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Have you found yourself experiencing a lot of stress recently? Do you want to be more creative? Stewart Alsop interviews successful creatives to find out how they work with and manage the stress that is inherent in creative work. He investigates the questions: "What is the connection between stress and creativity?"

Crazy Wisdom Stewart Alsop

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Have you found yourself experiencing a lot of stress recently? Do you want to be more creative? Stewart Alsop interviews successful creatives to find out how they work with and manage the stress that is inherent in creative work. He investigates the questions: "What is the connection between stress and creativity?"

    What is Urbit trying to do? w/ Theodore Blackman

    What is Urbit trying to do? w/ Theodore Blackman

    Theodore Blackman
    Urbit Core Dev & Manage projects at Tlon Arvo Kernel
    Find him on ~rovnys-ricfer on Urbit
    What are metapolitics?
    What is content distribution for Urbit?
    What is the networking protocol for Urbit?
    How is Urbiit different from other networking protocols?
    What is Subscription Reform?
    What is a Pub-Sub system?
    What is the Scriname Space?

    Are there already scalable networking systems?
    What is the limit on users right now on Urbit?
    How do analytics work on Urbit?
    How long have you been programming in Hoon and Knock?
    What is an overlay OS?
    If I’m programming something for a Rasberry Pi, does it make it harder or easier? 
    Why would somebody want a peer-to-peer operating system?
    What does it mean to have a personal server? Why is it important?
    What is a root node and a routing node?
    What is the key to a distributed system? What are the pillars of it?

    What is transactional networking or persistent networking?
    Is Port my own server? How does that work?
    How easy is it to interface with APIs and connect Urbit apps to web apps?
    What is your favorite Urbit app?

    Have you used Urtweet?
    Do you have access to Dallee?
    Dalton Collective Octupus @_dalton 
    What is Urbit trying to do?
    Urbit destroys the need for a server admin (24 minutes)
    Are there any hardware wallets that can keep my Urbit planets?
    What is the PKI (Urbit ID system)? Azimuth
    What is the world going to look like in ten years when/if Urbit is much larger?
    What are autonomous digital communities?
    Bridge.urbit.org (33 minutes)
    What is the intersection between Crypto and Urbit?
    What is the software supply chain (47 minutes)?
    What are your thoughts on Holochain?
    What is a categorization theorist?

    • 56 min
    Will Urbit Replace Linux? w/ Peter McEvoy

    Will Urbit Replace Linux? w/ Peter McEvoy

    Peter McEvoy
    Run Time Engineer at Tlon
    Will Urbit replace Linux? Urbit is so big and ambitious Urbit as an overlay operating system On top of an existing operating system e.g: Mac OS, Windows How far are we from hardware-enabled Urbit? How long will it take for Urbit to go big, like really big? How many developers are working on Urbit right now? 15 engineers at Tlon Tlon is the corporate lynchpin for the effort How many companies are building on Urbit? Who runs the Urbit non-profit? How does someone get a grant from the Urbit non-profit? How do the non-profits work when it comes to supporting open source projects? It's like an ISP non-profit What is Urbit? Human interaction to an online setting Like Stumble Upon Synchronicity and Exploration, Serendipity Google is detrimental because you get exactly what you want from it Stewart realizes how addicted he is to immediate gratification Will people build things on Urbit that will lead to immediate gratification? Will Google become obsolete? How will they adapt? What does it feel like now 3 years after giving up all social media except Linkedin? Will Iboga work for internet addiction (we didn’t speak about it)? As an engineer do you sometimes feel like God or a God? Have you been to China? Would you use something like Duolingo for learning languages? Can you give me insight into building a new spaced repetition software on Urbit? What is a hard break in history (19 minutes)? Does someone in China own a galaxy? Or a star? What is the deal with the Urbit ID? What was your graduate degree in? How far are we away from me being able to write prose? What are the two languages for urbit? Hoon Knock What are virtual machines? How do they work? How long did it take you to get proficient in Knock and Hoon? What is the Urbit Kernel? Arvo Why is functional programming such an aspect of Urbit? Who are the functional programming experts at Tlon or the other companies developing on Urbit? For a newbie at programming, would it be better to learn functional programming? Cal Newport Deepwork How do I design my day to day living so that it brings me joy and don't do things that I don’t want to do? How can we learn how we are being surveilled? What did Alan Watts teach you about Zen? A supposedly fun thing I will never do again A book by david foster wallace Do luxury cruise ships still work? What is search? Why is it different from discovery?  
    https://forvo.com/ for learning pronunciation Show notes Peter’s linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mcevoypeter/ Peter’s email: mcevoypeter@protonmail.com Peters @p (Urbit ID): ~fanfun-mocbud   

