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Welcome to Craft Your Confidence, THE Podcast for dreamers and doers on a mission to connect the dots from creativity, intuition, and passion to craft a life by design. Confidence Coach, Kara Gott Warner, teaches you life-changing mindset tool to get to the root behind what keeps you stuck. You're always just one thought away from stepping into your greatness.

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Welcome to Craft Your Confidence, THE Podcast for dreamers and doers on a mission to connect the dots from creativity, intuition, and passion to craft a life by design. Confidence Coach, Kara Gott Warner, teaches you life-changing mindset tool to get to the root behind what keeps you stuck. You're always just one thought away from stepping into your greatness.

    CYC 23 Pushing Past Perfection and Resistance with Dara Tomasson

    CYC 23 Pushing Past Perfection and Resistance with Dara Tomasson

    Fear of imperfection, and the negative feelings that come with it, get in the way of fulfilling your life’s big dreams. To propel your way forward, the power lies in embracing your flaws and just showing yourself as you are to the world.
    Today, I’m chatting with Dara Tomasson. She’s a mother of five and an international quilt instructor, coach, and published author who loves teaching women how to free motion quilt. After losing 50 pounds without exercising or calorie counting, she’s helped other women have the same success and combined her experience with weight loss and quilting to serve as a weight and life coach for quilters.
    In this packed episode, we’re discussing her 12-Step program that teaches women how to overcome their perfectionist tendencies. What was the genesis of her program? How does she describe perfectionism, and why does fear of imperfection keep you stuck in a place of resistance?
    Dara answers all these questions and talks about how we’re wired to deal with negative emotions, the consequences we face in fighting against them, and tips to help us recover from resistance. As a bonus, you’ll hear her reveal the turning point that led to her weight loss and how getting caught up in food instead of living life plays a huge factor in people’s weight struggles.
    What you’ll learn in this episode:
    [07:17] - Dara’s introduction and being President of the “Perfection Recovery Program.”
    [09:55] - The definition of perfectionism and how it keeps us stagnant.
    [15:16] - Willingly showing up perfectly imperfect in an imperfect world.
    [16:42] - Why we become resistant and sabotage ourselves.
    [18:22] - The three things the lower brain wires us to seek out.
    [21:19] - A realization that you never obtain emotional invulnerability as a creative.
    [22:24] - How weight loss and quilting came together as a calling for Dara.
    [25:09] - Why Dara’s belief in helping women is stronger than her fear of perfectionism.
    [26:55] - The keys to losing weight in a genuine, self-loving way.
    [29:19] - Characteristics of perfectionism that serve as warning triggers.
    [30:57] - The dual role of food and how it can be an act of care for others.
    [31:55] - A rallying cry for allowing ourselves to feel negative emotions and vulnerability.
    [34:45] - Perfectionism as a survival strategy.
    [37:34] - Advice for those feeling triggered to resist.
    [39:23] - The difference between those who take a chance on their bigger dream and those who don’t.
    [40:39] - The day Kara relaxed her grip on emotional vulnerability and perfection.
    [43:05] - How Dara handles moments of self-doubt.
    “When you’re a perfectionist, if you do something and it didn’t turn out the way that you thought, you actually take it personally.” - Dara Tomasson
    On the other side of despair is joy. Without the negative, you can’t fully feel the positive. So the more you’re willing to let go of perfection, be vulnerable, and feel all the emotions, you’ll feel all the emotions.
    How to Connect with Dara:
    Web: daratomasson.com
    Instagram: instagram.com/daratomasson
    Youtube: youtube.com/c/daratomasson
    Dara Tomasson’s Love Yourself Thin 12-Week Program
    Get the coaching you need to LOVE YOURSELF THIN! You’ll not only benefit from the coaching itself but also learn so much more by seeing other women be coached as well. This is your chance to have a built-in support system as you work through the program and learn from one another as well as from Dara.
    To learn more click HERE to sign up.

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    CYC 22 Choosing Fun and Flow Over Formulaic Business with Lauren Ciesco and Jen Navaro

    CYC 22 Choosing Fun and Flow Over Formulaic Business with Lauren Ciesco and Jen Navaro

    Are you truly having fun in your business following rules you’ve been taught? Or are you just convincing yourself that you love a business draining you of the ease and flow you desire?

