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A Twin Peaks podcast analyzing each character with different guests each week.

Creamed Corn And The Universe - A Twin Peaks Podcast Colin James

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A Twin Peaks podcast analyzing each character with different guests each week.

    Ronette’s Angel

    Ronette’s Angel

    Joel Bocko returns this week to discuss Ronette's Angel. We talk about what think prompted the Angel to emerge in the train car, Ronette Pulaski's life before and after that night and even discuss The Angel's role in The Return.
    Joel Bocko on X, YouTube, and Lost In The Movies:

    • 52 min
    Dick Tremayne

    Dick Tremayne

    Kalil returns this week to discuss Dick Tremayne. We explore his interactions with Lucy, Andy, Devil Little Nicky, Lana, and his place in the world during The Return. There is also conversation comparing and contrasting Dick Tremayne's character with Lester Guy from On The Air.
    Kalil on Twitter and YouTube:

    • 1 hr 23 min
    Chet Desmond

    Chet Desmond

    Josh joins me this week to discuss Agent Desmond. We talk about his interactions with Sam Stanley, those in Deer Meadow and his tangential relationship to Teresa Banks. We also dive into one of John Thorne's famous decades-long theories, the contradictions of events in Fire Walk With Me and Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes and more.
    Josh Eisenstadt on Twitter/X:
    Intro/Outro is "Just You" by Luca De Paoli from his album "Into The Night"

    • 1 hr 9 min
    David Lynch’s Return of the Jedi

    David Lynch’s Return of the Jedi

    John Thorne and Bryon Kozaczka join me this week to speculate the potential of David Lynch if he were to direct Return of the Jedi. We compare and contrast his way of working on film from George Lucas, discuss the production of the 1983 film, where both of their careers were at around this time and more.
    David Lynch Meets George Lucas
    40 Years of Star Wars Panel Full - Star Wars Celebration 2017 Orlando
    David Lynch on The Elephant Man (feat. Mel Brooks)
    Star Wars Interview: Richard Marquand On Return Of The Jedi And Anthony Daniels
    Harrison Ford: They should have killed Han Solo
    Gary Kurtz on Return of the Jedi
    Plastic Galaxy - The Story of Star Wars Toys
    Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth | Ep. 2: 'The Message of the Myth
    John Thorne and Bryon Kozaczka on Social Media:
    John Thorne on Twitter:
    Twin Peaks Unwrapped on Twitter:
    Intro/Outro: Lapti Nek (Club Mix) by Michele Gruska

    • 1 hr 11 min
    Interview With Adam Miller

    Interview With Adam Miller

    Adam Miller joins me this to discuss his music career and his time filming the Roadhouse scenes in Chromatics. We dive into his musical influences, the rise of Chromatics, his history with Lynch's filmography, and his solo career.
    Adam Miller's Instagram:
    Illusion Pool EP on Bandcamp:
    Music Credit:
    "Beach of Infants" by Chromatics (Intro)
    "When The Storm Comes" by Krakow Loves Adana (with Ruth Radalet & Adam Miller)
    "Anemone Tattoo" By Fawn
    "Illusion Pool" by Adam Miller
    "Vincent" by Adam Miller

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Dale Cooper (Before Twin Peaks)

    Dale Cooper (Before Twin Peaks)

    Sabrina joins me this week to discuss Dale Cooper's life before the Laura Palmer case, as shown in Scott Frost's My Life, My Tapes. We talk about his life from 1967 onward, his relationship with his family, his many love interests, his enthusiasm for being in the FBI, meeting Windom Earle, the tragic losses throughout the years and more.Opening Intro is "Just You" by Luca De Paoli from his album "Into The Night".

    • 1 hr 57 min

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4.7 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

anna oi ,

What really is creamed corn?

Colin has done an amazing job at collaborating with the Twin Peaks community and connecting to many of people and voices who carry on the legacy started by Lynch and Frost over 30 years ago. But who is the man behind the curtain? Is there a bigger being walking among all these stars within the Twin Peaks universe? The mystery lives on, and with the help of Colin and his guests, spreads like wisteria through the air waves.

Señor Verdeberg ,

Deep dives into twin peaks characters

Heady and fun conversations about all of your favorites from twin peaks

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