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    ‘We’ Win in the End

    ‘We’ Win in the End



    There's a pretty telling comment floating around the Catholic world that is very dangerous. It's the famous "we win in the end" line — the implication being, of course, that there is no need to get all worked up about this or that (including all the evil in the Church) because, in the end, we win.

    Not so fast. Who's this "we" you're all talking about? Christ wins in the end, of course — absolutely, completely and totally. But it's more than just a little presumptive to think that Christ winning somehow automatically includes all of us winning.

    None of us has any idea if we win in the end, and it is patently wrong, presumptive and idiotic to assume ourselves into the Church Triumphant. For a person to "win" in the end — to partake as an individual in the final victory of Christ made totally visible at the end of the world — a person must die in a state of sanctifying grace.

    The only other state any person can die in is a state of mortal sin and, regardless of what the likes of Bp. Barron promote and the rest of his bishops never correct, we do not have a reasonable hope that all men are saved. The preposterousness of that statement is so insulting to the intellect that it's truly astounding.

    The vast majority of people — in fact, the vast majority of Catholics — live in an objective state of serious sin.

    The vast majority of people — in fact, the vast majority of Catholics — live in an objective state of serious sin. They do not go to Mass. They do not believe or even consider the Church's teachings on most things, especially sexual morality. Over a third fully reject the teaching on the Real Presence and actively deny it. Another third don't believe it because they say they've never heard that it's true. Even many who actually do go to Mass and do receive Holy Communion don't really believe it is Jesus Christ. And it certainly seems the case that various clergy, including bishops, especially bishops, are in the same boat.

    The idea that the vast majority of people walking around — 98%, according to Barron — are in a state of sanctifying grace is so stupid that you hardly know where to begin in critiquing it (unless you hold to the even more stupid notion that it's nearly impossible to commit a mortal sin).

    What is it to be in a state of sanctifying grace anyway? It is to have the life of the Blessed Trinity flowing through you, even if imperfectly. Your thoughts, actions, deeds and everything emanate from the lived life of the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity.

    How could any Catholic look around the Church or the world today and conclude that 98% of people are living their lives in and through God? Heaven, like Hell, is a choice that is determined by our actions and our nonactions, the sins of commission and omission. And it is the sins of omission that are the most grievous pertaining to the hierarchy. A bishop can go to Hell without doing a single wrong thing by simply not doing the right thing.

    At this very moment, a huge number of bishops are fashioning their own private damnations by their silence and refusal to do the right thing, and their continued sins of omission that damage souls are not offset by doing some good things. They don't cancel each other out like some crazy mathematical equation.

    A sin is a sin — whether it's by commission or omission. So let's examine this idea of sinning by not doing what needs to be done. First, what is sin? The word derives from the Latin sine, which means "without" — referencing the willful lack of doing something which ought to be done. So being mean to someone, for example, or stealing money from them is to deprive someone of what ought to be.

    Well let's ratchet this up, shall we? For a bishop to deny justice to one of his priests, either by stripping him of his facul

    Told You So

    Told You So



    The first three years of this apostolate were dedicated strictly to the announcement of the glories of the One True Faith. Our flagship program — with its more than 100 hours of episodes, all still on the Premium side of the website — was and is dedicated to that very cause.

    But Obama's trip to Notre Dame in May 2009 woke us up to the fact that the Church needed to do more than just preach the truth because that truth was being corrupted and poisoned from within by a powerful, faithless and oftentimes homosexual cadre.

    When we started reporting this, people went nuts in the establishment, hurling all kinds of accusations against us and accusing us of everything under the sun, except, of course, telling the truth.

    So for a dozen years now, we've been all over this horror, and our reporting has been vindicated every single time.

    A few years later, we found ourselves in Rome reporting on a major story in the Roman press that never really got picked up over here in the Catholic media because the bishops would not permit it. It was squashed. This was 2013. But Church Militant reported on it in great detail and received accusations of being the "Catholic National Enquirer" and all that type of idiocy.

    This was five years before McCarrick came to light, waking up a good bunch of Catholics to the truth of what was and still is going on in the Church, specifically with the hierarchy. No one wanted to hear what we were reporting and commenting on. They smeared us — especially our own archbishop, Allen Vigneron, who set his chancery dogs on us at every turn in an effort to keep the decades of homosexual and other corruption here a secret.

    Even four years prior to this 2013 story, Church Militant had already been reporting on this filth. So for a dozen years now, we've been all over this horror, and our reporting has been vindicated every single time.

    The latest revelations of the homosexual-hookup phone app Grindr only underscores just how bad this really is, how pervasive and constant. Until it is challenged and exposed, it is never going to go away. Given the current uproar over the Grindr information and its relation to not just the United States but also Rome, we'd like to show you part of the report we did in Rome in the summer of 2013 that really caused the hierarchy to attack us with a fury. This was the report that caused them to really jump ugly against us behind the scenes.

