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Join us as the Connecting Threads team explores all things quilting. Each season the Connecting Threads host will embark on an adventure of fabrics, threads, and everything quilting. From behind the scenes stories to our favorite tips and tricks, listen in as we chat about our passion for sewing. More information available at our website: ConnectingThreads.com.

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Join us as the Connecting Threads team explores all things quilting. Each season the Connecting Threads host will embark on an adventure of fabrics, threads, and everything quilting. From behind the scenes stories to our favorite tips and tricks, listen in as we chat about our passion for sewing. More information available at our website: ConnectingThreads.com.

    The Importance of Thread Featuring Diane Henry

    The Importance of Thread Featuring Diane Henry

    Today's episode of the Connecting Threads Podcast is all about thread.
    Lately we’ve been thinking about the importance of thread in all sewing, but especially in quilting. Thread is much like the laces in a shoe. While absolutely vital, they’re often taken for granted until troubles arise.

    With the untold hours spent carefully selecting fabrics, servicing the machine, and choosing buttons and trims, thread often gets passed aside as an afterthought. It wasn’t until Zoey became more interested in bag making and experienced a few unfortunate snapped seams that she realized there even were differences in thread at all! With a focus on utilizing resources, and that includes chatting with others who are willing to share their experiences. Today we're taking you with us to thread school. 

    First up, Zoey talks to Eleanor who just attended her first quilt show and has come home with some industry knowledge. They check in on her sewing progress, and chat about all the exciting threads of knowledge she’s picked up so far. 

    Later on, Zoey chats with sewing expert, Diane Henry, to talk all about choosing the right thread for your project and the importance of thread selections regarding color, fiber content, and more. Really, Diane is a thread superstar. An industry leader, she has been known to host incredible informative seminars where she pours pizzazz into this often overlooked subject. She knows the ins and outs of all of the things that make thread exciting and has some of the best tricks to keep thread troubles away.

    Grab some spools and wind some bobbins! This episode is an incredible tool to jumpstart you into thinking about thread and hopefully teach you a few new tips along the way.

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    The Joys of Precuts and How To Use Them

    The Joys of Precuts and How To Use Them

    Welcome to the new season of the Connecting Threads Podcast with new host Zoey!
    Zoey is a fabric fanatic and is constantly seeking new skills, supplies, and epic adventures. As a fiber artist, bag maker, and quilter, she spends her evenings and weekends sewing as much as she can muster while her Corgi sits under her desk, snoring. She will grab onto any opportunity to discuss new fabric collections, techniques, or help others find their confidence with a needle and thread. 

    This season of the Connecting Threads Podcast, we're talking about quilts, quilting and sewing. Zoey will be chatting with some of our favorite people as we explore beginner tips, intermediate skills, and expert level extravaganzas. We’ll navigate through various topics and learn as much as we can about fabric and thread. 

    In this episode, we'll explore some basics of fabric and precuts. First up Zoey speaks with Eleanor and sets a foundation of information about precut basics.  Later in the podcast, she sits down with Elise to get inspiration about what to do with all the precuts once we have them. From fat quarters to disappearing nine patches, we'll explore what makes precuts so enchantingly charming. 

    Precuts - often referred to as samplers- are bundles of coordinating fabrics cut to a specific size. Depending on the bundle type, they can be a great way to compile pieces of an entire, or near entire, collection without having to purchase a large amount of yardage. We're big fans of precuts, but understand it can be easy to feel lost in all the insider lingo and measurements and, before long, end up with the wrong amount of fabric or sometimes just too bewildered to begin. Fortunately, there is rarely such a thing as “too much fabric.” We truly want to speak to all quilters, no matter the experience level. 

    Entirely new to quilting, Eleanor asks the important questions - what is a precut and why are they so useful? Zoey and Eleanor break down different size terminology and what they all mean. Why are some samplers given bakery names and others simply have measurements? Much like Kleenex is to tissues, sometimes there can be little more to a name than ownership. For a new quilter, pre-cuts save both time and potential accuracy blunders while still getting comfortable with cutting tools. 

    With countless quilts behind her and more fabric in her stash than she's willing to admit to, Elise shares her favorite uses for precuts. A great way to get small selections of an entire collection at once, precuts save money and space. She shares her favorite precut-friendly blocks and patterns, while she and Zoey chat about their upcoming projects. 

    Mentioned in This Episode:
    Guide to Precuts
    SewKatieDid Blog
    ScribblyGumQuiltCo Instagram
    Essential Notions
    OmniGrid Mat
    Rotary Cutter
    Wyldwood Creative

    0:00 Welcome to the Connecting Threads Podcast
    2:17 Precut basics
    18:59 Meet the team: Hutch
    20:30 What to make with pre-cuts
    37:14 The credits

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    Kate's Quilt and Giving

    Kate's Quilt and Giving

    Kate is a long time crafter, mom, and as of today, former Connecting Threads podcast host. Now that her first project is lovingly on display in her craft space,  she must bid you all adieu as she prepares to mosey on down the quilted road. But before she goes, she managed to sneak in one last chat with her good friends over at Connecting Threads.