    You can go against conventional wisdom and run your business intuitively while still obtaining the money and success you desire.
    Today I’m talking with coaches Lauren Ciesco and Jen Navaro. Lauren is a sales and money coach for coaches who uses her superpower of helping others be who they are meant to be, tap into their own superpower, and reprogram beliefs holding them back from magnetizing clients in a fun, easy way. Jen calls herself a high-frequency alignment coach for coaches and creative entrepreneurs and helps shift them into a growth mindset and take aligned action from a place of intuition.
    Listen in as they talk about their coaching business journeys and the inner transformations that occurred over time to evolve what they do for their clients. They address why we gravitate towards following formulas we’ve been trained to and discuss giving yourself permission to follow intuitive hits and bring all parts of you into your business. 

    Along the way, they share their stories and give great examples to inspire you to see what’s possible, create trust in yourself, and move forward with your bigger dream.
    What you’ll learn in this episode:
    How Jen serves as a high-frequency alignment coach for clientsHow Lauren went from formulaic to forging an intuitive pathWhat it means to take instructions from withinWhy we feel compelled to follow the rulesThe four types of fearHow to know when you’re not aligned to your truthThe aim of their podcast and what led to its creationAdvice for the next step to take if you’re feeling stuck"When the mind is aligned on the soul's path and the soul's journey, then we're working in this beautiful unison with ourselves instead of being fragments and fighting."  - Jen Navaro
    If you decide to do something just for the love of it without caring that you’ve got no clue how, then that’s actually a good sign. There’s more than just your mind guiding you; your feelings are your real GPS. Follow it and magic can happen!

    "It’s in the doing it differently and following what lights you up that all of the answers and the whole path is there.”  - Lauren Ciesco
    How to Connect with Lauren:
    Web: laurenciesco.com 
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/laurenciesco
    How to Connect with Jen:
    Web: www.jnavarocoaching.com/
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/j.navaro
    Listen to their podcast: spiritualbossshit.com

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    CYC 21 How to trun listeners to clients through the power of a podcast

    CYC 21 How to trun listeners to clients through the power of a podcast

    Today's episode is the audio version of my how to podcast video Masterclass, 3 Steps to Record to Transform. If you're a coach or a creative entrepreneur and you want to begin reaching those baby birds who need you through the power of a podcast, this Masterclass will show you how! 
    More fun details ...
    The week of May 3, 2021, you can catch the live webinar version of this Masterclass when I open the doors to my coaching program with some updates and bonuses that I'm only offering during the live class!I'll also answer questions about podcasting and the program in realtime.Go to karagottwarner/confidentpodcaster to get notified when the doors open to my Confident Podcaster Roadmap program, and mark your calendar for May 3rd! 

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    CYC 20 Two powerful steps that put your podcast launch on steroids

    CYC 20 Two powerful steps that put your podcast launch on steroids

    I LOVE the philosophy of "a rising tide lifts all boats," which means there's power in the support of community to raise each other up. In this episode, I'll show you how to tap into your own network and community to implement two powerful steps that put your podcast launch on steroids! 
    And just to be clear - when I use words like launch, it's about creating a "wave" during a short period of time where you are dialed-in on one goal: to  get some SERIOUS traction for your podcast! 

    What you'll learn in this episode:
    The concept of a launch team - like having your own personal "flash mob"How you can still make an impact even in the crowded podcasting spaceHow I successfully launched my first podcastWhy launching with one or two episodes when you launch, is not enough How to avoid podfading - (stoping before you have a chance to make an impact!)You to play a bigger game to reach the people who need your messageHow to avoid the "it's not working" thoughtsCreating a sustainable presence as a podcaster requires playing the long gameTurn "I have to do this"  to "I get to do this!"The podcasting space gets more crowded with every passing day, but don't let that discourage you because with a simple strategy that I will teach you, you'll get noticed. 
    Once you learn the steps, that's the simple part. The REAL work is on your brain ... I know you are a coach and you know all this thought work stuff, but let me tell you ... a launch requires you to show up as a different kind of human that believes it's possible, and that means working on creating that new version of you ever single day that shows up to see this through. 
    The next steps ...
    Stop reading this and start listening to this episode! Then ...  watch my free Masterclass if you're like: "Heck yeah, I'm ready to go all-in."

    Go to >> karagottwarner.com/confidentpodcaster there's no email required or hoops to jump through because I want you to see what this process is for yourself! When you click the link above, you'll see a nice big button to get on the waitlist  for my 1-1 program. When enrollment opens,  you'll be one of the first to know when I open up the next 5 slots so you can strike when the iron is hot! 

