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CRACKPOT CINEMA reels through charming and/or alarming vintage films that have, deservedly or not, slipped into obscurity. Hosted by Mike McPadden (author of "Teen Movie Hell" & "Heavy Metal Movies") & Aaron Lee (TV writer, former Exec Producer of "Family Guy")

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CRACKPOT CINEMA reels through charming and/or alarming vintage films that have, deservedly or not, slipped into obscurity. Hosted by Mike McPadden (author of "Teen Movie Hell" & "Heavy Metal Movies") & Aaron Lee (TV writer, former Exec Producer of "Family Guy")

    Ep 28 - Patrick + Patrick Still Lives

    Ep 28 - Patrick + Patrick Still Lives

    Crackpot Cinema: Ep #28 — PATRICK (1978) and PATRICK STILL LIVES (1980)

    Give thanks! Actor, writer, director, funnyman, and comatose horror hero namesake PAT HEALY returns as the first-ever Crackpot Cinema Co-Guest-Host for a jarringly wide-eyed evaluation of the Ozploitation classic PATRICK (1978) and its utterly bughouse insane Italian rip-off/faux-sequel, PATRICK STILL LIVES (1980).

    Patrick-Is-Ready-for-His-Handjob highlights include:

    • The international plague of PSYCHOKINESIS!

    • Frog snuff!

    • Fireplace poker gynecology!

    • The power of a properly aimed bottle-to-the-face to unleash PYSCHOKINESIS!

    • Richard Franklin’s orangutan erotica opus starring Elisabeth Shue!

    • The many faces that make up the face of PATRICK star Robert Thompson! We see Roger Daltry, Malcolm McDowell, Marjoe Gortner, Gerrit Graham, Mark Blankfield, Joaquin Phoenix, David Patrick Kelly (“Luther” from THE WARRIORS), and, of course, Marty Feldman. Who else ya got?


    • 1 hr 24 min
    Ep 27 - Whatchoo Talkin’ ’Bout, Rainn Wilson

    Ep 27 - Whatchoo Talkin’ ’Bout, Rainn Wilson

    Crackpot Cinema: Ep #27 — Whatchoo Talkin’ ’Bout, Rainn Wilson

    Rainn Wilson guests on Crackpot Cinema to marvel at Gary Coleman living in a train station locker and picking racetrack winners in the 1981 opus, ON THE RIGHT TRACK.

    That’s right! RAINN WILSON! The once-and-forever Dwight Schrute/Bassoon King/Soul Pancake Yogi subjected himself not only to this curious farce about a homeless kid with psychic gambling powers, he also helps us suss out:

    • Why 1981 is the ultimate year for Cinematic Crackpotica!

    • The matchless excitement of vintage Fall Preview TV specials!

    • ALL the words to the Kaptain Kool and the Kongs’ theme song!

    • Norman F@¢&ing Fell!

    • How frazzled, fractured Inner Child McBeardo might have prompted one co-host to rate ON THE RIGHT TRACK as a “Gary Coleman” rather than a “Gary Colon.”

    And — PAY ATTENTION HERE — if you listen all the way through, Rainn makes a very special offer to YOU, our beloved Crackpot Public! (Get ready to tweet #OnTheRightTrack to @rainnwilson)

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    Ep 26 - Student Bodies

    Ep 26 - Student Bodies

    Crackpot Cinema: Ep #26 —“Student Bodies” (1981)

    Craft your horsehead bookends, watch out for gum on the steps, and DON’T drink Malvert’s prom punch! Crackpot Cinema is here to salute writer-director Mickey Rose’s bombastically brilliant slasher spoof, STUDENT BODIES!

    Jenny Nixon of The Museum of Home Video busts out her finest paperclips and chalky erasers to join Mike and Aaron in discussing all things in the uproarious orbit of this first, best, and of funniest of ’80s horror parodies. Among our topics:

    • Richard Belzer as Richard Brando as The Breather!

    • Richard Belzer as Richard Belzer in CAFÉ FLESH!

    • MTV’s Martha Quinn misconstrued as Prince Valiant in a Plum Sweater!

    • Woody Allen convulsing over somebody talking through a rubber chicken!

    • Why STRIPES should have been rated “J” — as in, “Light a J!”

    • How choosy moms may choose Jif, but Cool Moms rent you FACES OF DEATH from Madman’s Video Vault!

    • The kid who claimed, “STUDENT BODIES was so gross, it made a dog puke!” — and then Jenny’s dog proves it!

    • 1 hr 39 min
    Ep 25 - Firesign Movie Theatre

    Ep 25 - Firesign Movie Theatre

    Crackpot Cinema: Ep#25 — Firesign Movie Theatre

    Don’t crush that electrician on the bus, you bozo! Noise rock overlord Christopher Sienko joins Mike and Aaron for a triple feature of films created by and featuring surrealistic “head” comedy superstars supreme, the Firesign Theatre.

