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Commercial Real Estate Professionals who work with Investors, Buyers and Sellers of Commercial Real Estate. We discuss today's opportunities, problems & solutions in Commercial Real Estate.

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Commercial Real Estate Professionals who work with Investors, Buyers and Sellers of Commercial Real Estate. We discuss today's opportunities, problems & solutions in Commercial Real Estate.

    Revitalizing Las Vegas Midtown Arts District with Anna Olin - CRE PN #460

    Revitalizing Las Vegas Midtown Arts District with Anna Olin - CRE PN #460

    Today, my guest is Anna Olin. Anna is one of the pair of the pioneers of Z Life Sustainable Luxury Real Estate, originating the English Hotel in Las Vegas. And they are renowned for their innovative M8Trix Model. And in just a minute, we're going to speak with Anna Olin about Z Life's newest initiative, Midtown; revitalizing downtown Las Vegas.

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    BIGGEST RISK with Anna Olin

    BIGGEST RISK with Anna Olin

    J Darrin Gross
    If you're willing, I'd like to ask you Anna Olin, what is the BIGGEST RISK?
    Anna Olin
    Yeah, thanks. Well, I will make sure my insurance broker is listening to this with this podcast as I as I answer this, which actually I have Have a great relationship with my insurance broker shout out to John, he's been awesome for us. So I do actually love him. You know, I think in the industry as a whole, we always see the biggest, I think risk is the cost risk, right, and the cost of materials, the cost of time and cost to build, which I think our system and building the M8Trix and being in construction for so long, our entire system in existence on this planet now is was built to mitigate that. So when I look at our risks, specifically for Z Life, you know, our biggest I think our biggest risks is what is the market going to do, and nobody has a crystal ball and I can listen to a million podcasts and say, it's going to do this, it's gonna do that interest rates are gonna drop, they're not going to drop whatever. So I think, for us, the way we look at it is location is always going to be key, right location is always going to be the driver, that's going to be the consistent factor, whether markets up or down, no matter what's happening. The second is always going to be how, how flexible are we with the asset. So physically, the physical asset cannot be repositioned? If it needs to be to address the risk, or if something happens if there's a crisis. So you know, if it's, we went in with the intention of okay, we're building apartments, but now they have to be hotels, can the asset be repositioned easily and with with little cost, you know, as painlessly as possible. So so that's something that we always look at, that we try to address up front is the what ifs. And if there is a change in market, we started the English hotel three months into the pandemic, which was an absolute nightmare. It was so funny when we first designed this system, the M8Trix system and I apologize for the the long answer here to your question. But we designed the system around recession proof, we wanted to build a recession proof model that even during a recession, the the asset would be able to produce the pandemic hit. And we've now changed from being a recession proof model to a pandemic proof model. So so so we know that our model works, but it's having the you know, the ability and the flexibility to reposition our asset, and not just that, but you know, our portfolio overall the vision overall to to address market changes. I think aside from that, that physical answer to that is the emotional and mental, you know, flexibility as well, to recognize that and be willing to make those changes. I've seen so many assets, so many projects get cancelled or put on hold, because of market condition changed or something happened, and the owner just doesn't have the flexibility emotionally to look at look at the project in a different way and how to maybe repurpose it or move it around so that it can work is that it's kind of just a hands up open, it didn't work the way it did we have to cancel it, it's gonna sit, you know, while it's gonna sit, thank you for the next 10 years. So I think that's that's how we approach that and how we approach risk. And it really being as flexible as possible, not just with the the physical product, but with our mindset and our leadership and how we approach that.

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    Leisure Suit Inventor to Bowery Hotel Real Estate Developer Gerald Rosengarten - CRE PN # 459

    Leisure Suit Inventor to Bowery Hotel Real Estate Developer Gerald Rosengarten - CRE PN # 459

    Today, my guest is Jerry Rosengarten. Jerry is the real estate developer who came up with the idea and build new york city's iconic Bowery Hotel. And he's an author of the book Jump on the Train, Dyslexic Entrepreneurs 50 Year Ride from the Leisure Suit to the Bowery Hotel.