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    CYC 19 Smack fear in the face by stepping into the unknown to build a life of purpose and meaning

    CYC 19 Smack fear in the face by stepping into the unknown to build a life of purpose and meaning

    Today I'm sharing another "bare bones episode," with no bells, no whistles. Just me talking raw and real about letting go of the need for control.

    We always have an invitation to step into the power that's already there if we're willing to let go, do the work and walk through the fire. When you finally do, you'll see the coals weren't so hot after all.

    "The only way out is though."

    - Robert Frost

    I'm sharing my vulnerability to illustrate the breakthroughs I've discovered by really going deep by looking in the mirror at what's holding me back.

    There were some hard pills to swallow, but they have shown me what to embrace, and what to let go of with love and compassion for myself, knowing that in doing so they lead me down a path to greatness, purpose and meaning. 

    The painful belief that is wedged so deeply in your heart, may be the very thing that will free you.

    "Are you paralyzed with fear? The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it."
    -Steven Pressfield, The War of Art 

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    CYC 18 Strengthening Your Self-Love Muscle with Maggie Reyes

    CYC 18 Strengthening Your Self-Love Muscle with Maggie Reyes

    Whether we’re trying to improve our relationships or work on ourselves, it all starts with self-love.
    Today I’m chatting with Maggie Reyes, a Life Coach and Marriage Mentor. Maggie specializes in helping Type A women, often married to Type B men, have better, stronger, happier marriages without adding more work to their lives or waiting for their partners to change. Maggie’s also the Host of The Marriage Life Coach Podcast and Author of the Questions for Couples Journal.
    Listen in as we discuss how self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love are all interconnected and how they determine the way you experience your outer success. Maggie shares her definition of self-love and the methods she uses to coach others in cultivating self-love, essentially turning this episode into a coaching session (we love it)! She also gives powerful advice and a simple technique that will help you step into self-love every day. 
    What you’ll learn in this episode:
    ·      What it means to build the self-love muscle
    ·      Why self-love isn’t selfish
    ·      How to access positive regard for yourself
    ·      The 4 core elements of self-love
    ·      How to stay in a mindset of self-love
    ·      Why celebration is essential in life and in marriage
    ·      How self-love improves your relationships, career, and creativity
    ·      The difference between desire and dependency
    ·      Helpful questions and journal prompts to foster self-love
     “My philosophy is that one person can change the world and one person can change a marriage.” 

    - Maggie ReyesWhat if we loved ourselves through all the failures, struggles, and obstacles in life?
    Self-love is actually a serious topic because it affects every part of our lives. Like the muscles in our body, there are ways to strengthen our self-love and to use it to help us achieve more in life, including a healthy, thriving marriage! 
    About Maggie:
    Maggie Reyes is a Life Coach, Writer and Marriage Mentor who loves helping whole-hearted women (yes, that means you) re-think, how deep, rich and fabulous (and sexy!) married life can be. More than anything in the world, Maggie cares about love and keeping that engaged, connected feeling fresh and alive and blooming for your whole life.
    She believes we heal and change the world one love at a time. So, your marriage matters to more than just you, it matters to everyone your life touches, whether you are stopped at a traffic light, doing groceries, or raising a family.
    If there is one thing Maggie gets really excited about it is seeing happy couples thriving, as individuals and as a team.
    Connect with Maggie:
    On the web: www.maggiereyes.com 
    On Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheMaggieReyes 
    Podcast: www.maggiereyes.com/podcast 
    Get her book, Questions for Couples Journal: www.maggiereyes.com/book 
    Resources Mentioned:
    Episode #54 of The Marriage Life Coach Podcast on Self-Love: www.maggiereyes.com/podcast/54 
    The Marriage MBA Program: www.maggiereyes.com/

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4.7 out of 5
73 Ratings

73 Ratings

Rachael0128 ,

Another great podcast!

I have been following Kara for years! Each of her podcast resonates on some level. She is spot on for knitters and crafters. She has once again to dive back into knitting more but also to do my other crafty loves.
With love,

Clarisse Gomez ,

Awesome Podcast!!!

Kara, host of the Power Purls Podcast podcast, highlights all aspects of creativity, transformation and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

LYS0722 ,

The Buisness of Yarn

I fell across this pod cast have been stuc here ever since. I am working my way through three years of gems about yarn, business and people. Keep up the great work.

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