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This podcast takes you through every college basketball game on the schedule with Greg ‘Hoops’ Peterson. Greg is a nationally noted college basketball bracketologist who makes lines and predictions for every game on the college basketball schedule. Greg brings his unique style to this pod with a fast-paced look at all of the college hoops action with betting analysis on the top-10 teams, as well as some games you may not be expecting.

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This podcast takes you through every college basketball game on the schedule with Greg ‘Hoops’ Peterson. Greg is a nationally noted college basketball bracketologist who makes lines and predictions for every game on the college basketball schedule. Greg brings his unique style to this pod with a fast-paced look at all of the college hoops action with betting analysis on the top-10 teams, as well as some games you may not be expecting.

    1/27/2022-Coast To Coast Hoops

    1/27/2022-Coast To Coast Hoops

    Greg talks about when & how often to adjust unit amount, recaps Wednesday's college basketball results, talks to Eli Boettger of Heat Check CBB about the marquee west coast teams & mid-majors in action on Thursday & Greg picks & analyzes EVERY Thursday CBB game.
    Podcast Highlights
    1:22-When & how often to adjust unit amount
    4:48-Recap of Wednesday's results
    22:32-Interview with Eli Boettger
    41:40-Start of picks with Wisconsin vs Nebraska
    44:22-Picks & analysis Arkansas St vs App St
    46:25-Picks & analysis Mid TN vs Marshall
    48:40-Picks & analysis UIC vs Detroit
    51:09-Picks & analysis Northeastern vs UNC Wilmington
    53:39-Picks & analysis Delaware vs Towson
    56:08-Picks & analysis William & Mary vs Elon
    58:01-Picks & analysis Green Bay vs Youngstown St
    1:00:20-Picks & analysis Hofstra vs Charleston
    1:02:56-Picks & analysis for Drexel vs James Madison
    1:05:39-Picks & analysis Little Rock vs Coastal Carolina
    1:08:09-Picks & analysis UW Milwaukee vs Robert Morris
    1:10:49-Picks & analysis Murray St vs TN Tech
    1:13:18-Picks & analysis Rice vs LA Tech
    1:15:31-Picks & analysis GA Southern vs LA Monroe
    1:18:23-Picks & analysis Georgia St vs Louisiana
    1:21:32-Picks & analysis Oral Roberts vs Omaha
    1:23:53-Picks & analysis North TX vs So Miss
    1:26:13-Picks & analysis Weber St vs N Colorado
    1:28:30-Picks & analysis Oho St vs Minnesota
    1:31:02-Picks & analysis North Dakota St vs South Dakota
    1:33:06-Picks & analysis North Dakota vs South Dakota St
    1:35:33-Picks & analysis Texas St vs UT Arlington
    1:37:48-Picks & analysis FIU vs UTSA
    140:15-Picks & analysis Utah Valley vs Chicago St
    1:42:38-Picks & analysis Troy vs South Alabama
    1:45:02-Picks & analysis Loyola CHI vs Southern IL
    1:47:27-Picks & analysis Ball St vs Northern IL
    1:49:54-Picks & analysis Belmont vs Austin Peay
    1:52:13-Picks & analysis TN St vs SIU Edwardsville
    1:54:32-Picks & analysis Morehead St vs SE Missouri
    1:56:51-Picks & analysis UAB vs Western KY
    1:59:07-Picks & analysis Purdue vs Iowa
    2:01:36-Picks & analysis Eastern WA vs Montana St
    2:03:38-Picks & analysis Idaho vs Montana
    2:05:23-Picks & analysis CS Fullerton vs UC Davis
    2:07:43-Picks & analysis UMKC vs Denver
    2:10:03-Picks & analysis Eastern IL vs UT Martin
    2:12:32-Picks & analysis East Carolina vs Memphis
    2:15:12-Picks & analysis Cal vs UCLA
    2:17:30-Picks & analysis FAU vs UTEP
    2:19:58-Picks & analysis Cal Poly vs UC San Diego
    2:22:11-Picks & analysis Pacific vs Portland
    2:21:30-Picks & analysis Idaho St vs Sacramento St
    2:24:17-Picks & analysis Boise St vs Utah St
    2:26:14-Picks & analysis So Utah vs Portland St
    2:28:39-Picks & analysis CS Bakersfield vs UC Irvine
    2:31:06-Picks & analysis Long Beach St vs UC Riverside
    2:33:26-Picks & analysis St. Mary's vs San Francisco
    2:35:57-Picks & analysis Pepperdine vs San Diego
    2:38:01-Picks & analysis LMU vs Gonzaga
    2:40:20-Picks & analysis BYU vs Santa Clara
    2:42:16-Picks & analysis Stanford vs USC
    2:44:45-DK Nation Pick Colorado vs Washington
    2:47:26-Picks & analysis CSUN vs Hawaii
    2:50:11-Start of extra game picks Eastern KY vs FL Gulf Coast
    2:51:59-Picks & analysis Lipscomb vs Jacksonville
    2:53:37-Picks & analysis Merrimack vs Bryant
    2:55:47-Picks & analysis North Bama vs Liberty
    2:58:11-Picks & analysis St. Francis NY vs Sacred Heart
    2:59:56-Picks & analysis LIU vs Central CT St
    3:01:54-Picks & analysis Mt St Mary's vs FDU
    3:04:01-Picks & analysis for St. Francis PA vs Wagner
    3:06:03-Picks & analysis Gardner Webb vs NC Asheville
    3:07:48-Picks & analysis Bellarmine vs Stetson
    3:09:32-Picks & analysis Jacksonville St vs Kennesaw St
    3:11:28-Picks & analysis New Orleans vs Houston Baptist
    3:13:39-Picks & analysis Central AR vs North Florida
    3:15:52-Picks & analysis Nicholls vs McNeese St
    3:17:40-Picks & analysis Incarnate Word vs NW State
    3:19:44-Picks & analysis TX A&M CC vs SE LA
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    1/26/2022-Coast To Coast Hoops