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    BIGGEST RISK with Gerald Rosengarten

    BIGGEST RISK with Gerald Rosengarten

    J Darrin Gross
    I’d like to ask you, Jerry Rosengarten, What is the BIGGEST RISK?
    Gerald Rosengarten
    If you own real estate, you're always at risk. Always. Somebody falls on your property somebody else there's a fire These are the things that you're going to always be risk. As far as the biggest risk is building the real estate. To build it, catastrophic things can happen. I had a crane fall in a building I was building Bowery, another building that was built. Seven, also a 17 story building. And the crane fell and knocked out the eighth and seventh and sixth floor of the building. Now, no one's living in the building. But that crane sits next to other buildings. And if it went another way, different story.  I think that's the biggest risk that I know.

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    Real Estate Investment Strategy for Retirement with Zach Lemaster - CRE PN #458

    Real Estate Investment Strategy for Retirement with Zach Lemaster - CRE PN #458

    J Darrin Gross  and Zach Lemaster discussed a turnkey investment strategy for single-family and small multi-family properties in the southeast US, highlighting low acquisition costs and potential for cash flow. J Darrin Gross and Zach Lemaster then explored strategies for creating a retirement income through real estate investing, including leveraging depreciation and creative financing options. They emphasized the importance of reverse engineering the investment strategy and maximizing real estate investments through 1031 exchanges and tax advantages.

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    BIGGEST RISK with Zach Lemaster

    BIGGEST RISK with Zach Lemaster

    J Darrin Gross
    I'd like to ask you Zach Lemaster, what is the BIGGEST RISK?
    Zach LeMaster
    Oh, man, we're gonna get deep here for a sec. Darrin, I'm gonna get on my soapbox. But the biggest i and this is investing in general, buy, I truly feel this isn't this cliche, I truly feel that the biggest risk is doing nothing with your money, and not not paying attention to it. Because if you want to live the same life you're living now later in life than that, that's what you can do, right and one, one event could wipe you out one event and a health event, a loss in your job change in the market could completely wipe you out, you start over. So I just want to say that first and foremost, the biggest risk you can do is nothing. But when you're investing, I think there's there's so many different ways to evaluate risk. I actually think leverage D risks your investing. I like the idea of having adequate property insurance in place, we have portfolio policies and umbrella policies on all of our properties, we also do risk by having the right entity structure in place on our portfolio and separating it that out from each other and personal assets. We have all life insurance policies set up we invest for retirement vehicles, which are protected accounts, we also invested trusts, as well as having LCS those are all like portfolio structure that I think can de risk situations. Having the right insurance policy in place, I think is certainly important. But the the and there's so many different ways to answer this right at doing nothing is the biggest risk. And then I think secondary to that investing arbitrarily without knowing what you're investing in investing out without fully understanding something or having a plan and strategy. That is probably the next biggest risk that I see in investing real estate, it's a beautiful thing because you can man, you can really de risk it quite a bit. First and foremost, you're investing in a physical asset you're investing in and that's why we like residential real estate because it's human necessity housing, that's never going to go away. People always need a place to live and especially if you're in that kind of workforce housing, location like those are areas where you will always have demand and then you properly insure the property. You protect your assets with right entity structures. You have the right insurance brokers and professionals providing guidance bay that actually understand your goals. I think that is the biggest way to de risk so I probably went on too many And is there Darrin? So let me let me stop there.

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4.8 out of 5
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27 Ratings

ChanTanBanFanMan ,

Great show!

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Awesome podcast!

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An all encompassing commercial real estate show

My favorite part about this podcast is the wide variety they have with their guests. I’m able to learn so much about CRE thanks to the great many opinions that come from this show. Great for anyone interested in commercial real estate.

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