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Through professional interviews and real-world advice, Creating A Career helps you find clarity in your career and build a road-map to help get you there.

Creating A Career Michael Nordberg

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Through professional interviews and real-world advice, Creating A Career helps you find clarity in your career and build a road-map to help get you there.

    How to Define Your Job Search and Why it Matters!

    How to Define Your Job Search and Why it Matters!

    When starting a job search many people often rush right into going on Indeed or LinkedIn and searching for positions before they are ready. It’s important to take some time to define your job search and get clear on what it is that you want for your...

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    Do you have a job, a career or a calling? Find out on today's episode!

    Do you have a job, a career or a calling? Find out on today's episode!

    Before you can create your career, you have to know if it's really a career that you want.

    There are three types of jobs that you can have. You can either have a job, a career or a calling. Today we will discuss each of the three and help you figure out which you have.

    Job - Something you do as a way to make money. You probably don't plan to do it long-term and aren't really looking to grow within the career here. Its main focus is to provide an income for you.

    Career: A career is a long-term focus. Rather than just working for money you are also working because you can see potential in growing within this career or industry. It's something that you want to progress in and possibly work at the company long term. 

    Calling: A calling is when you feel that your career is intertwined into your life. When you have a calling it's hard not to think about your career because it is something that you care about so deeply that you can't imagine not doing it.
    The important thing that I want to discuss here is that none of these three options is the "right" option.

    Some people value their life outside of work for more than their work itself and their job is just something to pay the bills. That's okay! It's just important that you know this so that you can find a job that allows you to live the life that you desire outside of work.

    If you know you want to grow in your career whether that is for financial goals or to help make an impact within the organization that's awesome. We can work to find a career path that allows you to utilize your passions and skill set to grow.

    If you know that your career is meant to make a true impact and that it has to be aligned with your core values we can also work to help you find your calling!

    All of these options are perfectly good options, it just depends on the individual.

    You may already have an idea of which category you fall in. I was 99% sure of mine right away. If you are curious to learn more about this I highly recommend visiting  Ambition In Motion's website. They have designed a quick 3-5 minute assessment that helps you understand which of these three categories you fall in. 

    Next week we will discuss defining your job search and why that is so important. This is a perfect step before defining your job search to get an idea of if what you are looking for is a job, career or a calling.

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    Anddddddddd... We're back!

    Anddddddddd... We're back!

    After over six months.... Creating A Career is back!!!Six months or so ago I was reflecting on the goal of this podcast and didn't feel that I was delivering on what I promised to you all. I took a break, thought about what it was that I really wanted...

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    31. Agathe Daskalides: The Power of Networking!

    31. Agathe Daskalides: The Power of Networking!

    Creating a Career with Agatha Daskalides   Agathe Daskalides is a recovering international corporate leader, spirited entrepreneur, passionate philanthropist, and obsessive about the art of relationships and dedicated to helping you master the best...

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    30. Colin Hoobler discusses the importance of physical health on your career

    30. Colin Hoobler discusses the importance of physical health on your career

    Show Notes
    3:35 - “My career chose me.” Colin had a knack for the fitness/health industry and this led him to give advice about everything from nutrition plans to work out regimens. He was talking with so many people about it he felt that it would benefit him and the people he was advising for him to get a degree in the subject to learn more about the industry. 
    5:05 - Colin realized through trial by fire that being a good physical therapist does not correlate to being a good owner of a PT clinic. He had to really work at learning the business side of running a PT clinic which he eventually mastered and created seven physical therapy locations.  
    8:45 - “Slow it down, realize that other people know a lot more than you do in certain areas and use that to make the whole system better.”. It’s so important when starting a business to understand that you can’t and shouldn’t try to do it all on your own. Hire others around you that are skilled in their specific field so that you are able to focus on what you do best. 
    11:45 - No amount of wealth will overcome bad physical health. Physical success is so important to focus on in addition with your career to achieve a well balanced life. 
    16:50 - Start with your why. When talking about proactive fitness it’s so easy to stop your routines and fall off the wagon. Knowing the deep rooted “why” helps keep you on your path even when you don’t want to do the workout. 
    18:30: Do you not have time, or is it not a priority to you? 
    22:20 - Which is more common. Your career affecting your health or your health affecting your career? 
    28:40 - Simple, consistent exercises that everyone can build a workout routine around: Squats, Push-Ups, Wall Press
    30:15 - Mental Health is incredibly important but the great thing about physical health is that it actually helps improve your mental health as well. 

