get out of your own way and walk that uncomfortable journey"

    Resources Mentioned
    Connect with | Angelica Prather
    Website - http://www.angelicaprather.com (www.angelicaprather.com)
    LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelica-prather-081a17207/ (Angelica Prather)
    Instagram - https://instagram.com/angelicadprather?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= (@angelicadprather )
    Podcast - https://www.angelicaprather.com/podcast (The Chair’s Blueprint)
    The https://www.chargeyourworthacademy.com/about ('Charge your Worth' Academy)’

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    Choose Courage Over Fear with Kelly Charles-Collins

    Choose Courage Over Fear with Kelly Charles-Collins

    Choosing her Hustle Podcast
    Choose Courage over Fear with Kelly Charles-Collins
    Guest Bio
    https://kellycharlescollins.com/ (Kelly Charles- Collins) is a retired attorney, professional speaker, award winning TEDx speaker. She is also the chief visionary badass of ladies who leverage global network and mentoring accelerator where she connects and mentor badass women entrepreneurs in safe, supportive spaces so that they can create and share ideas, build thriving businesses and live life unapologetically A F. Kelly is the host of https://www.ladieswholeveragepodcast.com/ (The Ladies Who Leverage) podcast and recently became the publisher of https://lwlmagazine.com/ (The Ladies Who Leverage) Visionary Life magazine.
    Hey there! I'm so happy to have you here. In this week's episode of https://choosing-her-hustle.captivate.fm/ (Choosing Her Hustle) podcast, we are joined by Kelly Charles Collins. She an incredible woman who is doing amazing things as an entrepreneur after quitting her lucrative job as a lawyer to pursue her purpose in life. Kelly takes us through her journey, what she does and how she started her six-figure business in the middle of a pandemic by leveraging a tragedy into an opportunity and other interesting conversations. This one fascinating episode you can't afford to miss out especially if you are thinking of quitting your paycheck job and pursuing your own life goals.
    Let’s delve in!

    In this Episode You’ll Learn:
    [01:49] Who Kelly is.
    [03:10] Why Kelly retired as a lawyer to pursue her purpose in life
    [06:05] Kelly’s journey after retirement
    [02:20] How Kelly made the big difference in terms of her speaking business and built a six-figure business in the middle of a pandemic/ George Floyd's murder
    [11:48] How to increase your level of influence/Things you can do to raise your level of influence
    [12:56] Why people follow celebrities and influencers
    [14:50] Kelly’s thoughts on power and influence
    [17:26] What living life unapologetically means especially for black women stepping into entrepreneurship
    [19:39] Kelly’s thoughts on the imposter syndrome
    [20:58] People who have success also live in fear forget the illusion
    [23:48] Kelly’s pot holes, bumps and detours in life
    [24:35] When you are clear and have more certainty you win
    [26:36] The biggest lesson according to Kelly when building business
    [27:55] Choosing the right voice to listen to and learning to trust your gut
    [31:52] What is going on in Kelly’s life
    [32:42] Why businesses started by most women don’t last long
    [34:00] The baby effect and its five elements
    [36:22] Kelly talks about her new incubator programme she just launched for women who have not reached six figures


    “You have to choose courage over fear. And in that courage is where power lies, right the somebody who is powerful is courageous” [00:16]
    “The universe will call you to account for the things that you put into the world.” [03:57]
    when we're talking about impact, when you raid when you create impact, and you raise your level of influence money will come. [06:32]
    “It was a way to leverage something that was so tragic, for the good to create the impact that I had set out to create.” [11:05]
    “In order for you to make the impact that you want, right to create the impact that you want, people have to know who you are, people have to know who you are, they have to know what you're capable of doing. “[12:21]
    “Power and influence it's like when you walk into a room, it's like I am here, right? And people feel that you're there they feel your presence.” [14:50]
    “Influence and power come from a level of depth, that that comes from experience, and that experience can be anything.” [15:33]
    being fearless is not the absence of fear, but the presence of courage,” [18:57]
    “I don't believe in impostor syndrome. I believe that it's something that has been created in a way to disempower...

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    There's Wisdom in Our Vulnerability with Kendra Woods

    There's Wisdom in Our Vulnerability with Kendra Woods

    Human design
    Trusting instincts
    Ending the compare game

    [00:00:00] Episode Excerpt
    [00:00:30] Podcast Introduction
    [00:01:07] Episode Introduction
    [00:01:36] Guest Introduction
    [00:04:39] Human Design
    [00:11:03] Fighting Against Ourselves
    [00:16:43] Courage is Strength
    [00:18:19] Trust Your Instincts
    [00:26:57] My Version of Success
    [00:31:11] Depend on Yourself
    [00:35:24] Find Kendra Online
    [00:45:03] Final Question
    [00:37:26] Closing

    Season 1, Episode 3

    In https://choosingherhustlepodcast.com/ (Choosing Her Hustle) today, we hear from Kendra Woods, founder of Soulful Success by Design. She is a human design soul activator. Kendra helps ambitious, high-achieving, heart-centered coaches, leaders, and healers find their authentic alignment in business and in life. She started her business sin 2016, but human design found her in 2019, when she became a student of the topic. Human design it gives provides detailed information on unconscious and conscious parts of yourself.
    After working in corporate America for 10 years for industries like real estate and healthcare, Kendra research principles of astrology, chakras, and quantum physics to understand energy. Faced with many dark moments in corporate life, she found a new mindset and career path. Kendra discusses women being unapologetic and increasing their levels of emotional intelligence, which is often squashed in corporate careers.
    Leticia shares the reason she categorizes herself as a hurricane. She found people threatened by her being herself, and enough was enough for Leticia. No longer diluting herself, she embraced what makes her special, and now shares this with other women entrepreneurs.
    Kendra mentions how Black women are expected to be strong and take on everything. However, it is an act of courage to ask for help and welcome it. Now, she trusts her instincts and pays attention to nudges she gets. She shares her wisdom, such as when she learned to stay in her own lane throughout her journey. Also, she broke out of the “compare and despair loop” to let go of comparing herself to others and focus on her zone of genius.
    Kendra shares how her mother worked three jobs and used her feminine and masculine energies to survive. Kendra realized that she couldn’t depend on anyone else but herself to figure things out. This is the point when she learned to override her feminine wisdom.
    Kendra’s top advice: Ask for and accept help. It can feel vulnerable to let someone else take the reins on something but trying to do it all causes burnout and can keep women in business from moving forward. She says, “I was giving my feminine permission to say yes, I will receive that.”

    What’s next for Kendra Woods? She wants to connect with you in her Facebook group, social media, masterclass, and academy. Show her your support on https://www.instagram.com/soulfulsuccessbydesign/ (social media) and by visiting her https://kendrakaywoods.com/ (website).

    To join the conversation, share your biggest takeaways from this podcast on https://www.instagram.com/ChoosingHerHustlePodcast (Instagram). Let’s step into our power!

    Thank you for listening to https://choosingherhustlepodcast.com/ (Choosing Her Hustle). If you've enjoyed this episode, be sure to press the subscribe button. If you want to join in the conversation, follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ChoosingHerHustlePodcast/ (@ChoosingHerHustlePodcast), where I'll be going live every Thursday to dig a little deeper into this week's episode. Bring your questions and comments and join our amazing community. If you want to support us, share, share, share, and make sure to leave us a rating and review.


    Visit Kendra’s company website, https://kendrakaywoods.com/ (Kendra Kay Woods)
    See her products on https://www.instagram.com/soulfulsuccessbydesign/ (Instagram)
    Connect with...

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27 Ratings

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