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We explore the innovations and ideas that will transform our cities.

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We explore the innovations and ideas that will transform our cities.

    Innovation Ecosystems 2.0

    Innovation Ecosystems 2.0

    As technology has become core to our economy, big coastal cities like Boston, San Francisco, and Seattle have become tech innovation ecosystems, attracting talented workers, startups, and investment capital. But the resources and opportunities haven't been shared equitably. In this episode, we explore a new generation of innovation ecosystems that could not only spark economic growth, but offset some of the urban development approaches that have left too many neighborhoods behind.

    • 29 min
    Wealth Beyond Ownership

    Wealth Beyond Ownership

    What if, instead of being negatively impacted by a neighborhood's growth, residents could benefit from it instead? In this episode, we explore “neighborhood REITS,” a model that helps community members invest in local development projects. This innovative approach could help folks participate in the upsides of development, and even potentially begin to redress some of the racial inequities that have been baked into our housing system for decades.

    Read the link-rich transcript at https://bit.ly/3FhzYQ

    • 26 min
    From Owing to Owning

    From Owing to Owning

    Cities across the U.S. are suffering from dire housing crises. Housing supply is low, prices are high, and wages and income aren't keeping up. Many struggle to make rent, let alone save for a home.

    So in this episode, we’re looking at new economic models that could help renters, particularly immigrants and new arrivals, become home- or partial building owners — and have the opportunity to access multi-generational wealth as a result.

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    • 27 min
    Development 101

    Development 101

    2020 made a lot of people ask: “How am I impacting the world?” Developers are no exception. Today, the industry is at a tipping point, and many are asking themselves how they can do better — while still making money.

    This season of City of the Future will be about the ideas and innovations that could lead to more equitable development. But before we can understand how development could become more inclusive tomorrow, we have to understand how it works today.

    Transcript at https://bit.ly/3ERCwVP

    • 18 min
    Flexible Streets

    Flexible Streets

    The pandemic has forced cities to reimagine streets so they can be better shared by all — from drivers, to bicyclists, to pedestrians, to curbside diners. But what if we could use design and technology to make our streets even more flexible? So they could change use according to the season, the week, even the hour? In our season finale, we explore a future where streets can do just that — and better respond to all of our needs.

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    • 25 min
    Factory-based Construction

    Factory-based Construction

    For about a century, architects and developers have dreamed of the promise of factory-based construction. But, in North America at least, almost every attempt to revolutionize this industry has failed. But now, thanks to innovations in design, materials, and machinery — and a green wave taking over the industry — factory-based construction could be an idea whose time has finally come.

    Read the link-rich transcript on our Medium page at https://bit.ly/2UJrfSa

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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
234 Ratings

234 Ratings

Gere15 ,

Explores Innovative Ideas For Cities

This podcast is expertly made and focuses on exciting developments for cities and doesn’t shy around the more difficult aspects of urban innovation. 5/5 stars. Love it! You’d should listen!

Ange Delgado ,

Leaves a lot out of the story

I rarely go out of my way to review podcasts, but several episodes bothered me so much that I can't let it go.

This show is uncritical and one-sided - they profile a subject, tending to be a powerful authority, that is "innovating" with and "saving" cities and their communities. They leave out the fact that usually these subjects have actually been the source of the communities' challenges, and their efforts are not simply an act of goodwill, but a marketing ploy and narrative flip. I would say that this podcast does its listeners an injustice by not "going deeper", but the stories are so transparently bad that I wouldn't be surprised if they are literally funded by their subjects and the entire point of the show is to be an advertisement.

It's very rah rah we love cops and corporations are our saviors type stuff. I really implore you to listen just so you can improve your ability to read (listen) between the lines when you're being marketed to. And then you can give it a 1 star rating too :) absolutely awful stuff!

podcastpeep15 ,

Great Podcast

It has amazing ideas for cities and even insures me that people have thing planned that will make cities better

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