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What have you defined as an orgasm that is keeping you from living orgasmically?

What if you could find pleasure in everything?

Join Patty Alfonso, The Orgasmic Body Whisperer, internationally acclaimed speaker, author and facilitator on Orgasmic Living!

Sharing tools, and techniques that will empower you to live orgasmically and include your body’s genius in the creation of your life. Imagine a life free of self-judgement, free of self-doubt and free of shame. A life where you create everything you desire and noting can stop you.

Are you ready to choose more in the areas of sex, relationships, your body, and money? Patty will invite you to have more ease, joy, pleasure and communion with everything you desire! Her kind and witty facilitation will inspire you to melt away your limitations and open the door to new possibilities.

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What have you defined as an orgasm that is keeping you from living orgasmically?

What if you could find pleasure in everything?

Join Patty Alfonso, The Orgasmic Body Whisperer, internationally acclaimed speaker, author and facilitator on Orgasmic Living!

Sharing tools, and techniques that will empower you to live orgasmically and include your body’s genius in the creation of your life. Imagine a life free of self-judgement, free of self-doubt and free of shame. A life where you create everything you desire and noting can stop you.

Are you ready to choose more in the areas of sex, relationships, your body, and money? Patty will invite you to have more ease, joy, pleasure and communion with everything you desire! Her kind and witty facilitation will inspire you to melt away your limitations and open the door to new possibilities.

If you'd like to join Patty live and ask questions, go to: www.OrgasmicLiving.Live

For more about Patty's creations, go to: www.PattyAlfonso.Sexy

    Trusting You

    Trusting You

    Trusting you!

    We are still in the first couple of weeks of 2020.   There's a lot of stuff out in the world about being a new version of yourself. 

    All of this energy around the new year may set you off on a journey of creating yourself differently.  In truth, unless you're willing to make real changes you’re ultimately still the same person that you were December 31st, 2019.  

    Real change is about doing things differently than you ever have before.  When you grow up with a certain type of energy being delivered at you all of the time it can be very challenging as an adult to make changes yet I’m here to tell you that it is possible to change.

     You have to set yourself up for success and it starts with trust!

    Check out the video for more on this here: 

    What is trust?

    Many have been told various reasons as to what trust actually is. Whatever your perception is let’s keep the energy of trust simple, trust knowing that you will do what you say you are going to do what you are going to do.

    Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, has a funny way of explaining trust. If you're in a relationship and your partner leaves the toilet seat up all the time, you can trust that they're going to leave the toilet seat up all of the time... that's trust!

    Thinking they are going to put the toilet seat down because they love you is blind faith.  Blind faith is NOT trust.

    Let’s follow these steps together!

    Step 1: Trusting you:

    Keep your word to yourself, no matter what it is.. If you say you are going to do something, DO IT..   Make choices every day that are setting you up for success and STOP setting yourself up for failure. 

    For example, I love waking up early in the morning to go workout.  When I work out early in the morning it sets me up to have an amazing day.  To me, this means going to bed early, getting a good night’s sleep so I can be up and ready at 5AM.

    I have to make choices daily to create this for myself.  And I keep my commitment to myself and my body no matter what!  I can trust myself to do that.

    Step 2. Trust your body!

    You feel like laughing? Laugh! You feel like dancing?  Dance! You feel like crying? Cry!! 

    Stop holding it back. 

    Our bodies have innate wisdom, they are continuously trying to communicate with us. 

    An awakened, alive body receives, responds and is present with that energy. If you're controlling your body into submission or tension then we've got to change that!  Let go and trust your body.

    One of the best ways to change it is through the shaking exercise. I would love to offer you guys right now the free gift that I mentioned in some of my appearances, The Shaking Exercise is a tutorial on that is incredibly potent that you can do any time of the day, anywhere.

    You can grab it here:  www.shakingexcercise.com

    Step 3. Trust the universe:

    Allow the universe to contribute to you and be open to receiving energies from the universe!

    Trust that the Universe is conspiring to help you and allow every molecule of this world to contribute to what you're creating now. 

    Remember these things may not come as we envisioned but  they always come!

    Let go of controlling your body, allow yourself to do let go and relax into receiving from the Universe. If you get out of your head and get present with your whole body and the energies that are around you then the universe can contribute to you something greater than anything you could have imagined.

    2020 is the year that you let go of everything and allow your body to contribute to the creation of your life!

    What if 2020 is the most phenomenal orgasmically alive year for you?

    Join me for Body: Friend or Foe?  I’ll be sharing tools to create your life with your body!  Find out more here: www.pattyalfonso.sexy/friend

    Let’s be grateful to be alive!

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    Does Orgasmic Living Include Choosing?

    Does Orgasmic Living Include Choosing?

