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A monthly podcast for climate advocates hosted by Peterson Toscano. Become a better climate communicator. The show features Interviews, climate change artists, & a puzzler question. A project of Citizens' Climate Education

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A monthly podcast for climate advocates hosted by Peterson Toscano. Become a better climate communicator. The show features Interviews, climate change artists, & a puzzler question. A project of Citizens' Climate Education

    The Impact of Forests in our Climate Change Fight

    The Impact of Forests in our Climate Change Fight

    This episode delves deep into the essential role of forests in both urban and rural landscapes, exploring their impact on our planet's health and our collective efforts to mitigate climate change.

    See complete show notes, transcripts, and links at www.cclusa.org/radio

    - Peterson Toscano shares his personal connection with forests, setting the stage for a profound exploration of trees in climate regulation and sustainability. From his childhood experiences in the Catskill Mountains to his urban explorations in New York City, Peterson's narrative weaves a tapestry of personal and environmental interconnectedness.

    - Allegheny College Students' Initiative: Discover the groundbreaking Food Forest project, conceptualized and implemented by a group of visionary students. Listen as they detail their journey from conception to realization, highlighting the steps taken to gain approval, cooperation, and the eventual flourishing of their eco-friendly project.

    - Van Wagner's Wisdom: Meet Van Wagner, a former forester and coal miner turned educator and storyteller. His insights into historical and current forestry practices offer a unique perspective on sustainable forestry and environmental stewardship. Wagner's experiences and storytelling bring to life the rich history and future potential of forests.

    - Taylor Lightman's Urban Insights: Delve into the urban aspect of tree planting with Taylor Lightman. From Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Taylor discusses the multifaceted benefits of urban trees in creating healthier, vibrant communities, and their role in climate resilience.

    - Dana Nuccitelli's Nerd Corner: Enhance your understanding with compelling research insights on the crucial role of urban trees in carbon sequestration and the broader benefits they offer to urban environments and public health.

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    The Best New Climate Change Books and Podcasts

    The Best New Climate Change Books and Podcasts

    As a climate advocate, you want to stay well informed, up to date, and equipped in the work you do. On today’s show the Citizens’ Climate Radio Team willI help you do just that. In today’s show they feature the newest and best books and podcasts related to climate advocacy. They also speak to the creators behind these excellent new resources.

    Find full show notes and transcript here: https://citizensclimatelobby.org/blog/podcast/episode-89-the-best-new-climate-change-books-and-podcasts/

    1. "The Twenty-One, The True Story of the Youth Who Sued the U.S. Government over Climate Change" by Elizabeth Rusch: This book delves into the ongoing landmark federal climate change lawsuit Juliana versus the United States of America. It focuses on 21 young people who sued the US government for not addressing the causes of climate change and explores their courage and the significance of this case.

    2. "California Against the Sea: Visions for our Vanishing Coastline" by Rosanna Xia: The author discusses the themes of her book, which explores issues related to California's coastline, including private ownership, public accessibility to nature, and the need for resilient communities and infrastructure.

    3. "Am I Too Old to Save the Planet? A Boomer’s Guide to Climate Action" by Lawrence MacDonald: This book reflects on how older generations can contribute to climate action and emphasizes the need for collective action and bipartisan consensus to address climate change.

    4. "The Quickening: Creation and Community at the End of the World" by Elizabeth Rush: The book chronicles a scientific expedition to Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica, highlighting the potential consequences of sea level rise. It also explores personal questions about bringing a child into a changing world.

    Additionally, the text provides a list of climate fiction (Cli-Fi) books recommended by Dr. Krista Hiser, aimed at deepening understanding and empathy for the impact of climate change. It mentions other books and authors featured on the Citizens Climate Radio podcast.

    The Ultimate Climate Fiction (Cli-Fi) List

    Dr. Krista Hiser has been a regular guest and contributor to Citizens’ Climate Radio. She helps educators find creative ways to incorporate climate change into the curriculum. She does this work in several ways. Currently she is the Senior Lead and Advisor for advancing Sustainability Education over at the Global Council for Science and the Environment. She is also a professor of Composition & Rhetoric. But perhaps one of her most exciting endeavors is a successful online group she started. It’s called The Ultimate Cli-Fi Book Club. She shares four books that will help deepen your understanding of climate change and empathy for everyone impacted by extreme weather and global warming.