    We know what we know because it is told to us by victims, insiders, experts, lawyers and so forth. We aren't guessing at all this; we know that what we are reporting is correct. And despite their best efforts to smear us and make us appear to be lunatics, what various evil members of the hierarchy have tried to do against us has blown up in their faces.

    But they are so far down the road at this point that they no longer care. That's why there is such public support for homosexualist James Martin, the same man who goes around publicly preaching heresy by saying the Bible is wrong.

    They tried to publicly attack us through their surrogates in the so-called Catholic, so-called media, but with every new revelation, every new scandal, their attacks changed from challenging the substance of what we said to attacking "the tone," whatever that means.

    The time for defeating this evil is almost at an end. It must be attacked now.

    How exactly do you politely say that many bishops are actively homosexual and/or are covering for others who are, and that they are victimizing young men, destroying the Church and causing the loss of millions of souls? Church Militant was right then, and we are right now. As the expression goes — who's crying now?

    The time for defeating this evil is almost at an end. It must be attacked now.

    Made in the Image of Ted

    Made in the Image of Ted


    It's time for concerned Catholics in America to accept the reality that the Church in the United States is made in the image of Theodore McCarrick, not Jesus Christ.

    The rampant homosexuality with the clergy, the lies, the cover-up, the sacrilege, the financial malfeasance, the destruction of the Faith — all of it has more than McCarrick's fingerprints on it; it has his seal on it. He certainly was not alone, nor was he the first, but he has proven to be the one who has been the most impactful.

    While there are many, the two major centers of the destruction were Detroit, under Cdl. John Dearden from 1958–1980, which produced Cdl. Joseph Bernardin; and New York, under Cdl. Francis Spellman from 1939–1967, which gave the Church McCarrick.

    Together, Bernardin and McCarrick perverted the Church on every conceivable level, but McCarrick's influence has been the most pervasive and long-lasting. And when you consider the enormous damage inflicted on the Church by Bernardin with his vast number of appointments of homosexual men and his conniving to push reception of Holy Communion in the hand, that's really saying something.

    Together, Bernardin and McCarrick perverted the Church on every conceivable level, but McCarrick's influence has been the most pervasive and long-lasting.

    McCarrick had a head start on Bernardin. He was decidedly more cunning and was communist-trained in St. Gallen, Switzerland in the years immediately following World War II, a location he returned to frequently on a near-annual basis for years. Although Bernardin was ordained six years before McCarrick, in many ways he was a backwater bishop until Bernardin plucked him out of Atlanta as an auxiliary bishop in the late 1960s to head up what would become the feckless National Conference of Catholic Bishops.

    By that time, McCarrick was already on the fast track, having sprung from the loins of the extraordinarily powerful Spellman. Two years before anyone had ever heard of Bernardin, McCarrick had already ghostwritten the infamous Land O' Lakes document promoted by Notre Dame's Theodore Hesburgh, a document that sent the American Catholic university system into apostasy.

    Such was McCarrick's already burgeoning influence. The major difference between these two men is that, while both were sexually active homosexuals, McCarrick was communist trained, as Church Militant has reported.

    Bernardin's actions greatly contributed to the destruction of the Church in the United States, but McCarrick's actions were intended to destroy the Church, and, given the current state of affairs, the only fair assessment would have to be that he succeeded.

    Take, for example, the issue of Holy Communion. Both men played central roles in destroying faith in the Blessed Sacrament. Bernardin rammed through a fraudulent vote in the late 1970s that he used to lie to Pope Paul VI about in order to get Rome to approve of it. But McCarrick, as usual, was already 10 steps further down the road by lying to the bishops' conference that Joseph Ratzinger had said it was permissible to give Holy Communion to child-killing Catholic politicians.

    Ratzinger, who was then head of the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith, had said no such thing. In fact, he had said just the opposite, but McCarrick and Gregory simply lied to the rest of the bishops, and here we are today with the bishops still fighting this issue.

    McCarrick's evil is much more pervasive than Bernardin's, which is impressive given Bernardin's homosexual romp through the Church with his bishop appointments. It was, for example, McCarrick who took charge of the bishops' response to the homopredator clerical crisis, following the Boston Globe's revelations. His response was pure deflection and deception. Not a thing changed or was implemented that would lessen the actual cause of

    Homosexual Hierarchy

    Homosexual Hierarchy



    I'm Michael Voris coming to you from Napa, California, wrapping up our time at the annual Napa Institute Conference held in this beautiful setting. All sorts of things get discussed in dozens of conferences given here over the four days.

    But increasingly, with one scandal after another constantly unfolding within the leadership, not all, but certainly many of the actual attendees are asking, "Why isn't the elephant in the sacristy being talked about?" That elephant is the issue of homosexuality and the hierarchy and clergy.

