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Biblical Topics that are NOT "thus saith the Lord"

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Biblical Topics that are NOT "thus saith the Lord"

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3.9 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

Rebelxero ,

Very Good stuff!

Been a listener of this guy for years and it never ceases to inspire intrigue and make me ask myself. What does the Bible say? I like how they go through deep scientific and try to tackle biblical topics that nobody else attempts. Keep up the great stuff!

I tool ,

Been waiting a long time for a podcast like this!

The father son dynamic is awesome, we don’t see this much any more so this brought joy to my heart, but both gentlemen are blessed with wisdom and understanding, thank you for all your work !!! God bless!

Lil.missy6 ,

BE AWARE They teach Khaballa

They do WARN YOU UPFRONT (that this is not “Thus saith the Lord” on their label! Take them very seriously!!!!
They use unbiblical text such as 3rd Book of Enoch (who is presumed to be of Cain’s satanic lineage vs of Seth’s Holy lineage who wrote 1st Book of Enoch) & teach blasphemy against Jesus Christ.
If you’re using it (Khaballa) as a source and quoting it, fine, just advise your listeners but they do not! They presume the listener isn’t aware...and weave it in as fact.
Using words such as Metatron as a true angel of Jesus (but VERY careful not to link it as the Lord Himself which is true) & Tetragrammaton as God is NOT in the Bible anywhere.
Sneaky and very Anti-Christ no matter what they say you cannot teach from the two and be Saved.
They’re very careful in their wording and choice of verbiage although they do come across as “uneducated” by consistently using incorrect English language...almost on purpose?? (Ex: “They was there...”)
I’m truly not being judgmental, it is just a critique.
If you’re looking for sound Biblical teaching this is NOT it. It’s quite the opposite of “Christian” anything! They mock the Word.
(I’m all for debating on meanings of true biblical verses, but this is NOT that either.)

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