    Night in the World by Sharon English
    A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller Jr.
    The Man with the Compound Eyes by Wu Ming-Yi, Darryl Sterk (Translator)
    The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson
    The Memory of Water by Emmi Itžranta

    Here are some books and authors that have been featured on Citizens Climate Radio
    Mr. Eternity by Aaron Thier, Episode 10.
    Gold Fame Citrus by Claire Vaye Watkins, Episode 22.
    Code Blue and Code Red by Marissa Slaven, Episodes 33 and 65.

    These nonfiction books and Cli-Fi recommendations offer valuable insights into climate change and its effects on the environment and society.

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    The College Carbon Fee and Dividend Climate Change Movement

    The College Carbon Fee and Dividend Climate Change Movement

    In episode 88 of Citizens Climate Radio, we dive into the passion and action of young climate activists, exploring their journeys from concern to meaningful action. Host, Peterson Toscano leads the conversation, spotlighting the endeavors of students like Emily O’Keefe and Helen Tiffin in fostering awareness about climate change and feasible solutions, focusing particularly on the carbon fee and dividend policy.

    See full show notes and transcripts plus links: https://citizensclimatelobby.org/blog/podcast/episode-88-the-college-carbon-fee-and-dividend-climate-change-movement/

    From Concern to Action

    Emily O’Keefe, a student at the College of William and Mary, candidly shared her progression from a state of existential concern about climate change to actively seeking out impactful solutions. Emily’s journey started with a realization about the importance of sustainable living and protecting the environment. This ultimately led her to a gap year where she could detach and reconnect with nature by hiking the Appalachian Trail.

    "I want to do something really big about climate change. And I'm just trying to figure out how can I do that?" - Emily O’Keefe

    Evolving Ideas & Shared Enthusiasm

    Emily’s initial idea to start a social movement was supported and molded by her friends, like Helen Tiffin. They delved deep into discussions about the nature of the movement and the message it should convey. Eventually, she was introduced to the carbon fee and dividend policy by a friend, Philip Ignatov. This policy became the focal point of their movement due to its effectiveness and tangible impact.

    Helen Tiffin supported Emily’s enthusiasm, remarking on the nonpartisan nature and wide appeal of the carbon fee and dividend idea, noting, “It really is something that we can all agree upon.”

    Building a Movement

    Emily, Helen, and their friends engaged in creating signs which read

    Most Effective Climate Policy #carbonfeeanddividend bit.ly/writecongresshere

    They raised awareness on their campus, and beyond and fostered a ‘snowball effect’, enabling more and more students and people to recognize and understand the carbon fee and dividend policy, spreading across multiple universities and leveraging online platforms like Instagram for greater reach.

    Resilience Corner
    In this installment Tamara illustrates a parallel between the mental and physical benefits of high-intensity exercises like burpees and the sense of hope derived from proactive climate actions. This connection emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between mental stimulation and actionable insight to foster hope and resilience against the adverse effects of climate change.

    Citizens Climate Radio is welcoming three new team members, Lily Russian, Horace, and Karina Taylee, who will be regular voices on the platform.

    Good News
    Shelterwood Collective, a non-profit focusing on communal healing and ecosystem restoration on 900 acres in Northern California, is the focus of this month’s Good News Story. CCR team member Lila Powell researched, wrote, and recorded the story about the indigenous, black, and queer-led group that uses Kashia and southern Pomo traditions in forest restoration, involving controlled burns and invasive species removal. In 2022, they received a $4.5 million grant to enhance their restoration efforts. The collective also uses art, focusing on interconnected ecosystems, to inspire community involvement and is developing a center to foster environmental relationships and inclusivity.

    Special tribute to Madeline Para who recently retired from CCL staff. You heard Cody Francis singing Weather Any Storm. https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/RZI7R4iUkt/

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    TikTok, Daryl Hannah, and Barbie Take on Climate Change

    TikTok, Daryl Hannah, and Barbie Take on Climate Change

    Creative communicators are harnessing TikTok to engage their followers with climate change messages. TikTok is known for its short, engaging videos, and we talk to two content creators who are using the platform to reach and educate younger audiences in a fun and creative way.

