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The Courageous Self-Confidence podcast features mindset and self-esteem topics with guest experts to help you gain courage to face fears, build confidence, and live fulfilled. Hosted by Sal Hatton (Samuel Hatton).

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The Courageous Self-Confidence podcast features mindset and self-esteem topics with guest experts to help you gain courage to face fears, build confidence, and live fulfilled. Hosted by Sal Hatton (Samuel Hatton).

    Competence, Fitness, and the Power of Trying with Luke DePron | Confidence Chat

    Competence, Fitness, and the Power of Trying with Luke DePron | Confidence Chat

    Luke DePron, a fitness coach who works with everyday men and women to help them build self confidence through physical exercise, explains that competence is the foundation of confidence. He recommends finding a physical challenge outside of one's current capacity in order to grow and become more confident. Exercise can be transformative mentally because it takes hard work and dedication to see results. Luke originally went into fitness coaching because he wanted to make an impact on people by combining his passion for health and nutrition with his knowledge from college. He believes that dedicating three to four 45 minute workouts per week is enough for radical transformation, but also suggests making small nutritional adjustments as well.
    Sal and Luke discuss how having the confidence to try something new, even if it means being a beginner and not knowing what you're doing is an important step in developing self-esteem. He uses his own experience with taking acting classes as an example of how he was able to build up his confidence by pushing himself out of his comfort zone and tackling intimidating tasks such as singing acapella in front of a group or bombing auditions. The discussion dives into using fitness as one way to develop this kind of confidence, encouraging all of us to explore other activities like ballroom dancing which require competence before they can be successful.
    The confidence chat leads to the importance of trying new things, even if you don't have natural talent. They also talk about how tracking data can be helpful for understanding your progress and setting goals. Finally, they emphasize that fitness should be a lifestyle choice rather than a short-term goal with an intense push. This ensures long lasting longevity and confidence in one's self.
    Luke DePron's Website: https://livegreatlifestyle.com Contact Sal Hatton and see the latest of what he's up to at https://www.samuelhatton.com (1) Sign up for Sal's newsletter and (2) get courage gear (including Courageous Self-Confidence swag) at the Courage Hub: https://www.couragehub.com

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    Subtracting Negative Thought Patterns with Adele Spraggon | Stories of Courage

    Subtracting Negative Thought Patterns with Adele Spraggon | Stories of Courage

    Adele Spraggon is interviewed by Sal Hatton. Adele explains how to remove unworkable patterns in order to achieve optimal solutions. She suggests a method of subtraction rather than addition, and advocates doubting every belief held in the conscious mind as it knows nothing in reality. The brain is divided into two hemispheres - the left hemisphere being focused on logic, while the right hemisphere speaks through pictures and metaphors. To build confidence, one must create communication between both hemispheres so that joy can be experienced all the time. Adele shares her own story of pushing past fear with courage by removing her pattern of feeling too small for something she was called to do during a five day silent repatterning journey.
    Adele Spraggon shares how she was directed to change the conversation in the world from dichotomy to paradox. She went for a walk in an apple orchard and realized that this transition had already occurred due to humans transitioning from hunter gatherers to farmers, which changed our brains’ wiring and caused us to think in terms of right or wrong. She encourages people to tune into their right hemisphere's language of metaphor, emotion and pictures instead of relying on thought alone.
    https://shift4steps.com - Free copy of book
    https://www.adelespraggon.com - Adele's website

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    Love → Courage → Confidence | Sal on Self-Confidence

    Love → Courage → Confidence | Sal on Self-Confidence

    The podcast episode is about the importance of focusing on love and being light-hearted in order to build self-confidence and take courageous action towards things that matter. Sal Hatton shares a personal theme of "being light-hearted" that emerged during the pandemic, which he believes is important for growth. He also discusses the connection between love and courage, stating that love is required to be truly courageous. Sal emphasizes the need for self-love in order to take steps toward trusting oneself and others, and encourages listeners to focus on building confidence through acts of love and vulnerability. Overall, the message is one of embracing love and courage as essential components for living a fulfilled life.
    If I Heart - A poem by Sal Hatton (Read, Share, Comment) 
    Sal Hatton's Website
    Swag shop & Courage resources at the Courage Hub

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    #96 Embrace Your Identity as a Powerful Being