    Last week's news that the highest-ranking cleric in America who is not a bishop was reportedly having hundreds of gay hookups or attempted gay hookups through a phone app is a prime example of how the hierarchy in this country has been engulfed in this particular evil. 

    First, it's the lies and deception. Take, for example, two documents that were produced — one public, the other private. The public document released by the president of the U.S. bishops, Los Angeles archbishop José Gómez, said Burrill was resigning because of sexual stuff but that it did not involve anything with minors.

    The elephant in the room is the issue of homosexuality and the hierarchy and clergy.

    The private document talking about all this was issued by La Crosse bishop William Callahan because La Crosse is where Burrill is from. Callahan's letter to just the priests of the diocese said essentially, "We don't know if the charges that his priest is actively homosexual are true or not" and that they would investigate.

    So pump the brakes right there. Do you see the problem? There's a huge, giant problem.

    Gómez says what Burrill did does not involve minors. Callahan says we don't know if he did anything or not. Well, which is it? Did something happen or not? Gómez says it did; Callahan says we don't know — can't have that both ways.

    Moving on in the twisted logic and labyrinth treatment of all this, how does Abp. Gómez know there were no minors involved? Grindr, the gay hook-up app that Burrill is reported to have used must certainly have teenage homosexual boys using it. Additionally, many teenage boys who are gay are also prostitutes for older men, which Burrill is.

    How would Gómez know — one way or the other — unless he specifically asked Msgr. Grindr, and Msgr. Grindr told him? Moving on, why would Callahan say, "We don't know" so we have to "investigate"? Gómez certainly seems to know and has such certainty that he assures the world, no minors. So how is it that Callahan doesn't know?

    Didn't Callahan call his priest into his office and ask him, straight up, "Yes or no — is this true?" If he didn't ask, that is a huge dereliction of duty on his part — massive.

    If he did ask, what was the answer — yes or no? You don't get to obtain an answer and then send a letter saying you don't know the answer. That's called "lying." This whole thing stinks to high Heaven.

    One of these bishops is lying, and given all we know right now, it sure doesn't seem like it's Gómez. So then the question becomes "Why would Callahan lie or be evasive, pretending he doesn't know?"

    Of course he asked the Grindr priest. And he knows, just like Gómez knows. But he won't say it publicly because, wait for it, Fr. James Altman is also his priest, and Fr. Altman he stripped of his faculties and sidelined because Fr. Altman was calling bishops and laity to greater holiness.

    Callahan is now in a jam, with no way out. Faithful priests get stripped of their faculties for being faithful. Homosexually active priests get covered up for and their case gets swept under the rug? Hmmm, now why would that be? Hmmm, let's see.

    Father Altman should be restored immediately to the full use of his faculties. Monsignor Grindr should be defrocked immediately and made to repay the ten

    Chess With the Devil

    Chess With the Devil



    I'm Michael Voris, coming to you from Northern California wine country in Napa, where we are attending the annual Napa Institute four-day-long conference and retreat for the financially fortunate. We said earlier that we wanted to take the temperature of a crowd that has the reputation of being orthodox but perhaps is not really wanting to face the realities of the evil in the Church — and, specifically, the corruption of the hierarchy.

    That of course entails standing around at loads of events and just talking with all sorts of people. So first we have to say we have been blown away by the positive comments and handshakes and "attaboys" we have received since we started mixing around. At meals, events, just standing in line or walking around — the number of other attendees who have come up to us and lauded the work of Church Militant has been, well, off the charts.

    We came out here to Napa not really sure what to expect or how we would be received, but that question is now answered. To all of you who have made our work possible and supported what we have been doing for 15 years, we say, "Thank you, and blessed be God." It has long been the case that the not-especially–well-off crowd among Catholics has been suspicious of the more–well-off crowd (the country club Catholic crowd, for lack of a better term), those who rub elbows with bishops, and so forth.

    Because of their financial status, which affords them personal access, it's been the case in the past that often, because of personal relationships, they've been more reticent to openly criticize the hierarchy for all these scandals. We can tell you, from talking with many people here, that is changing now, and changing fast.

    Refusing to say the truth and do the right thing now to protect a future interest is a bit like playing chess with the Devil.

    Perhaps "rich and red-pilled" might be going a little too far, but it's certainly getting there — and certainly with more than you would suspect — it is there. This, of course, cannot be welcome news to many bishops. As we saw in the McCarrick case, snowing rich people and getting their money is a staple of how the hierarchy works and a major source of the corruption being allowed to continue.

    McCarrick may be the most notorious case, but he certainly is not the only bishop pilfering millions from the well-to-do Catholic set who enjoy access to bishops. But the bishops are beginning to feel the heat, especially in light of the news breaking last week that Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill, general secretary to the bishops' conference, was busted for an untold number of gay hookups using the phone app Grindr.

