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Closer To Truth presents the world’s greatest thinkers exploring humanity’s deepest questions in Cosmos, Consciousness, and Meaning.

Closer To Truth Closer To Truth

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Closer To Truth presents the world’s greatest thinkers exploring humanity’s deepest questions in Cosmos, Consciousness, and Meaning.

    How Vast is the Cosmos?

    How Vast is the Cosmos?

    COSMOS - Everyone knows that the universe is huge, but no one could have imagined how staggeringly immense the universe, or multiple universes, may actually be. It stops your breath.Featuring Martin Rees, Max Tegmark, Alan H. Guth, Andrei Linde, and Paul Davies.

    • 26 min
    Arguing God From First Cause

    Arguing God From First Cause

    MEANING - Does everything need a cause? Everything in the universe surely does. But what about the universe as a whole? And what about God—assuming God exists—does God need a cause?Featuring William Lane Craig, Quentin Smith, Alister McGrath, David Shatz, Charles L. Harper Jr., and Peter van Inwagen.

    • 26 min
    What is Truth?

    What is Truth?

    CONSCIOUSNESS - Everyone wants to know ‘Truth’. But what is Truth? People argue about Truth; people fight about Truth—consider politics and religion. But what is the basic meaning of Truth itself?Featuring Simon Blackburn, Raymond Tallis, John Hawthorne, John Hick, and Michael Shermer.

    • 26 min
    Can the Brain Explain Art?

    Can the Brain Explain Art?

    CONSCIOUSNESS — What is happening in our brains when we perceive and appreciate the arts? What are the neural substrates of artistic sensations, feelings, and emotions? How do diverse arts affect the brain?

    • 26 min
    Why Anything at All? (Part 2)

    Why Anything at All? (Part 2)

    COSMOS — It’s the ultimate puzzle. It’s the haunting question. Why is there “something” rather than “nothing”? It seems impenetrable, uncrackable, unfathomable. But are there ways?

    • 26 min
    Can Art Clarify the Mind-Body Problem?

    Can Art Clarify the Mind-Body Problem?

    CONSCIOUSNESS — Can art inform the classic mind-body problem? While the relationship between mental activity and physical brain continues to baffle (especially consciousness), can the existence and process of art provide insight?

    • 26 min

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4.6 out of 5
87 Ratings

87 Ratings

Mary's boy jump for joy ,

Jesus is God Yes he certainly is. How can I say

That. Well, I Think it is part of a quote from
Billy Graham ( I hope I spelled that right) First
Let explain my Doctorate degree. I went to
a Jesuit University in Connecticut at the age
Of seventeen. I flunked out in the first year as a result, which I believe today was alcoholic drinking . One of the courses I flunked was
Theology . The Doctoral degree is actually pending LOL.
Back to the words that I believe was a quote
from Reverend Billy Graham was and I might
Be paraphrasing: “ Don’t let anyone tell you
about God, find out for yourself. You will know
By the gentle tugs on your heartstrings that
he is real.
So with that in mind and the little biblical knowledge that I had, I remember hearing “Seek
and you will find” well where am I going to find
Jesus! I had been in several mental institutions
and I remember the situation where there was
a man who was smiling and he told two men
In the hospital, “well, one of you is lying “
Then I realized why he was smiling: Both
Men were claiming to be Jesus.
I was very sure that neither one was Jesus.
My continued search to find Jesus led me to
The Catholic Christians I had learned on my
Journey that Catholics actually believed in
a thing called Transubstantiation ( I had to look
Up the spelling ) it was doctrine that their
priests were ordained with the gift to change
bread and wine into the body and blood of
Jesus. I can imagine how many people would
Be thinking “ are these people crazy “ I was
now researching on my own and learning about
people called saints and reading the Bible learning about this man called Jesus. I figured out that Christ was not his last name. That information gave me knowledge to respond to
golfers I played with, when they would blaspheme with the name Jesus Christ. I could respond with if you are going to blaspheme
the name of God, Why don’t you get it right.
Jesus is the Christ , Christ is not his last name.
In my search I found out nobody ever called him
Jesus while he walked this earth and I couldn’t
Find anywhere that he said “I love you”. I found
Out that he asked someone if they loved him. In fact he repeated it three times. The piece of
Information that I found most helpful for myself
was he was like us in every way except sin. I could take my own inventory and separate issues of lust and pride selfishness,judgemental
Opinions everything that I considered disobedience to what I believe God expected of
Me and when I did I was left with my own personal feelings. That was helpful to me because when I identified my feelings I realized
That Jesus had felt in his own lifetime. The biggest revelation to me was when he said on
the cross “Father why have you abandoned me?” He was questioning his father he was
doubting and I wanted to know. It wasn’t a misquote or a translation error. Then I realized
He said that just for us to hear and brought my
thinking back to where I started. He was like
us in every way but seen. He experienced the
abandoned to fulfill the words “like us in every
way but sin. Jesus experienced abandonment
Just so no human being could ever say you
don’t know what it feels like to be abandoned.
I want to simplify my journey. If you want to find
Out if Jesus is God all you have to do is humbly
ask him and the key words humbly ask. Go to any
Catholic Church and during the mass when
The priest raises the host and says this is Jesus
Or if they have hours of adoration where the
host which Catholics call the Eucharist is set
In a special metal container with a glass front
which is called a monstrance
If anyone asks , I mean anyone . Catholic , Protestant, Muslim Hindu Jew even a self proclaimed atheist. are you Jesus, Are you really God, are you truly present right any
question asked humbly he will give you the answer. He will give you the truth because he is
the Truth. He cannot lie he cannot deceive or be deceived. I cannot tell you at what time you
will get the answer. some will get it immediately some may get their answer a week or a month after and some it might be many years but I can tell you this before your death you will Absolutely know for sure who he is. My journey
Took many years and I witnessed many miracles
along the way. To me miracles to God are like
another day at the office My belief today is
is: I would bet my soul for eternity that Jesus is God and is truly present in the consecrated host
called the Eucharist by devoted Catholics.

Just an after thought wagering my soul regarding the Eucharist is the easiest wager I could make because every thing I have learned loved and breathed in my mind body heart and
soul is just nonsense and all my brothers and
sisters who shed their blood rather than deny
Their Lord and Savior Jesus were fools and all
the talk of they were.known as Christians by their love is just one big lie.

Kratus1 ,

The way these conversations should go.

I don’t remember when I stumbled upon this podcast, but it must have been while searching for anything similar to Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot (also a good short lived one). Rationally Rationally Speaking is also fair too. Out of all of them, this one is by far the most well formatted, recorded, and insightful. The conversations are rich, profound, and respectful in the way any debate should go, as there are times when any other typical layman would get their fuse lit, the host and guest both remain steadfast to dignified exchange. This podcast reminds me of what “Nature of Existence” documentary would be in audio form. This hits the frontal lobe right where it needs it.

wikm724 ,

Insightful and entertaining.

Insightful and entertaining. Found the podcast after watching the PBS show. Wish the podcast episodes were longer.

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