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Clicks & Bricks is a comprehensive, small business and online presence-focused series. Beginning with light-hearted segment “Between the Cubicles”, Ken Cox discusses the reality of owning a business, answer business-related questions. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/clicksandbricks/support

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Clicks & Bricks is a comprehensive, small business and online presence-focused series. Beginning with light-hearted segment “Between the Cubicles”, Ken Cox discusses the reality of owning a business, answer business-related questions. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/clicksandbricks/support

    Turning a PASSION FOR DANCING into a BUSINESS! EP. 132

    Turning a PASSION FOR DANCING into a BUSINESS! EP. 132

    Being able to have a business that is surrounded by what you love is every business owners dream! Listen to todays episode to hear about an outline of how Lauren turned her passion for dance into her business.  

    Sales Process: https://www.instagram.com/laurenedangelo/  

    Thank you for tuning into todays 132nd episode of Clicks and Bricks! Ken is talking with Lauren Dangelo who is  freelance choreographer and got started based off of her love of dancing. She loves what she does even on the tough days. Today she goes into detail about how she keeps herself out of a rut and continues to move forward even when she only has herself to rely on!

    01:00 What you do 

    02:00 Competing and Dance Business 

    03:00 How to manage a work life balance 

    05:15 Overcoming lows, overcoming the bad days 

    07:00 Give yourself a break 

    09:00 Negotiation as a Freelancer 

    12:00 How do you see technology changing the future 

    13:30 TikTok Talk

      About Lauren Dangelo: Lauren Dangelo began dancing in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to training at local schools, she attended summer programs at Cincinnati Ballet. Lauren graduated in 2014 magna cum laude with her BFA in Dance Performance. Upon graduating, Lauren went on to dance with the Charlottesville Ballet under the direction of Sara Jansen Clayborne. There, she danced both soloist and corps de ballet roles in both classical ballets; The Nutcracker, The Firebird, Sleeping Beauty, as well as other original compositions. She also danced in several original contemporary works, most notably by Colby Damon from Ballet X, and Steven Melendez from New York Theatre Ballet, among others. Lauren now considers herself a freelance dancer, working with companies and creatives around the country. As of late, she has had the opportunity to dance with ODC in San Francisco, CA, where she had the pleasure of dancing Kate Weare's work, Giant; New Dialect in Nashville, TN under the direction of Banning Bouldin, Sidra Bell, Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers', amongst others. Recently, Lauren has performed in the Broadway and commercial industries by working as the dance captain on the show Chicago: The Musical, opening for musical artist, Train, in concert, as well as Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. 

    Contact Lauren: 

    Email - laurenedangelo@gmail.com 

    YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIv34TgzNW08voVuE4xDYxA

    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/laurenedangelo/


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    E-COMMERCE BUSINESSES need to target THIS AUDIENCE for more sales! EP. 131

    E-COMMERCE BUSINESSES need to target THIS AUDIENCE for more sales! EP. 131

    Retargeting abandoned carts from your website is one of the most profitable things that you can do when you are looking to generate more sales within your online store. Here's a few ways to do it!  

    Learn the sales process: https://clicksandbricksacademy.com/ 

    Today is the 130th episode of Clicks and Bricks we do appreciate all of you continuing to come back and watching! Today we speak to Ata Gur about His brand FrizBit see more about the brand below. He has an interesting story and has a belief that every business owner needs to put their business online. He has a great strategy for online marketing if you want to save money when marketing or buying things online and it has a lot to do with leaving a website. A lot of business owners quit too soon. As a business owner we have to keep getting up! You cannot quit or else you can miss the big opportunities that are possibly coming to you in the future!

    00:50 Your story  

    04:00 Businesses need to be online 

    04:45 What can people do to get the most value 

    05:45 Abandon your cart 

    10:00 Text marketing tip 

    11:00 Tips for success 

    14:00 Patience is essential 

    17:00 How the future of technology will change our future 

    22:30 Facebook Pixel / Meta Pixel

    About Frizbit: We are a marketing tech startup that offers digital marketers an all-in-one ad-free retargeting platform combining web push notifications, email and SMS. Over 50 companies worldwide trust us to send automated and hyper-personalized messages that engage customers and drive sales.  2020 Selected as one of the top 20 tech startups in Catalonia and granted a Startup Capital by ACCIO. Published its new dashboard.  2021 Reached 40 clients from 10 countries with our all-in-one digital marketing solution for retargeting without ads. 

    Contact Frizbit Team: Instagram https://www.instagram.com/frizbitpush/

    Twitter https://twitter.com/frizbitpush

    LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/frizbit

    Email contact@frizbit.com


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    Building a start up or OWN A BUSINESS? START HERE! EP. 131

    Building a start up or OWN A BUSINESS? START HERE! EP. 131

    For people who have either never started a company or for those who are thinking about launching another company check out todays episode to see how a Company like Konverge can really benefit you long-term!  