    For complete show notes with links and transcript visit www.cclusa.org/radio

    Preeta “Prach” Banerjee is better known as @Prachonearth, a passionate climate activist who aspires gain a TikTok following as she shares her day-to-day life while promoting climate change awareness. A pre-med student at Purdue University, Prach volunteers with Citizens Climate Lobby and the Carbon Fee and Dividend Movement, Prach speaks with Citizens Climate Radio team member, Ruth Abraham and offers insights into her creative process, which involves spontaneity, authenticity, and connecting with viewers on a personal level.

    Cyrus Ferguson is a NYC based strategist, digital creator, and writer. He produces and hosts TikTok shows that imagine new paths for brands to connect to viewers, and if you’re on Art-Tok, you’ve likely seen his “Unintentional Sculpture Analysis.” Cyrus playfully analyzes everyday scenes as if they were works of art, bringing a fresh perspective to mundane objects and encouraging viewers to engage with climate change through imagination and play. With nearly 200,000 likes and over 2400 comments, Cyrus’ Unintentional Sculpture Analysis #13 REFORM is engaging viewers in a ridiculously serious conversation about climate change. He explains his process and shares expert tips and guidance for content creators.

    Nerd Corner

    Citizens’ Climate’s Research Coordinator, Dana Nuccitelli, delves into the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Dana breaks down the financial incentives offered by the IRA to encourage household electrification and energy efficiency improvements. From tax credits to upfront rebates, the IRA aims to make sustainable choices more accessible and affordable for households across the United States. Dana emphasizes the significance of these incentives in reducing building emissions and promoting cleaner energy solutions. Oh, and you can see Dana talking about Permitting Reform on Citizens Climate’s TikTok channel.

    Visit The Nerd Corner for more easy-to-understand explanations by Dana and the team.

    Good News Story Eco Warrior Barbies: Daryl Hannah's Major Announcement!

    After actress and eco-activist Daryl Hannah shared a groundbreaking announcement on behalf of the Mattel Corporation, the company behind Barbie dolls, Citizens Climate Radio host spoke with Daryl about this big bold move.

    Earlier this month at Los Angeles press conference, Daryl announced that Mattel has committed to going 100% plastic-free by 2030 and aims to support a global ban on plastics. To celebrate this important shift in toy production, Mattel will release a line of fully biodegradable Eco-Warrior Barbies, including one made in Daryl Hannah’s likeness.

    She shared some of the details with us, “I have a few accessories. Well I have a mermaid tail so I can do my work in the ocean. I have a monkey wrench. I have some handcuffs but actually I used chains when I changed myself to a tree at the South Central farm. I have a snorkel so I can also you know go and check out under the ocean. I have a few more toys but I definitely have a few non plastic biodegradable tools.”

    If this story sounds too good to be true, it is because it is. It was all a hoax orchestrated by the fictional Barbie Liberation Organization (BLO). The real people behind this political satire is the infamous Yes Men, who for decades have fooled the press and public with their elaborate stunts.

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    Harnessing Local Political Power for Climate Change Solutions

    Harnessing Local Political Power for Climate Change Solutions

    As climate advocates, we want to get everyone engaged in some sort of climate action. When it comes to taking on global climate change, people can feel overwhelmed with the scale of the problem, and then they shut down. Brandi Robinson, Associate Teaching Professor in Energy and Mineral Engineering at Penn State University says, “You don't have to make climate change someone's top priority. You have to connect climate change to what they already care about, and figure out how you can work together on that.” She recommends we begin locally.

    (Find links to guests, full show notes, and transcript at www.cclusa.org/radio )

    Brandi has been collaborating with her colleagues, Dr. Peter Buck, a sustainability and climate change professional, public servant, and educator. Together they co-direct the Centre Region Climate Action Program. Their work focuses on the local responses to global climate change, with specific interest in community-scale climate action planning.

    Resilience Corner

    There is no need to be overwhelmed in your climate work, especially when we use the resiliency tool at hand. In her latest installment of the Resilience Corner Tamara Staton connects our climate work with an emotion that doesn’t often come up–Joy. And speaking of joy, check out the silly TikTok host, Peterson Toscano made with Tamara in Portland, Oregon’s Forest Park.

    The Resilience Corner is made possible through a collaboration with Tamara Staton, Education and Resilience Coordinator for Citizens Climate Education. For more tips, strategies, and practices to stay strong and steady in your climate work, visit The Resiliency Hub.

