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Podcast by Koereyelle

    Ep. 138: Koe Confesses

    Ep. 138: Koe Confesses

    On today’s special episode, I get to confess. Listen in on my conversation with Victoria Jenn, host of the Women Who Roar IGTV Series, as I talk about the importance of sharing your story, profiting from pivots, travel pillows, asking for what you want and more.

    “Do what you love and it doesn’t feel like work.” -Koereyelle

    This Week on Confessions of a WERKaholic
    [5:42] The beginning of the Single Wives Club
    [9:09] The one thing that helped propel the Single Wives Club
    [16:27] Mindset shifts in business
    [17:51] How to figure out what your audience wants
    [22:07] Self-development and manifesting in relationships
    [27:33] What is Werk University
    [31:56] What sets Werk University apart from other membership programs
    [34:30] My business model for 2020
    [37:15] The travel industry
    [38:34] How I manage my workload

    To learn more about the upcoming Travel Agent Certification visit http://travelbosstraining.com

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    Ep. 137: Player's Club Principles

    Ep. 137: Player's Club Principles

    In this episode, I’ll share with you seven key pillars that enabled me to become a full-time entrepreneur. From the Single Wives Club putting my brand on the map to Busy at the Beach, and now Werk University, you'll learn why implementing these pillars can help you achieve the success you desire.

    "You don't get what you pray for, you get what you prepare for, so once you decide, you got to DO." Koereyelle

    This Week on Confessions of a WERKaholic
    [2:39] The passion project that kick-started it all
    [5:35] When the real change happened in my business
    [9:45] What is Werk University
    [15:40] The importance of mindset
    [21:22] Why you must be clear about your goals
    [22:15] Overcoming limiting beliefs and other people's opinions
    [29:37] Do the werk once you decide
    [34:22] Guard your dreams
    [37:07] Separating yourself from the naysayers
    [41:03] Make the money, don't let the money make you
    [43:04] Use what you got to get what you want

    To learn more about WERK U visit http://werkuniversity.com

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    Ep. 136: Black Women's Womb Wellness

    Ep. 136: Black Women's Womb Wellness

    Real wealth is good health. Beatrice Dixon, founder of The Honey Pot Company, which sells a plant-based feminine hygiene line of products, shares her business story. The company’s products are sold in stores including Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods. If you have a goal of selling your products in retail, this episode is one you must hear.

    “If you force it and it’s not for you, it’s not going to work out.” -Koereyelle

    This Week on Confessions of a WERKaholic

    [1:59] Beatrice’s career path before The Honey Pot

    [5:01] What real life problem led Beatrice to creating her first product

    [5:41] The dream that changed her life

    [8:00] Beatrice shares her spiritual belief

    [9:15] This one thing will affect everything else in your life

    [16:50] The first step needed for retail success

    [20:20] What Beatrice wished she’d known beforehand

    [24:11] Why retail isn’t for the faint of heart

    [25:29] How she views getting into Target

    [29:51 ] Why you need to figure out what you’re good at doing

    Resources Mentioned:

    Werk University - http://werkuniversity.com

    The Honey Pot Company -https://thehoneypot.co/

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    Ep. 135: Investing Coins on the Continent

    Ep. 135: Investing Coins on the Continent

    This week on Confessions, Koereyelle is introducing you to Crista Greenlee - a 30 year old Real Estate Investor! Crista credits her matriculation at North Carolina A&T as the catalyst to her world travels! She recently purchased a property in Accra IN CASH and she's sharing her secrets to how it's done.

    Ready to WERK? Visit WERKUniversity.com

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    Ep. 134: What a Time to Be Aligned

    Ep. 134: What a Time to Be Aligned

    Empowerment Speaker and Life Strategist, Sheri Riley, joins Koereyelle this week to drop gems about valuing your own talent, having a fruitful reputation, and exponential living.

    “The vision that God has for us is always more than what we can even picture for ourselves.“ -Koereyelle

    This Week on Confessions of a WERKaholic
    [4:50 ] What career path Sheri wanted for herself
    [8:00] How a background managing talent has proven to be beneficial
    [8:28] Making career pivots
    [13:02] What stronghold Sheri had to relinquish
    [21:40] Building a career on integrity
    [29:51] The fruit behind a name
    [31:44] Becoming a magnet of positivity
    [34:15] It’s not about compromise, it’s about alignment
    [38:55] What does ‘Exponential Living’ mean

    Resources Mentioned:
    Werk University http://werkuniversity.com
    Sheri Riley http://instagram.com/sheririley

    Connect with me:
    Website: http://koereyelle.com
    Instagram http://instagram.com/koereyelle

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    Ep. 133: Lessons From the Legends

    Ep. 133: Lessons From the Legends

    Koereyelle shares the lessons you can learn from legends whose lives have made a significant impact. In this episode, she encourages you to put in the work that enables you to live life at your full potential.

    “What are you doing right now that’s going to make your future generations proud?” –Koereyelle
    This Week on Confessions of a WERKaholic
    [00:52 ] Shout out: A lead travel agent’s making boss moves
    [5:23] Werk University reopens this spring
    [6:31] Black love’s highlighted in OWN’s new anthology series ‘Cherish the Day’
    [11:35] What Koereyelle finally did after putting it off for six months
    [12:53] Kobe Bryant’s work ethic
    [14:32] Doing it for the babies
    [16:56] The lineage of influence
    [18:40] Develop your own voice
    [20:57] Figure out your calling
    [21:30] Embrace your uniqueness

    Connect with me:
    Website: http://koereyelle.com
    Instagram http://instagram.com/koereyelle

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
409 Ratings

409 Ratings

Fearless&40 ,

The B Dixon episode was 🌟🔥🌟

I’m writing to say that the episode with CEO/Founder of Honey Pot was fantastic. Her description of supply chain had me wondering just how big a warehouse should be, when housing physical products and how that budget should be looking. I don’t exactly know when the backlash occurred but the fact that her sales skyrocketed made my heart glad. Continued success to WERK University, Confessions of a WERKaholic, and in all that you do. Again it was an informative in a real way type of episode.

Cha cha4929 ,

Better Audio

Sis, luv the show, but in 2020 can we invest in a better audio system?

M&MLove42 ,

Practical advice

I am enjoying this podcast because of the practical advice for an entrepreneur. I don’t feel overwhelmed or as though I can not apply this wisdom to my current situation and grow my business.

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