    Does orgasmic living include choosing?

    Let me ask you these questions…AND be honest!

    Are you happy? Over the top elated in your life? 

    Do you feel like you are really living life to the absolute fullest? 

    Are you really utilizing your energy to its fullest potential?

    This holiday season made me revisit all of these questions.  I witnessed tragic energy during my travels through airports, events and unfortunately even with family

    Check out the video for more on this here: 

    It was as if people all over were walking around like zombies in their life. My awareness of all of this energy during the holiday season really made me feel incredibly grateful for the life I have worked so hard to create.

    I tell you all of this because I want you to get a sense of urgency to take charge of your happiness today. 

    Believe me, it’s changeable!

    If the holidays happened to be tough for you, well I’m here to tell you they are over!  LOL!

    In all seriousness-- a new year is here and a new you is possible. 

    You can absolutely, positively change your mindset, shift, grow and create a life you are orgasmically living in every moment. 

    Let me show you three ways that you can become the change you wish to see in your life.


    1 Get out of auto-pilot.

    Did you get up today to head work, then you ate dinner,  watched TV, and lastly fell sleep only to continue the same ritual the next day? Believe me, I know the humdrum of autopilot well, as I lived it for 30 years. 

    I have one word for you...STOP. 


    STOP doing the same exact mundane things daily.  If you’re stuck in a rut, you can’t expect your life to be full of radiant energy.

    Things you can do to help you get out of auto-pilot are to create healthy time for yourself every day. Work out, spend time alone, or enjoy a cup of coffee and don’t forget to mix these up and keep adding to the things that are nurturing for you.

    Overall just practice really being present with you, your body and your energy.


    2. 1% difference choice 


    Make a 1% shift in the choices you make daily. For example, something I personally like to practice is changing up my morning routine. Some days I wake up to get dressed, brush my teeth and then make coffee while on other days I might get up to brush my teeth, make coffee and then get dressed. 

    I specifically don't do the same thing every day.   I create space every day for the things that really invite me to have an amazing day.  And those things can be different every day!

    Take note of this: if you did a 1% shift every single day by the end of the year you will have shifted and changed 365 percent, AMAZING, I know!


    3. Allow your body to show you!


    The consciousness of your body really lights the way! 

    What gives you goosebumps? Follow it. What turns you on? Embrace it. 

    Allow your body to show you the new choices you can start making right away.

    As for me when I am about to create something for my business, travel, or simply have fun, I know it’s going to be an awesome creation when my body gets turned on!

    Start by asking your body questions. 

    Body, what should we do here? 

    Body, what do you know?

    Then follow the tingles, the happy feeling, the lightness...trust your body.

    I really want to encourage you to practice choosing something different, to be really present with everything that you're doing in your life and a life of turn-on. 

    I'm all about you guys and I want this to be the most orgasmic year ever so far for you. If you would like that, then come play with me the # 1 Mistake keeping you from living orgasmically, you can find out more at pattyalfonso.sexy/mistake

    As always I adore you all!

    Want to know more?  Join me for my FREE Masterclass Body:  Friend or Foe?

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    Are You Too Much?

    Are You Too Much?

    What is too much?

    Anything more than the limited amount of energy that someone else is willing to have is too much. Dr. Din Heer gave me this explanation and it enlightened me on this question!

    So how do you live your life based on that concept?

    Take a moment to really get present and think about how you are choosing to live your life.

    I was in Las Vegas last week interviewing producers for my upcoming TV media tour. I came across this one particular producer that stated I was “too much”. It was such an interesting exchange because I had been the same amount of energy with all of the other producers.  All but one thought that I was an amazing energy and couldn’t wait to have me on their show!   

    Yet this one guy kept telling me I was too much and it made me come to a realization. I looked at that guy and told him that I am NOT for everyone. I may be too much for him but I am not too much for a lot of people, so if he thought I was too much then I was definitely too much for his audience.  

    Check out the video for more on this here: 


    Have you been making yourself small based on someone’s opinion of you?

    Here are three tools you can start using starting today to BE too much and have too much fun!

    Don’t buy it as real

    Another person’s limitation is their limitation it doesn't actually have anything to do with you. Acknowledge that their energy is their problem, not yours. Remember it’s a person's opinion based on the “limited amounts of energy they are willing to receive” which is based on their limited points of view. 

    It’s not real!  And it’s not true!

         2. Don’t resist and react

    It would have been easy for me to resist and react towards that guy.  I allowed myself to receive the energy he threw at me without resisting and without reacting to it. I was able to handle that situation with grace, ease, and calmness. And guess what? I booked six more shows after that!

    Lower your barriers, get present with your body, breathe and be aware that the person you are being is more than that person is willing to have and that is not your problem that is their problem!