    1/26/2022-Coast To Coast Hoops

    Greg recaps Tuesday's college basketball results, talks to Ky McKeon of the Three Man Weave to look at how to handicap games involving teams that just played each other within the past 21 days preview Wednesday's games & Greg picks & analyzes EVERY Wednesday college basketball game.
    Podcast Highlights
    1:45-Recap of Tuesday's results
    19:45-Interview with Ky McKeon
    31:56-Start of picks with Florida vs Tennessee
    34:15-Picks & analysis for Northwestern vs Michigan
    36:29-Picks & analysis for Providence vs Xavier
    38:39-Picks & analysis for Creighton vs Butler
    40:59-Picks & analysis for UNC Greensboro vs E Tennessee St
    43:08-Picks & analysis for VMI vs Furman
    45:16-Picks & analysis for Boston College vs UNC
    47:26-Picks & analysis for Duquesne vs St. Joseph's
    49:31-Picks & analysis for Western Carolina vs The Citadel
    51:29-Picks & analysis for Wofford vs Chattanooga
    53:44-Picks & analysis for St. Bonaventure vs George Mason
    55:41-Picks & analysis for UMass vs La Salle
    57:42-Picks & analysis for SMU vs USF
    1:00:04-Picks & analysis for Northern Iowa vs Evansville
    1:02:03-Picks & analysis for Vanderbilt vs South Carolina
    1:04:21-Picks & analysis for Arkansas vs Ole Miss
    1:06:58-Picks & analysis for Miami vs Virginia Tech
    1:09:10-Picks & analysis for Bradley vs Valparaiso
    1:11:38-Picks & analysis for St. Peter's vs Marist
    1:13:56-Picks & analysis for Oklahoma vs West Virginia
    1:16:17-Picks & analysis for Tarleton St vs Lamar
    1:19:03-Picks & analysis for Abilene Christian vs UT Rio GV
    1:21:22-Picks & analysis for Drake vs Illinois St
    1:23:59-DK Nation Pick Iowa St vs Oklahoma St
    1:27:05-Picks & analysis for George Washington vs St. Louis
    1:29:26-Picks & analysis for UCF vs Wichita St
    1:31:39-Picks & analysis for Mercer vs Samford
    1:34:00-Picks & analysis for Marquette vs Seton Hall
    1:36:15-Picks & analysis for VCU vs Davidson
    1:38:19-Picks & analysis for Penn St vs Indiana
    1:40:34-Picks & analysis for Tulsa vs Tulane
    1:42:31-Picks & analysis for Florida St vs GA Tech
    1:44:40-Picks & analysis for NC State vs Notre Dame
    1:47:01-Picks & analysis for Texas A&M vs LSU
    1:49:10-Picks & analysis for Utah vs Washington St
    1:51:31-Picks & analysis for Sam Houston St vs Cal Baptist
    1:53:28-Picks & analysis for Stephen F Austin vs Seattle
    1:55:42-Picks & analysis for San Diego St vs Utah St
    1:58:06-Picks & analysis for Old Dominion vs Charlotte
    2:00:21-Start of extra game picks Winthrop vs USC Upstate
    2:01:59-Picks & analysis for Vermont vs Stony Brook
    2:04:01-Picks & analysis for Army vs Lehigh
    2:05:42-Picks & analysis for Albany vs UMasss Lowell
    2:07:45-Picks & analysis for Hampton vs Campbell
    2:09:44-Picks & analysis for Presbyterian vs Charleston Southern
    2:11:42-Picks & analysis for Radford vs High Point
    2:13:46-Picks & analysis for NC A&T vs Longwood
    2:16:02-Picks & analysis for NJIT vs UMBC
    2:18:10-Picks & analysis for Binghamton vs Hartford
    2:20:17-Picks & analysis for Holy Cross vs American
    2:22:09-Picks & analysis for Navy vs Bucknell
    2:24:14-Picks & analysis for Boston U vs Lafayette
    2:26:07-Picks & analysis for Maine vs New Hampshire
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    1/25/2022-Coast To Coast Hoops