    #96 Embrace Your Identity as a Powerful Being

    In this episode of Courageous Self Confidence, Samuel Hatton (now going by Sal) talks about how he embraced his identity as Salmon Leaps Waterfall. He explains how believing that we are made in God's image is empowering and can help us to realize our self worth. He also encourages listeners to do hard things like memorizing a long poem or cutting into a drywall, which will lead to increased confidence. Finally, he shares the realization that work and play are actually the same thing - both can be fun if you choose to believe it!
    References & links:

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    #95 Being Kind to Yourself with Jonathan Troen | Stories of Courage

    #95 Being Kind to Yourself with Jonathan Troen | Stories of Courage

    Jonathan Troen is a Life Mastery Coach and self love mentor who has dedicated his life to helping people find joy within themselves. He spent 20 years in the entertainment business, creating the life of his dreams, but he was not always happy inside and had stopped honoring his personal values. Through this journey, he realized that nothing was wrong with him and that self acceptance is a skill that can be practiced by looking at oneself in the mirror and picking out something one likes about themselves. He also suggests being grateful for what one does have instead of focusing on what they don't have.
    Courageous Self-Confidence Episode Highlights
    10:16 Jonathan's turning point to self-acceptance and how it helps us to connect to others
    15:45 Simple measures of gratitude
    17:22 The relationsihp between our physiology and confidence
    24:28 Power of paying attention to your lanuage
    28:02 When aligntenment is achieved - The observer and seen merge
    32:22 Daily forgiveness practice
    More profound ideas from this episode
    He then goes on to discuss his daily forgiveness practice, which is an important part of his own self-love journey. Lastly, he encourages listeners who may feel paralyzed by fear to accept the discomfort they are feeling and ask themselves what their next right action should be within 5 seconds before the saboteurs talk you out of it. If they don't take action in those five seconds, Jonathan suggests practicing forgiveness for not doing so.
    Jonathan's website: https://selfloverevolution.com

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    #94 Anti-Season Introduction & Into the Garbage Chute Flyboy

    #94 Anti-Season Introduction & Into the Garbage Chute Flyboy

    Welcome to Courageous Self Confidence, a podcast dedicated to helping you live a fulfilled life. This week, Samuel Hatton shares an exciting update about the direction of the show. He explains how confidence is built by taking courageous action. He also encourages everyone to write down their goals on a piece of paper and commit to doing the hard stuff.
    This episode goes down some rabit holes, but here are some time stamps:
    07:40 Self-esteem vs self-confidence 09:20 Self-worth, authority, story of the Prodical's son 14:30 Samuel makes a commitment to the Courageous Self-Confidence podcast audience 15:00 Vision of a harbor 18:30 Samuel shares about joining F3 a men's fitness group 23:00 T-shirt motivation "Into the Garbabe Chute Flyboy!" - available in the gear shop! Samuel opens up about what an "anti-season" podcast season looks like. Essentially it's saying "no" to seasons and instead moving forward into consistency. He shares his vision of a harbor with muddy water and a portal of water pouring in. This vision inspired him to get the podcast back to weekly production. He also encourages us to share the podcast with others and to hold him accountable if any episodes are missed. We hope this episode of Courageous Self Confidence inspires you to reach for your goals and to stay committed to doing the hard stuff. Thanks for listening!
    References & links:
    Courage Hub gear shop (link at https://www.couragehub.com) Podcast Album Art: Courageous Self-Confidence T-Shirt Custom T-Shirt Design Into the Garbage Chute Flyboy! Coffee Mug: Courageous Self-Confidence city scape coffee mug OBS Studio - software https://obsproject.com/ F3 - Men's fitness group https://f3nation.com/

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4.4 out of 5
67 Ratings

67 Ratings

Mark Colgan ,

A true blueprint to achieve more

Just finished listening to your episode with Aubree Nichols and really enjoyed it. I found it particularly interesting how Aubree shared that she would always try to find fulfillment on external factors, and despite having all the things she thought she should have, she still felt empty. Amazing interview. Also loved when Samuel mentioned that embracing our true selves is what really helps to build confidence - super inspiring!

HaterHoagie ,


Going to try to listen to one each day this really helped thanks 💚

Cats-Dogs-Animals ,


I have tried to change everything about me that I should change! I have been a lot nicer, more planned, and best of all HAPPIER!
I feel a lot more comfortable about what I feel and how I look! I feel so happy listening to this! I feel like I can actually accept myself without thinking “YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOUR SELF” thank you SOOOOO much for this beautiful podcast that I can listen to everyday!

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