       3. Don’t align and agree


    When someone delivers judgment towards you and you take that personally, essentially you are diminishing yourself.  For instance, with this particular producer that I had mentioned, I did acknowledge and say he was right, but in essence, what I was doing was owning that I am too much for him and for me that is OK. 

    When you choose to live orgasmically and you choose to be that joyful, generative being that you are, you may be too much for other people. Yet you will never be too much for people that are actually choosing to create their life, that is joyful, vibrant and alive... you'll be just perfect for them! 

    Please stay tuned for more information on my nationwide 2020 media tour.

    If you’d like to learn how to be too much and have too much fun, join me for my Masterclass The #1 Mistake Keeping You from Living Orgasmically!  Find out more here: www.pattyalfonso.sexy/mistake


    Orgasmically Yours, 

    Patty Alfonso

    The Orgasmic Body Whisperer

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    The Gift of Gratitude

    The Gift of Gratitude

    A favorite quote of mine by Gary Douglas is, “where there is gratitude judgment cannot exist.” 

    Judgment what is it, really?

    The energy of judgment is a contraction of energy.  It's everything that you've decided is right, wrong, good or bad.  Did you know that when we are in judgment, your energy contracts?  When you are in contraction, you're not going to be able to receive all of the possibilities that are available to you. 

    Why is this? 

    Check out the video for more on this here: 

    When you choose something, possibilities show up. When you judge those possibilities you don’t allow yourself to receive the gift of the energies that could be waiting for you. 

    For example, if you woke up today and said to yourself, “this sucks I hate my life” this energy is the energy you are creating for the rest of the day!

    What is the energy of gratitude?

    Let's talk a little bit about the energy of gratitude and what it is. The energy of gratitude is generative energy, and when you add gratitude to anything…everything expands. 

    Where there is gratitude judgment cannot exist!

    Think about it this way, when you are able to invite the energy of gratitude into your daily life, good things happen. When you add it to the way that you relate with your body, people, your creations, to your job, to your life in full… everything in your life can expand.

    There is a difference between doing gratitude and being gratitude. 

    When you're doing gratitude it’s the action of being grateful. 

    An example is making a list of all of the things you are grateful for. Being gratitude is when you allow that energy to tickle every single molecule of your body in your being. There's this visceral experience with your body and with your being when you are being that energy and it is then when it becomes expansive and generative.

    Remember, if you happen to find yourself in a situation where you are judging someone, something, or you're simply unhappy...you can actually invite yourself to be the energy of gratitude in order for shifts to occur and so that you may receive gifts intended for you.

    I will close today by giving you a few words...

    May you always walk gently upon this planet being the gift of gratitude and being the energy of gratitude. 

    I adore you all, have a beautiful day!!!

    Join the Masterclass here: www.pattyalfonso.sexy/friend

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    Does Orgasmic Living Include Falling Apart?

    Does Orgasmic Living Include Falling Apart?

    The Answer is YES. Falling apart is a vital part of change.

    I just got back from SK Live which is a 2-day pole dancing event with Sheila Kelley that centers on feminine movement your body loves. If you guys have been with me for a while I talk a lot about how movement, wait for this, it’s funny. Movement actually MOVES stuck stuff in your body. Stuck emotions, stuck memories, the stuck junk; the heavy stuff; the stuff that weighs us down.

    So for two days we were moving our bodies AND moving stuck stuff.

    It was glorious AND sometimes when you move the stuff that is stuck, that you maybe didn’t even know was there, or didn’t want to know was there, emotion bubbles to the surface and water comes out your eyeballs. And sometimes A LOT of water comes out your eyeballs, uncontrollably.

    This is one way of letting ourselves fall apart, allowing all of the EVERYTHING to come to the surface and acknowledge it and then just LET. IT. OUT.

    Letting yourself fall apart so that you can come back together greater and more whole.

    Falling apart is about things needing to change in your life!

    Letting go of old patterns, old thoughts, old resentments to create space and fertile ground for new growth.

    Now I just want to point out that sometimes when you are falling apart you may not know what it is about, it is okay, you do not need to.

    Just let the old go!

    Check out the video for more on this here:

    When I was sobbing it wasn't because of a particular story I was aware of at the time. I wasn't sobbing because there was a particular dramatic event that had happened recently. The sobbing was just what my body needed to do in that moment to release the old and stuck.

    Letting ourselves sob and fall apart can be scary, especially when we have been hiding or stuffing the emotions down deep.

    Instead of stuffing all of that stuck stuff back down, CHOOSE BRAVERY.

    CHOOSE to let yourself FALL APART.

    I chose bravery. I chose to sob. I chose letting go of control and surrendering in the moment.If I can do it, I know you can too!

