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Contra Costa Today is a show based on the people and news of Contra Costa County and the State of California.

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Contra Costa Today is a show based on the people and news of Contra Costa County and the State of California.

    #063: Sean Trambley Talks About Contra Costa County Board of Supervisor Campaign

    #063: Sean Trambley Talks About Contra Costa County Board of Supervisor Campaign

    On this episode, I chat with City of Martinez Planning Commissioner Sean Trambley who is running for Contra Costa County Board of Supervisor in District 5 against Federal Glover and Gus Kramer.
    In the interview, we chat about a variety of topics from the American Dream of owning a home and solutions to the housing crisis, the Northern Waterfront Project, is the move from a planning commission to board of supervisor too big of a jump, homelessness, sheriffs resources, how can we get the District Attorney’s office to prosecute more cases,  for east Contra Costa County how do we bring more services this way,  we also talk cannabis and lack of communication by the County.

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    #062: Matt Beinke of Blackhawk Nunn Talks Brentwood Measure L

    #062: Matt Beinke of Blackhawk Nunn Talks Brentwood Measure L

    On this episode, I chat with Matt Beinke of Blackhawk Nunn on their proposed development in the City of Brentwood which has become Measure L. To build 2,400 homes while preserving open space with Save Mount Diablo. We get into what this project would accomplish, dispell some of the rumors and online rumblings in an effort to provide accurate and truthful information. Beinke also says if Brentwood says "no", they are going to Antioch.
    01:50 – Beinke explains what happens next if Brentwood Measure L Fails.  He then gets into what happens if Antioch says no.
    03:47 – We chat about Measure L and what it actually does. How did Blackhwak Nunn come up with this specific project which actually began in the late 1980’s.
    06:28 – Beinke provides and overview of what Measure L would provide for the City of Brentwood.
    09:28 – We talk about how this land is currently unincorporated Contra Costa and its up to Brentwood or Antioch and who wants to control it.
    10:20 – We get into Antioch’s urban limit line and The Ranch Project and this assumption Antioch has already said no. Roddy Ranch was approved by voters for 700-800 homes, which is now owned by East Bay Regional Park District—building permits, property tax revenue, sales tax, jobs, infrastructure is now lost.
    12:10 – How this project will have no impact on Antioch if approved, this is basically a windfall of unexpected money at millions of dollars. Beinke highlights there is interest and cities would not pass this up due to infrastructure improvements.
    14:02 – Beinke explains how the East Contra Costa Fire Department got involved in this project and included with funding and what they get out of project.
    19:45 – Beinke explains the California Highway Patrol (CHP) concern and people are taking it out of context and what their letter means in the EIR.  Explains it’s a comment letter, which is why the Brentwood Police Officers Association supports Measure L.
    22:01 – Brentwood Police Officer Association endorsement, now people in the community have turned nasty towards Brentwood POA. Others are also being attacked for their position on Measure L.
    26:20 – Are members of the community of Brentwood overlooking the needs of senior housing?
    29:07 – We get into how this 590-home design came about and where it came from and why are people touting this? Beinke explains this property was zoned for 3-houses per acre in 2014 through General Plan Update.
    31:20 – with Seth Adams (Save Mount Diablo) confirming this land was always in the plans to be developed for over 30-years, with the city council approving development on the land in 2014, why would Brentwood residents say “no” and basically tell Antioch to take it?
    33:30 – Beinke explains the on-site open space on the property within Measure L and what they plan to do with it—explains how this is an open space amenity through the homeowners association.
    35:45 – Why should Shadow Lakes residents want this project?
    38:20 – American Avenue, what does it get built and is it the first thing to be done in this plan? Beinke says American Avenue and Balfour Road improvements are in phase 1 and will begin immediately.  We get into the false bait and switch claims on social media and how a lot of the claims are false because this plan is in the measure and protections are in place. We get into how a strong city council and planning commission become the referees for the project.
    41:30 – If Measure L does not pass, Beinke says again they are going to Antioch.
    43:25 – I get into how I believe Blackhawk Nunn has been responsible in their developments and communities while protecting open space—Summerset and Trilogy are just two examples. Says most of the homes in Brentwood had to be annexed in like they are trying to do now.
    45:55 – We get into the false rhetoric of how adding more housing will lower home v

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    #061: Seth Adams of Save Mt. Diablo Talks Brentwood Measure L