    Church Militant has learned that information was obtained, with more to come, through a multi-year process of data-mining that stretches all over the country involving quite a few people, not all of them Catholic, who paid quite a lot of money to collect it all. If you think in terms of millions, you'd be in the ballpark, and the Catholic financial contribution to it was significant, but not singular.

    The reaction on the ground here at the Napa Conference (with 800 attendees) has been, in summary, "It's unfortunate, but it's got to be done." To show the pending sea change, many folks told me personally, even five years ago, most people here would have disagreed with this tactic, thinking it too crass and so forth.

    We spoke with dozens and dozens of people here where that information was the topic, and not one disagreed with the method. And some were champing at the bit, saying, "Nuke all of these bad guys in the hierarchy and establishment."

    Stay tuned on that point, we have been assured. But one thing that still appears unsettled is the bishops themselves — what many people call the "good" bishops. The men who have a reputation for being orthodox

    On a Mission From God

    On a Mission From God



    We're here to attend an annual conference by the Napa Institute and take the temperature — and if need be, help raise the temperature — on the topic of corruption in the hierarchy. The crowd that attends the Napa Institute is well-off, many of them very well-off. They are politically conservative certainly and socially polite.

    It's a Catholic country club crowd who love their Faith, as far as they have been schooled in it, depending on who they listen to. Of course, given the dominant dynamic at work, like all other human beings, they will listen to those who most appeal to their own psychologies and predispositions.

    To be certain, the Blase Cupich contingent of prelates would not be welcome here, nor would they like to attend. The prelates who attend here instead have the reputation of being orthodox, mainly politically conservative, and are much easier to stomach because they too are socially polite and enjoy quiet interactions and so forth. 

    The problem in the Church these days, however, requires a different psychological approach.

    But there is where things can — and in many ways have — gone off the rails. Conservative personalities are very cautious, they don't like rocking the boat, they are very slow to act and, when they do act, it is usually in a minimal way. This isn't out of any malice or anything; it's just their dispositions (like many of the wealthy attendees). Birds of a feather, as they say.

    The problem in the Church these days, however — the complete crisis we are seeing unfold before our eyes in lightning speed — requires a different psychological approach. It requires a disposition to admit that past strategies and approaches have been too polite, too optimistic and have failed.

    That's not something that wealthy, conservative people like to face. There is a certain level of positive self-image that accompanies material wealth and admitting an unpleasant reality doesn't fit too well with that mindset. But that mindset and its concurrent failing strategy need to be jettisoned pronto if there is any hope of saving the Church in the United States.

    First, the wealthy backers and patrons of many orthodox bishops must come to realize that most of these men have, in their own way, actually contributed to the crisis in the Church. They have come very late to the game — they had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the light of complete revelation that many of their "brother" bishops are actually wicked and have been actively engaged in taking over the Church and repurposing it into a globalist tool.

    Many of the good bishops have, perhaps unwittingly, even gone along with this by not confronting loudly and clearly the false narratives of systemic racism, manmade climate change and illegal immigration. These are all communist talking points that wicked bishops have baptized (so to speak) and made out to sound somehow, in an intellectually tortured kind of way, Catholic.

    They are not even remotely Catholic. However, even more alarming is that what passes as justice for society, which it is not, is promoted by not just bishops who are political Marxists, but who are actually morally degenerate and doctrinally deficient.

    The wealthy crowd here at Napa just doesn't want to hear that: It's too much "boat-rocking." Same with their allied orthodox bishops. It's too scandalous for their ears (not to mention too threatening to their careers) to go down this path. So evil men in the hierarchy get a pass, capitalizing on the psychological dispositions of a very conservative crowd who simply do not want to face the music on all this theological and moral depravity among a certain subset of the episcopate.

    This is precisely where the "orthodox" bishops, trapped in their own psychological and career dynamic, have failed miserably. Not onl

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256 Ratings


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I highly suggest that you download everything by Church Militant. These guys are absolutely fantastic and they provide everything a present-day Catholic needs to know about what’s going on around them, what’s going on around them in the form of news and inside church politics. It is your duty to yourself and to God to inform yourself about the good news inside our church, and the evil things that we are facing. It is your duty and responsibility! If you really want to turn on the ‘light’, if you really want know what’s happening inside the church - as we know it, I would highly suggest that you download all of these podcasts!
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I’ve been listening to the Vortex since it started and truly has made me realize how much the EVIL ONE truly desires to bring us down. Truly love listening to the Vortex. Bad thing tho, I’m not getting updates for daily podcast. Any reason why that might be?

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Church militant speaks the truth even when it is uncomfortable. Souls need to be saved and they are working hard to do just that.

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