    On this episode of the Connecting Threads Podcast, we discuss the next step for Kate in her quilting journey as well a little holiday gift talk. First up, Kris and Kate catch up on making each other laugh while chatting about what comes next for a new quilter.

    Next Judy and Kris chat about gifts to make this holiday season and also answer the age-old question, "What kind of gifts DO you give other quilters in your life?"

    Treat yourself to a nice big mug of hot cocoa, grab your needle and thread, and listen in as we delve deep into all things quilting. Enjoy!

    Mentioned in This Episode:
    Kate's Quilt Pattern
    Sewing Gifts 
    Quilting Kits 
    Fabric Dive Tumbler 
    How I Roll Tumbler 
    Creative Grid Face Mask Template 

    0:00 Kate's introduction
    1:08 Kate talks with Kris
    23:39 Kris talks with Judy
    34:31 Credits 

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    Sewing Machines

    Sewing Machines

    Kate is a long time crafter, mom, and lover of all things pumpkin flavored. Kate also has some BIG news—She finished her first quilt. She plans on riding this wave of accomplishment well into the new year, while also setting her sights on her next project—definitely something with flying geese. In the meantime, Kate is spending her time chatting it up with the pros about all of some quilt-related queries, in the hopes of gleaning all the crafty knowledge that she can.

    On this episode of the Connecting Threads Podcast, we're talking about sewing machines. First up Kris and Judy give us a crash course on everything we need to know about shopping for machines. They also share some of their favorite models, features and accessories. 

    Next Elise and Kate chat about how to troubleshoot problems that may come up with your sewing machine. If you're like Kate and grumble at the notion of reading manuals, you'll want to listen in as Elise goes over the most common troubleshooting issues. But also, don't be like Kate—read your manual.

    So grab your autumnal flavored hot drink, your needle and thread, and listen in as we delve deep into all things sewing machines. Enjoy!

    Mentioned in this Episode:
    Connecting Threads Sewing Machines 
    Handi Quilter Longarm Machines 
    Thread Stand 
    Connecting Threads thread 
    Superior Threads thread 
    Superior Thread's King Tut 
    Cleaning Kit 

    0:00 Introduction
    1:25 Kris and Judy talk about sewing machines
    19:03 Meet the Team - Sarah
    20:03 Kate and Elise talk about troubleshooting sewing machine issues
    41:10 Credits

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    Batiks and Some Connecting Threads Basics

    Batiks and Some Connecting Threads Basics

    On this episode of the Connecting Threads Podcast, we're looking behind the scenes to see what's new at Connecting Threads. First we hear from Kris who's telling all about batik fabric production and what makes batik's special. 

    Next Marketing Director Jennifer Fish is going to help answer some common questions that people ask about us and our website, like "What's the Design Table?" and "What comes in a quilt kit?" 

    Mentioned in this episode:
    Batiks at Connecting Threads
    Request a catalog
    Quilting Kits

    0:00 Introduction
    0:52 Kris and Kate talk Batiks
    13:44 Meet the Team - Kris
    15:18 Jennifer and Kate chat about features of the Connecting Threads shopping experience
    25:28 Credits

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    Quilting Questions Answered

    Quilting Questions Answered

    On this episode of the Connecting Threads Podcast, Kate is asking some questions and getting some answers. There are some things that have come up for her that has prevented her from moving forward with her quilt and there are some questions from the Connecting Threads community that Elise and Patrice help answer. From basting and fibers, come learn with Kate.

    First up Kate and Elise check in about what they've been working on. Both of them have been working on sewing masks and they are also both working on quilts. Kate asks Elise her big question, "I have the top of my quilt, what do I do next?". Elise gives her personal advice about batting, binding and quilting to walking foots, different types of basting to needles to batting, and more. Elise tells it all. 

    Next we meet Chamisa a Textile Designer at Connecting Threads. 

    Then Patrice answers some questions that are commonly asked the Connecting Threads Customer Service team, like "What thread count is your fabric"; "Where is your fabric made"; "How do I calculate how much standard width fabric I need to back a quilt?" and more. Patrice also offers up a sneak peek or "spoiler alert" for something coming up for our Connecting Threads Customers. 

    Mentioned in this episode: 
    Kate's quilt
    Walk by by Jacquie Gering
    505 Temporary Adhesive for Fabric   
    Quilting needles 
    Shop all batting
    80/20 batting 
    Blacking batting 
    About Our fabric 

    0:00 Kate's introduction
    0:37 Kate and Elise chat about what are the next steps in Kate's quilt
    19:12 Meeting Chamisa
    20:56 Patrice and Kate check in and answer some questions about fabric
    35:12 credits

    • 36 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
34 Ratings

34 Ratings

Beanie Dee ,

Awesome Listen especially while Crafting!

What an insightful podcast on quilting and crafting! I find it both informative and fun! Zoey is such a delight!

Anne_Nonymous1 ,

Simply charming!

A fun light, yet informative, podcast about quilting. The Connecting Threads team feels like my own personal quilting guild. They’re funny and you can tell that they know what they’re talking about. This podcast has something for everyone, new quilters and more experienced ones too.

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