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Don't "find" your purpose. Create it! Join Quinn Tempest for inspiring stories, conversations, and insights that will inspire you to create more purpose in your business... AND learn how the magic of purpose can sparkle throughout your entire life, too!

Create Your Purpose Quinn Tempest

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Don't "find" your purpose. Create it! Join Quinn Tempest for inspiring stories, conversations, and insights that will inspire you to create more purpose in your business... AND learn how the magic of purpose can sparkle throughout your entire life, too!

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    10 Women Share How they’re Growing Purposeful Businesses

    10 Women Share How they’re Growing Purposeful Businesses

    Business feel slow lately? You're not alone 💜 Come inside my Create Your Purpose Collective for a special discussion about how real-world women entrepreneurs are scoring more clients without sacrifing their values, well-being, or sense of purpose. Plus, hear about the changes our Collective members have made since joining and get a feel for what it’s like to be part of our community! Apply to join us by 8/31: https://quinntempest.com/join-the-collective/

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    Planning for a Purposeful 2023 (+ My 3 Rituals!)

    Planning for a Purposeful 2023 (+ My 3 Rituals!)

    Working IN your business helps you survive, but working ON your business helps you *thrive.*
    To protect your big ideas and move them forward, you have to build guardrails: simple rituals and habits to help you prioritize what you work on, plan ahead, and take strategic action.
    Listen to this episode** where I take you behind the scenes of my 3 business planning rituals (annual / quarterly / monthly) that help me make time for what matters most and grow my business with purpose.
    **I'm bringing this episode back from the archive because it's FULL of good tips for the beginning of the year. That's why you'll hear me mention past dates, but all the planning rituals are still ones I practice in my own business and teach to members of my Collective.
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    See full show notes: https://quinntempest.com/podcast/purposeful-planning-2023/
    Join my FREE Priority Planning Workshop on January 25th @ 12pm PT. I'll help you identify the exact business-building projects that will help you take steps forward & grow your business with purpose.
    👉 RSVP to join me live on Zoom here: https://quinntempest.com/planwithme 

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    My 2023 Word of the Year

    My 2023 Word of the Year

    It’s that time of year w
hen everyone on social media declares their "Word of the Year." Is it just a trend or does it have the power to change the trajectory of your business (& your life)?

    Tune in to hear how my own "Word of the Year" helped me shift my entire business model, develop a new (& meaningful!) profitable offer, AND create space to start a family.

    Plus, hear what word I've chosen for 2023 and learn how you, too, can choose a word that can shift your business this year with purpose.

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    Are you ready to get the kind of support, accountability, and education that will get you one step (or ten steps!) closer to your goals in 2023?

    The waitlist for my Create Your Purpose Collective is now open and you can get $100 off your membership when you join the waitlist!

    Add your name to get an exclusive invite (sent to waitlisters only!) to join the next cohort at the end of this month: https://quinntempest.com/waitlist/

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    See full show notes: https://quinntempest.com/podcast/2023-word-of-the-year

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    Is Instagram Worth it Anymore?

    Is Instagram Worth it Anymore?

    There is an elephant in the room we need to discuss: Instagram! Is it worth staying on this platform anymore? Can you actually see biz results from it? Or should you give up and head over to TikTok?

    I answer all these questions and more in this episode where you'll hear my "hot take" on Instagram right now and how the echo chamber of haters can often drown out the reality. Tune in to learn how CAN still get results from IG (with an audience that's smaller than you think) plus, I give you 6 of my best strategic tips you can implement right away that will help you see that Instagram, can - in fact - still be "worth it" with the right approach.

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    Wanna learn 3 types of Instagram posts that will get REAL engagement in 2023?

    My new video training is now live! Sign-up for free here: https://quinntempest.com/instagramtraining/

    You'll learn how to QUICKLY create content that *actually* lands with your audience and drives real biz results!

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    See full show notes: https://quinntempest.com/podcast/is-instagram-worth-it/

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    Komal Shah's Pilgrimage to Purpose

    Komal Shah's Pilgrimage to Purpose

    [From the archive] This conversation was the 3rd-ever episode of this podcast! That's why I'm bringing it back so you can hear from the ever-inspiring Komal Shah - education consultant, author, and longtime Create Your Purpose Collective member!

    Tune in to hear the full story of how - while on a holy pilgrimage in India - Komal met a child that changed the path of her life and helped her uncover her purpose. We talk about how this chance encounter sparked deep reflection, why she believes prepping children for the workforce is the wrong approach to schooling, and how Teach for America was integral to her own life experience.

    I'll be taking a break for Thanksgiving and back in your ears on 12/1!

    See full show notes: https://quinntempest.com/podcast/komal-shah/

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    When Business Meets Baby with Kate Rosenow

    When Business Meets Baby with Kate Rosenow

    Tomorrow is a big day: my due date!! Whether bébé has arrived yet or not, I think this topic will help those of you who are considering starting a family or already navigating motherhood & entrepreneurship. If motherhood is NOT part of your journey, I honestly still think you'll get so much out of this episode because the heart of our chat is really about *prioritizing what matters MOST.*

    Kate Rosenow is systems strategist, author of All Moms Work, and founder of soon-to-launch Business Meets Baby. We talk about how she navigates her role as business owner & mother, why she views systems as a necessity (not a luxury), her unapologetic attitude to societal "shoulds," and the unpaid domestic labor that women perform.

    I also share some of my candid thoughts about my own "matrescence" journey and some of the challenges I'm currently working through.

    See full show notes: https://quinntempest.com/podcast/kate-rosenow/

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    Does Instagram feel like a big ol' drag? Wish you knew how to quickly create content that your audience LOVES and drive real biz results?

    Watch my new training: 3 Types of Instagram Posts that get Real Engagement.

    👉 Click here to learn more: https://quinntempest.com/free-instagram-training/

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

CindyAlb01 ,

Such great content

I love Quinn’s podcast. She provides such great content in such an easy and fun way. She shares her business knowledge in an uplifting, real and relatable way.

I would highly recommend this podcast.

Krista Walsh ,

Holistic approach to modern business!

My favorite thing about this podcast is how the guests & topics touch on everything it takes to run a business… from personal wellness as an entrepreneur to marketing to social media to business planning. Listening to an episode always has me pulling out my notes app to jot things down!

KiraSLamb ,

Snack Sizes Action Steps

I love good “snacktion” ideas; as Quinn calls small actionable steps we can take in our biz. The CYP Podcast is chock full ‘em which makes living my purpose feel far less overwhelming & way more manageable. And listening to Quinn’s honest convos with other entrepreneurs always sparks new ideas & “Aha!” moments that make the the hills & valleys of entrepreneurship feel like an exciting adventure. And others are with me along the ride!

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