    Opening short MARTIAN SPACE PARTY (1972) is a half-hour documentation of a live Firesign Performance that will positively snap your brain-stem. Feature one, ZACHARIAH (1971), is an “Electric Western” juiced on-screen by Don Johnson, the James Gang, and Dick Van Patten. Main attraction J-MEN FOREVER (1979) brilliantly jams overdubbed 1930s superhero serials (featuring Shazam as The Caped Mad Man and the Crimson Ghost as The Lightning Bug) into lunatic plot regarding rock-‘n’-roll vs. the square sounds of Lawrence Milk!

    • 1 hr 34 min
    Ep 24 - The Legend of the Lone Ranger with President David Goodman

    Ep 24 - The Legend of the Lone Ranger with President David Goodman

    Crackpot Cinema: Episode 24—“The Legend of the Lone Ranger” (1981) with President David Goodman

    Don your black masks, bizarre blue jumpsuits, and faithful companions this week as THE PRESIDENT joins us to discuss the retro-stinko disaster, THE LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER (1981)!

    That’s right—Mike and Aaron are joined by DAVID GOODMAN, President of the Writers Guild West to suss out what went wrong (i.e., everything) with Hollywood’s nudnik nostalgia bore-bomb an inexplicably centered on the anti-charisma of one-and-done opposite-of-a-movie-star Klinton Spilsbury.

    In addition, a sickly-looking horse plays Silver, Christopher Lloyd as Butch Canvendish inexplicably sports no mustache, the un-botchable “William Tell Overture” somehow gets repeatedly botched, and Andy Warhol weighs in on Klinton Spilsbury in the same manner he so memorably did Frankenstein and Dracula (i.e., awesomely).

    • 1 hr 36 min
    Ep 23 - —Pat Healy IS The Maniac Robert Mitchum!

    Ep 23 - —Pat Healy IS The Maniac Robert Mitchum!

    Crackpot Cinema: Ep #23—“Pat Healy IS The Maniac Robert Mitchum!”

    Actor, film fanatic, and profoundly committed “Robert Mitchum completist” PAT HEALY (CHEAP THRILLS, THE INNKEEPERS, COMPLIANCE) joins Mike and Aaron to take on two of Mitch’s most challenging projects—and they’re “challenging” in terms of any human being actually having to endure them. We did and we’re here to tell you all about it.

    First up is the boxing kangaroo mega-bomb MATILDA (1978) starring Elliot Gould, Art Metrano, Mitch as a sportswriter, and, in the title role, some simp in a genuinely jarring, hunk-of-dung marsupial suit.
    Then it’s BACKFIRE! (1995), an inexplicable straight-to-VHS parody of Ron Howard’s 1991 non-classic, BACKDRAFT. This time, Mitch plays Fire Marshal Marshall opposite Telly Savalas, Shelley Winters, Kathy Ireland, Mary McCormack, and Edie Falco as “Mom.”

    Jawboning highlights include: Pat Healy dulcetly recites Matilda-penned poetry; Pat and Debby Boone put a milk-fed spin on “Lemon Incest;” Edd Kookie B. invokes his guru Troy D.; BACKFIRE star Josh Mosby dangles his white-chocolate deliciousness; and the Carol Connors who’s NOT Thora Birch’s porn star mom may actually be cooler than the Carol Connors who IS Thora Birch’s porn star mom (again: MAY be).

    • 1 hr 37 min

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4.7 out of 5
39 Ratings

39 Ratings

mmmamabearrr ,

Great listen even if you aren’t a movie buff

I’ve been a fan of mike Mcpadden since his book “teen movie hell” was released. His expertise in that niche of cinema is next level, so to have an ongoing podcast where he breaks It down even further with special guests is a total treat!!!

wmsb-tv ,

The best thing since the birth of Jesus

Move over Gilbert Gottfried! Move over Terry Gross! Step away Joel Osteen and Joe Rogan ! This podcast is the greatest thing since the creation of slice bread and the birth of Jesus F-in Christ. Listen to this show you folks who make it down to the review page.

GiuseppeBenvenuto ,

Amazing, personal, & hilarious

I’ve listened to each episode multiple times, because they’re chock full of information and clearly the two hosts are old good friends who know how to interact in addition to entertain. The attention to reviewer detail is of great value (what Siskel & Ebert thought at the time, etc) and the insight into period thinking provides priceless context. Their patented Dirty Bums scale based on WKRP says it all: these guys grew up with movies, want to reflect and experience what they know and have learned since, and are willing to reconsider critically for the modern day. Guess I’m a fan...

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