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Practical, inspirational, no fluff conversations about how entrepreneurs can live a deeply connected, highly profitable and incredibly impactful life. Apply insights from top experts and entrepreneurs on the journey, including my own.

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Practical, inspirational, no fluff conversations about how entrepreneurs can live a deeply connected, highly profitable and incredibly impactful life. Apply insights from top experts and entrepreneurs on the journey, including my own.

    Ep 38: Simple Steps To Live Your Best Life with Sean Rosensteel

    Ep 38: Simple Steps To Live Your Best Life with Sean Rosensteel

    With a passion for helping others, my friend Sean’s journey began when he found himself bankrupt at the age of 28 after following conventional wisdom all his life. This eye-opening moment showed him that attaining true happiness and fulfillment means breaking free of societal chains and making your own path.

    Now, he hopes to inspire and empower his readers to achieve their dreams and live the life they truly deserve, by using a simple yet powerful method that has already transformed his life, and the numerous clients he’s worked with.

    My guest today and friend Sean Rosensteel is the author of the just published The School of Intentional Living and the founder of The Intentional Living Academy.

    If you find yourself wanting more out of life (who isn't!), Sean's simple and relatable approach to living intently might be the breakthrough you've been looking for. Have a listen!

    • 47 min
    Ep 37: Re-Inventing High School with Indra Sofian of Sora Schools

    Ep 37: Re-Inventing High School with Indra Sofian of Sora Schools

    For those of you with kids, you’ve got important decisions to make right now around their education for the upcoming year. The status quo for many families is no longer certain, for the very first time.

    Now is an opportunity to re-think what path is best for you and your kids.

    Will you join in the Covid experiment and send them off to school to learn in a very uncertain environment that will most certainly be difficult at best, dealing with a myriad of restrictions? Will you choose some flavor of homeschooling? I recently explored homeschooling options with Pat Fullingim on episode 32, so check that out if that’s of interest to you.

    I’ve been diving into options for my two now teenage boys, now that they are high school aged, and one I’m super excited about we’re going to explore on today’s show.

    My guest Indra Sofian is the co-founder of Sora Schools, a live, virtual project-based high school where students explore their interests and future careers. His journey to re-imagine high school education began while he was in college at Georgia Tech. Eventually, Indra realized that he was learning far more from his business startup and other involvements than he was sitting in class. He began to research educational models and last year founded Sora Schools with his co-founders, Wesley Samples and Garrett Smiley.

    What struck me most about what Sora is their mission to help students figure out their own path. More than just learning, Sora is helping the next generation do and excel at what they love, something traditional high school doesn't do.

    If you are looking for a more progressive, more modern approach to education, you definitely need to catch this episode!

    • 49 min
    Ep 36: How to Get Momentum Back

    Ep 36: How to Get Momentum Back

    Are you struggling to get things done? Last week, I ended my streak of 35 consecutive weeks of publishing a podcast episode. Why did I do that? I had burned through my buffer of recorded podcasts so if I don't record each week, I don't have an episode! I'm recovering from severe adrenal fatigue, and tire easily, so I was faced with a dilemma! Do I expend energy I don't feel I really have, or focus on my health? I chose to end my streak and focus on my health, which for me isn't my typical path, and hence why I'm dealing with this now.

    So the question is, how does one get back into momentum? On this podcast, I delve into my years as a productivity and systems coach and pull out some simple tools that are helping me move forward.

    If you are needing a momentum boost, this podcast is for you.

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    Ep 35: What To Do When You Have Nothing Left To Give

    Ep 35: What To Do When You Have Nothing Left To Give

    What do you do when you feel like you have nothing left to give? Two weeks ago, I learned that my adrenal system is fully depleted, which explained why for over a year I've been having so much trouble with focus, energy and motivation. I also have signs of depression.

    I had to come to terms with my broken state, one that took years to develop. Today's podcast dives into what happened after I accepted my condition, how my body responded (spoiler: it said, "finally!"), and what I'm doing to turn life around.

    I know many listeners are going through some type of burnout. Whatever you are dealing with, I hope you'll find inspiration and insights into what you can do to work through your life's challenges.