    Do you let yourself fall apart? Or do you stuff it back down into the dark shadows?

    The Quiet After The Storm

    After the sobbing and falling apart, I realized my sobbing had melted a whole bunch of invisible barriers that I had with my body and in my life.

    Now I have even MORE access to Living Orgasmically. I have even MORE access to the energies of joy and pleasure. I have more access to all of me.

    And if that wasn’t enough the sobbing melted a lot of my barriers to receiving from other people.

    We never know what will show up when we give ourselves the gift of falling apart, but what I know to be true is you will always get more of you, the true you.

    Did you know shoes can teach us lessons about life AND falling apart?

    Well mine can! Let’s have too much fun with this next part! Check out my gorgeous dance shoes!!

    Just as a side-note There is a gift that comes with boots and shoes and high heels; there is an actual energy that gets activated in your body when you put on shoes that your body loves, and with really HIGH SHOES there is an orgasmic delicious sexual energy that gets activated. Treat yourself sometime to at least trying them on, even if you never intend to buy them!

    Shoe #1-The tall black lace-up stilettos(far left in image)

    These were the first boots that I ever bought for dance. I loved them then and I still love them now. They're hot, and they make me feel hot when I wear them. They create a lot of yumminess for my body, and I love the sensation of having these holes in between the fabric. They’re also extremely comfortable, and yet they are now falling apart, literally as they shed black particles every time I wear them. I also learned from wearing them so regularly and loving on them that their support was no longer ...

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    Joy As A Source for Living Orgasmically!

    Joy As A Source for Living Orgasmically!

    Our topic today is joy!

    Joy is one of the energies that contributes the most to your body AND to living orgasmically!

    Embodied joy, where you let your face know it, AND your body know it and BE it, creates the experience of being unstoppable, of being in the flow and having way too much fun in life.

    I love having all of my joy!

    Do you have all of your joy? If not, the next sentence is for you.

    Joy is also an indicator of things needing a closer look when it is ABSENT.

    We may think that it is normal to have lost our joy in certain areas, thinking that it is just a rut, and I am here to invite you to look very closely at those places and spaces in your life where joy is no longer a daily or even weekly occurrence.

    Let’s do this together, right now! Let’s pick an area in our lives and see how much JOY is present on the daily AND in general.

    Let’s take a look at our Orgasmic Living barometer, JOY! I’m also going to give you my 3 A’s to change ANYTHING and get your JOY back!

    Check out the video for more on this here:

    Now this may be where you stop reading at that is ok. Being present, peeling back the layers and REALLY taking a look at your life takes bravery and courage. It is not always easy to allow yourself to see the things you have not wanted to see.

    It is not always easy to be truthful with ourselves, when in actuality we have been happy in denial, and lying to ourselves.

    What always has me chuckling to myself here is most of us do our best to be honest and not lie to those we care about, yet we are in small or big ways constantly lying to OURSELVES.

    I know this because I used to do this ALL. THE. TIME. Not on purpose, I did not know I was lying to myself. I was not AWARE of myself and my creations as I am now.

    So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you are willing to be brave with me and take a peek, be gentle and kind with yourself.

    Thank you.

    Alright, now that we are prepared to peek AND be kind to ourselves, let us start the peeking by relaxing our bodies and lowering our barriers. Getting present with our bodies, maybe even cradling our face lovingly.

    Now is the time to begin to use our minds eye and LOOK at any and all of the areas of your life that you would like to be living orgasmically, areas where our joy has withered or become absent altogether.

    Maybe the joy, the fun, the magic has been replaced by subtle complacency.

    Maybe the joy, the fun, the magic has been stomped out by normalcy, routine, responsibility or even avoidance of something that has given way to fear of change or even anger that this area is not what it used to be or what you would LIKE it to be.

    Is anything of this sounding familiar?

    There is no judgement here when we peek and peel and become present, there is just information.

    Information about where we currently are, and where we may have lost our way and forgotten what JOY even was.

    IF this is you in any area, do not worry, you are not alone.

    Whether it is your relationship with your body, or your relationship with your partner, or your family relationships, or your work/job/business or your money flows, just for right now, pick one of those areas and let's get really present with that particular area of your life.

    As you are beginning to sense, and that I alluded to, this process of reclaiming your joy requires quite a bit of honesty with yourself, lots of vulnerability with yourself, which then also requires a bit of courage to really look at what it is that is truly occuring in any area.

    Looking at what you are creating right now in that particular area can be challenging, confronting, upsetting AND the good news is You. Can. CHANGE. It!

    You have got to start somewhere.

    Once you know where you are you can then be honest with yourself about what it is that you actually like this area to loo...

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