    Sales Process: https://clicksandbricksacademy.com/ 

    Welcome back to the 131st podcast Episode of Clicks and Bricks! Today Ken is talking with Sonia Couto who is a strategic leader and director of Konverge (you can see more about that down below.) But today is all about taking a business from an idea or passion, and the first steps to take in order to create that into a profitable start up. There is a lot covered in here and you can feel free to reach out to the Konverge team if you want to dive deeper into it. Their website is down below. But we talk about how business owners find something they love, create it into a business model, and the importance of monetization. Without being able to monetize it you cannot create it into a long lasting stable brand or company. As a business owner or entrepreneur that's what we are all in it for is to make money long term. We cover that and how to get noticed and work with companies like Konverge today.

    00:30 Tell us about your business 

    02:30 Taking business to the next level 

    03:30 Coming to market 

    06:00 Creating a start up 

    08:00 Business resources and developers 

    10:00 3 ways to get your business noticed 

    14:00 Million dollar idea  

    16:00 AI is the future, how the future of technology will change business 

    22:00 Automate everything

    About Sonia: Sonia Couto is a business visionary, strategic leader, and sits at the helm of two award-winning software products. She is the Director of Konverge Digital Solutions, a custom software development company, and has been with Konverge since 2007. Sonia is a highly results-driven leader that oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. Additionally, she monitors revenue margins and worker productivity, implements new directives for growth, and sets and monitors key performance indicators. Sonia is also the founder of MenuSano, a tech company that is part of Konverge’s portfolio of companies. She has overseen MenuSano’s development from its inception. Working with the MenuSano team, Sonia drives initiatives that will lead to strategic partnerships and growth within Canada and internationally.  Sonia has been the recipient of several awards that acknowledge her excellence in leadership in the software industry. As a dedicated member of the tech community, she organizes and runs a COO roundtable for PeerScale, a peer-to-peer organization for tech leaders to connect, share, and grow. Her interest in health has led her to become an advocate for early breast cancer detection and supporting women going through diagnoses. Furthermore, Sonia volunteers for the SilStar foundation, by helping them with their marketing and social media campaigns to raise awareness and funds for lung cancer research.

    Contact Konverge: 

    LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/company/konverge

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/KonvergeDigitalSolutionsCorp/

    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/konverge_digital_solutions/?hl=en

    Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/KonvergeAndKnow


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    Top 5 Habits for HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE to run their business. EP 129

    Top 5 Habits for HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE to run their business. EP 129

    As Business owners we need to focus on building the positive habits that change your life. If we do not reflect and change our habits those things can hold back our business and ourselves. City dives into a handful of those habits that are guaranteed to be the answer to how you will improve your life.  

    Bring your Marketing In House: https://clicksandbricksacademy.com/ 

    Welcome back to Clicks and Bricks 129th episode! Ken is talking to Cindy today about how a few small habits will change your life. They do not just name those habits we dive deep today into each individual one. Check out this episode today and try to apply one or all of them and let us know if you have a better tomorrow!

    00:30 Business I am in 

    02:15 I left my job 

    05:00 Habits of Highly Effective People 

    05:38 High Performance Habit #1 - Business Vision 

    06:00 High Performance Habit #2 - Business Strategy 

    06:10 Habit to perform higher #3 - Execution in Business 

    06:20 Habits for better performance #4 - Building a Strong team 

    06:38 High Performance Habit #5 - Strong Inner voice 

    07:25 Diving deep into the importance of having a vision 

    10:33 How to be strategic in your business 

    14:10 Execution is essential for your business 

    15:00 Making the most of your day 

    17:40 Importance of a strong team in your business 

    20:43 What is a strong inner voice 

    24:15 For a 25 year old woman who wants to get in business

    About Cindy: As a former Award-winning HP EXECUTIVE with 20 years of INTERNATIONAL experience managing billion dollar businesses and LEADING multicultural and REMOTE teams, Cindy fully UNDERSTANDS the complexity YOU are facing every day to OUTPERFORM the market while SHAPING the future in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous).She KNOWS what is like to BREAK DOWN the race and gender BARRIERS to ascend the LEADERSHIP Ranks. Through IN-PERSON/Hybrid/VIRTUAL cutting-edge KEYNOTES, data-driven LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT solutions and EXECUTIVE COACHING programs, Cindy delivers PRACTICAL and MEASURABLE solutions around: high-growth team development, inclusive leadership, career acceleration and the future of work. CLIENTS and CONFERENCES include Microsoft, Intel, Amadeus, HP, Proteccion, Perry Ellis, Black Tech Week, FICPA. Cindy is the Recipient of the “Woman Entrepreneur in Mentorship of the Year 2019”Cindy SPEAKS Fluent English, Spanish and French. We cannot predict the future, but we can PREPARE for it.