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    Ep 34: How Integrator Types Can Build A Business (And Serve Creatives) With Calum Ewing

    Ep 34: How Integrator Types Can Build A Business (And Serve Creatives) With Calum Ewing

    In the online entrepreneur world, there are two kinds of people: the visionary creative who seeks and shine in the spotlight, who loves being the face of the bard, and then there are the Integrators, those who are happy to leave that burden to someone else, and focus on making the right things happen, who know how to get things done efficiently and do all this in relative obscurity. Both types have their pros and cons, and to ultimately be successful they need each other. Now, there is a lot more attention focused on the visionaries, which is unfortunate because so many people, including many of my friends are the Integrators. It can be a tough, challenging road, especially when the face of the brand usually has ownership and control of the business. Just consider for a moment how often the lead singer of a band breaks off for a successful solo career, leaving her former band mates to pick up the pieces and start over.The big question is, how can an integrator find lasting success in what might be perceived as a secondary role on the team? How do they build a business to take greater control of their destiny, and create the quiet life of their dreams?Today we’re going to explore the journey of Calum Ewing, a highly experienced Project Manager for CRM Deployments, Automations and Operations Expert who successfully helped his most recent client surpass $500k in the past 12 months.If you are an integrator yourself, this interview is especially for you, and if you are a visionary, you’ll gain valuable insights into how to best work with the yin to your yang.Resources from CalumLearn more about | Work with CalumLiked This Episode?Be sure to subscribe to catch all future episodes and help us reach more people by leaving a 5 Star Rating and Review.Follow Us:Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter

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    Ep 33: Secrets of Productive Partnerships with Amalie Shaffer

    Ep 33: Secrets of Productive Partnerships with Amalie Shaffer

    Are you a solo entrepreneur who is tired of doing it all?

    Would you love to find that ideal partner who together, can help you achieve your goals better and faster than you can alone?

    What are some of the keys to making that work?

    Today, we explore those questions and more with my guest, Amalie Shaffer.

    After serving for over 8 and half years in the Navy, Amalie Shaffer transitioned right into entrepreneurship. She’s been a master of taming chaos for over a decade, who can quickly pinpoint and remedy the systems and processes that are bogging down your business and keeping you from fulfilling your purpose.

    A few months ago, Amalie partnered with Janine Suvak to try and take things to a whole other level. After having worked independently with great results for so long, these two operational masterminds began an experiment to see what they could do as a duo.

    Most successful partnerships I see involve two people who bring very different skill sets, often a merger of the creative, intuitive mind with lots of dreams and ideas, together with the process-oriented, tactical person who knows how to filter out the noise and turn dreams into reality.

    This partnership is not one of those - they both have similar skill sets, so I’m curious to find out why they chose to work together, the wins and the challenges they’ve gone through and ultimately the secrets to how they’ve been able to make this partnership work so well.

    If you'd like to boost your working relationships, this episode is for you.

    • 32 min

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5.0 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

Sean Rose. ,

Authentic, Open & Honest

Love Gerry's authentic, open and honest approach. Besides the obvious valuable nuggets discussed regarding entrepreneurship, Gerry shares some of his own personal struggles in select episodes - which I appreciate. Helps us listeners realize that we're not alone, and there are others out there struggling with some of the same things. Can't recommend this podcast more to solopreneurs and entrepreneurs everywhere. Tons of valuable takeways every time Gerry publishes.

Roberto - @RSACRIPANTI ,

Gratitude always wins!

I have just recently tuned in, and listened to few episodes..and I must say, the one that resonate the most with me is the one on gratitude. Sometimes it’s a limiting belief, we feel like we don’t deserve what we get, instead of being grateful for it. In this uncertain time, gratefulness is a way out to stay mentally healthy! Thank you Gerry for being an amazing host, I’ll make sure to stay on the lookout for more valuable episodes!

Podcast w/Ryan Lee on Finances ,

Review of How to Gain Control of Your Financial Future with Ryan Lee

I listened to "How To Gain Control of Your Financial Future with Ryan Lee" and this podcast was excellent!!!! In this podcast, Ryan Lee shares his personal journey to obtaining financial freedom in his 30s. He shares with authenticity and tremendous insights. In this podcost you will learn how 97% of traditional financial advice is either wrong or misguided. Even better, Ryan Lee shares actionable strategies that he used to obtain financial freedom in his own life. Ryan shares these insights because he wants to see more people rise up and live free and have the ability to take back control of life's most precious asset....our time. I highly recommmend this podcast. Great insights and wisdom that you won't likely hear many places.

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