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Is Bitcoin the Universal Basic Income? w/ Michael Hawaii

    Is Bitcoin the Universal Basic Income? w/ Michael Hawaii

    Michael Hawaii
    Founder of Ocean Bit
    Are there a lot of Brazilians in Hawaii?
    Is Honolulu more beautiful than Rio? How about San Francisco?
    What is Ocean Energy Thermal  (O-Tech)?
    What type of businesses are high kpax? 
    Why aren’t you a fan of the word innovation?
    Are you going to build your business remotely?
    What is the difference between a moral opinion and data driven opinion?
    How are data packets different from digital money?
    What was your trip like to Venezuela?(25:00)
    What did you learn from your trip to Venezuela?
    Who are the Venezuelans to follow about Bitcoin?
    What don’t you like about custody?
    What are food labs?
    How does Hawaii get its energy? Where does it come from?
    How long does it take to get ships?
    Remembering people comes down to their name and where they come from.
    When did King Hamea Hamea conquer? (45:00)
    Who is Tim May?
    Has the FBI ever turned off a Coinbase account of someone who they didn’t like?
    What is Hanai? 
    Who is Troy Cross

    • 1 hr 17 min
    How Do Our Stories Shape Our Realities? - Steven Morris

    How Do Our Stories Shape Our Realities? - Steven Morris

    Steven Morris
    Electrical engineer & High-Viber of Craziness
    @lifesmith - the mythology and the crafting of life.
    The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and the world is what shapes our reality.
    Who is Richard Bach, author of “Illusions: the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah”?
    Disappearing Clouds: thoughts create reality.
    Learning Discernment is ongoing. Neutral Learning.
    Some stories can be retold, some will always be there.
    Which app uses Spaced Repetition Memorization?
    Love is an abstract concept.
    Abstractions from nature implemented in code. (24:00)
    Blockchain solves the problem of data integrity.
    Holochain uses distributed hash tables for data maintained by the user first and foremost and the process makes sure that the data is in integrity with the rules in which it is created.
    “I didn’t get my 6th b**ster, so I can’t spend money anymore.”
    We are in a worldwide collapse of civilization… but collapse doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
    Techno Utopia vs. Mad Max

    • 1 hr 33 min
    Why Do I Need a Personal Server? - Galen Wolfe-Pauly

    Why Do I Need a Personal Server? - Galen Wolfe-Pauly

    Galen Wolfe-Pauly CEO of Tlon
    Why do I need a personal server?

    Why is it that we all have access to centralized servers?
    Why does all our data need to be in the same place?
    What is the issue of large scale? How do we consume information?
    How can I control my software?
    How do you use a computer as a vehicle for everyday creativity?
    How should I build my jungle gym?
    Pitch my new massage table idea.
    How do you manage writing for your role as CEO?
    Does Hoon help you in the way it's written?
    When will Tlon build a new Google Suite?
    How will writing lead into computer development?
    How do you deal with unproductive stress?
    What is landscape?
    How do you boot an urbit node?
    2021: Work on the infrastructure so that other people can ship apps
    2022: Take landscape and split them into other applications
    Digital Basics OS
    Simple suite of tools, solo for your own note taking.
    What will be the business-to-business landscape for Urbit?
    Real estate investment trust.
    Landscape as an OS in more high-level stuff.
    What is an OS?
    All the stuff, UI Chrome, developer frameworks for building an application.
    How do you make a toolkit really good?
    Urbit becomes.
    What is the problem with Google Docs?
    How do you visualize your personal data?
    What are the incentives to hoard other’s data?
    Sell it to advertisers.
    How do you build the social media layer on top of the internet?
    What does the internet look like after Urbit?
    Do we now have teleportation of the mind?
    What do you think about ancient Athens and the thing that happened to them as a connected place?
    How do you think advertising will work within Urbit?
    What is the technological problem that Urbit solved?
    How do you know when things turn mildly creepy?
    Older than blockchain.
    Who were the early creators of distributed systems?
    Tell me more about cypherpunk.
    What are distributed systems?
    500 CS graduates in the late 60s. Electrical engineering programs (25 minutes)
    Area of CS research: A program that runs on a bunch of nodes, which needs them to share data and compute together.
    How did you find your investors?
    What does Urbit mean in regards to the future of distributed systems?
    Where does Gitlab fit into Urbit?
    Its an F-U to the networked computing industry.
    What is the industrial software complex?
    What are the things that are served by a personal virtual machine?
    What have you learned about the Self and self-identity from creating things on Urbit?
    What are the upfront costs of learning Hoon?
    In the early PCs the chip-set matters a lot. Chips run the code through the system. 
    Portability in software.
    Why does ETH create a virtual machine? Why does it need one?
    A system as of a bunch of nodes.
    What do you think of Chia?
    How do physics flow into computing and new technologies?
    What is the one definition of computing?
    Whatever comes next.
    What is the relationship between Lightning and Urbit?
    What is an arbitrary contract?
    What is LUNA (45 minutes)?
    How do you tell when something isn’t hyped?
    In what ways was OHM like LUNA?
    What has woodworking taught you?
    What is materially useful here?
    How can you get a categorical win?
    How should I scope the project?
    What is the most important thing about building what you are going to build?
    What are the material constraints of the product you want to build?
    How will that work with the new technologies coming out of the pipeline?
    How do you work with people?
    Look at interviews with the people who wrote cyberpunk.
    What game?
    What is Zaibatsu?