    Contact Cindy: 

    Twitter http://twitter.com/cindymontgenie'

    Facebook http://facebook.com/NewSkiesNationLinkedIn http://


    Instagram http://instagram.com/cindymontgenie


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    If you FAIL to plan, you PLAN to fail. For SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS EP 128

    If you FAIL to plan, you PLAN to fail. For SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS EP 128

    If you already own a business or want to start a business in the future, most have goals like doing what you love and hitting goals that help you have a better life. Doing that is the dream for a lot of business owners and that is exactly the kind of person that todays guest likes to work with! 

     Academy starts on February 15th: https://clicksandbricksacademy.com/

    Welcome back to the 128th Episode of Clicks and Bricks! Today is an amazing podcast so be sure to check this one out there's a lot packed into a short time. Ken is speaking with Joe Joe Siecinski. Joe is a business owner with a long list of achievements and experience. They start off by Joe telling his story on how he got into his business Brainshare. Brainshare has helped many business owners and they talk about how a lot in this podcast. Going form Goalsetting, and how something as simple a a few calendar tricks to help you work your way towards owning a profitable small business or even all they way up to a big business. These tips work any goal you have.

    02:00 Helping others 

    05:15 Time is your most valuable asset 

    06:50 Goal Setting 

    07:40 Calendar  

    10:20 Create a schedule 

    10:00 Creating a successful business top tips 

    16:00 Quotes to change your life 

    20:00 How to find what works for you 

    24:30 How to more forward 

    28:00 Setting up SWAG

    About Joe: Joe dedicated his life to have a positive impact on every person and business he comes in contact with. He focuses on enabling businesses to become profitable commercial enterprises and increasing the valuation of those businesses. Joe has over 40 years of experience with, 25 years of working with big companies and during those years he has worked with over 2000 companies nationwide, with over 1000 of those being small businesses.   

    About Brainshare: Guiding CEOs and Executive Teams who want to develop and grow in confidence, agility, awareness, and leadership essentials in order to expand their influence, communicate effectively, cultivate strong relationships, and develop others so the company can focus on the 5 Disciplines of exponential growth.  

    WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU: I help bring clarity to how CEO’s and their executive teams lead and manage their organizations. I will use my experience, proven systems, tools, processes, and resources to guide you to great business, one that is achieving ultimate, optimal success.  

    MY APPROACH: Leading the way for exponential growth by focusing on the 5 Disciplines that serve the key constituents a company requires to become sustainable, predictable, stable, consistent, and emotionally connected to your customers, your community, and your team:  

    Contact Joe: 

    WebURL http://www.brainsharebyjoe.com/

    LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/joesiecinski/

    YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/jsiecinski

    Twitter https://twitter.com/actioncoach_sc

    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jsiecinski


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    Non-competes WILL STOP YOU from starting your own business! EP-127

    Non-competes WILL STOP YOU from starting your own business! EP-127

    Signing a non-compete can hold you back from alot of things including building you own business! If you have to sign one for your employment we go over a few steps to take on protecting yourself.

    Academy Starts February 15th: https://clicksandbricksacademy.com/

    Welcome back to Clicks and Bricks 127th Episode. Ken is talking to Chuck who is the founder of Specialty Fitness and with over 25 years of experience in the industry he knows what he is doing. We start off by hearing the story of how he got into this area and what led him to be his own boss. There's a lot in the story but the main focus is a non-compete. Chuck has an opinion on them that is backed by real life experience. Do you agree with his perspective on them?

    About Chuck:
    Chuck Herman has over 25 years of commercial and specialty fitness equipment experience. Chuck’s hands on, consultative approach and attention to detail allow him to service a full spectrum of needs for all commercial applications. Chuck earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from The Ohio State University and his MBA from Cleveland State University. Chuck’s enthusiasm for his business is unmistakable and he is always willing to talk about his favorite hobbies, his kids, baseball and practicing what he preaches: fitness.

    About Specialty Fitness:
    At Specialty Fitness Equipment, we ask a series of comprehensive questions in order to help you make well informed purchases that are customized to your clientele, business, goals and budget. Whether you buy from us, or not, use our years of expertise and knowledge to help guide your fitness equipment decision. Call one of our specialists today!

    Contact Specialty Fitness:
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SpecialtyFitnessEquipment/
    Twitter https://twitter.com/fitnessequipoh
    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/specialtyfitnessequipment


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8 Ratings

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