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Weekly podcast for folks involved in church tech and production. Hang Out, Talk Tech, Get Inspired, Have Fun.

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Weekly podcast for folks involved in church tech and production. Hang Out, Talk Tech, Get Inspired, Have Fun.

    Doing More to Do Less

    Doing More to Do Less

    This week we talk about a couple of web integrations that can really make life easier. 

    We've found two apps that that use the concept of "if this than that" workflows.


    You can use these apps to connect your favorite internet apps and even some Internet of Things (IoT) app. For instance, if you create a new Reminder on your phone with Siri, it will automatically email you. Or, at 8:00 PM on every night turn on my porch light. Or, update my facebook whenever I post to Instagram.

    We also mention a few IoT devices that you can connect with your zaps or recipes.

    WeMo - connect any electronic device to the internet
    Nest - the thermostat, smoke-alarm, or camera that is connected to the internet

    I'm stoked about all of the things that this could lead to, but still cant think of a really good way this can get integrated into the local church. If you use it, please let us know!

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    Flannelgraphs of the 24th Century

    Flannelgraphs of the 24th Century

    This week we talk about how Steve used an interesting method to teach a bunch of middle schoolers about the demon-possessed man.

    Perry is now a grandpa!

    Introducing baby Henry!!!

    Sorry - Steve is dumb and forgot to take pictures of all of this, so he has no proof. But, he went to film school and likes to tell stories so he decided to “make a movie” live in front of the students. He made cardboard cutout characters and props taped to large (some might say “mega”) blocks. Then he “filmed” the whole story with his iPhone live and mirrored it to the Apple TV. It was super fun!

    Listen in to find some more cool things that we’ve done with these antiquated devices!

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    Transformational Set Design

    Transformational Set Design

    We talk about the limitations that we have to go through when thinking about a stage design. We try to take a modular, reusable approach to set designs for future thinking.

    For reference, check out last years low-res LED light wall.

    Here are some of our rules for our sets.

    Don't tie it to a series.
    Has to be "light", or "portable". For us, this thing has to be able to fit into a truck, be carried by people, and hang from a ceiling.
    Has to be "cheap". We don't have a ton of money to spend on a set.

    Here are some photos from the booth at our Middle School camp.

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    Welcome back! In this weeks episode we soar into talking about drones (of the camera variety). Check it out!

    We also discuss the strange phenomenon known as the Nae Nae.
    We just got back from Bible and Beach, where we took 1400 High Schoolers and leader to Panama City Beach Florida for a CIY Move event. To see what we're talking about, check out this recap video!
    Speaking of drones, check out this Lily drone that follows you! (creeeeeepy)
    We chat about what a "gimble" does. Here is a handheld gimble that we found on B&H (Note: We have never used it, so we have no idea whether or not it is worth buying. We can only speak for the theoretical uses of it.)
    Do you remember the Tyco Turbo Hopper?

    That's it folks - Rate us a 5 in iTunes and leave a comment if you've used a drone before!

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    Setting The Stage

    Setting The Stage

    In this episode we talk about our schedule and philosophy behind our stage design and implementation. Listen in!We also talk about:

    Perry's past life includes being apart of the original vibe-tribe for the Spin Doctors.
    Church Stage Set Ideas is a great resource for, well, getting ideas for church stage designs.
    Environmental Projection in the Church is a trend that uses projection in a really cool way to transform your stage (or entire room) into an encompassing visual experience.
    Check out last years Middle School camp stage design where we made an low-res LED light wall.
    We also contemplate the simple complexity of the Tetrahedron.
    Also, if you happen to be roped into doing a video and you need some help, check out videohive.net where you can buy some templates to make your videos sparkle.

    • 21 min
    Crossing The Line

    Crossing The Line

    In this episode we talk about the imaginary, yet very real line between church tech being effective or showy. Listen in and join the conversation on Twitter @churchtechtalk or in the comments below. We'd love to hear.

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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

pastordale ,

Decent podcast

A fun and informative podcast. Tends to be more geared toward large churches with big tech budgets, but there's enough for smaller churches to glean from as well. Bump up the volume a bit, though. Very enjoyable, and I'm glad the fun niche podcasts keep coming.

mphs2step ,

These guys are great

This is by far the best church media podcast I have seen. The guys are knowledgeable and funny. The only problem is the time goes by so quickly. Fortunately they put out a new podcast each week and aren't showing any signs of slowing down. Outside of churchmedia.net, this is the best resource out there for anyone involved in church tech issues.

yaya! ,

Summer at City

Well, I just subscribed and immediently listened to the last one about City on a Hill Productions. THANKS for telling me somewhat of what was goin' on the last night! I missed not being there. But all in all the rest of the podcasts are very enjoyable, and interesting. Keep it up, and I look forward to listening to more!

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