    1/25/2022-Coast To Coast Hoops

    Greg recaps Monday's college basketball results, talks to Riley Davis of Heat Check CBB about the ACC landscape & Tuesday's games & Greg picks & analyzes EVERY Tuesday college basketball game.
    Podcast Highlights
    2:01-Recap of Monday's results
    13:17-Interview with Riley Davis
    31:25-Start of picks with DePaul vs Villanova
    33:55-Picks & analysis for Richmond vs Rhode Island
    36:06-DK Nation Featured Pick Alabama vs Georgia
    38:50-Picks & analysis for Kent St vs Western Michigan
    41:11-Picks & analysis for Akron vs Central Michigan
    43:11-Picks & analysis for Northern Illinois vs Ohio
    45:31-Picks & analysis for Buffalo vs Toledo
    47:33-Picks & analysis for Eastern Michigan vs Bowling Green
    49:54-Picks & analysis for Maryland vs Rutgers
    52:52-Picks & analysis for Michigan St vs Illinois
    55:47-Picks & analysis for Missouri St vs Indiana St
    58:35-Picks & analysis for Miami OH vs Ball St
    1:00:53-Picks & analysis for Cincinnati vs Temple
    1:03:29-Picks & analysis for Clemson vs Duke
    1:05:36-Picks & analysis for Columbia vs Yale
    1:08:05-Picks & analysis for Siena vs Iona
    1:10:21-Picks & analysis for Fordham vs Dayton
    1:12:09-Picks & analysis for Wright St vs Northern Kentucky
    1:14:17-Picks & analysis for William & Mary vs Charleston
    1:16:24-Picks & analysis for Kansas St vs Baylor
    1:19:19-Picks & analysis for Syracuse vs Pittsburgh
    1:21:49-Picks & analysis for Southern IL vs Loyola CHI
    1:23:59-Picks & analysis for St. Thomas vs North Dakota St
    1:26:34-Picks & analysis for Georgetown vs UConn
    1:29:07-Picks & analysis for Auburn vs Missouri
    1:31:27-Picks & analysis for Fresno St vs New Mexico
    1:33:47-Picks & analysis for Wyoming vs Boise St
    1:36:08-Picks & analysis for TCU vs Texas
    1:38:13-Picks & analysis for Mississippi St vs Kentucky
    1:40:40-Picks & analysis for Nevada vs Colorado St
    1:43:01-Picks & analysis for UC Santa Barbara vs CSUN
    1:45:51-Picks & analysis for Air Force vs San Jose St
    1:48:08-Picks & analysis for Colorado vs Oregon
    1:50:21-Picks & analysis for Arizona vs UCLA
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    1/24/2022-Coast To Coast Hoops

