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The best podcast out of Delaware. 2 fellas bringing real life chatter to the table. Grew up in the 410(Baltimore), moved to the 302(Delaware). Follow us on IG & Twitter @longlivetobe and @joshdlifestyle. Check out Tobe's blog at www.longlivetobe.com

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The best podcast out of Delaware. 2 fellas bringing real life chatter to the table. Grew up in the 410(Baltimore), moved to the 302(Delaware). Follow us on IG & Twitter @longlivetobe and @joshdlifestyle. Check out Tobe's blog at www.longlivetobe.com

    #137 - Retention Skills

    #137 - Retention Skills

    Another week of volatility in the market, but this time the stock market reacted in our favour with the Dow Jones rising by over 900 points to begin the week. You know we had to touch on Moderna and the positive remarks on its vaccine; is it safe to get back outside now? You have heard of social distancing, but have you heard of semen retention to reduce the spread? Life is all about progression baby!

    This episode also discussed some possible effects of all the money being pumped into the economy; there will be repercussions. The MJ documentary came to an end and we both gave our comments on MJ’s passion to be the best at his craft. Additional topics discussed include taxes, the tax deadline, workplace automation and resuming sports leagues.

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    #136 - Guns & Butter

    #136 - Guns & Butter

    It has been a minute since we gave you fresh content. Last week’s episode was a collaboration that had taken place weeks prior. This week we back talking about appreciating assets vs depreciating assets! Right now the pandemic has people panic buying, shopping for things that they don’t need and considering sales that they normally wouldn’t.

    We discuss the economy at large, especially the retail apocalypse given recent bankruptcies by big names. Will malls opening back up help? How about Tesla fighting the state of CA to open factories back up? The world around us is changing, but you can count on Corporate Coke & Smack to stay consistent!

    We covered a plethora of topics this episode including: AMC, Jordan’s documentary, Ahmaud Arbery, NFL/NBA and more

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    #135 - Welcome to the Black Wealth Renaissance

    #135 - Welcome to the Black Wealth Renaissance

    Thank you guys for being patient with us. We are glad to be back on the air and have a special episode for you! We collaborated with Black Wealth Renaissance for a round table discussion regarding some very important financial and life topics that many people in our community lack. These are topics that can help build a stronger future for you and your family.

    In this episode, you're going to hear discussions regarding partnerships, how to get started with investing, developing creative hustling strategies, and more. These are 2 of your favorite platforms so be sure to stay tuned in for the entire episode!

    You can find our guests on Twitter & IG:

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    #134 - The Checks Are In

    #134 - The Checks Are In

    The pandemic continues and so does Corporate Coke & Smack. We are now in the 4th week of the coronavirus saga and we want to remind people to be safe wherever you go whether its to the mailbox or grocery store. No air should be taken for granted just like CC Smack isn't taken for granted. We are back with another banging episode.

    In this episode, we touch on some of the effects of the pandemic and what industries are seeing a big affect. Tobe gives us his update on house shopping. (Hint: he is ready to get back open houses). Health officials are saying large gatherings may be a no go until sometime in 2021. What will life look like. Only 1 can imagine. For anyone playing options, earnings season is around the corner so suit up and take your best shot!

    During the pandemic is a great time to improve on your life skills such as cooking and personal development among other things. Getting healthier is 1 thing CC Smack advocates for and we hear that sea moss may be one of the main ingredients to get you to your goals. We touch on some of its benefits and how it can even improve your affection to your partner. These topics and MUCH MORE!


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    #133 - Quarantine Radio

    #133 - Quarantine Radio

    Rule #1: No pandemic or epidemic shall stop thou from feeding y'all that Corporate Coke & Smack. We're almost at 4 weeks since the major outbreak of COVID-19 was announced a pandemic that our country is facing. Alot of people are panicking but at Corporate Coke & Smack, we're taking things day by day, finding ways to thrive in this climate, and opportunities to create upside potential for when everyone is allowed back outside.

    In this week's episode, we touch on how the financial system is being impacted by the various work stoppages and furloughs. Tobe touches on his personal house hunting journey and how the current climate has impacted his search. Alot of people are asking where their $1200 stimulus check is at and the gov't is sending you straight to voicemail. We touch on what the implications of receiving that money may be but also how people can use those funds in a responsible manner. No it is not a free gift. We all may be wondering when will sports be back? We touch on these topics and MUCH MORE!

    Be sure to leave a rating, comment, and share with your family & friends while you are stuck in the house temporarily. We wish everyone great health and thanks for tuning in!

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    #132 - Powered Up w/ Alex Wiggans

    #132 - Powered Up w/ Alex Wiggans

    Despite whats currently going on in the world, Corporate Coke & Smack will always be a bright spot in your day. This week, we were blessed to have the co-founder of BatteryXchange, Alex Wiggans. BatteryXchange is a rental kiosk platform for on-demand portable battery chargers. Alex is a former track star and MBA graduate with extensive international business experience.

    During the episode, Alex was able to give insight into his Jamaican roots and how that influenced his journey into business. Some cool topics that Alex touched on were transitioning into the Chinese culture during grad school, how he handles work/life balance, and also what he learned from his past business ventures and how they helped improve his business acumen.

    Tune in and then leave us a comment and rating. Much love!

    Alex's Twitter: @WorldWideWiggs
    Alex's IG: @WorldWideWiggs_

    • 1 hr 14 min

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5.0 out of 5
90 Ratings

90 Ratings

RoyalSkegee ,

Entertaining and Informative

Been following your podcast since about episode 40. Keep going gents!

successfulxDay ,

Straight fire🔥🔥🔥

One of the most relatable and entertaining podcast I’ve heard. Genuine and real w/ knowledge for those who seek to get started and grow

Sims704 ,


Entertaining, funny, knowledgeable and RELATABLE!!! Always blessings to hear about the trials and tribulations within the learnings of financial literacy, freedom and wealth building.
Keep it up guys.


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