    #061: Seth Adams of Save Mt. Diablo Talks Brentwood Measure L

    On this episode, I chat with Seth Adams of Save Mount Diablo on Brentwood Measure L. Adams is Land Conservation Director for Save Mount Diablo. In 1988 he was the East Bay organization’s first staff. He focuses on advanced policy, land use, and advocacy; government relations; acquisition projects; and educational and media programs.
    01:27 – Seth Adams gives a little background on who he is an what Save Mount Diablo is about
    03:25 – Adams explains they don’t’ control development, but tries to ensure public benefic while protecting sensitive areas. Importance how Urban Limit Lines require a vote of the public.
    05:20 – Explains how preserving land is a big picture approach. Importance of playing chess with big stakes of land values and land development. They are working to protect land and make it a better place to live.
    06:37 – Adams explains how Measure L is actually a culmination of 30-years of talks and the only piece of land in the Ginocchio properties of 7,000 acres they wish to develop is the land proposed between Antioch and Brentwood. Adams explains how this land will not be a park or is highly sensitive land allowing them to have an environmental net gain in environmental land while strengthening the urban limit line.
    09:48 – How does Save Mount Diablo work through preserving land versus the need for much needed housing?  Explained importance of smart growth and urban limit lines.
    11:30 – Adams answers whether or not the land proposed in Measure L will be developed. Adams says the land has been planned to be built on for over 30-years.  Explains how much land they were able to save over the years.
    14:10 – We discuss Measure L. Adams explains the biggest misconceptions of the land. Adams explains why residents should care about the protected land and protection of Marsh Creek Watershed.
    16:30 – What people are getting wrong about Measure L.  Adams explains this is about guiding development.
    19:26 – Adams answers what happens if Brentwood says no, claims anyone who says Antioch is not interested in this land, is not being realistic. Says this property has been in the planning area for both Antioch and Brentwood for 30-years. Explains how Brentwood has a track record for ensuring senior housing while Antioch approves it and changes it later. Says level of assurances in Brentwood will be higher than in Antioch.
    24:30 – what are the real consequences of Measure L.
    25:07 – Adams explains Measure L is about what Brentwood wants for its future. Save Mount Diablo monitors about 50 projects.
    27:30 – We discuss what Save Mount Diablo has accomplished over 30-years which land lock East Contra Costa County. Explains how they are proud of protecting 50,000 acres of land. Explains the amount of land they have worked to protect.
    31:13 – Adams explains Measure L, how this property is in the path of development, its not a matter of “if” but rather a question of “when”.  So they worked to create the best deal they could get to protect the most land as possible calling it a once in a lifetime opportunity. Urges residents to vote “yes” to protect open space.

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    #060: Claryssa Wilson Talks School Supply Giveaway in Antioch

    #060: Claryssa Wilson Talks School Supply Giveaway in Antioch

    On this episode, I chat with Claryssa Wilson, 18 of Antioch, who is hosting her 7th Annual Stuff the Bus School Supply Giveaway on August 3 at the Somersville Towne Center Mall in the City of Antioch.  We not only talk about the growth of her school supply giveaway event, but we talk about the need being great in Antioch, we get into bullying, collaboration and how that is needed at a local level, time management and some of Wilson's accomplishments.

    • 32 min
    59: Steve Aubert Talks Fire Prevention and 4th of July Fireworks

    59: Steve Aubert Talks Fire Prevention and 4th of July Fireworks

    On this episode, I chat with Steve Aubert, who is the Fire Marshal for the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District. We get into fire safety and what a fire marshal actually does. We talk about illegal fireworks, fireworks and how they start fires, a firework Take Back Event Program, zero tolerance on fireworks and how police departments are assisting as well as why East Contra Costa County has so many vegetation fires. Finally, we close out on defensible space and fire prevention tactics.  

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    #058: Male Youth Empowerment Program with Antioch Rotary

    #058: Male Youth Empowerment Program with Antioch Rotary

    On this episode, I chat with Tirrell Muhammad of the Antioch Rotary Club about the Male Youth Empowerment Program with the Antioch Unified School District. We are joined by the Kings Conference Leaders which include Antioch High School Vice Principal Stephon Cartwright and teacher Timothy Mays.
    We get into the Kings Program and how it is helping 150 male youths at the High School and Middle School grade levels by working to create good character with young men. The Manhood Development Program through the African American Male Achievement Initiative which they have been working on for more than 3-years. It gone from a Summer Program to an end of school day class.
    During the Rotary event, the Panel featured Antioch’s own, Najee Harris (running back at Alabama), Former City of Antioch Mayor Wade Harper, City of Antioch’s Chief of Police Tammany Brooks, Former NFL Oakland Raider Akili Calhoun; Former NFL Washington Redskin & Pittsburg Steelers Anthony Trucks.

    • 45 min

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