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Stories and interviews from people on their coding journey.

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Stories and interviews from people on their coding journey.

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4.6 out of 5
371 Ratings

371 Ratings

rebitzele ,

Super interesting!

I love CodeNewbie - I think that the interviews are interesting and in some cases, even inspiring. Also, the audio and editing is top-notch.


good, with some bad parts

The host does a pretty good job and the content is engaging with guests typically worth listening to. My issue with this podcast comes down the the pre recorded advertisements that she plays every episode and the absolutely awful intro music that instantly makes my day worse as soon as i hear it. Her advertisements are played once at the beginning and again towards the end of the podcast. My problem with these is that they are always the exact same recording that she just plugs in. Rather than having several to switch between or changing her words around to make listeners interested in what shes selling, as soon as i hear the ads start, I know that it is nothing new and therefore not listening to. I see this as lazy and not in the best interests of the people who are sponsoring her show. And the intro music is terribly obnoxious. Every episode I have listened to, Ive had to get ready with my finger on the fast forward button so that I dont get blasted in the ear with that noise immediately followed by the prerecorded sponsor adds that I also skip past. The content is good and the host/guests are good too, but so are the hosts and guests of a million other podcasts who have less obnoxious intro music and more thoughtful and interesting sponsor ads.

Laughing Dog ,

Meh. I want to but I just can’t.

Meh. The host is very fake sounding. Laughs like a robot. Changes subject quickly. Answers “yeah ok” and moves on no help between subjects. Has this weird overly calculated sultry uptick affect. Yikes. I have to assume someone told her it’s an ok radio voice at some point. I’m sure she’s a great person or whatever and I also assume she does know what she’s talking about so that’s why she’s doing this podcast, but I find her so jarring I just can’t. That said I’d be more interested if it was more helpful to the code newbie idea, new coders and learning to code... but it’s more about just interviewing people who made it. Ok cool or whatever but it isn’t something I am super interested in, in this format.

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