    Good News
    Singer Songwriter Dane Meyers hung out with volunteer climate lobbyists in DC. Together they created the Live, Laugh, Lobby song and music video.

    Blending the mediums of music, video and climate activism, Dane has a long history of making sustainability feel less like a nightmare and more like a creative adventure. Beginning in 2019, his converted Tesla Model 3 became his home and recording studio for 18 months. The project showcased the unique capabilities of electric vehicles and led to a 17-song album entitled "The New American Dreamers."

    Eager to connect with others, Dane is gearing up for his next adventure-a series of intimate living room concerts along the east-coast. These performances aim to spark interest in sustainability and inspire audiences to both process the deep losses of environmental devastation while celebrating the adventure into sustainability. Learn more at his website. https://danemyers.com/

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    Economics, Justice, and Carbon Price Solutions

    Economics, Justice, and Carbon Price Solutions

    Ruth Abraham and Lila Powell, interns for Citizens Climate Radio, take over the show, and take a deep dive into the world of carbon pricing.

    For all links, show notes, and full transcript, visit https://citizensclimatelobby.org/blog/podcast/episode-85-economics-justice-and-carbon-price-solutions/

    Citizens Climate Lobby's Carbon Pricing page states: “A strong, economy-wide price on carbon could reduce America’s carbon pollution by 50% by 2030, putting us on track to reach net zero [carbon production] by 2050.”

    Carbon pricing is an economic solution to climate change. When Marshall Saunders first envisioned the creation of CCL, Cap-and-Trade was the primary way lawmakers heard about carbon pricing. But through relentless messaging and volunteer lobbying, the discussion has shifted to carbon fee and dividend.

    The ultimate goal? Incentivize both businesses and individuals to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Citizens’ Climate Lobby advocates for a carbon fee and dividend, an economy-wide fee that is then returned to citizens. At the point of extraction, a fee will be placed on fossil fuels. This collected store of cash will then be distributed back to individuals and in turn, flow through the economy, incentivizing both businesses and people to slowly but surely rely on renewables.

    Naomi Shimberg is a self-described aspiring economist who hopes to research the design of environmental and energy policy.
    A recent graduate at Yale with a B.A. in Ethics, Politics, and Economics, Shimberg was the senior producer at Pricing Nature where she produced and hosted episodes of Pricing Nature, a podcast on the economics of climate change. She spends her time explaining externalities and the infamous “social cost of carbon.” Shimberg also establishes that environmental inequities are essential to determining an appropriate climate price. Furthermore, she mentions that while it is efficient in reducing pollution it’s not an entirely equitable tool.

    Nokwanda Maseko is now a Senior Economist at Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies' with a background in development economics. Nokwanda conducts economic research, with a focus on industrial policy, trade, and climate change. Gender and the Just Transition in South Africa is a topic Nokwanda enjoys and is able to work on professionally. In this episode, Nokwanda says that although carbon pricing can help reduce emissions and promote innovation, it can also potentially increase costs for marginalized communities. Nokwanda discusses how general development as well as the transportation, agriculture, and energy production sectors in South Africa have several factors to consider when envisioning a green and equitable future.

    The benefits of carbon pricing include but are not limited to affordable clean energy, saved lives due to the restoration of clean air, and the innovation of American businesses.

    Nerd Corner Dana Nuccitelli highlights climate research (and makes it understandable) for fellow nerds and the nerd curious! In this episode Dana explains the basics behind addressing pollution and equity through carbon fee and dividend.

    Check out Dana’s post about how far and fast a price on carbon can drive down emissions within the United States here.

    Good News Story Citizens Climate Radio host, Peterson Toscano, shares good news about the Conservative Climate Caucus in the House of Representatives. It is much bigger than most people could have ever imagined!

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4.9 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

CaillieRoach ,

I’m a better communicator now

Not only will Peterson’s voice put you in a state of zen, you’ll leave the episode energized to improve how you talk about climate change to your friends or with a new perspective to think about for the rest of your day.

_R!a_ ,

Exactly what I was looking for

Brief, yet impactful episodes with informative segments on the climate and the impacts of its change! The show always leaves a smile on my face and stirs up the activism in the heart.

james.t.schwartz ,

Highly recommended for climate activists

This podcast helps me stay connected to others involved in climate activism -- and to the practical and emotional challenges of that activism. Love it!

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