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Step into the mind of Gonzo Musicologist Eli Schwab as he takes you to the outer reaches of Comic Books, Music, Films, Art, and beyond

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Step into the mind of Gonzo Musicologist Eli Schwab as he takes you to the outer reaches of Comic Books, Music, Films, Art, and beyond

    #58 w/ Tony McMillen

    #58 w/ Tony McMillen

    Cosmic Lion Radio returns with Tony McMillen!! Acclaimed author of Lumen, Augmented Fourth and the new collected Serious Creatures!!

     Tony's work combines the behind the scenes world of Hollywood with 80's nostalgia in a way that ignites your senses and excites your youthful loves. Dig it!
    "Serious Creatures is the story of a teenage special fx artist working in Hollywood, riding the new wave of practical effects that carried the movie revolution of the 70s, 80s and 90s."
    and follow Tony McMillen
    And follow our illustrious panel:
    Rick Lopez @DoomDazed
    Jerome Cabanatan @JROAMCAB
    Chris Anderson @ChrisAndersonComics
    Special Thanks to Aunt Sue, Uncle Pat and Aunt JoAnn
    Get your copy of Wizɘrd: The Comix MegaZine at https://cosmiclionproductions.com/

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    #57 w/ Nick Cagnetti & Jamie Jones

    #57 w/ Nick Cagnetti & Jamie Jones

    We are back with Nick Cagnetti & Jamie Jones who's new crossover comic The Baboon & Pink Lemonade Jamboree is currently setting Kickstarter ablaze!

    Eli is joined by a panel of amazing comic creators including, Kasey Bouchard, Jerome Cabanatan, Ben Granoff & Rick Lopez. We are also joined by super-collector Ryan Cheshire. Join us for a round table discussion about comics creating, collecting, conceiving and concurring. So much fun!
    Check out the KickStarter here: http://kck.st/2VSBHI8
    For more of Nick Cagnetti:
    Instagram: @Fudgy1
    Nick Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ncags
    For more of Jamie Jones:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artofjamiejones/
    instagram: @ArtofJamieJones
    Twittter: https://twitter.com/artofjamiejones

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    #56 Town Hall with Jim Rugg and Friends

    #56 Town Hall with Jim Rugg and Friends

    Join us for a very special Town Hall featuring cartoonist Jim Rugg.
    "Different is better than better." 

    Jim is an incredibly talented, versatile and creative creator who is constantly pushing the boundaries and creating new ways of presenting a comic. Jim is the author of Afrodesiac, Street Angel and artists of The Plain Janes. You probably know him from his YouTube show Cartoonist Kayfabe with Ed Piskor. We are also joined by fellow cartoonists and fans, Ben Granoff, David Brouwers, Gregory Giordano, Chris Baker, Chris Pitzer, Jerome Cabanatan, Ryan Cheshire, Jason Lapidus, Craig Ck, Rick Lopez and more!
    Check out the video of this weeks ep on youtube: https://youtu.be/UKPVt5Go8tI
    Cartoonist Kayfabe - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU0v4IGzj2wK-PmjASkK2Rg

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    #55 Welcome Back My Friends!

    #55 Welcome Back My Friends!

    It only took three years but we're back!!! I've got some time on my hands so I thought I'd drop in the mix!

    This week we've got some great jams and some real radioin'. Segments, music, commercials, and more. 
    I want to really thank you for coming back to Cosmic Lion Radio.  Maybe that subscription has just been sitting there and you're like...when is he gonna do another?  Well, that time is now!! 
    This week we feature the new song by Manus - Creepin' listen in on spotify or where ever you get your music! 
    Also don't forget to check out where I've been...Can I Thwipp It?  another awesome comics podcast!  Spotify and Apple Podcasts! 

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    #54 Manus Dunbar

    #54 Manus Dunbar

    We are back with Hip Hop/NerdSwag artist Manus! Manus and I first met a long time ago in Burlington VT, so it was awesome to catch up and see where we’ve been. We got to talking about his past, moving, when he started rapping and how all that lead him to the Nectar’s stage and beyond. We’ll hear some old tracks of his from the Burlington days and then some of the new bangers he is working on. Look out for his song “DSGD” now on Spotify. I had a great time with Manus, chilling and talking Hip Hop, comics and all the nerdy delights around his place. So enjoy and shout out to A-Dog for the opening few tracks! 802!!
    Manus on Spotify
    Manus SoundCloud

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    #53 Jim Mahfood

    #53 Jim Mahfood

    Jim Mahfood is one of comics most gonzo voices and it’s amazing to have him back on the show almost 4 years to the day after our first chat. His new comic Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks from Image comics will be released May 17th in all Comic Stores, so you gotta check it out. This ep we delve deep into what brought Jim back to his creation after 20+ years and about music and it’s effect on life. We’ll also wax intellectual about out youths, TMNT (obviously) the importance of Brick and Mortar and how cool it would be to chill with the Grrl Scouts in VR. Also, this super heady edition was taped on 4/20 so you know it gets to the deepness right quick. Featuring killer music choices by Mahfood and shout outs to the Beat Bee Sessions and his partner Jane Dope. So come with me into the Bee Hive!!!
    https://www.jimmahfood.com/ - Main Site
    http://thebeatbeesessions-blog.tumblr.com/ Beat Bee Sessions
    Grrl Scouts on Image Comics Site


    • 1 hr 24 min

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11 Ratings

Raydiggitydawg ,

Your boi

From music to movies to comics and the people behind it all. His interviewing skills are on point. Keep it up Cosmic Lion!! 🎩👌🏻👌🏿

UnexplainedGravy ,


Great personality. Interesting content. Good job.

DavesWB ,

If you like good music listen to this

This show is amazing from the format the host uses to the guests he has on. Eli has a great understanding and love of music. And every time I listen I disciver a great deep cut from a band I never new existed. The best podcast for music lovers.

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