    1/24/2022-Coast To Coast Hoops

    Greg recaps Sunday's college basketball results, talks to Jim Root of the Three Man Weave to discuss who should be number one, handicapping rematches and previews Monday's games & Greg picks & analyzes EVERY Monday college basketball game.
    Podcast Highlights
    2:24-Recap of Sunday's results
    11:53-Interview with Jim Root
    29:15-NY Post Pick Boston College vs Wake Forest
    32:10-Picks & analysis for Belmont vs Eastern IL
    34:39-Picks & analysis for Florida vs Ole Miss
    36:55-Picks & analysis for UNC Wilmington vs Northeastern
    39:24-Picks & analysis for Towson vs Delaware
    41:29-Picks & analysis for Morehead St vs Tennessee St
    44:07-Picks & analysis for Louisville vs Virginia
    46:47-Picks & analysis for St. Joseph's vs George Mason
    48:49-Picks & analysis for Virginia Tech vs UNC
    51:11-Picks & analysis for TN Tech vs Murray St
    53:35-Picks & analysis for SIU Edwardsville vs UT Martin
    55:45-Picks & analysis for Sacramento St vs Northern AZ
    58:02-Picks & analysis for San Diego vs Santa Clara
    1:00:13-Picks & analysis for Weber St vs Southern Utah
    1:02:22-Picks & analysis for Texas Tech vs Kansas
    1:04:23-Picks & analysis for St. John's vs Seton Hall
    1:06:43-Picks & analysis for Eastern Washington vs Idaho St
    1:08:50-Picks & analysis for UNLV vs San Diego St
    1:11:01-Picks & analysis for Idaho vs Portland St
    1:13:06-Picks & analysis for Arizona St vs USC
    1:15:29-Picks & analysis for South Dakota vs Western IL
    1:17:47-Start of extra game picks with Jacksonville vs Kennesaw St
    1:19:33-Picks & analysis for Winthrop vs High Point
    1:21:07-Picks & analysis for Longwood vs Hampton
    1:22:45-Picks & analysis for New Hampshire vs Maine
    1:24:40-Picks & analysis for Loyola MD vs Colgate
    1:26:20-Picks & analysis for Lafayette vs American
    1:27:57-Picks & analysis for Morgan St vs Norfolk St
    1:29:47-Picks & analysis for Bellarmine vs Jacksonville St
    1:31:22-Picks & analysis for Alcorn St vs Bethune Cookman
    1:33:09-Picks & analysis for South Carolina St vs Delaware St
    1:34:59-Picks & analysis for Jackson St vs Florida A&M
    1:37:12-Picks & analysis for Howard vs Coppin St
    1:39:00-Picks & analysis for Hartford vs Binghamton
    1:40:42-Picks & analysis for NC Central vs MD Eastern Shore
    1:42:17-Picks & analysis for Mississippi Valley St vs Southern
    1:44:23-Picks & analysis for Alabama A&M vs Prairie View
    1:46:35-Picks & analysis for Arkansas Pine Bluff vs Grambling
    1:48:56-Picks & analysis for Alabama St vs Texas Southern
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    • 1 hr 55 min
    1/23/2022-Coast To Coast Hoops

    1/23/2022-Coast To Coast Hoops

    Greg recaps Saturday's college basketball results, talks to Andy Dieckhoff of Heat Check CBB to look what teams have moved the most on his rankings since conference play begin, the Pac-12 landscape, preview Sunday's games & Greg picks & analyzes EVERY Sunday college basketball game.
    Podcast Highlights
    2:18-Recap of Saturday's results
    30:36-Interview with Andy Dieckhoff
    28:20-Start of picks with Georgetown vs Providence
    48:24-Picks & analysis for Butler vs Providence
    50:23-Picks & analysis for Northwestern vs Purdue
    52:34-Picks & analysis for Rider vs Niagara
    54:30-Picks & analysis for St. Peter's vs Canisius
    56:34-Picks & analysis for Manhattan vs Monmouth
    59:05-Picks & analysis for Illinois St vs Evansville
    1:01:37-Picks & analysis for Xavier vs Marquette
    1:03:57-Picks & analysis for Fairfield vs Marist
    1:06:17-Picks & analysis for Youngstown St vs IPFW
    1:08:15-Picks & analysis for Iona vs Quinnipiac
    1:10:27-Picks & analysis for UMass vs St. Louis
    1:12:38-Picks & analysis for Robert Morris vs Cleveland St
    1:15:31-Picks & analysis for Memphis vs Tulsa
    1:18:31-Picks & analysis for Arizona vs California
    1:20:47-NY Post Pick Michigan vs Indiana
    1:23:15-Picks & analysis for UTEP vs UTSA
    1:26:05-Picks & analysis for Washington vs Oregon
    1:28:26-Start of Extra Game Picks with St. Francis NY vs Bryant
    1:30:29-Picks & analysis for Central Connecticut St vs Mount St. Mary's
    1:32:32-Picks & analysis for Wagner vs Merrimack
    1:34:27-Picks & analysis for Sacred Heart vs St. Francis NY
    1:36:10-Picks & analysis for Long Island vs Fairleigh Dickinson
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    • 1 hr 42 min
    1/22/2022-Coast To Coast Hoops

    1/22/2022-Coast To Coast Hoops

    It is very simple, Greg breaks down all 137 games with picks & analysis on every one of them!
    Unfortunately, do not have enough time to put in time markers due to having over 125+ games, but the order in which I break these games down is on the spreadsheet and I usually spend about 2 minutes on each game, which should help a lot with this, spreadsheet link is listed below:
    NY Post Pick is in LSU vs Tennessee at 2:29:30
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    • 4 hr 27 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
41 Ratings

41 Ratings

BGfrom603 ,

Great show!

Best college hoops betting resource out there in the podcast world hands down. I notice everyone seems to have their own model to help them decide value? Do you have to make your own model or do you buy others?

Fitnesskid27 ,

Very nice work!

The spreadsheet you create are awesome!! Love the value you provide is amazing! We appreciate it!

MrGee990 ,

New Name Same Great Podcast

Great insight all year round.

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