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70's Disco dance music show mixed and hosted by DJ Forplay recorded from DJ performances around Los Angeles and presented in radio show format. For Promotional Purposes only.

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70's Disco dance music show mixed and hosted by DJ Forplay recorded from DJ performances around Los Angeles and presented in radio show format. For Promotional Purposes only.

    Disco Las Vegas

    Disco Las Vegas

    Disco Las Vegas is a DJ set at a local club in West Las Vegas. Recorded March 2019 and features remixed classic disco songs from Grace Jones, Patrice Rushen, Diana Ross, Kathy Sledge, Karel and much more. #house #Disco #Las Vegas



    1. Take Your Time – Crew Funk

    2. Pull Up To The Bumper (Joey Negro Bumper To Bumper Mix)

    – Grace Jones

    3. The Power of Love – Wardell Piper

    4. Cathedrals – DC Larue

    5. Affair In Spring – That Needs an Edit

    6. Lost Without U – Paris Grey & HiFi Sean

    7. Never Gonna Give You Up – Patrice Russian

    8. Anitas Bell – Mr Patron

    9. Everybody Get Down – Rafael Lambert

    10. Love Hangover – Diana Ross

    11. Keep On Jumpin’ – Todd Terry

    12. Sex Bomb – Tom Jones & Mousse T.

    13. Gimme Gimme (A man After Midnight) – Cher

    14. Vertigo – JKriv & Adeline

    15. Keep It Movin’ – Aristofreeks ft. Kathy Sledge

    16. The Boss (Almighty Remix) – Diana Ross

    17. Married Men – Karel

    18. Dance (Disco Heat) – Sylvester

    19. I Feel Love (Timo Mass Remix) – Donna Summer

    20. Hung Up – Madonna

    21. Barbra Streisand Strikes a Pose – Robin Skouteris

    22. Always Unique – Club 69

    23. New York City Boy – Pet Shop Boys

    24. Disco Kicks ’97 – Boystown Gang

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    • 2 hr 7 min
    EP 5 Taking you to Xanadu

    EP 5 Taking you to Xanadu

    I’m taking you to Xanadu with this mix because I just keep thinking about you, babe.

    Club disco music from the 70’s are all the kids are talking about and sampling in their own music. Listen closely as you will hear many bits an pieces of these sings in today’s music.

    Olivia, The Trammps, Donna and Diana are in the club today. Follow the show on Twitter @_discodynamite.

    • 2 hr 4 min
    EP 4 Artists of the 70’s & 80’s

    EP 4 Artists of the 70’s & 80’s

    DJ Forplay brings back your favorite disco music podcast featuring wonderful artists of the time like The Three Degrees, Lipps Inc, Miquel Brown and so much more.

    This ultra 70’s and 80’s set of disco dance hits was produced by DJ Forplay on location at Paradise Bar in Long Beach, CA. The small venue was jam packed with disco fans – the music was bumping, drinks were flowing and the ho’s were creeping.

    Better than disco music radio this podcast displays the talent of DJ Forplay.


    • 2 hr 8 min
    EP 3 Decades Disco Dance Hits

    EP 3 Decades Disco Dance Hits

    This mix is hot stuff and featured at The Mineshaft in Long BEACH.

    A tiny dive bar in the gay district of Long Beach created a fabulous vibe with this set of remixed disco dance hits. Whitney, Barbra, Jocelyn and Donna were all there and we tore it up. My groove is from the heart and I vogue to it is the theme for this disco music podcast.


    • 2 hr 6 min
    EP 2 Disco Dance Hits of the 70’s

    EP 2 Disco Dance Hits of the 70’s

    DJ Forplay is back with the Disco music podcast mixing from the Mixlab Studio in Long Beach, CA. Better than disco music radio, Club Disco Dynamite is like Studio 54 in your ears with flashbacks to the 70’s with disco dance hits of the era from artists like, Donna Summer, Hot Chocolate, Fever and Patti Brooks.

    This great DJ set was recorded live at Paradise Bar for the Sunday Funday Series featuring disco dance hits of the 70s.


    • 1 hr 14 min
    EP1 Live Disco Music Podcast in Los Angeles

    EP1 Live Disco Music Podcast in Los Angeles

    DJ Forplay is starting the disco music podcast with Club Disco Dynamite, his regular disco dj music podcast featuring studio 54 favorites of the era.

    This episode of the show features all vinyl records spinning in the Mixlab Studio in Long Beach, CA. with spotlights on disco artists like France, Joli, Ferrara, Lisa and so much more.

    Better than disco music radio, Club Disco Dynamite brings the dance club vibe to you from directly recorded DJ sets.

    Put on your boogie shoes and enjoy.

    • 36 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

ChicJessL ,


What a GREAT ERA. Love walking into clubs with partner and friends with this music blasting. Really miss those day but still LOVE this music today. Excellent disco mix.

Steven Los Angeles ,

Great Disco Mix

I'm a disco dancer from way back in the gay clubs of San Francisco and i danced to these great songs. I love this podcast. Thank you!

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