    What is monolithic about the personal computer?
    What is dynamic land?
    Ubiquitous computing paper from the late 80s?
    What is outdoor computing?

    • 1 hr 8 min
    What Are the Metaphysics Behind Utopianism? - Francis Pedraza

    What Are the Metaphysics Behind Utopianism? - Francis Pedraza

    Francis Pedraza CEO and Cofounder of Invisible How was 2021 NYC like 1929 NYC?
    Is your business prepared for this recession?
    How did you prepare for the recession?
    How does profitability change your business?
    How do you buy back shares from investors?
    Ownership pizza pie: how do you convince an investor to buy back shares?
    How does the Golden age apply to partying on the internet?
    What is the Xeno paradox?
    You buy back equity with debt, and fInance with profits. This gets around the “bootstrappinig dilemma”.
    How does thinking in terms of buying back change the game on what you want to get out of your company? It gets investors aligned.
    What do you think about debt versus equity? Equity is expensive.
    How did you make it a deal for your investors?
    Why do people think about equity wrong?
    How did you set up the Finance 101 course?
    How does Heidegger think about the unsaid or the implied?
    How can I turn this into an online course (12:00)?
    What do you think about cryptocurrency?
    How can we uncover abuse, both subtle and not?
    What is a cashless loan?
    What is a strike price?
    What is art in business?
    What is the downside of loans?
    What does it mean to have a full recourse loan?
    How much do people believe in you? 
    How can you make sure that a particular value is aligned?
    Where do most of your ideas come from?
    What do you mean by “paternalistic”?
    What are some maternalistic tricks?
    How do maternal downsides show up in companies?
    How does one become financially sophisticated?
    How do the VC’s abuse management teams?
    How do you verify if your agents come in full alignment?
    Selective informance versus neutral informance.
    What is Invisible’s social media policy?
    Do you have any agents in Russia?
    How have you adapted to remote work?
    What are the edge cases for non-violence?
    What is ESG?

    Do weapons manufacturers get ESG money?
    The road to serfdom Hayek (30:00)
    Grannys lost their money on the stock market, like what is happening to crypto right now.
    The rule of accredited investors started with FDR.
    Insider trading created collusion for investing in private companies.
    50 million to 100 billion; Theil made a shitload.
    What are the unseen problems?
    What are your thoughts on Urbit?
    What are the metaphysics behind socialism?
    Why does utopia always require intervention?
    Whack-a-mole socialism
    Will technology ever be a full magic wand? It is similar to the question of eternal life.
    What is the Persian holy epic book?
    Bhagavad Gita
    Reminds me of King Ashoka..
    Who are the Shatriya?
    Brahmans are the priests.
    How can we be warriors for the truth?
    Am I changing or just progressing?
    How do I mix this perfection and becoming?
    What are your thoughts on purgatory?
    Why does being want to be?
    Why are there these realms of time?
    How did you learn how to manage your calendar?
    Do you like management?
    God got bored being one thing so he made many things.
    How do you determine the integrity level of another individual?
    Who are the Pre-Socratics?
    Who is Parmenides?
    There are no clear-cut lines between things. What is that an artifact of?
    What is New York-ness?
    Are you using virtual machines?
    What is the Numerai?
    Visionary Ventures
    2024 profits
    Why does the world need another venture firm?
    Turing test is the paradigm for Silicon Valley.
    A test for humans to see how well they adapt to technology.
    Slurping slushees on a spaceship with Wall-E.
    How did such a platonic ideal get done by matrix?
    Da Vinci Test
    When will the average person be able to defeat Da Vinci in a creativity contest?
    How do you measure productivity?
    The rise and fall of American growth.
    Some people are productive and some are not.
    The Wizard and the Wand
    The relationship between the wizard and the wand instead of the wand destroying us all.
    Are you going to become a digital warlord?
    How do you reduce the distance between thought and action?
    How does someone stuck in UBI mindset understa

    • 1 hr 9 min

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