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    29. John Neral: Executive & Career Transition Coach

    29. John Neral: Executive & Career Transition Coach

    John Neral: Executive & Career Transition Coach
    3:20 - John shares how he went from middle school Math teacher to Executive Career Coach
    7:35 - How do you talk to your employer about your career path and where you are heading in your career?
    8:55 - John discusses “Show Up: 6 strategies to lead a more energetic and impactful career” his book that was published earlier this year. The book is focused around how to show up to work and make the impact that you desire in your career. 
    11:00 - How has covid affected the job market? Will this be a short term problem or will it impact how we do our jobs for decades to come
    14:30 -  Will there be a shift in focus from how many hours you put into the results you create? It’s so common for an older manager wanting you to work 9-5 for 50 weeks of the year but that just isn't necessary anymore.  
    16:40 - Because of this lack of physical boundaries it’s more important now than ever to set limitations as to when you will and won’t work and to hold yourself accountable to ensure you are allowing yourself to live your life outside of work even if your new office is in the same room as your bed and TV. 
    18:10 - Amount of time in a job is not a reason for a promotion. You need to look at the metrics your employer gauges success and show how your results show that you deserve the promotion. 
    20:45 - Feedback is crucial towards seeking an internal promotion. So many people ask for the promotion without seeking feedback months and years leading up to the promotion and it kept them from working towards what was actually necessary to getting the promotion. Without feedback you are chasing your destination without directions. You need that constant reminder that you are or are not on the right path. 
    26:20 - Over the last 10-15 years there has been a shift from company loyalty to switching companies consistently for advancements in titles, opportunity and salary. This means that it is not considered as taboo to leave companies after a short period as it once was but it is still important that your career story makes sense and can be understood by the employer. IF you are able to tell why you made each move it is okay to make those moves. 
    30:15 - Your best chance to make money in a job is your initial salary negotiation. Once you have accepted your salary it is so much harder to get the $5k, $10k raise. 
    33:55 - John discusses the art of the pivot. Transition from one job to another can be tough. Learning how to pivot is crucial towards a smooth transition in between industries. 
    40:35 - The make or break of an on boarding process: Connection or Disconnect. If a new employee doesn’t feel a connection to the company they are working for, the people they are working with everyday and the company mission they will leave. The new workforce (pre-covid) was one where anyone could leave and find another job within a few days. Because of this demand if the employee didn’t feel connected they left. You need to connect your new employees to the company and the people within the company if you hope for them to stay. 
    44:35 - We have to ask more questions as employers. When we ask better questions, we get better answers and are able to understand what it is that the employee is looking for out of their job and how you can connect them to the company. 
    51:30 - John's advice to his younger self - Try not to worry so much. Worrying is wasted energy and it’s different from caring. Caring for your job is important but worrying doesn’t help anything. 
    John’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnneral/
    John’s Website: https://johnneral.com/

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5.0 out of 5
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17 Ratings

AdriiiC ,

Life changing!!

Such a great podcast! You learn so much and are inspired to make these changes!! Great job!

UTSpartanMH17 ,

It’s a free education!

Some of the most profound information that young professionals wish they had when leaving college, you are messing up if you are new in your career or in college and not listening!

lostboy1992 ,

Good advice

Found this podcast when I was trying to decide which career path to take and it really helped!!!

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